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The Beginning


For those who leave hateful comments and don't have the courage to put their contact details the joke is on you. After all why are you here? Why would you continue to read a story about a couple where the wife enjoys sexual freedom.

For those other readers who have the honesty to acknowledge their inner desires this is a true story. It is an attempt to explain my feelings to my wife and her now regular lover. Obviously it's told from the husbands POV because I am the husband.

The Dream

My wife and I arrived at the motel and booked a room in the name of Mr and Mrs Berns.

Armed with my wife's shampoo, razor, body wash, perfume, and wine we went up to the room.

Having made the preparations I kissed my wife goodbye, told her to enjoy herself and left her to get herself ready for a man called James Berns.

Tonight and for the next three weeks my wife was to be Mrs Berns.

My Ignition point

When I was about 30 I read a story that immediately caused me to become sexually aroused like never before.

It was a story about a man who caught his wife in bed with another man. He stood, glued to the spot, unable to move. He was completely absorbed with the scene in front of him.

He wasn't angry or even the slightest upset. He was aroused. Excited beyond belief. And, amazingly, he was filled with desire for his wife.

He made a quiet exit and later spoke to his wife about what he had seen and his reaction. They decided to make it a permanent part of their sex life.

She was be free to have sex with anyone she wished while her husband remained faithful to her.

My response to this story was equally amazing. I was aroused beyond belief. I KNEW that this is what I wanted.

Don't ask me why because I don't know. I can't explain it. I just want my wife to have the same freedom. I wanted her to have sex with another man or other men. Whatever and whenever she wants.

Walking into the unknown

After many years of suppression the desire for my wife to 'know' another man became exceptionally strong.

I talked to her about it.

Sue reaches out

To say she was angry is an understatement and it took eight years before she finally realised that I was serious. After an intense weekend of talk she started to chat online with other men. As she became more comfortable she started chatting with a man who lived locally.

Sue's first date with another man

She met him for coffee then eventually in a secluded park. This was the real beginning. I They lissed. Not just a brief parting polite kiss. A kiss with passion. A sexual kiss. When she told me this I knew my dream would eventually come true.

They met for lunch regularly and the sexy play grew more intense. They progressed and she met him in his office after hours.

She was alone with another man

They were alone.

My wife was alone with another man and sex was on the agenda. I couldn't believe it and even today, simply writing about it, I shake with excitement and anticipation. I knew where she was and who she was with. What were they doing.

How far would she go?

I was in a state of constant arousal. My body shook with excitement and anticipation. I was hoping that she would come home and tell me that she had just had sex with another man.

The intense excitement I felt was and is difficult to describe. Butter flies in my tummy. Hands shake a little. A stirring in my groin. Incredible sexual excitement.

Finally they were alone and enjoying some privacy for the first time. Their passionate kisses progessed. Passion increased and soon they were both partly undressed.

My wife's new man played with her bare breasts. He inserted his fingers into her body. For the first time in her life, Sue was experiencing intense sexual desire for a man other than me, her husband.


I waited at home. Alone. Wondering. Anticipating. Shaking. Aroused.

Sue arrived home a couple of hours later than normal and she shyly related her experience to me. What she told me left me breathless.

I knew it was just a matter of time before she went to bed with him.


Of course there were questions. Would the reality match the fantasy? Could I handle my wife naked and in bed with another man? Could I cope with the fact that she would sexually desire another man? Could I accept the fact that I would no longer be the only man to penetrate her body. Could I accept the fact that she was about to invite, welcome, desire another mans penis to be inside her, to ejaculate inside her.

What if she falls in love with him? What is she doesn't want to stop?

Could I cope with her wanting to spend a night with another man?

The questions complex - the answer simple.

I wouldn't know until she had sex with another man.

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