tagMind ControlThe Book of Secrets Ch. 02

The Book of Secrets Ch. 02


James left Spain with more than just his luggage. He had been recruited by a group of men to read "The Book of Secrets" to them. The men of the group were locals who knew very little English. "The Book of Secrets" was written in English.

James was well-rewarded for helping the men. He learned how to use empathic power to control the mind of someone else. He had cut his vacation short in order to put his knowledge to use. He was eager to get revenge on his ex-fiancé who had cheated on him with his best friend.

On his long flight back to Chicago, he wrote as much of information from "The Book of Secrets" as he could remember in a notebook. He carefully transcribed his new knowledge of mind control. He didn't want to forget anything.

He used the remainder of the flight to plot his revenge. He planned to meet with his ex-fiancé and film them having sex. He would use this video to get revenge on her and his best friend. James wanted to destroy his ex and make his former best friend to feel the betrayal that James felt.

Once he arrived at home, he put his plan into action. He called his ex-fiancé and invited her to his apartment under the pretense of getting the remainder of her possessions. He set up his video camera in the bedroom. He showered and dressed in an outfit that he knew she liked.

When she arrived, he invited her into the living room. He tried to be civil and hide the contempt he had for her. He couldn't help but notice how good she looked. She wore a short, gray skirt and pink top that clung to her ample breasts and flat stomach. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pink ribbon.

As James made small talk with her, he started the process of mind control. The whole process hinged on empathy. He had to get in touch with how she felt. He imagined that she felt as if she had gotten the best of him. He looked in her eyes and saw haughty conceit.

When she fidgeted, he read it as her way of showing off her figure. He believed she wanted to show him what he was missing. Once he felt that he understood her attitude, be attempted to plant a thought in her mind. He decided to start small to test the process. "Touch the magazine on the coffee table," he projected.

Jennifer, his ex-fiancé, did not change her position. Her hands remained on her lap. James was confused. He doubted the process. "Maybe this is just a hoax," he thought.

Frustrated that his plan wasn't working, he thrust a box of her things at her and escorted her to the door.

"Did I say something wrong?" she asked.

"No, just go away," he muttered as he shut the door behind her.

James paced in the living room trying to understand how his plan failed. He ran to his room and retrieved the notebook containing the information from "The Book of Secrets." He read through the information on empathy.

One passage caught his attention:

"Empathy involves feeling how the other person feels even if their feeling is not based on fact. If their feelings are real to them, that is their reality. Therefore, it is important to ask the person questions and seek true insight into how they are feeling."

"Could I have been wrong about how she felt?" he asked himself.

He decided to test "The Book of Secrets" on others before he would attempt to get revenge on his ex-fiancé. He grabbed his car keys and drove to his favorite bar. As he settled at a table with his beer, he noticed that his ex-girlfriend, Samantha, was seated at the far end of the bar. She was sitting alone. James had heard about Samantha's messy divorce from his mother who attended the same church as Samantha. Samantha and James had dated in high school. There were no hard feelings between them. When she looked his way, James motioned for Samantha to join him.

"Hi!," she said as she sat at his table.

"Hi! How have you been?" he asked.

"Well, I guess you probably heard about my divorce," she said.

"Yes, are you okay?" he asked as he touched her arm in a gesture of concern.

"Yes, I'm okay. To tell you the truth, I just want to move on. I'm not looking to jump right into another relationship, but I get lonely sometimes," she admitted.

They talked and laughed about old times. Throughout their conversation, James tried to tune in to her emotions. He decided to try mind control again.

"Take a sip of James' beer," he projected to her.

She reached across the table and lifted his beer. She took a sip of his beer and put it back in front of him. James laughed in delight.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I don't know why I did that!" she said.

"It's okay, really!" James assured her.

Knowing that Samantha was lonely and not looking for a relationship, he decided to try more mind control that might make them both feel better.

"If James asks, leave the bar with him and fuck him. We'll both enjoy it," he projected into her mind.

"Here we go," he thought as if encouraging himself.

"Would you like to go back to my apartment with me?" James asked her.

She replied with a simple "yes," and stood to follow him to his car. He held the car door open for her. He sped home with his prize by his side. When they entered his apartment, he led her right to his bedroom.

"Undress him, then give him head. Suck him until he begs for sex," he projected to her.

Samantha quickly took off her jeans and shirt before undressing James. As she removed his clothing, she kissed and nibbled his skin. Once he was undressed, James laid down on the bed.

Wearing only her black lacy bra and panties, Samantha crawled to him and began licking and sucking his cock. She sucked him vigorously. His cock touched the back of her throat repeatedly as her lips glided to the base of his cock. He had never had a woman take command of his cock with her lips like Samantha did that night. James realized that he would never have to settle for mediocre sex ever again.

He was fighting climax when he begged Samantha to ride him. She undressed completely and mounted his hard cock. James tugged at her nipples as she rocked her hips. Her wet slit was a welcome warmth to him. He wondered how far this mind control method could go.

"Cum hard now!" he projected to her.

With that, she gripped his chest as her whole body tensed and shook. She screamed in ecstasy. As she tightened on his cock, he grabbed her thighs and came inside her.

:"It works!" he yelled.

"It certainly does!" she laughed thinking he was referring to his cock.

"Get cleaned up. Get dressed and hale a taxi to take you home," he projected.

She gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later, she emerged completely dressed.

"I'm going to get going," she said as she gestured toward the door.

He kissed her goodbye. After shutting and locking the door, he did a football-touchdown-type of dance of enthusiasm.

"It works!" he yelled.

Once he calmed down, his thoughts returned to planning revenge on his ex-fiancé.

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