tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Captive Pt. 04

The Captive Pt. 04


Dear Friends,

I have managed to work myself out of a severe case of writer's block with RW! I am so grateful for your support, kind words, and encouragement. I apologize for the pacing, but well, I must say again that you can't rush creativity. RW should be polished enough in a week or so to be submitted. I had an editor, but he kind of drifted away, so I am doing it all myself in the midst of a lot of strife. Luckily, the year of the Dragon seems to be treating this Dragon quite well. At any rate, I have been working on The Captive to keep my creative juices flowing, so here is the next piece. I wish there was some way to keep readers more informed about what is going on and when chapters might be available. Suggestions welcome in that regard! Enjoy and thank you again for reading!


Johanna's heart was beating so hard she thought it would surely jump right out of her chest. She could not believe it had been so easy! She was halfway to the thick brush near the center of the hill when she ran sidelong into something that felt like a tree trunk. She fell to the ground as the wind was knocked right out of her. Then, she was hauled up into the air by her wrists. Johanna looked into the smiling face of Milos, and screamed.

"No!" She thrashed helplessly in the big man's grasp. How had they captured her so quickly?! Realization dawned as Johanna realized they must have been watching her the entire time. They had let her get just far enough away to think she might escape. What a cruel game!

"Well, well, lookee what we have here," Lukas sneered, reaching up to grab her chin, and turn her face to his own.

Johanna kicked out reflexively, catching the man in the stomach. He let out a loud "Oof!" and doubled over, his bearded face turning red with anger. Milos pulled her in closer, his grip on her wrists tightening so that she feared they would break.

"No, no, lady!" Milos said, his face becoming cross. Johanna closed her eyes at the stench that came from the big man's mouth. Milos shook her a little, and her head snapped back from the force. She dangled in the big man's arms, dazed and afraid.

Lukas had recovered from being kicked, and he was furiously angry.

"Someone needs to teach you a lesson, you prissy little bitch," he ground out.

Johanna gasped as rough hands grabbed her threadbare dressing gown and pulled. There was a ripping sound, and then she was nude save for the cloak still wrapped about her shoulders, her feet kicking wildly six inches off the ground. Lukas emitted a low whistle, and she felt his eyes on her, burning into her flesh. Tears of anger and shame crept into her eyes as the men stared at her naked body.

"Look at the tits on 'er, Milos!"

Johanna gasped as Lukas reached out and grasped her right breast in his hand. He fondled her roughly, then took her nipple in his fingers and pinched, hard.

"You have a fine little pair, missy," Lukas said in a low voice, as he squeezed her naked breasts with both hands.

"How dare you! Remove your filthy paws from me at once, you-you dog!" Johanna shrieked, as a ripple of pain shot through her tender flesh.

"Oh, no, little girl," Lukas smirked. "I think I'll put my hands all over you."

Johanna felt her stomach begin to churn as the man ran his rough hand across her flat belly and reached around to cup her bare bottom. He squeezed hard, and laughed as she began to struggle anew. Then his hands went to her thighs, and she thought she would die of shame as he pulled them apart and kneeled between her legs to look at her most secret place.

"Now that is one sweet little cunt you have there, girl. Smooth as a baby's behind..."

There was a hint of wonder in his voice as Lukas ran his hand lightly over the girl's tiny little snatch. Oh, she was perfect indeed. Not a hair on her, neither. His cock was painfully hard as he imagined how easy it would be to hold her down and fuck her senseless right then and there. The girl's humiliated screams were only making him more aroused. He was so hard it hurt. Lukas couldn't stop himself from fingering her just a little more.

"Don't!" Johanna screeched as the man began jabbing her tender flesh with his fingers. Horrified, she felt him pushing at the opening between her legs. Gods, what did he mean to do with her?

Lukas spat on his middle finger as the girl screamed and struggled in Milos' grasp.

"Suppose we should make sure you really are pure, girl," he said, laughing at her renewed struggles. Perhaps the girl was not as innocent as Blackhawk thought. If that were the case, Lukas would take her here and now. Her channel was hot, and dry as a bone. He found himself wishing she had been naughty. Hers was the tiniest pussy he had ever seen, and he wanted to feel his cock splitting her open.

Johanna screamed herself hoarse as the man began to insert his finger up inside of her woman's place. Never had she been so violated. It hurt terribly, for she was very small and his finger was large and rough. She shrieked again as the invading digit bumped up against something high within her, making her wince.

"My...my betrothed will kill you! You must stop!" She cried desperately. She fought to rise above the pain and fear to find a way to talk Lukas out of touching her further. The only thing she could think of was to remind the men that her betrothed had requested she come to him intact. They would not disobey him...would they?

Lukas smirked. "There are many ways to skin a cat," he said ominously.

He motioned to Milos, who slowly set her down. Johanna felt the hard ground digging into her flesh as she was forced to her knees. Lukas was standing just in front of her. He grabbed her chin, and yanked her tearstained face up to meet his leering gaze.

"Think it's time you learnt to pleasure a man, girl. What with you flauntin' yerself all over the place, waving those tits in my face the past three days, it's about time you gave me some relief."

With horror, Johanna watched as the man loosened his breeches, and pulled his male part out. Disgusted, she realized she could see a drop of fluid glistening on the angry red tip. She had never seen a man's thing close up before. Johanna averted her eyes, but Milos grabbed her by the hair, preventing her from pulling back any further.

Milos was breathing heavily, and she could feel an insistent hardness pressing into the back of her neck as the big man restrained her. She could hear him mumbling something like, "first Lukas' turn, then Milos' turn". Oh God, they each meant to use her for their pleasure, and she had no idea what they were planning to do to her.

"Look at it!" Lukas said hoarsely, moving his organ closer to her face.

Johanna nearly gagged at the smell of unwashed flesh, urine, and sweat. She refused to open her eyes. What did he mean for her to do? She would not look upon his..his thing! Without warning, her head snapped to the side as Lukas backhanded her across the face. Johanna cried out as tears sprang to her eyes. Already, she felt her face begin to swell from the blow. In all of her life, no one had ever raised a hand to her person, even when she had been willful or disobedient. The shock and pain made her gasp. Her eyes flew open to find the man glaring angrily at her.

"Kiss it, you little whore," Lukas demanded. He shoved his thing against her lips.

A wave of revulsion washed over her, and Johanna fought to remain as calm as she could. Rolf had always said that keeping one's head gave them an advantage. She had to get away from this man! Johanna's hands were free now that Milos had her head between his both of his meaty hands. She scrabbled desperately, seeking anything she might use as a weapon.

The raggedy cloak was still hanging about her waist, and Johanna's hand made contact with something sharp in the pocket. Lukas jabbed his filthy thing towards her face again and she tried not to retch. Then, finally, she was able to curl her hand tightly around the pointed rock and pull it from her cloak pocket. Just as Milos began to squeeze her jaw to force her mouth open, Johanna brought her wrist down as hard as she could into Lukas' inner thigh.

Ryder pushed his mount harder than he usually would, given how heavily the animal was packed. He felt a growing sense of urgency to return to his captive. Gods, what was he thinking, leaving an innocent, barely-clothed girl with Blackhawk's henchmen. He had left her tied to a stake, as well. Ryder swallowed hard as he realized that the girl's tether would leave her no chance to escape the roving hands of the other men if they chose to molest her in his absence. He should have taken her with him. He could have hidden her somewhere close to the town...

Ryder burst into the clearing to discover the broken tether, and no sign of the girl, or her keepers. He supposed he was not too surprised to find them gone. Grimly, he set about looking for some sign of the girl. Then, he heard a shrill scream that seemed to come from partway down the hillside. The sound made the hair on the back of his neck rise. He dismounted quickly, knowing that galloping down the brush-covered hill at breakneck speed would be too risky. Another scream pierced his ears. Ryder was running towards the screams almost before he knew it, as fast as his legs could carry him.

Lukas let out a howl as Johanna pierced his leg with the rock. She felt a spray of warm blood hit her in the face as he fell back, holding his thigh and yelping like a wounded dog. Milos let her go almost immediately. Johanna staggered to her feet. There was a roaring in her ears. Lukas swore, calling her names she had never heard before. He roared at Milos to catch her. She began to run, hearing the big man's footsteps just behind her.

Then, there was a loud cracking noise. Johanna heard a thud, but she didn't look back. Someone was calling her name, but she didn't stop. She would never stop running, she told herself. Not until her legs gave out. It was better to flee, or die trying to escape, than to be captured again. She ran through the woods, as naked as the day she was born, with no destination in mind other than to get as far away as she could.

Ryder took off after the girl. His chest heaved after his race down the hill. He had been sickened at the sight his eyes beheld when he reached the source of the screaming. Lukas looked to be about to defile the girl's mouth, while Milos held her down. Neither man noticed him approach, so absorbed were they achieving their release. Ryder ran faster, but he knew he would not get there before Lukas succeeded in shoving his prick in the girl's mouth. For some reason, the thought of Lukas forcing this girl to play the whore sparked a level of speed Ryder did not know he possessed. He was almost upon them.

He didn't quite see what happened next. Suddenly, Lukas was on the ground bellowing angrily, with blood spurting from his thigh. Johanna was dazed for a second, but Ryder could see that she was garnering herself up to run. Lukas was down and clearly injured, but that still left Milos to contend with. Ryder reached the big man first, who was rising to his feet to go after Johanna. With practiced ease, Ryder picked up a heavy tree branch and swung as hard as he could.

Crack! The branch connected solidly with the back of Milo's skull. The heavy piece of wood splintered with the force, and Milos sank down to his knees, and then slumped over, soundlessly. Ryder looked up to see Johanna disappear into a heavy growth of brush and boulders. Lukas was yelling something.

"The bitch tried to escape! I swear it! We was just havin' a bit of fun with 'er. Weren't gonna hurt her none, just punish her a bit for running away! Help me and we can get 'er back together...take turns punishing her..." Lukas looked wildly from Milos' fallen body, to the blood gushing from his thigh, and back to Ryder's cold, hard gaze.

Ryder stood over the man. Johanna must have cut him good, he was certain she had nicked the man's artery. He bled copiously. It was likely he would bleed out before the animals got to him. Ryder placed a heavy boot on the man's chest and pressed down, smiling grimly as Lukas gasped for breath.

"You are scum. If you make it out of here, I suggest you return to the gutter you came from."

Lukas' eyes were beginning to bulge out of his face as Ryder's boot squeezed the air from his lungs. Ryder would have liked to gut the man slowly and draw out his pain to the fullest. But, the girl, Johanna, was alone, terrified, and possibly injured. Without another word, Ryder turned on his heel and ran in the direction she had gone, leaving Lukas to tremble and wheeze in the bloody dirt.

Johanna's chest was heaving. Tears blinded her eyes but still, she ran. She could hear them chasing her, calling after her to stop, but she forced her legs to pump faster and faster. At some point, she was dimly aware that she was outrunning them. Then, her bare foot caught a sharp rock, not unlike the one she still grasped in her hand. She hardly felt the wound open, but shortly thereafter, her foot became slick with her own blood. And then, she fell. Johanna's head hit the ground hard, and everything went silent and black.

Ryder knew the girl was probably terrified and in shock. She was certainly not about to stop running, but he called her name anyway. He ran in the general direction she had gone, and his keen eyes sighted some broken twigs and footprints in the dirt. Then, he stopped. He thought he had heard a small cry. Ryder cocked his head to the left, but he heard nothing. His heart began to pound as he turned towards a particularly rocky section of undergrowth. When he came upon her still form, crumpled and bleeding in a shallow ravine, his heart nearly stopped.

For a moment, he thought her gone, and a mission left incomplete for the first time. He was surprised at the pang he felt, and he realized that the feeling suggested he had considered the girl more than just a mission. Then, he saw a slight movement at her chest. Heartened, Ryder sighed with relief. Gingerly, he cradled the naked girl in his arms. She did not move, and it seemed that she was bleeding from head to toe.

Her delicate skin was littered with bruises and scrapes. Her hair was matted and tangled with dirt and leaves. Her face was swollen and her tender breasts were marred with red marks. From Lukas, he thought disgustedly, picturing the vile man putting his hands and mouth on the girl's innocent body. As he recalled how lovely the girl had looked when he had first taken her, Ryder felt guilt wash over him. Surely no one would recognize this battered creature as Johanna of Seacliff.

As the thought registered, Ryder suddenly knew exactly what to do. He could easily carry the girl back to the clearing to retrieve his mount. He had some medicinal knowledge. He would dress her wounds as best he could, and as quickly as he could. Ryder glanced up at the sky. It was mid-afternoon. With any luck, he could make it back to town before dusk. He was certain that no one there would know who she was. He found he knew exactly where to take her too: a place where no one would expect to find a highborn young lady.


As Johanna woke into a great deal of discomfort, she thought at first that she must be dead. She ached all over. She moved her limbs slowly, and found that her right foot throbbed painfully. It seemed to be bandaged. Her neck was sore, as though it had been strained. She tried to open her eyes, but found that one of them appeared to be swollen shut. Her face felt as lumpy as a potato. Gods, what had happened to her? Had she fallen from her horse?

With her eyes opened as much as she could manage, Johanna looked about slowly, and found nothing familiar about the room she was in. The dim light was too much for her swollen eye, so she closed it quickly. Johanna swallowed, and found that she was quite thirsty. Her throat was scratchy and dry. She tried to sit up, to locate something to quench her thirst, and found that she was so weak she could hardly move. Johanna groaned and fell back against the soft pillow. Where on earth was she? Hearing the soft scrape of a door opening, Johanna lay still, and kept her breathing deep and even as she tried to listen to the low murmur of unfamiliar female voices.

"Oh the poor dear! It's been four days! Will she ever wake?"

"What happened to her anyway? The Lord said there had been an accident, but I don't believe it. I saw them marks on her chest..."

"Ladies!" A new voice, that seemed to carry some authority, appeared. "Out with you! This girl needs to be fed and bathed, not ogled!"

Johanna heard some giggles and a rustling sound as someone walked closer to her. Finally, she could resist no more. She opened her good eye a peek to find a woman with a generous bosom and flaming red hair reaching over her to fluff her pillow.

"Please, ma'am," she whispered. "Some water, please."

"Oh! Praise it, you're awake my girl!" The woman looked relieved. She retrieved a pitcher from the bedside table. Johanna sighed at the feeling of the cool, clear liquid running down her parch throat.

"Not too quickly now, dearie," the woman said in a kindly voice. "Wouldn't want it to come back up."

Johanna sipped obediently at the cup the woman held to her lips, and then she fell back upon the pillow once more. She took several slow, deep breaths to calm herself as anxiety set in. Who was this woman? Where were Rolf, and Lisel? Suddenly, she remembered. The men! They had taken her! As the horrible memories of how Lukas had touched her came flooding back, Johanna's eyes filled with moisture. Her swollen eye stung as hot tears began to slide down her cheeks.

"Been through a bit of a rough spot, I know dearie." The red-haired woman put an arm around Johanna as a big shuddery sob escaped her.

"Let it out now. That's it. You'll feel much better once you just let all of this bad feelin' out, dearie."

Given permission, Johanna began to sob harder. She had held in all of the emotions that were seen as so weak and female for so very long. Indeed, since her very childhood, she had fought to keep her tears at bay, preferring to act the boy because she thought that was what her father had wanted.

But now, it was quite apparent that she was a female, and that men would use her for their pleasure if they had the chance. Women had a terrible lot in this world, Johanna thought sadly. To be used so roughly, whenever a man sought to satisfy his disgusting urges. If she were ever delivered to this Blackhawk, who desired her, certainly he would force her to do all manner of awful things.

The damn had burst. Johanna cried and cried. She did not notice the door open slightly, nor did she see the slight shake of the red-haired lady's head as she signaled to Ryder that he should not yet enter. Finally, Johanna's tears began to abate. She was exhausted. The nice lady told her to rest, and that she would have a nice hot bath and some broth when she next woke. Sleep would make her feel better, the woman said. Then, she left Johanna to her thoughts.

Sleep! Johanna feared it. Her dreams had been naught but nightmares since the fateful day the first set of men had come for her. She could not sleep! She fought her body's most basic need by forcing her mind to work. She had to figure out there she was, so that she could make her way back home. Johanna found that even though she tried, she could not recall what exactly had happened with Lukas, or how she had come to be in this place. Had he taken her maidenhead?

She shuddered, feeling cold even though the quilts were warm and cozy. Her mind spun as she pressed herself to recall more details, even though they made her feel physically ill. She recalled struggling with the men. She remembered how Lukas had forced his filthy organ to her lips. She could hear Milos muttering something about getting a turn. As Johanna wrestled with her memories, the exhaustion overcame her, and soon, she slept.

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