Teacher Taken in Class

byGeorge VI©

Raphael grabbed Mrs. Fairview's chair and put it behind me. "Stop. Sit here, kid." He ordered. Mrs. Fairview removed her lips from my cock, and I sat on the chair behind me, my stiff, engorged, wet cock sticking up. "Give him a tittie fuck. Wrap your tits around it."

Mrs. Fairview glanced up at Raphael briefly, and then knelt between my legs. I watched my teacher lean forward with her back arched. She stopped when her chest hit my cock head. She put her hands under both of her tits, and pressed them around my cock. When my unit was wrapped between her tits like a hot dog in a bun, she began heaving her chest up and down, causing my red dick to slide between her white tits.

It wasn't so much the feeling, as just watching her do it, that was so exciting. Her tits were mashed together engulfing me, my dick head popping in and out of sight, her pink areolas stretched forward, her nipples protruding. I couldn't help but grin a little as my submissive teacher used her wonderful hooters to pleasure me.

"That's enough," said Frank, and I thought my fun was done. Then he said. "Now fuck him." Frank made Mrs. Fairview sit on the edge of her desk, and ordered me to stand between her legs. Mrs. Fairview spread her legs wide for me, and without further instructions, grabbed my virgin cock and led it to her pussy. I looked down at her matted pussy hair and bright pink glistening lips, as my head rubbed along them. Standing between my teacher's legs as she sat on her desk, I crept forward, pressed in, and felt my cock tunnel itself inside of her.

I slowly thrust my hips in and out. The feeling of my cock sliding through Mrs. Fairview's warm, slippery pussy was the greatest feeling I'd ever known. Only the public environment probably kept me from cumming after the first couple of strokes. I felt my belly press against my hot teacher's, as I held her by her hips. Mrs. Fairview didn't object verbally to being my fuck partner, but she tried to avoid all other physical contact with me, keeping her hands on the edge of her desk and leaning away from me.

I glanced briefly at my staring classmates and grinning assailants. I had no choice in my actions, and decided to put the others out of my mind and enjoy this incredible opportunity. Also, I didn't want to look bad, so I tried to act like I had done this before. I moved my hands around to Mrs. Fairview's ass and grabbed the tops of them as she sat on the desk.

"Give it to her hard, kid, she seems to like it that way," ordered Frank. Obeying Frank, I started to pump into her faster. "Slam it in there, you won't break it, kid!" I thrust harder, slapping into Mrs. Fairview's pussy and thighs. Mrs. Fairview responded by putting her arms around me and hugging me as I fucked her. With her cheek pressed against mine, I could hear her whimpering in my ear with each thrust. I could see her dangling earring and smelled her perfume.

I reached up with my right hand, worked it between our bodies, and groped her left tit, kneading it and tweaking her nipple.

Mrs. Fairview wrapped her thighs around me tighter. I could hear her emitting little grunts in my ear. She slid her hands under my shirt, and massaged my bare back. "Jeff," she whispered, "I can't help it! I'm going to cum soon. Don't stop. Don't stop until I cum!"

It was about that time when I heard the bell ring. The period was over. Frank and Raphael opened the door and disappeared into the hallway. The class stayed seated briefly, then several of the boys slowly stood up. Mrs. Fairview kept fucking me.

"Oh, Jeff… Jeff… keep fucking… hard, I'm… almost… there!" Her eyes were closed, and her fingernails were digging into my back. I could hear noise coming from the hallway as students moved to their next class.

Mrs. Fairview leaned back and rested her elbows on the desk, bucking her hips into me. Her ankles were entwined around each other, keeping me captured between her legs. I grabbed her hips again and pumped harder and faster. Her tits were shaking and bobbling in all directions as I continuously slammed into her pussy. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was wide open.

Other students started to file into the classroom for the next class. They stood silently at the front of the classroom, not believing that they were seeing a student fucking their naked teacher on her desk in front of the previous class.

Mrs. Fairview was almost shouting, "Fuck me hard, Jeff, I'm cumming! Fuck me HARD! OWWW! OOHH! YEESSSS!" My out-of- control teacher was thrashing about, shuddering and jerking as she grunted and wailed. Her tits shook violently on her chest. I couldn't hold out any longer and shot a flood of jism into Mrs. Fairview's pussy.

Mrs. Fairview slowly relaxed, panting and whimpering, and released her vise-like grip of me that she had with her thighs. Most of my class was standing around not knowing what to do, except for a couple of girls that sat at their desks crying. Another fifteen or so kids from the next class were standing around us, totally dumbfounded with slack jaws and big grins. I pulled my cock out of Mrs. Fairview and quickly pulled up my pants. Mrs. Fairview slowly stood up naked in a sea of students, and began looking for her clothes in a half-daze, as several girls started helping her.

That was yesterday. After police and school officials questioned me, there was nothing that they could do to me. There were plenty of witnesses to prove that I was ordered at gunpoint to have sex with my teacher. A bunch of my friends called me last night to ask me about what happened, and I was glad to give them all of the juicy details. Kids I didn't even know wanted to hear about it at school today.

I heard that Frank and Raphael drove a stolen car back to their juvenile detention center and casually turned themselves in. Mrs. Fairview isn't in school today. I don't know if she will return or not. I hope she does, because I'll have a good time every day smirking at her, knowing that she knows that I know what it's like to see her naked, to have her lips sliding up and down on my cock, to fuck her pussy hard while she screams and begs for more, and, maybe the best, to see her wrap her big tits around my stiff cock.

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