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Texas OH Hold Me


The air swirled around my legs as I walked to the door. A slight chill settled over my heated body, but as I thought about you, it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was spending tonight with you. I lift my hand and knock on the door and try to patiently wait for you to open it. I turn my body away from the door in my impatient nature and look out off the porch. It was the first time in the evening I noticed it was snowing and it startled me a bit. I was deeper in my own thoughts than I realized. Chuckling, I hear the door click and swing open. Before I can stop it, my mouth curves up into a sweet smile making my eyes twinkle and my dimples appear.

I glance over my shoulder at you as you step outside, pulling the door closed behind you. Slipping your arms around me from behind you kiss my neck, sending a shiver of excitement through my body. Your warmth pulls me in and I sink back into you. Cuddling with me, we watch, for just a few moments, the snow swirl around. Just enjoying the moment of contentment that sweeps over me as we stand wrapped around each other. I turn in your arms and kiss your neck, snuggling as close as I can get. I whisper into your neck that I want you. Leaning back I look up into your eyes and smile. The only thing I see in return is the same want, reflected in your eyes.

I watch as you step back from me. A slide of your hands down my arms brings out another shiver. Intertwining our fingers, I allow you to pull me towards the door and into the cabin. The lights have been turned off and replaced with soft candle light. I giggle a little and ask if you are trying to seduce me. Your laugh warms my whole body. You say you aren't but even if you were trying, it wouldn't be hard. Before I could ponder what you mean, your fingers slip from mine and you sink to the floor next to the coffee table. I can't help but cock my head to the side as I wonder what you are up to.

You gesture to the side of the coffee table, sitting to your right. Slipping off my coat, I lay it across the arm of a chair and bend to unzip my boots. I glance around the room and notice you built a fire. My mind goes wild remembering a similar fire place that repeatedly turns me on. The only sounds filling the air was the crackling of the fire and the sound of a zipper being undone. I can feel your eyes follow my hand down my calf, but I don't look up. It unnerves me a little to be watched doing something so casual as remove my boot, however, I don't let it affect me physically. I take both off and set them neatly next to the chair holding my coat.

The outfit I chose isn't perfect for sitting on the floor, but it will work if I sit with my knees to the side. I decided to dress in a black knee length skirt, snug against my hips and thighs before flaring out slightly before my knees. The skirt allowed lots of movement, but tapered perfectly to fight my body. A silky black button up shirt completes my ensemble. My hair was up in a sweet up do, allowing tendrils of my curls to fall down around my face and neck.

Finally, looking at you I smile as I sink to my knees. I ask what we are doing sitting at the coffee table, but you don't answer. I watch as you reach underneath the table and pull out a stack of cards. My sweet smile turns into a huge grin. I am great at cards and I know we both enjoying play against each other. You announce the game is Texas Hold'em before reaching down to pick up two stack of poker chips. It was a lot of chips, but it is a great way to make it fair. Each of us take the time to fix our piles of poker chips. Mine very neat and organized by color, all the same height. Yours kind of just thrown together. I shake my head at the mess and push out the want to fix it. I announce I am ready and I watch as your strong hands shuffle the cards. The way you handle the cards makes wetness pool between my legs and it shocks me. Not once in my life have I gotten turned on by someone shuffling and dealing cards.

It takes all my strength to force my concentration on the cards before me. I glance down at my cards, shielding them from you. Just as I am reading the cards, one word from your mouth stops everything. My concentration. My breath. Reading my cards. "Sarah." You whisper it. In the perfect way that you do. Softly and sensually. A whisper that tells me you want me as much as I want you.

I bite my bottom lip and slide my eyes across the table to your hands. Following a path up your arm I look at your face. Watching as your tongue darts out of your mouth, wetting your lips. Then up to your eyes. Your eyes are dark with lust and try as I might I can't stop the moan that slips from my lips. I whisper I thought we were going to play cards. You lean closer to me and ask me in a whisper if I want to play cards. My eyes dart back to your lips and I can think of at least twenty different things I would rather being doing with you. I whisper how I want to kiss you and our eyes collide again.

Your hand drops the cards you are holding. Slowly you push my curls behind my ear, placing your hand on my neck. Your thumb caresses the skin of my cheek as you lean forward and ever so gently touch your lips to mine. The sweetness of the kiss threatens to overwhelm me. My eyes close and I enjoy the touch of your lips to mine. Firmness against yielding. Strength against soft. All the tension I had in my body slips out quickly. Lust and longing replaces it. "Sarah" you whisper as your lips brush mine. You pull back slightly and brush your knuckles down my cheek. You tell me I taste so sweet. I lean forward and kiss you more deeply. I feel your body shake with a chuckle as you kiss me back, with more passion than I thought I could handle. I already was on thin ice when it came to holding my want in check.

I whimper slightly as you pull back completely. I stare at you stunned and watch as you casually pick up your cards. You cock your eyebrow and look at me, ask sweetly if I am ready. Frustrated, I answer quickly yes and look at my cards. A king-queen suited, hearts. Smugly I know there is a huge chance I will get a straight, which isn't really high on the list of hands but it isn't bad. It is my turn to put the minimum bet so I toss in the white chip, one hundred. I cock my eyebrow at you as you toss in a blue chip, five hundred. I decide to see your bet and raise another five hundred. The corner of your lip curls up into a smirk as you throw in a blue chip. Feisty you call me as you discard the first three cards. Turning the flop over, reveals an eight of spade, a jack of spades and an ace of clubs.

My excitement grows. I only need a ten for a straight. I figure that I should make a high bet and put in fifteen hundred. I put on my best poker face and look at you. Watching to see what you do. Oh so casually you toss in the chips. The turn reveals another jack, this time clubs, and I inwardly cringe. I already bet fifteen hundred last round. If I don't go higher, there is a chance you will know I don't have what card I need. Two thousand. Not a huge up in my bet, but still an up.

I look up at you and smile. What are you going to do baby? I whisper in a seductive voice. If I distract you maybe you won't realize. You returns my smile with one of you own and raises me another thousand. I call as my mind starts thinking of those lips elsewhere on my body. You turn the river. My ten. I am so excited I almost lose my cool. I toss in five thousand and give you a sexy look. You puts in the amount and I reach for my cards.

The shock of your strong hand covering mind shakes my whole body. I glance down at it and then up to your face. I know my eyes questioned why you stopped me, because you began to talk. "I want to make this a bit more interesting Sarah."

I cock my head to the side and say oh yeah...how?

You chuckled and take my hand in yours. Your thumb starts caressing the palm of my hand and my wrist. "If I win, I want you to slip on this table and let me eat your pussy. I have been dying to taste you since I opened the door." My pussy clenches as you say that. My throat goes dry and I shiver with want.

And if I win?

"We do what you want all night. Anything you want." You arch an eyebrow as you look at me, waiting for my answer.


"Anything baby." Your thumb is still caressing my skin.

I look down as I ponder this proposition. In all reality it seems like a great proposition. Either way I win. Either by you doing what I want all night or having you lick and suck my pussy, hopefully taking away the ache that you caused. Alright. I accept the proposition.

A brilliant smile graces your face as you gesture to me to turn my cards over. I flip them proudly, knowing there are only a few things that can beat my straight. "Very nice baby. A straight!" You lean over and kiss me gently. As you lean back, you flip your cards. I am stunned speechless. Your hand is jacks, diamond and hearts, a Full House, making your hand the winner. Which makes you the winner of the bet as well. I quickly look up at you and your smile has gotten bigger. "Time to taste your pussy Sarah." I open my mouth and close it. "Come here." You are already pulling me towards you.

Perching me on the edge of the coffee table with my feet on either side of your thighs, your thumb runs gently across my thigh. The contact and friction makes me moan softly. "Oh Sarah." Another whisper that sends a shiver through my body. Your hands on my thighs slowly push up my skirt, revealing a pair of black silk panties. Your fingertips brush the inside of my thigh causing me to part them further for you. My eyes close and I lean back slightly. Mentally I try to make you touch me and physically my body reacts to that. Pushing my hips towards you. Spreading my legs more. My breath quickens and you have barely touched me. Please I whisper so softly. I open my eyes and look at you. My please has the desired affect on you because your fingertip comes in contact with my clit. Even through my panties it's intense. Having you touch me. A deep moan escapes my lips and my head falls back. You increase the pressure as your lips slide up my thigh.

"You like this don't you Sarah? Like it when I do this?" You flick my clit and make me gasp yes. Your tongue darts under the edge of my panties, teasing me. Yes I whisper again as your mouth replaces your finger. I can feel your tongue sliding across my swollen clit. Just enough sensation to make me want more. I open my eyes and look down my body to your head between my legs. The image of that sends a fresh wave of wetness to my pussy. "Yes baby, get soaked for me." You suck on my clit and I cry out. My hand slips through your hair keeping you there. Lifting my hips I push myself against your mouth, trying for more, wanting more. Humming against my clit, I feel your finger slide underneath my panties and into my pussy.

I moan your name as your finger slides in. I clench around your finger and lean back completely on the coffee table. Slowly you begin teasing me with your finger and your tongue. First flicking your tongue across my cloth covered clit before fucking me with your finger, then sucking on my clit. Never at the same time. You start building me up. Increasing the pressure of your tongue, the stroke of your finger, the quickness in which you switch between the three. It doesn't take long before I am panting and begging you to make me come. "You want to come Sarah? You want to come on my face?"

I moan yes and look down my body to you again. As you were teasing me, my hands had started squeezing my breasts on their own. My nipples were hard against my bra and each caress of my hand teased them more. Smiling up at me, you remove your finger. My mouth drops open to protest, but your hands slide up my hips, gripping my panties. With a quick tug, you have them off my body completely. I can't help but smile as you give me a sexy smirk and slide your finger back into me. You remove it again and put it to my lips. "Taste your sweet pussy Sarah. Do you like how you taste?" I lick your finger and suck on it. You know doing this turns me on beyond compare, but I answer anyway. Yes I like how I taste. Taste me! Oh please taste me I whisper.

You slide two fingers into my pussy and stretch me more. The sensation is perfect and makes me rock my hips against your fingers. You cease your movements, but I continue to rock against your fingers. "That's right baby...fuck yourself with my fingers." Your tongue collides with my clit after you say that. I moan as the intensity washes over my body. My pussy clenches around your fingers, this time with such urgency. I need release. You have built me up so much. You suck on my clit and it sends me over. Thrusting against your fingers and mouth I come hard. I scream your name as I ride it. Your tongue still twirling around my clit. Your fingers beginning to thrust into me again, hard. My thighs quivering.

I shiver as I slowly relax again. You remove your fingers from my pussy and tell me to look at you. Your mouth closes around them and you clean all my juices from your fingers. Just watching you enjoy it turns me on so much more. I ask if you like the taste of me as I feel you push your fingers in for another taste. "Yes baby I do. So very much." You whisper before cleaning your fingers a second time.

Placing a kiss on my thigh, you shift and get up on your knees. I try to sit up but you push me back down. Shaking your head, you pull off your shirt, looking into my eyes. Our eyes stayed locked as you unzip your pants. My mouth waters as I picture you taking your cock out of your pants. I long to suck on it, but I can see in your eyes you have other plans for tonight. Your hand caresses my thigh. "Do you want my cock in you Sarah? Do you want to feel me in you?"

Mmhmm I say as I bite my bottom lip. You smile down at me and start unbuttoning my shirt. I look up at you then watch as each button pops out of it's hole. The silkiness of the shirt caresses my skin as you pull it back. "Sarah." You growl as you look down at me. Our eyes collide again. You bend down and suck on my nipple through my bra. The same teasing you did to my clit. Your other hand slides up my stomach slowly caress before it closes over my other breast. You bite me through my bra as you pinch my other nipple. I gasp and squirm against you. That only heightened my want for you, since in my squirming your cock slid against my thigh. "Do you like that Sarah?" Yes I moan and arch my back, pushing my breasts into you more.

I wrap my legs around you, bringing you closer to me. Your cock comes in full contact with my pussy and we both groan. Your eyes close for just a moment before you look at me. Your lips collide with mine in a savage hard kiss that makes me dizzy with want. Please! I need you. I whisper against your lips. You reach down between us and rub your cock down my slit. "Is this what you need Sarah? Do you need my cock baby?" Yes I moan and try to push against you, only to be rewarded with more teasing. "Tell me," you say gently. When I say nothing, you growl, "Tell me Sarah!" The authority in your voice makes me answer. Yes I need your cock. I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck my little cunt. I watch your eyes flare as I say that last thing and a growl escape from your lips just a second before you slam into my pussy.

All pretenses of teasing me gone with just that statement. The jar of you slamming into me has my breasts bounce in my bra, making me gasp. The poker chips I so carefully laid out come crashing down. Clanking against the wood of the table and off onto the wood floors. Yes...fuck my little cunt like that. You know you like fucking me like this. I close my eyes and bite my lip. I can already feel my pussy aching for release. Determined to last, I slide my hands up my own body. Your hands grip my hips as you pull me against you with each thrust. My hands close over my breasts, my hard nipples tickling my palms.

I look up at you and see you watching my hands squeeze my breasts. Do you like watching me pleasure myself? You shake your head and bite your lip in concentration. I can feel you tensing and my body responds before I can tell it no. Oh I love how you fuck my cunt. You slam into me harder. Hard enough to scoot the coffee table a few inches. I sit up. The change in position almost makes both of us come, but your lips collide with mine passionately as we squelch the need. My arms wrap around you like my legs are and I hold onto you.

Without stopping you take pick me up and start slamming me onto your cock. My thighs are quivering. My breath ragged. My pussy aching around your throbbing cock. "Come on my cock Sarah. Come for me." I moan deeply as I come around your cock, making you groan "Sarah "and come in my pussy. My pussy clenches around you, milking you as you continue to push me on your cock. Slowly, you stop pushing me on your cock and kiss my lips. "Sarah." You whisper in between kisses. What's next? I ask sweetly. Sexual Favor Monopoly? Chuckling you set me on the table and kiss me passionately. "Only if you want to."

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