tagMind ControlThe Book of Secrets Ch. 03

The Book of Secrets Ch. 03


James was trying to devise a plan to get revenge on his ex-fiancée, Jennifer. She had cheated on him with his best friend. While on vacation in Spain, he struggled to free his mind of the hurt and anger.

While drinking to try to drown the hurt, James was approached by a group of local men to translate a book that they desperately wanted to hear. It was "The Book of Secrets." The book contained insightful instructions on how to use empathy for mind control purposes. Once James learned how to use empathy to provoke the actions of others, his only goal was to use this new knowledge to get revenge on Jennifer.

His first attempt to get revenge had failed. He had invited Jennifer to his apartment to retrieve some of her things. He was going to use that opportunity to exact his revenge. However, he failed to be able to influence her actions. He considered that "The Book of Secrets" might be a hoax.

He reviewed the material from the book. It emphasized that he truly had to understand how the other person felt. He decided to attempt the empathic mind control on an ex-girlfriend he saw at the bar. After talking with her and getting in tune with her feelings, he was able to direct her actions. The night ended with some of the best sex he had ever had. He realized that he would never have to settle for mediocre sex again.

Once again, his thoughts returned to revenge. He hated that he would have to talk to Jennifer. The worst part was that he would have to listen to her feelings in order to engage in empathy. He didn't want to hear her. He didn't want to empathize with her perspective. However, he knew he had to if he was going to get his revenge.

It was his first day back on the job since his vacation. He should have been busy catching up on the activity on his accounts, but he caught himself daydreaming. It was a vicious cycle. The angrier he got at Jennifer, the more he wanted revenge. The more he thought about having to listen to her side of their demise, the angrier he got. Soon, he was so frustrated that he couldn't concentrate on his work at all.

"If I'm going to do this, I better do it soon," he thought as he picked up the phone.

He called Jennifer and made arrangements for her to meet him at his apartment that night. While attempting to hide his agitation, he apologized for his brash behavior during the last time they met. He tried to sound sincere when he told her that he wanted to hear her side of the story. He grunted after hanging up the phone.

"I gotta get a grip. I can't just pretend I want to know her perspective. I really have to be interested. I know! I'll think of it as an opportunity for growth. She can go to hell, but if I listen to her, I might avoid this in the future," he convinced himself.

James spent the rest of his workday planning the details of his revenge. He planned to stop at the liquor store on the way home and buy Jennifer's favorite wine. He also had to make sure the video camera was ready to go. Though he had never had sex out of anger or revenge, he was looking forward to tonight.

After he left work, he went to the liquor store. He selected a bottle of Jennifer's favorite wine, cabernet sauvignon. His fingers absentmindedly traced the label on the wine bottle as he remembered the last time they had shared a bottle of wine. It was the night that he had proposed. That night, he had left work early to surprise Jennifer with a romantic, candlelight dinner. When she accepted his proposal, he felt that all was right with the world. "Damn her," he muttered under his breath. He grimaced at catching himself reminiscing. He paid for the wine and hurried home.

Once he arrived at home, he showered and changed after putting the wine in the refrigerator to chill. He thought about preparing a light dinner for them to share, but couldn't bring himself to do it. "Buying the wine is as nice as I am going to get," he decided.

He tidied up the apartment as a way to dispel the nervous energy. At first, he wondered why he felt so nervous. "People get nervous when they face their demons," he thought as he dismissed his nervousness. While he got the wine and wine glasses from the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

James held the door open for Jennifer as he motioned for her to enter. He couldn't speak. She walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. She tossed her long, blonde hair back as James sat next to her. He poured the wine for them.

She nervously clutched the wine glass and took several sips. James cleared his throat and broke the silence.

"I thought we should clear the air between us," he said under false pretense.

She smiled. "I'm so glad. I really hope that we can all be friends," she said with a sigh.

"Well, I don't know if we can be friends, but we can try. We can at least get rid of any anger and resentment between us, right?" James said slyly.

"Yes, I agree," Jennifer said.

"So, why don't you start by telling me why you think things didn't work out between us," James suggested before taking several gulps of wine.

"Okay. Well, you weren't interested in me anymore. Any time I wanted to discuss the wedding plans, you just brushed me off like I wasn't important. I felt like you didn't want me," Jennifer explained.

"What? Because I really didn't care what flowers were at the reception, you thought that I didn't want you?" James asked.

"It wasn't just that," Jennifer said.

"Did you ever think of talking to me about how you felt instead of...," James stopped himself from mentioning the betrayal of her affair. He put himself in check and remembered the reason behind their meeting. "You could have talked to me," he said as he put his hand on her knee.

"I should have. I know I should have, but I was so hurt. It was like once we were engaged, you felt as if you had me and never had to bother with me again. I began to wonder what our marriage would be like. If you ignored me during our engagement, what would it have been like after being married for five or ten years?" Jennifer explained.

James hated to admit it, but what she said made sense. Still, he felt the anger of the betrayal. "You should have talked to me about it," he stated.

"I know. I didn't handle it well," she said before taking a few more sips of wine.

"When I walked in on you and my best friend, my whole world fell apart," he admitted.

"But, you never bothered with me. You worked all the time. When you were home, you watched TV and acted like I was bothering you if I wanted to spend time with you," Jennifer said.

James thought back to those days. He remembered exactly what she was talking about. "Maybe I was a little scared about the wedding," he wondered. He considered how she must have felt when she was being ignored like that. "Maybe, she had been scared too," he thought.

He considered aborting his plans for revenge. Then his face flashed hot when he thought about the hurt she had caused. He decided to test his empathic skill. Jennifer was wearing a deep purple sweater with a plunging neckline. He had loved that sweater, and she knew it. "Trace the neckline of my sweater with my fingers," he projected to her.

She raised her hand and held it against her chest. James prematurely celebrated success. She dropped her hand to her lap. James must have grimaced, because she asked him what was wrong.

Quickly, he thought about what had happened. He accepted the new knowledge that he had ignored her and was perhaps scared. "Am I missing something?" he asked himself.

"So was that the only reason you cheated on me," James asked her.

"Well, no, but James, I didn't want to get into all that," Jennifer said while looking down at the floor.

"What? Don't you think I have a right to know everything?" James insisted.

"Well, your mother..."

"What does my mother have to do with this?" James interrupted.

"Let me finish. Your mother came to me. She told me that she had seen me and Doug going into a hotel. She told me that she was going to tell you. When she didn't tell you, I was worried that I would be constantly afraid of her telling you after we were married. I couldn't live with the guilt and fear, James. She would glance at me whenever the three of us were together, and I knew she could tell you about Doug at any time," Jennifer explained.

"My mom knows? I thought I was the only one who saw you. Wait. How long had you and Doug been fooling around behind my back?" James questioned her.

"Only a few months," Jennifer said.

"A few months! I thought I had caught you in a one-time transgression and now you tell me that you had been cheating on me for months!"

James slammed his wine glass on the coffee table. It shattered and cut his hand. "And my mom knew about this!" he yelled. His head was spinning.

Jennifer stood up and took James' hand. He started to pull away, but decided to let her tend to the cut. It would at least keep him from slapping her. He followed her to the bathroom where she washed his cut and applied antibiotic ointment and a bandage. She looked apologetic. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

James was drowning in the midst of anger, resentment, and felt betrayed by Jennifer and his mother. At the same time, he had a better understanding at what had happened between him and Jennifer. He made a conscious effort to feel how she must have felt while they were engaged. He knew he had ignored her way too much. She had been scared and turned to Doug for comfort. In doing so, James' mother had found out and threatened to tell which left Jennifer living every day in fear, guilt, shame, and maybe even resentment for those who instilled those feelings in her.

"If only we had all been honest with each other," he whispered.

Jennifer nodded.

"Run a finger along the neckline of my sweater," James projected to her as a test.

This time, Jennifer traced the plunging neckline of her sweater.

"I want him," James projected to her. "I want him to fuck me and end this battle between us. Kiss him," James continued to project.

Jennifer stepped closer to James and planted her lips against his. In moaning deepness, they kissed passionately. The line between anger and lust had blurred for them both.

James led her to the bedroom. She eagerly followed. As she began to undress, he projected thoughts to her to cover the obvious video camera set up to record them. "I want him. This is just between us. No one will ever know it happened. I don't see any way that anyone would ever find out. There's a camera, but it's not turned on," he projected to her before turning on the camera.

"Wait, Jennifer. Let me watch you finish undressing," he instructed while consciously using her name for the sake of the video.

She slowed her pace. Her fingers glided up her legs before she unhooked the clasp on the back of the black miniskirt she was wearing. She scooted the tight skirt down her hips and dropped it to the floor. He took in her beauty as she stood before him in her pink, lacy bra and matching thong. After using her fingertips to trace the edge of her bra, she slid the straps of her pink, lacy bra down her arms and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of her pink thong and flung it on top of her bra. There she was, naked, for him and whoever would watch the tape.

Jennifer began undressing James. She pulled his crewneck shirt over his head. She knelt in front of him and started to open his jeans.

"Do we have to hurry? Don't you have to get home?" James asked.

"No. Doug won't be home for hours," she said. She proceeded to remove his jeans and boxers.

James smiled. He had wanted to make sure that she mentioned Doug so when he saw the tape, he would know it was recent. Jennifer licked the head of James' cock. She moaned as she sucked on him.

"You missed my cock, didn't you?" he asked Jennifer while he was looking at the camera.

"Yes," she moaned.

He smiled with the satisfaction of knowing that revenge was sweet. She continued to suck on him until he instructed her to lie on the bed.

"No, this way," he showed her, as he pointed to the foot of the bed. He wanted the ecstasy on her face to be visible on camera.

She complied and laid down the way he had instructed. Lying between her legs, he teased her clit with his tongue. He licked the contours of her pussy and flicked her clit with his tongue. She writhed in pleasure. He thrust a finger into her wetness while his tongue continued pleasing her. She gasped and groaned. He moved his face away from her, but continued thrusting his finger deep inside her. He rubbed her clit with his thumb before carrying out the next step to his revenge.

He pinned her to the bed. Her head was almost on the edge of the bed. Her wanton look was displayed prominently for the camera. He bit her nipple a little too hard, but sucked it and kissed it afterwards.

When he held his cock in position against her wet slit, she wriggled to try to impale herself with his hardness. He held her by the wrists, pushing her into the bed more forcefully than he had been. Then, she looked at him. She wanted him.

He thrust his cock into her. She yelped at the force behind his thrust. Her hips rocked to take him in as much as possible. He thrust into her then paused to smile at the camera.

"Whose pussy is this?" he asked Jennifer, though his gaze remained on the camera lens.

"It's all yours, James. It's always been yours!" she exclaimed.

He smiled and turned his attention back to her. "That will show him!" he thought. After sucking her pink nipples, he plunged his cock into her. She was soon whimpering and clamping down on his cock. He thrust through her orgasm. She was still shuddering when he came inside her.

In all the excitement of getting revenge, he had forgotten to use a condom. He smirked at the thought of getting her pregnant. "Just more revenge," he thought.

He laid down beside her opposite the camera. Looking at her, naked and used, he took pity on her. He brushed her tangled hair from her face. "I could make her stay," he thought. Torn by conflicting feelings, he longed to be alone.

"I loved this, but I need to get home and shower," he projected to her.

She kissed him and got up from the bed. After rushing to get dressed, they said goodbye.

After she left, James sat in the living room in the dark. He poured more wine into her glass and drank it. He could now carry out his revenge, if he wanted to.

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