tagFetishThe Cigarette

The Cigarette


The were seated in the lobby of a 5 star hotel in the city, having agreed to meet here to explore their imaginations and fantasies. The soft over sized leather furniture and dimmed lighting made the setting perfect for the beginning of what would surely be a night to remember. He had come to her city on business and was dressed in a finely tailored linen suit.

She wore a tight white blouse and short skirt which accented her beautiful ass. The skirt was slit up the side and exposed her garter when she was seated. Smoke curled from a cigarette gently balanced in the ashtray. He sipped his coffee, while he reveled in the image, her face, filtered through the light fog of smoke, her sensual eyes peeking through the mist. Her red lipstick had left a small circle on the filter of his cigarette. He offered it to her again. He watched as she picked up the cigarette from him, noticing the tip glow as she drew in a long breath. He leaned forward as she blew out through her nose, his eyes never leaving her face. She immediately took another drag and blew the smoke into perfect smoke ring before daintily returning it to the ashtray.

They both enjoyed smoking but she seemed to get more stimulated than he, bordering on sexual. Reaching down to her lap, She toyed with the elastic of her garter. This was sheer torture, the building emotions inside her as she watched him smoke the cigarette. Looking back at him, she let her eyes cascade over his hair as it fell just above his shoulder to the left in a sensual gray pony tail. She longed to reach out and touch it, but that would disturb the rising wisps of smoke from his cigarette. Their relationship had developed slowly, smoldering like an untended cigarette. Distance prevented anything faster, a distance that first provided them with some personal security, but then became an impediment to them.

He shook his head thinking of the hours he spent online with her, playing various scenarios as they furiously typed their messages back and forth. Now, finally, both their fantasies unfolded before them. He raised the cigarette to his lips and stared intently into her eyes as he took a deep drag and then, teasingly, held the smoke in his lungs, letting but a wisp curl out of his mouth and tickle up along his nose. Sensing her anticipation he smiled and then blew the warm air into her face, watching her tremble in response. He took the cigarette and snubbed it out in the ashtray. Glancing down at the empty box he said, "Perhaps we should go upstairs, I have more in my room."

Adjusting his erection, he brushed his hands over his pants, hoping that his excitement was at least hidden from the people around him. He knew she would notice the bulge in his pants. "Okay, I am ready now... I think." She remained seated for a moment as he stood up, her eyes held level as his crotch rose up before her. Only after she got a close look at his bulge did she stand up, turn and follow him to the stairs.

The effect was immediate. Her already excited nipples ached with the need to be touched and she felt wetness forming inside. They walked in silence, both flushed in anticipation. When they reached the floor, he led her to his room, slid the key into the slot and opened the door only slightly.

He turned to her, "Why don't you go relax in the living area while I take a quick shower and wash the day off me".

She smiled and walked to a chair opposite a beautiful leather sofa in the sitting room attached to his hotel bedroom. Sitting down, she imagined what he looked like naked.

Her hands went to her breast and lap moving on their own. As her mind worked up the delicious image, one finger lightly brushed back and forth over her nipple while the other pressed into her groin. The pressure was impossible. She had already developed the ache that accompanied sexual excitement. What would he look like naked?

How would it feel to run her hands over his body? How would it feel to have his hands explore her most intimate areas? His tongue? His........cock? She flushed at the thought of his erect cock in her hands.

After what seemed like ages, he opened the bathroom door and walked into the sitting room completely naked, unashamed of his body and looking completely natural in this setting. She drew in a breath at the site of his chest hair allowing her eyes to slowly move down his body to his cock. Not bad, she thought to herself. Takes pretty good care of himself.

He walked slowly toward her and picked up the box of cigarettes laying on the table beside her. Lighting one, he walked to a sofa opposite her and sat down. He sat there staring at this woman, she was beautiful by any definition. Incredibly long straight dark hair framing a simple but pretty face. She had large breasts that pressed against the fabric of her blouse. Her skirt was tight around her very well formed ass and slit up the side exposing a garter belt.

He had to know how incredibly turned on she was at this moment. They had discussed her smoking fetish often. He reached over and turned off the light.

The room was plunged into semi-darkness immediately. "Take off your clothes," she heard. She quickly undressed, tossing her clothes in a heap on the floor, leaving her garter and stockings in place.

He stopped her when she was wearing only the garter belt and heels. "Sit back down please." She could make out his shadow in the darkness and focused on the red glow coming from the cigarette in his mouth. "My clothes are off," he said, still moving slowly.

"Yes, I see that," she said, breathing out a long breath.

"What do you see"? he asked. "I see you sitting before me naked." was her response. "And how does this make you feel?"

She responded with a low groan and a soft whisper....."Hot". She watched him take a draw on the cigarette, the red hot coal of the tip glowing into a bright ember.

He released the smoke slowly, allowing it to drift up in front of his face. His gaze never leaving her face. Her nipples ached and her legs began to move back and forth slightly on her own. Sensing her growing sexual excitement, he offered her a cigarette of her own.

"Here, have a smoke." was all he said. She lit the cigarette and continued to watch him, trying to maintain a little of the control he seemed to have over her. A smile formed on his lips as he slid down on the couch slightly spreading his knees and exposing his erect cock.

An involuntary gasp escaped her lips at the sight of him. He brought the cigarette to his lips with one hand and moved his other to his cock, slowly stroking it up and down, the slight smile never leaving his face.

"Touch yourself." was all he said.

In one hand she held the lit cigarette and the other moved to her nipple as if it had a mind of its own. She teased herself, pulling and rolling the nipple between her fingers. The ache between her legs was almost overpowering and she had to move her hand. She slowly brought her hand down to between her legs feeling the heat before she reached her pussy. Surprised at how wet she already was, she inserted a finger into her pussy and moved it slowly in and out, relishing in the delicious thoughts that were flying around inside her head. This was so naughty she thought.

After watching her slide her fingers into and out of her pussy for a few minutes he stood, exposing his fully erect cock to her at eye level.

He took the two steps to her chair and reached out his hand. His cock was less than a foot from her lips and she longed to take him into her mouth right then and there. "Please join me on the sofa." he said as he helped her to her feet and walked her back across the semi dark room to the sofa.

They sat side by side, smoking their cigarettes, both their bodies awake and ready for sex. She extinguished her cigarette but he still held on to his. Picturing the smoke billowing from his mouth she reached out and placed her hand on the sofa.

She moved over closer to him, turning and facing him. She could see him in the faint light and the glow of his cigarette. He lifted it to her mouth, offering it to her.

She took a drag and then blew the smoke out, but not into his face as she had done earlier, but over his cock. He smiled, not moving as he took the cigarette back from her. Just as his fingers touched hers, he brought his lips to her mouth. The smoke evident on his breath, he kissed her.

Electricity immediately ran through her body exploding out her nipples and down to her clit. He looked at her, her body illuminated by the glow of his cigarette. Her breasts cast curved shadows down her body as she took a drag from the cigarette he offered. The shadows moved around and up his stomach as he put the cigarette back into the ashtray.

He blew another blast of smoke up into the air and whispered, "Lie down and spread your legs."

She lay back resting on her elbows and opened her legs. From this position she watched her as he grabbed the cigarette, flicked off some ash and then moved it to his lips. She could see his erection lit by the glow of the cigarette.

Just as they had played out dozens of times online, she watched as he moved the glowing tip of his cigarette back to the ash tray.

"This excites you, I see", he said to her as he just stared at her body.

Her legs were apart and even in the semi darkness he could see wetness between her lips. She was completely shaved and looked incredibly sexy lying there with her legs apart and one hand toying with the nipple of her right breast, she rested her other hand on her thigh pulling on the garter belt that held up her stockings. He slowly took a final drag on the cigarette, watching the intake of breath coming from her as he did.

He stubbed it out in the ashtray and moved toward her on the sofa, staring into her eyes. He slid between her legs and moved to within a few inches of her face.

She stared and a quiet moan escaped her lips. His erect member poked into her abdomen just above her navel.

He leaned forward and kissed her again lightly on the lips, his tongue tracing around the bottom lip. His teeth nipped at her very lightly. He began to travel down her body, pausing at each breast to lick each nipple, drawing them into his mouth, his lips forming a perfect vacuum to draw out her nipples even further.

Moving on he slowly kissed his way to her navel moving his hands to her breasts taking one in each hand. He began to kiss a small circle around her navel watching her abdomen move as she drew in a sharp breath.

Her nipples reacted as he lightly pinched them between his fingers and thumbs. He slid on down between her thighs leaving his hands massaging her heavy breasts and pulling on her nipples. He moved over her shaved mound and kissed her everywhere. Her clit, her lips, her thighs, light torturing kisses moving back and forth.

Her hips moved up involuntarily as she sought his tongue on her clit. Leaving one hand on her breasts he brought the other down and moved between her legs.

His fingers slid along her wet lips back and forth forcing them apart as he moved back and forth. His tongue never leaving her body, he tasted her tart juices before moving his attention up to her clit.

Taking the tiny knob into his mouth, he sucked it, like he imagined he might suck on a cigarette, playfully toying with it between his lips and tongue.

He then moved back down to her opening for another taste of her and then slid back up her cleft to her clit again. His fingers slipped up and into her feeling the heat that had been building all evening and slowly moved them in and out of her massaging the sensitive g-spot just behind her pubic mound.

The hand on her breasts massaged them squeezing each in turn as he moved his hand back and forth. Her nipples were very hard, standing erect, each one aching for his touch. Electricity bolting directly from each nipple to her clit when he pinched and twisted them.

The threshold of pain and pleasure blurred. He continued this manipulation of her as his tongue went to work again on her clit, his fingers massaging her from inside.

This had an immediate effect on her as she moved her hips, grinding herself back and forth against his face as he alternated between clit and his fingers inside her, driving her into a frenzy.

She reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling his face hard into her, so hard he had to fight her some just to catch his breath. They continued, him fucking her with his fingers as she ground her pussy on his mouth until she arched her back and with a loud groan, came spectacularly, her head and back flinching as her pussy pulsed.

She collapsed, falling onto the sofa above his head, her face buried in the arm of the furniture.

He reached over and gently ran his hand over her calf, feeling her body move from her heavy breathing. He sat back up and pulled her to him, caressing her shoulders and back as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

She faced him and kissed his lips lightly turning her body so that her breasts rubbed against his chest hair. His strong arms held her, massaging her shoulders and back as his lips moved over and around hers in an erotic dance.

She was reminded of his need when she felt the tip of his cock poke her in the abdomen. She immediately moved her head back and looked down. Seeing the clear liquid of his pre cum running down the side of his cock, she reached down with a finger and drew it to her finger tip.

Slowly bringing her finger to her mouth, she licked the liquid off, her eyes on his as she did.

"Time to return the favor" she smiled. Her head moved down over his chest directly to his cock. This was not the time for romance and seduction. She wanted to take him into her mouth and feel the hardness of his cock slide between her lips. In one smooth movement, her lips engulfed his cock and she slid her lips all the way to his pubic hair.

A groan was all she heard from above her. His hands moved to her back massaging in firm circles as she slowly moved her head up and down on his cock, her mouth forming a tight suction.

His hand moved to he ass massaging her cheeks, squeezing her ass, feeling the firm flesh of her buttocks. As her mouth danced along his hard cock, he ran his hand down between her ass cheeks to her drenched pussy.

Slipping two fingers inside her, he explored her inner walls. Her G-spot was enlarged with sexual excitement, even though she had just had an explosive orgasm. He moved in and out of her at the same pace of her mouth on his cock. He was pleased to hear a whimper come from between her lips around his cock and feel her hips move along with his fingers.

Her work on his cock intensified as she felt the electric jolts of pleasure in her pussy as his fingers massaged her g-spot. Her nipples had that familiar ache of need and she began to let herself go with the emotion of the experience.

As she increased the pace of her sucking, he increased his pace the same.

Each movement synchronized in time, dancing along the same movement. He felt his cock jerk as she moved her tongue along the side. He knew his orgasm was not long off and increased his pressure on her g-spot again. His little finger had been sliding along the outside of her with his fingers when he began to tickle her ass with it each time he withdrew. There was ample lubrication from her juices and it easily slid past her tight ring and into her ass along with the two fingers in her pussy.

She felt the pressure of his little finger and groaned as he inserted it into her ass. This was almost too much stimulation for her to take. Her mouth moved faster fully engulfing his cock with each stroke.

His fingers pressed up and against her g-spot rubbing firmly as they moved in and out of her pussy.

His little finger felt her ass tighten around him as it penetrated her with each movement of his hand. Soon, he could no longer take it and felt himself on the verge of his orgasm. "I'm about to cum" was all he could say.

She responded by clamping her lips tightly around his cock and sucking for all her worth.

That did it and he exploded into her mouth. As he did, his fingers pressed into her completely filling both her tight holes. Moving in and out rapidly he felt her begin to contract around him.

The feeling of his sperm exploding into her mouth did it again. She immediately contracted into her second powerful orgasm of the night and began to shake. Her body responded but she kept her lips tightly sealed around his cock, not wanting to spill a single drop.

Slowly both their bodies stopped spasming and their breathing began to slow. She released his cock from her lips and he pulled his fingers from her. She rested her head in his lap and he massaged her shoulders and neck while they both slowly came back to earth.

After several minutes, she pulled herself into a sitting position with her head near his.

She looked at him with a mischievous smile and said, "I think I need a cigarette. You don't mind do you?"

He felt his cock harden a bit as she lit the cigarette. This was going to be a very good night.

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