tagCelebritiesThat '70s Show: Kelso's Van

That '70s Show: Kelso's Van


Eric Foreman stared lustily at his ex-girlfriend Donna as she fell off her chair giggling. He had been happy that they'd salvaged their friendship after the breakup, and in the past few weeks had reached some normalcy. But right now he was overcome by her heaving breasts as she laughed away at some forgotten joke. All Eric wanted to do was bury his face in her deep red pubic hair and eat her out on the floor of his basement.

"Did you guys ever notice," Kelso blurted out, interrupting Eric's fantasy, "how really, really good looking I am in a spoon?" Donna and Eric both looked at their intellectually-challenged friend incredulously. "I mean ugly people are all upside down and backwards, but I am freakin' HOT!"

Eric tried to think of some put down to make Kelso look like an idiot, maybe impress Donna with something funny, but there was something in the smoke that night and his lips just went a little numb. He concentrated, with sudden urgency, on not looking like a total dweeb at a loss for words and made a concerted effort to act natural, which of course backfired and sent Donna into another peal of laughter when she saw. Besides, Eric found himself actually listening to Kelso, or noticing him. He really was great looking, and Eric was slightly jealous and slightly excited.

"Leo's stuff is really good," Donna giggled from the floor, "I am completely gone."

"We should go out for milkshakes!" Kelso cried out enthusiastically.

Eric wondered what chance he would have with Donna if he could get Kelso to leave, but Donna jumped on the milkshake idea. The three friends went out to Kelso's van and Donna slid open the side door in a mock seduction. "Care to join me in the mystery machine?" she whispered haughtily while trying poorly to keep a straight face.

"YES!" Kelso shouted, and to Eric's surprise actually reached down and grabbed his dick through his pants.

"Not you, dumbass," Donna was annoyed, "I want my little weasel."

Kelso reluctantly walked around to the driver's seat while Donna beckoned Eric to join her in the van. Eric was completely confused now by Donna's apparent come-ons. Since the breakup, she had been very close with her emotions and never flirty. Now here he was in the back seat of a van with her, and she seemed to be completely into him. But what could he do with Kelso just a few feet away?

They weren't a few hundred yards down the road when Donna asked, "Kelso, how many girls have you had in this van?"

"A lot! I mean, just Jackie, you know," he tried to cover, realizing he was talking to his girlfriend's girlfriend.

"And Laurie," Donna added with a wink to Eric. "And others too. Come on, I won't tell Jackie."

"Okay, Pam Macy, Mrs. Coles the art teacher, Janet someone, I think her name was Stacy or Sandy..."

"Alright, shut up! How would you like to have one more?"

The van lurched as Kelso just about drove off the road. Eric was shocked that his ex-girlfriend was hooking up with a mutual friend right in front of him, but found himself with a raging erection from her forwardness. "You'd better not be screwing with me!"

"Not a chance, lover-boy. Just find us a quiet place to park."

Kelso let out an animal yell and bopped on his horn to celebrate. He turned off the main roads and started searching for a private place he often used. Just then a thought occurred to him and he blathered out, "Oh, Donna wait! Foreman's in the van, we need to drop him off somewhere, oh sorry Foreman, Donna make it so Forman doesn't find out!"

"Idiot," Donna scoffed. "Of course he'll find out, he just heard me! Anyways, he's not going anywhere. I'm gonna give you both the time of your lives." And with that Donna leaned over and planted a wet kiss on an incredulous Eric Foreman. Eric couldn't believe what was happening. Donna's warm lips were so familiar, yet had been absent for so long. Too long. He felt she felt this too, but then he flopped over in a wave of dizziness. Donna laughed at his antics, since his nose had fallen right onto her chest and poked her breast. She shoved him off her, playfully, and set up to pull her flannel shirt off over her head. Reaching behind her, she unclasped her bra and tossed it to the back of the van.

"That's better," she cooed and her eyes caught Kelso's in the rearview. "Keep your eyes on the road, moron. You're not laying one finger on me if you crash!"

Kelso swerved a little to stay on the road and Eric pulled himself up to caress Donna. He flicked his tongue over her erect nipple and reached around to fumble her ass through her jeans. She knelt before him, moaning at the attention and in a state of complete bliss. Pushing her a little till she tumbled over backwards, Eric drew himself away from her breasts and unbuttoned the fly of her jeans. He slid her pants down to her ankles to reveal her cottony underwear and licked his lips at the thought of her sweet sex. Donna kicked those jeans off from around her ankles and moaned, "Don't tease me, Eric. Eat me out, eat me now!"

Without pulling her panties away, Eric drove his tongue between her legs. Her wetness soaked through the cotton and Eric tasted her for the first time in weeks. He'd always loved eating her out, and he'd gotten pretty good at finding her hot spots in the time they'd been dating. He could tell by the way her body writhed in time with his touch that she was really feeling it tonight.

Just then Kelso slammed on the brakes and the van ground to a halt. He leapt over the front seat and crunched himself against the roof trying to stand. In one quick motion, his belt was undone and his pants were flung down around his ankles. Eric looked up, surprised to see his friend naked except for a t-shirt, and with his long hard cock hanging out. Donna, too, was shocked to see that things were suddenly out of her control and pulled herself away from Eric, backing to the rear of the van.

"Okay, if we're going to do this I set the rules," she informed the two boys. "If I tell you to stop, Kelso, you stop. Got it?" Kelso gurgled an affirmative as he stared at Donna's nearly naked body. Feeling more confident, Donna motioned for Kelso to sit down and then rose as best she could in the cramped van. "Alright Kelso, I'm going to take off my panties and come over there and you're going to eat my pussy. If you do a better job than Eric, I'm going to reward you, but if not you will be punished. Understood?"

Kelso furiously nodded his head while he sat on his ass playing with himself. Eric felt a little awkward, being the only one fully clothed still, and a little left out. Kelso barely acknowledged he was there, couldn't see beyond his tunnel vision view of the naked girl in front of him. Eric also noticed that Kelso's dick was long and thick. For the second time that night, Eric felt jealousy for his good-looking friend but also a thrill that he was going to see this beautiful body in action.

True to her instructions, Donna slipped off her panties and shuffled forward to Kelso. She remained standing and grabbed the dumb Adonis' head, pushing his eager mouth into her cunt. She giggled at the strangeness of his touch, and the obvious experience. "Eric," she called out coyly, "come over here, I want you to eat my ass while Kelso eats my box."

Compliant, Eric maneuvered himself until Donna's butt was just before him. He knelt down, intertwining his legs between Kelso's. Kelso's face was inches from his own, and his dick stuck straight up towards him. Eric had never been this close to another man before, or at least to another man so aroused and sexual. For some reason, the kiss he'd shared with Buddy flashed through his mind but then Donna jammed her ass back into his face and he forgot. Eric reached up and cupped her ass with his hands while he pushed his tongue forward onto her hold. When they were dating, Donna had never let him fool around with her rear end so this was strange to him. He tongued around the rim of her asshole, and then pushed forward to penetrate her. Donna let out a gasp at the sensation of being invaded by two powerful tongues and almost came right there. Kelso began licking more furiously, and in one long lash of his tongue actually came up against Eric's bristly cheek.

"Damn it," Donna moaned, "I want you both inside me now. Eric, honey, fuck me up that ass."

The three friends repositioned themselves. Kelso took this opportunity to pull off his shirt, and Donna stripped Eric completely of his clothes. She directed Kelso to lie down and she straddled him. His big cock pushed its way into her pussy and as soon as she was comfortable, Eric began to enter her from behind. Kelso obligingly cupped her ass and spread her cheeks with his strong hands while Eric forced his way down her virgin asshole. She was so tight, tighter than anything Eric had ever imagined but her managed to work himself in. He swore he could feel the pressure of Kelso's cock rubbing up against his as Donna, now accustomed to these multiple penetrations, began to gyrate her hips. Two cocks pumped in and out of her, filling her like nothing else could. She foamed, slightly, from her mouth, unable to think, unable to focus on anything beyond this incredible sensation. When Kelso propped himself up as best he could and began sucking on her breast, it was too much. Donna came hard with a shriek and thought she would just about pass out.

The boys held on through Donna's convulsions, but as she began to go a little limp Kelso shot his seed up inside her. This sent her to her second orgasm, and Eric too blew his load up in her ass. Overwhelmed, Donna pulled them out of her and collapsed on a nearby pile of cushions. "Damn," she whispered. "Thanks. Wow. That was..." and she trailed off into the memory of it.

Kelso's cock was already hard again and he slid over, presenting it to Donna. "Fair's fair, Donna, and I did you." Groggily Donna accepted his cock into her mouth and began sucking the mixture of his and her juices from the shaft.

"Wait!" she cried spitting out the meat. "Eric too." Eric was only to happy to get over there, on his knees beside Kelso. He wasn't sure just what she would do, but she grabbed him and pumped him slowly as she resumed sucking Kelso. After a few moments of this, she switched and began sucking Eric and playing with Kelso with her hand. She was becoming awake again, and eagerly pleasured the two men. Eric found himself looking over at Kelso, who was awash in Donna's service. Underneath that stupid haircut and those dumb eyes was a hunk of man. In his post-climax state, Eric knew he wanted that, knew he needed it and didn't care about consequences. He wondered how to make a pass on one of his closest friends from childhood, and Donna gave him an in. All of a sudden, she grabbed both cocks firmly and dragged the boys together. The forceful exertion of pressure caused them both to jump a little closer. Then Donna shoved both cocks into her mouth at once, or at least as much of them as she could manage. Feeling his dick rubbing up against another man's in the mouth of this redhead sex goddess was too much for Eric. He leaned over to a surprised Michael Kelso and shoved his tongue into the other boy's mouth.

Kelso returned the kiss fully and without complaint. The boys made out and they were randy. Donna was pleased at this development, and felt her loins tingle at the thought of these two hot men going at it. Kelso broke the kiss and looked over Eric's body. "You know," he began in a rare feat of reasoning, "you just got to fuck Donna up the butt, so I think it'd be only fair for me to fuck your butt."

Eric was worried. As much as he wanted this, it suddenly seemed very strange to him. Gazing lustily and making out was one thing, but did he really want to go bottom? In an act of encouragement, Donna squeezed his balls and slipped a finger around behind into his anus. Eric choked up a little, "Oh God, yes. Yes, fuck me up the ass, Kelso! Do it now!"

Kelso grabbed his friend by the shoulder and forced his face into a cushion of the van. Eric was now lying there, facedown on his knees, with his ass hoisted up into the air. Donna leaned over and licked her ex's ass, salivating all over for lubrication. "You're bum tastes like candy," she joked before turning to Kelso. She grabbed him by the neck and kissed him passionately. Kelso tasted Eric's ass on her breath, and also perhaps an indistinct whiff of pre-cum from either his own or Eric's cock. Donna pulled away and Kelso drew himself up behind Eric. Bracing himself, Eric prepared for that large piece of meat to enter him. Donna reached down and inserted a finger into Eric's ass, to stretch him out. Eric gasped at the sensation, so alien yet so pleasurable. But now Donna guided Kelso's cock into the hole she'd made. Both boys grunted and pushed against it other, and the cock popped in.

Kelso began to pump Eric's ass slowly, so as to allow him to grow accustomed. Nothing Kelso had experienced had ever been so tight as his friend's bottom, and he bit his lip to keep from coming. Donna exacerbated the situation by leaning over to tongue Kelso's nipple, while using one hand to jack off Eric's cock and the other to finger Kelso's ass. Kelso upped his tempo as Eric relaxed and pounded, pounded away while Donna toyed away at their vulnerable spaces and Eric was moaning in pleasure being fucked in Kelso's van like any number of tramps. Donna mischievously shoved her finger up to the knuckle into Kelso's ass and his whole body tensed up. He poured load after load of cum into Eric's ass, while to poor boy shuddered at the sensation. Kelso removed himself from Eric and fell down against the seat of the van, exhausted.

But Donna did not let Eric be. She grabbed at his asshole and pried it apart with her fingers, causing a miniature fountain of cum to begin oozing out. She licked it up and plunged her tongue into his ass, lapping up more and more of the salty goodness. Eric moaned again at this, but then rolled over to present his still erect penis to the girl. She went down on him, licking and sucking and nibbling on his foreskin. She kissed down his shaft and sucked on his balls.

"Hey," Kelso spoke from his resting spot, "I want some too."

He slid on over back to Eric and took the boy's cock into his mouth. Kelso was less practiced than Donna, but Eric hardly cared. He now had two friends giving undivided attention to his cock, and as their tongues roamed about and intertwined he felt himself becoming lost to the pleasure. His cock began to twitch and he started shooting his load over Kelso and Donna's faces. Donna latched onto his dick head and took a large quantity of the cum into her mouth. When she pulled her head away, Kelso took her place and also filled up. Now the two cum-covered lovers sat up and knowingly eyed each other. Kelso leaned forward and kissed Eric on the lips, with Eric's own cum now flowing into his mouth. As Kelso broke off, Donna kissed Eric and again the cum flowed. Now Kelso pushed his way back in again and the three of them all kiss each other, with cum going everywhere all over their faces and into their mouths.

"That was SO hot," Kelso bellowed as they all settled down to savor the moment.

"We'll have to do it again sometime," Donna promised as she rested her head on Eric's lap. "And of course there's Jackie to consider. And Jackie's tight little butt."

"Hey guys," Eric mused, "you don't think we did this because of Leo's stuff, do you? We're we that fucked up?"

"I've still got a bit of an itch," Donna continued on as she fingered herself, "which one of you is good to go?"

Kelso stepped up and grabbed Donna by the wrist. He pulled her close and shoved his tongue down her throat, while she reached over and grabbed his growing member. Eric grinned as his two friends started to get it on, and his own loins stirred. They didn't make it home that night, all three slept in the van after they had fucked themselves to sleep.

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