The Babysitter's Prize


I smiled. I had her. "Sit down," I said. "Sit down and spread your legs."

Amanda blushed deeply, shuddering as she breathed. Her eyes were so wide and bulging I thought they might actually pop out of her head. "M-Mr. Dalton—"

I held up the phone, conveying the implied threat of calling her parents. "If you can prove that you've never had sex, I'll believe you."

Amanda trembled a moment, blinking profusely as she considered my logic. She was so frightened and desperate that she wasn't thinking straight. Mutely, she turned away, went back to the couch, and sat down, her knees together, and settled her hands on either side of her. She closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, and slowly spread her thighs wide apart, slipping her full, firm ass to the edge of the couch.

I stared at her fully-revealed young cunt. Amanda possessed fleshy, plump vulvae that were slightly parted, revealing the bunched-up, bubblegum-colored lips of her pussy and the slender little tube of her clitoris. Her pubic hair surrounded her sweet little sex, thick, soft and bushy. The sight of her fur-coated mound only seemed to accentuate her youth, inexperience, and virginity.

I was getting more turned on by the moment.

I didn't say anything as I stepped before her and slowly lowered myself to my knees. Amanda did not looked at me. Her cheeks glowed red with embarrassment and perhaps even a little arousal. I was hoping she was at least a little turned on.

I set my cell-phone on the couch, and settled my hands on my babysitter's wonderfully spread thighs. I could just smell the aroma of her sweet virgin cunt. Amanda trembled slightly, breathed in sharply, stared at me with her young, innocent eyes.

"If you are a virgin, I'll believe you," I said. "But if you're not . . . I'm calling your parents."

Amanda nodded slowly, her soft, full lips parted. She watched as I slowly slid my hands up her thighs. She whimpered, pursed her lips closed. She shuddered when I touched her pussy and gently pried her vulvae apart, exposing her soft, slightly moist, pink inner lips. Her little clitoris swelled slightly, reacting automatically to being exposed.

Gently, I massaged her young cunt, making Amanda tense and whimper. I loved watching the tendons of her inner thighs stand out as her legs twitched. Slowly, I felt her pussy becoming more and more wet. Her clitoris grew and began to slip out from beneath its hood. Whatever her reservations, Amanda was getting turned on. I tried not to smile.

"Now," I said, and sucked on my middle finger to get it wet. "Don't push, Amanda. Just relax."

"O-okay," she breathed, her body shaking slightly. I watched her firm, full tits shake, just a little, her nipples fiercely engorged. Slowly, I eased my finger inside the girl's tight cunt. Amanda grunted, her head falling back, mouth gaping open.

"Ohh-m-m-mm," she moaned as I pushed deep in her pussy. Her tunnel was so tight and hot, and grew wetter and wetter as I probed her. I relished the softness of her pubes, the pliant feel of her vulvae against my hand as I delved deep. My dick was so hard that it felt uncomfortable in my jeans.

Finally, my searching finger felt the soft, stretchy barrier of Amanda's hymen. I sighed, so incomparably turned on. Thinking Amanda was a virgin was one thing; knowing she was . . . was something else altogether.

"Oh, Amanda," I said, finally voicing my arousal.

The girl grunted, still with her head back, her impressive, round tits rising and falling as she breathed deeply. Her young cunt tightened around my finger, relaxed, tightened again. "Ohhh . . . ." she moaned.

I smiled. She's mine, I thought. And with that realization, I slowly began sliding my finger in and out of her snug, sweet tunnel, which became more and more slick with each stroke. I curled my finger inside her, massaging the roof of her vagina. I found the little spongy bundle of nerves—

"Oh, God!" Amanda cried out, her body suddenly convulsing. "Huh-h-h-hnnn!" She pushed her hips out, almost lifting her incredible ass off the couch, mashing her cunt against my hand. I grinned, chuckling to myself, and placed my other hand on her hairy mound. My thumb graced her clit, massaged it with a circular, rhythmic motion.

"Hahh!" Amanda gasped, bucking slightly, digging her fingers into the couch cushions.

I pumped my finger in and out of Amanda's cunt. Her wetness increased exponentially, to the point where my knuckles smacked wetly against her snatch and her fluid trickled out of her hole, dripping down to her cheeks and over her undoubtedly virgin anus, and making her pubes matted, sticky, and dark. I finger-fucked her faster and faster, and increased the rolling motions of my thumb on her swelling clit.

"Huh! Huh! Huh! Hhhoh-h, Go-o-d-d-d!" Amanda sobbed, her body shaking and trembling. She lifted her ass fully off the couch, shoved hard against my hand. Her pussy clamped down like a vise on my finger as I rubbed her G-spot. Her head fell forward, and Amanda stared at me in amazement and shock, her face and neck flushed deeply, her bright blue eyes wide with astonishment and pleasure.

"Ohmigod! Ohmigod! NNNYYYAAAHHH!!!!" Amanda cried, squeezing her eyes closed as her face contorted with her orgasm. She heaved and bucked, rolling her hips up and down, fucking my hand. She seethed, hissed, panted, gasped as her release coursed through her. I jabbed my finger in and out of her juicy cunt, making sloshing, smacking, wet sounds as her fluid flowed out from her cunt and dripped off her firm cheeks. Her little asshole was shiny by the time Amanda stopped cumming.

I couldn't help myself. The sight of her flowing pussy, the contractions of her cunt . . . oh, fuck, I gotta taste her . . . I pulled my finger from within her, sucked her creamy fluid from it, then lowered my head and attached my mouth to her hairy muff, sucking on her slick pink lips, massaging her shrunken little clit with my tongue. I sucked and smacked and slurped on her sweet virgin pussy. I loved the feel of her soft, wet, wispy pubes against my cheeks and nose.

"AHH!" cried Amanda above me. I looked up to her face as her beautiful, glowing blue eyes flashed open. She gave me an utterly stupefied expression, as if she couldn't believe that a man twelve years her senior, her employer, and a married man to boot, was ardently sucking on her flowing twat. But that did not stop her from grinding her needy teenaged cunt against my mouth.

"Oh, God! Oh-h-h, M-Mr. D-Dalton! HHHUHNNNN!!!"

Amanda exploded again, literally gushing sweet, tangy, rich cum that I eagerly lapped from her juicy hole and swallowed down. I moaned, sucking as much of her fleshy pink lips as I could, driving my tongue deep inside the girl's virgin cunt. I curled my tongue within her tunnel, reaching almost as deeply as my fingers had. I savored the taste of her and drank as much of the teen girl's fluid as I could.

Amanda spasmed, her legs kicking as she lifted them off the ground. She gripped my head, keeping me in place as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. I sucked hungrily on her little clit, swirling my tongue around it, and Amanda tossed her head back and forth, moaning and bucking against me. Long blonde strands of hair streaked across her sweaty face.

I finally slurped my mouth from the girl's snatch, and pressed my hand against her pussy mound to quell her tremors. Amanda shuddered, her body tight and tensed, but she slowly relaxed, lowering her firm round ass to the cushions. She heaved, panted, then suddenly giggled in orgasmic euphoria.

I lifted up, looking down upon Amanda's body as it was so casually and lewdly displayed. Her pussy was saturated, her blonde hair made shades darker and wetly matted with her cum. Her inner thighs and cheeks glistened. Inspired by such a sight, I stripped off my shirt and jeans, stepped out of my work shoes. Naked, I straddled Amanda's curvy young body, my cock as long and hard as it could possibly be. Her firm, round breasts brushed my inner thighs.

My babysitter felt the shifting of weight on either side of her body, and looked up at me with a dazed and satisfied expression. She smiled, breathing in and out through her mouth, and dragged her hands up my thighs, toward my groin. "M-Mr. Dalton," she whispered dreamily, her eyes drifting down my lean torso. "Oh, God . . . Ohhhh . . . oh, holy Mary, Mother of Jesus!"

Amanda stared, astonished, at the long, impressive penis that jutted out toward her face. Her eyes were wide, shocked, aroused. Her mouth gaped in surprise and wonderment. Amanda's fingers curled around the base and first few inches of my throbbing shaft. She was very obviously intimidated by the size of my cock.

I chuckled. I always loved it when girls reacted like that. I slipped my hand behind Amanda's head, tilting it up. "Open your mouth, honey," I directed her.

Amanda said nothing. She was stupefied by my inhumanly long cock. Automatically heeding my request, she parted her moist lips and took my penis in her mouth.

"Uhhmmmpphhh!" she moaned around my cock as she instinctively started sucking me. I sighed at the heat and moist softness of her mouth. I pushed in deep, giving her almost half my length, and felt her gag. Her face contorted and she jerked her head back. I kept my dick in her mouth and thrust with short, shallow plunges. Her lips became wetter and wetter as Amanda sucked on the first penis she had ever tasted.

She stared down at the long tube of flesh that penetrated her mouth. I had no doubt that little Amanda had never seen a dick as long as mine, had never thought that the first cock she would ever suck would be so big. I relished the knowledge that mine was the first dick she had ever tasted.

"Oh, God, Amanda, you're so good at that . . . oh, baby, keep sucking . . . don't stop, honey, don't stop . . . ."

Amanda's eyes flashed up to mine worriedly, but she kept sucking, pulling in her cheeks and massaging my thrusting dick with her lips and tongue. I watched my cock sliding back and forth in her mouth, increasing the pace. Jesus, she looked so hot, so sexy! I watched her face, adoring her hot mouth and cute, little-girl looks as I thrust between her lips. I stroked my cock, squeezing out a steady flow of pre-cum into the girl's mouth. Amanda seemed to like the flavor, for she swallowed now and then. Her blue eyes glowed as she worked her jaw around my shaft, making faint little moans.

Eventually, It was too much for me. I was already so turned on from sucking her pussy, and Amanda's innocence, her girlish beauty, the moist heat of her mouth, her eager compliance and submission to me . . . .

"Amanda!" I gasped, my cock throbbing as I felt my orgasm begin. "Uhn! Oh, God, Amanda, don't stop! Suck it, baby! Here it comes! I'm cumming, baby!"

Amanda whimpered around my dick, obviously apprehensive about letting me shoot my load in her mouth. But she really had no choice. I was effectively pinning her down, straddling her chest, her firm breasts squeezed between my thrusting legs as my cock fucked her hot, young, eager virgin mouth. My dick tingled, massaged by her sucking mouth, and I hovered on the edge, enjoying the sensation of being right there. I pumped my shaft slowly, holding my orgasm back for just a moment . . . I captured the sight of her full pink lips wrapped around my dick as a trickle of sperm oozed onto the girl's tongue.

Finally, I groaned with release, holding Amanda's blonde-haired head as my dick throbbed and jerked and spurted in the girl's mouth. Oh, what ecstasy! The little busty blonde grimaced as my sperm flooded over her tongue, and tried to pull her mouth away. But I held her in place, luxuriating in the delectable sensations as my cock spasmed and gushed thickly between the girl's lips, feeding her my full, creamy load.

Amanda sucked instinctively, rubbing her tongue along the underside of my shaft, making spurt after spurt of salty, sticky cum flow across her tongue. Her mouth became slick and frothy with semen, and thin white rivulets of the fluid dribbled from her mouth, along her cheeks and down her chin. The majority of my sperm, however, was spent down her throat as the girl gulped and swallowed automatically.

Amanda grimaced, her face contorted as her lips fluttered around my cock. She gasped around my penis, gagged as she felt and tasted my thick jism oozing down her throat to her stomach. I chuckled, looking down at my babysitter's sexy face, her lips and cheeks glistening with cum. I squeezed out a few last thick drops of semen into Amanda's mouth, feeling her tongue swabbing the head of my cock. I sighed with pleasure, then finally pulled back.

Amanda looked up to me, blinking, dazed, her lips glossy with semen, her face deeply blushed. She breathed in and out through her mouth, and her eyes darted from my long, dangling cock to my face.

I took her hands, pulled Amanda up to a sitting position as I sat beside her, massaging her back. The buxom little teen coughed, gagged slightly, her pink tongue sticking out a moment. She touched the base of her throat, smacked her lips reflexively. She looked stunned, disoriented.

"Oh, God," she muttered, then licked and sucked her sticky lips. She grimaced as she tasted my cum again. She didn't seem to notice how her chin and cheeks were smeared with sperm.

"You'll get used to it," I said. I leaned out, grabbed my jeans, took out my pack of cigarettes. I almost never smoked in the house, but at the moment, I really did not care. I tucked a smoke between my lips and lit up.

Amanda slowly turned her head toward me, giving me a doe-eyed look. "I-I never d-d-did that before," she said in a soft, shaking little voice. A thick, glistening bubble of cum lingered on her lower lip. A little drop of it fell off her chin to her thighs. Amanda's semen-dripping face contrasted with her apparent innocence. She finally seemed to realize the mess on her face.

I smiled, studying wide blue eyes as Amanda wiped her mouth and chin. "You never gave a blow job?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "Or you never swallowed?"

My sweet babysitter's throat rippled. "B-both," she answered. She breathed out, her breath fragrant with cum, and reached for the tissue box on the coffee table. She wiped her hands, then her face again.

I maintained my smile, offered the girl a cigarette. Amanda took it, licked her lips again, then leaned over as I lit her smoke. Amanda inhaled deeply, sighed as she breathed out. She regarded her cigarette a moment, then pulled on it again.

I slipped my arm around my sexy young babysitter, and she leaned against me. I felt her cheek against my chest as she sighed. I figured she assumed our activities were over by the way she seemed so suddenly comfortable with me.

"Mr. Dalton?" Amanda asked after several long moments. We tapped our ashes over a half-full glass of soda, watching as they fizzed away.

"Yes, Amanda?" I asked.

She hesitated a moment. "Um . . . I'm sorry I let my boyfriend come over," she said.

I chuckled. I'm not, I thought. Made my job a whole lot easier. I glanced to the wall clock. It was only a quarter till nine. Plenty of time.

Amanda lifted her head, managed a smile. "I really didn't mind my punishment, Mr. Dalton," she whispered.

I gazed into her eyes, which still seemed so pure and sweet and innocent even though she had just swallowed down my load. I drew off my cigarette, then took hers from her hand and dropped them both in the glass.

"Well, then," I said. My cock twitched at the thought of taking further advantage of the girl. "It really wasn't punishment, was it?"

Amanda's smile faded. She looked nervous again. "I-I just meant—"

"I know what you meant, Amanda," I said, and moved from the couch, turning to face her, my cock hanging before her face. Amanda looked at my dangling penis, still wet from her mouth. She swallowed nervously.

I cupped the girl's face, made her look up at me. "I'm not done with you yet," I said. "Not by a long shot."

Amanda shuddered, frightened once more. She breathed in and out and eyed my cock. As I let go of her face, she leaned forward, obviously thinking I wanted another blow job. I waited until she had tilted my half-hard penis toward her mouth before interrupting her.

"Clean off the coffee table, Amanda," I said.

She stopped, her open mouth poised and ready to suck me again. I felt her warm breath on the head of my dick for a moment before she looked up at me. "Huh?"

I smiled. Maybe Amanda was a sweet, 'nice girl' with a 4.0 GPA in high school, but she was still an inexperienced teenager. "Take everything off the coffee table, put it underneath on the floor."

I stepped aside, and timidly, Amanda did as she was instructed, taking down the glass, the wooden tissue box, the two candles my wife never lit, the coffee table books. She stowed everything under the sturdy, claw-footed table, then looked back to me, her eyes wide, awaiting her next command.

"Lay down on the table, Amanda."

She hesitated only slightly, then got up and gingerly settled her slight weight upon the table. She lay down like a virgin sacrifice upon an altar, which, in a way, she was. I looked her over, admiring the beauty of her body. I touched her soft belly, making her shiver, and smoothed my hands up and down, from her upper thighs to her breasts. Amanda trembled, closing her eyes and breathing out nervously.

"Wh-what are you—" she began.

"Shhh, Amanda," I said, and pulled her body along the surface of the table, until her head hung over the edge. I got on my knees before her upside-down face, my cock getting hard again. I reached down and stroked it slowly. Amanda watched me, and took in a deep breath.

"Just relax, Amanda," I said, and brushed her lips with my dick. "You need to be comfortable for this."

"For what?" she asked, her lips fluttering along the head of my penis.

I smiled. "You'll see," I said, and fed the girl my cock once more. Amanda took me in readily, sucking my dick as it eased into her mouth. I settled my hands on her breasts, massaging them, lightly pinching her stiff nipples. Amanda murmured around my cock, pulling in her cheeks and sucking harder. I kept playing with her nipples, watching how the girl's body responded. Maybe she had full C-cups, but the little blonde's nipples proved to be pretty sensitive as I pulled and tugged and even twisted them.

Amanda trembled in arousal under me, automatically spreading her legs. I ran my hands down her body, threading my fingers through her thick blonde pubes. I massaged her moist cunt, making the girl whimper around my cock. I massaged that sweet virgin snatch, prying her lips open, sliding a finger inside her burning hole.

Amanda gasped, arching her back. Her mouth trembled around my penis. I settled my left hand behind her head as I kept fingering her cunt.

"Take a deep breath, Amanda. Open your throat, baby," I said. "Just like when you drink a lot of soda all at once. Open it up." I steadily pushed my cock deeper in her mouth as I spoke.

Amanda gagged, tried to pull away, but I kept her in place, rubbing her stiff, swollen little clit. She breathed in loudly through her nose, held her breath. I pulled her face closer to my groin, looked down as my long cock sunk slowly in her hot young mouth.

"Don't fight it," I said. "Just let me in . . . that's it, Amanda . . . just let me in your throat . . . ahhh . . . ."

I slowly worked my stiff dick into Amanda's throat, diddling the girl's clit to keep her libido heightened. The tight, rippling, sucking feel of her esophagus was simply incredible. I always loved introducing a girl to deep-throat.

Amanda's body shuddered, and she slapped her hands to my hips. But she didn't try to push me away; it was more like she wanted to brace herself as I invaded her throat. She emitted deep gurgling and wet gulping sounds as I pushed deeper and deeper, watching as my eleven inches slowly disappeared in the teen's mouth.

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