tagMatureThat Nasty Old Bitch

That Nasty Old Bitch


This is fiction, not reality. Like reading HG Wells, or Dickens, or even Homer and no I don't mean Simpson, I mean Homer as in the Iliad, so suspend credulity, because if this was a library you would be in the FICTION section.

Well maybe not.


Life is finite but love is eternal.

I was only twenty three when I got a job at a modest sized manufacturing company. The owner was a nice man who had a Nasty Old Bitch for a wife. Her name was Melanie, Melanie Johnston. Well the owner, Mr. Johnston, had a heat attack and died the same year that I was hired and the bitch took over. The owner had been about seventy and his wife was forty three. He must have been a randy old bugger.

She had everything that money can buy and nature had given her even more. She was blessed with good looks, a great figure, long legs and nice tits. Her hair was like honey and it was long and full bodied. Men would die for her and if she had her way she would let them all die.

We had about one hundred and fifty employees and I was in lower management, as in a trainee program, which means I was still getting coffee for everyone and letting them call me boy.

So one day I was called into her office and I thought I was going to get the axe. But that was not the case. She sat behind her big desk and had be stand in front of her. After about five minutes she asked me one question. "What do my employees think about me?"

I was young and stupid so I just said, "They call you a Nasty Old Bitch." She wanted to know who called her that and demanded I give her a list so I walked over to the company roster on her desk and handed it to her.

"Is your name in here" she asked.

"Yes" I responded.

I was dismissed.

Having gotten her name right she now commenced doing her best to keep it by earning it day after day. There was an aura of fear when she came around or even looked in your direction.

One of the first things she did was look at what people did for their money. She needed someone to take the heat and yes, good old honest me, well I became that person. Within my very first year with the company I became her PA and the man who got to tell other people they no longer had a job. Yes I know that HR was supposed to do that and the head of HR would have, except my first job was to fire him and the three overpaid secretaries he was screwing. How the hell did Mel know about that?

She went through the lists of employees, looking at the big money people first. She fired, make that had me fire, four out of five of them. She decimated the executive class. The rank and file ended up losing one out of three, thanks to her and my standing up and taking the hit. I was not well liked but they soon figured out that the Nasty Old Bitch was using me too.

We were on the verge of bankruptcy and we needed to cut people, they were the largest expense. She consolidated departments, where did she learn about that? She went over contracts and found that the company was owed money and got it. She went into the controller's office and had it locked by a new security force, did not try to lock out the computers, we disconnected them, brought in auditors and found millions hidden in offshore accounts that her lawyers brought back and criminally prosecuted more than a few members of the accounting department. The entire accounting department was terminated; yes I got to do it. Actually I was part of it. I went through thousands of lines of code and learned that hidden in a few "bits and bytes" were switches, that changed the accounting records from one set of books to another and there was even a switch that erased every file on the hard drive. I guess that computer geek thing I learned helped. We looked at everything without booting the hard drive, and we ran it as a slave drive and just read it. I copied all the files and omitted the system files, and gave them to the auditors.

Within six months we were stable but not out of the woods. I had access to her office without knocking, although I usually did. One day I walked in and found her crying, not little crying, but big huge alligator tears crying. She was actually crying for her dead husband. "I loved that dirty old man" she told me "and I miss the hell out of him." It was then I came to understand her. This company was his, it was for a long time HIM, and she wanted to honor him by saving his company.

I cancelled all of her appointments and waited for her to feel better before I was going to call for the car. She came to the door and with a smile asked me to come back in. This time she was polite; that was not a good sign. It reminded me of a shark smiling, you knew it was just getting ready to bite you and the smile was a fake one. She thanked me for being there and asked if I was ok here with the company.

"Ma'am, you are obviously a nice person, but if anyone see's it this place will go straight to hell. Right now they are afraid of you, and do what you want, but this place has a life of its own and your change in attitude to anyone, even me, can't help the company. While I appreciate your concern and I do appreciate your being kind to me, that has to be something in here with no one else around. When we are not alone, you have to go back to being a Nasty Old Bitch. I will understand that you are doing what you need to do." Then I stopped and looked at her.

She hugged me and then went to sit behind her desk. "You are dismissed," and as I opened the door everyone in the office could hear her yell, "and call for my car worm."

The secretary who answered the phones for us and did typing and filing just looked at me with a sigh, and a sorrowful glance my way. She bought it and that was good enough.

Over the next year our business relationship and our friendship went on converging paths. "Worm" was one of my names. Ok it was a bit overboard, but she wanted to be thought of as hard. Our mornings started out the same. I would take coffee and a Danish pastry into her office, sit down, and go over her day with her, always keeping her three work days ahead and sometimes a week, depending on the events. Then we would spend thirty minutes just talking about anything she wanted to talk about. Then business was discussed, her intended decisions, research I needed to do, reports I had to get for her. I would take her cup and saucer and her plate and kiss her on the cheek and as I left she would always yell something mean and nasty at me for the benefit of the listening audience outside her door.

"Damn that was harsh" or words to that effect came from the secretary or filing clerks.

"Better me than you" I would tell them.

Then I would start off completing her assigned tasks, after all we were at work. I found that a good deal of my time was on the floor and I soaked up information like s sponge. By the end of the first year I knew every job, every person working it, and probably their wives and kids names. I had a list of Birthdays, graduations, and always made sure that they got a little something from the company at the appropriate time. Nothing large, but just to let them know they were appreciated.

Within a year we were doing a lot better and at the end of eighteen months we were able to hire back most of the non management employees. No one knew it at that time but me but Mel never took a penny out of the company for herself. When she offered me a raise I refused, when she ordered that I take one I complied and since I was on top of accounting I told them to keep the raise and run it as an unfunded liability. I know I did not have to do that but she was keeping the company afloat and I did not really need the money. No, I was not rich, I just did not have time to spend what I had, and I was making very good money by now so it just seemed prudent.

As a rich mature woman she had a lot of suitors that buzzed around and she even dated a few. She had the kind of beauty that only maturity brings. Yes there were women that were younger and better built, but that was not everything. Her suitors flocked to her but in the end were always a disappointment. Ultimately they always wanted something from her, rather than just wanting her. It was a shame.

So I spent my days making sure she had everything she needed to keep the company operating and taking the heat for any shit act that had to be done. I also spent countless hours taking college courses to get advanced degrees in subjects and disciplines that would help her keep ahead of the game. I had a very tame life until Cindy.

About this time I had a very sweet looking Cindy Lawson who was buzzing around me. We were the same age and I had come to learn that power attracts women, even to geeks like me. She was very pretty and had a great figure and little pixie face and hair. Cute as a bug's ear came to mind. We went out a few times but nothing serious as of yet but we kept talking and became friends. But the problem was the spark, or lack thereof. You almost know from the beginning if it is there, and after a few months it was obvious to me that it was not there, but we still dated.

One day I was called in to Mel's office and she was a basket case. One man she was feeling close to her turned out to be married. She was going through the entire range of emotions. I told her she was a beautiful woman and any man would want to be with her and she just needed to bide her time. Actually I said "Fuck Mel you are damn hot for a woman of any age and only a fool would not jump your bones just for the pleasure of making love to you, and to hell with your money."

Then she hit me with "You're just saying that." Then she told me to make arrangements at the local Hyatt Regency for a suite for a few days. She needed some alone time. I followed her instructions and made the arrangements and called for her driver. I also called her residence and had her maid pack for a few days at the Hyatt and explained that her mistress needed some alone time and she could be contacted through me. I went to her home and picked up her clothes and drove over arriving after five o'clock.

I got to the room and she was still dressed as if working. I told her that she should eat something and offered to escort her downstairs for dinner and when she agreed I made reservations for two. We went into the bar and waited and she ordered her first drink.

We went into dinner and when she tried to order a second I just ordered bottled water for the table; she did not need to drink. It was a slow quiet meal. I tried to talk to her about her problem but she quietly and politely shut me down. We ended up talking about me and how I liked my job and what I was doing. I told her about school and she smiled and I mentioned Cindy and then told her that she was cute, but there was no special "spark" there but she was fun to be with once in a while and in small doses.

"I want to dance" she said and we got up and I took her into my arms for the first time. My stupid mother had insisted that I take dance lessons, which really pissed me off. I was amazed how much smarter my mother got with my age. We danced only to the slow numbers. A few mature men asked to dance but she declined.

"You don't mind being seen with an older woman" she queried?

"You have to be kidding me" I responded. "I am the envy of every man in here. You are well dressed, well mannered, obviously well bred," I could tell she did not exactly like these, but most importantly I said as I whispered in to her ear, "the hottest woman in the whole damn hotel. Every man here wants you just as much as I do" and I pulled her closer so she could feel my desire.

I looked down into her eyes and moved my lips to hers, just grazing them, then touching a little firmer, with a little nibble to her lower lip; nothing overtly obscene, but passionate as hell. I felt her moan slightly and she moved her head onto my shoulder. We danced one more complete dance like that, like lovers.

When we stopped we did get some looks, but approving from some of the ladies and envy from the older men. I held her hand and we sat down. "I have had far too much to drink to drive home tonight, so I am going to have to stay here. Since I don't have any money I guess you will have to let me share your room, your bed." I was leaning into her ear talking to her, and I could see the red hit her face and her chest and neck. "I did not think that this would happen so I did not bring a change of clothes, so I will have to sleep naked, in your bed. But I want you to know that you have my solemn word that knowing you are vulnerable and upset," and I kissed her neck a little, "I intend to do everything in my power to take advantage of you, and make you my woman."

She gulped in air, turned and made me the receiving end of a wanton display of passion in a kiss bestowed on me. Taking her by the hand I walked out and in passing gave the Maître D' our room number and told them to add 20% and have the bill brought up with breakfast.

As soon as the door was closed I grabbed her and kissed her with as much passion as I possessed and she returned it in kind. I took her clothes off and kissed and nibbled and gently tickled her lips with my tongue until she responded by allowing its passage into her mouth. By now the dress was off and she was in panties, nylons and a very cute bra that I would examine later. At this time, I told her, I was more interested in the contents of the package than the wrapping paper.

"If you were my woman this is where I would be every day" and I laid her back on the bed and I buried my face in her very expensive French silk panties. She was so shocked she was frozen. I moved then to the side and started licking up and down her slit. We could do finesse later, what I needed to do now was explore her passions. Before I had done four complete licks she had her hands on the back of my head, murmuring to me in the strange and yet still understood language of passion and pleasure.

I started pulling her panties off as I kept my tongue dancing on and around her pussy hole, which is no easy job. She raised her legs and soon had one on the back of my shoulder and the other on the floor and her panties hanging off her foot. I feasted for fifteen minutes and between bites, nibbles actually, and licks, kisses and sucking, not to mention sliding my tongue as far up into her pussy hole as far as possible, and sucking her clit, managed to give her four or five orgasms.

And since I was a devious and horny little devil, I also managed to undo her bra and began playing with those wonderful globes of passion, the source of life to a child, getting to know what I would soon be feasting on, if only in practice.

My shirt and pants were easy, getting them over my shoes provided a moment of comic relief, which I exaggerated a little by falling over; ala Peter Sellers. She needed a break and I really needed to take my shoes and pants off.

During this brief stretch she looked at me with an amused smile on her face. She held out her hands and wiggled her fingers, "come to mama" she said with a giggle, "but take your sox off first." That one had me rolling. I crawled up to her, like an Indian sneaking up on the cavalry, between her legs and over her stomach, kissing and licking everywhere. Her mood changed, she became serious, deadly serious, and she was no longer playful. This was not a game any longer.

I kissed her breasts briefly because the moment was passing for action between us. I pressed my advantage. She took my cock in her hands and moved it to its proper place in her life and her body. I was dripping pre cum and she was already there with expanded and wet lips. I knew she wanted to tell me to be careful, she had just cum and night be very tight and maybe even a little dry, so I moved with some caution, I did not want to hurt her. A little at a time I moved in a little, letting my pre cum ease the way, and then out and then in a little further. Once I got past the ring I was able to move a little more and soon she was moving her body to change position to allow for easier and deeper access.

All of a sudden I felt her moisture turn burning hot and get even wetter, drawing me deeper and deeper into her being. "This is the spark I have been looking for my love" I told her, "this is the spark." We kissed deeply and it just came out, it was totally involuntary, "I love you" I told her.

She changed the angle of her legs, wrapped them around me, enveloped me in her arms and in moaning passion as we still kissed said, "Oh I love you too, I love you too."

"You did not ask if I was on the pill or any other form of birth control" she said. I reminded her I was the one who scheduled her doctor's appointments and personally picked up her medicine and prescriptions. "What about you" she asked.

"No I'm not on the pill" I told her. I had been slowing fucking her and hitting her little "G" spot at will and within a minute she was again experiencing an orgasm, which I was hoping for so I could cum with her instead of before her, I was that hot.

While panting to get our breath I pulled her over onto me and she again got serious. "Really, I mean what about STD's and AIDS and HIV?" When you think about it, wasn't this a bit late to think about any of this?

"No problem lover, other than a few times as a slave in a woman's biker bar and a few bareback rides pitching and receiving with not more than half a dozen gay prostitutes, I am completely clean, although it has been sort of painful to urinate the last few days. I am sure I should have seen a doctor two weeks ago when it first started, but it does not bleed much anymore."

"I guess we are going to have to die together then" she told me with a smile.

"I am leaking" she said but I held her too me. "You are leaking us onto me, and I don't mind." I told her. She got a very funny look and the passion was back in her eyes and she kissed me good and hard. Then she quickly moved down and put my cock into her mouth and looked at me as she sucked it clean.

"Wonderful, geometry, what is the angle of a straight line, one hundred and eighty degrees." I said and watcher her get a questioning look on her face. "But I prefer multiplication tables, like what is three times twenty three? And the answer is sixty nine." And with that I spun around and took up residence between her legs as she went back cleaning my cock.

I was young and my recovery time was about forty seconds and we tried a little cowboy riding. I love the look of a woman sitting on top of me so I can see her breast move and watch her eyes follow mine. Watch my cock move in and out of her. Reach up and suckle on a breast as she reaches another orgasm, trying to stave off my own, this time too without success.

We slept for a while and started again and about two am we were done for the evening. The last thing I remember is her giggling as she lay on top of me and saying "too much to drink" and giggling again and then passing out from too much pleasure. I got up, ordered breakfast for seven, pulled down the covers, put a towel from the bathroom down first, and put her under them and took off her garter and nylons, making sure she was completely naked. Then I took a leak and came back to bed. I did not even realize she had been watching me to see what I would do. I got into bed with her and pulling her to me I fell with her into a deep sleep.

We woke at the same time. I had my friend woody visiting and he kept trying to hide someplace dark and wet and he found the place but it was not right. I jumped up and when she asked where I was going I told her I had a rich lover who only stayed in the finest places and they provided tooth brushes. A quick brush and mouth wash and woody was in the mood to play "hide the sausage."

But when I came back and I kissed her I decided I was a little hungry. So after kissing her I slid down to my target and began slowly lavishing attention to her pussy with my mouth. At first she said "Don't do that" but I did not pay attention and soon she was writhing against my tongue. "Oh that is so nasty, it is so dirty down there after last night" she complained but without conviction. I kept up my attention to her sex. "It must smell and taste horrible" was her next comment. In response, now that she was dripping, I moved my face all around her sex, now my sex, coating my face with our fluids from our night of passion. Then I moved up to her face.

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