The Company Man


She began to ride my dick even harder, trying desperately to make me shoot a hot load in her horny pussy.

Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Fuck your baby girl good, Daddy dear. You are so wicked. Make your little girl cum all over your big hard cock. And shoot a big load in your daughter's horny pussy."

She leaned back, ramming her cunt down on my cock, and her entire body stiffened.

She screamed, " OOOooohhh FUCK YESSSSSSS!!! I'MM CUUMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!" as her pussy spasmed around her daddy's dick.

Her words had pushed me to the brink, and feeling her pussy tremble around my cock sent me over the edge. My balls began to tingle to tell me that I was about to fill my daughter's pussy with my cum, and taboos be damned, there wasn't anything I wanted more right now.

I pulled her mouth to mine, and our cries were lost in the relentless devouring of each other's lips and tongue. I thrust my cock up into her one final time and began firing, shooting my cum deep into her. My cum mixed with hers, filling her and then seeping out around my cock.

I fired my final shots before collapsing back against the couch, still inside her for a few moments more and kissing her, sweetly and gently now as the tide of passion ebbed.

I chuckled and whispered to her, "Do you suppose the Agency will give you worker's comp if your daddy made you pregnant?"

She leaned forward, licking my earlobe. I trembled, and my cock throbbed one last time inside her pussy.

She whispered, "You are a dirty old man. You know I can't become pregnant, but that is such a wicked thought. Enough to get me ready for another round. But I suppose you may need to rest to catch your breath."

With that, she nestled up against me on my lap as my softening cock began to slide out of her saturated cunt. We were almost able to forget the dangerous nature of our respective missions. Almost.

"Isn't this lovely?" came Pablo's voice from the doorway, interrupting our afterglow. He was standing there with a couple of his men, but my attention was drawn first and foremost to the automatic pistol he was pointing at my daughter and I.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"I have no problem," said Pablo, before adding with a slight gloat, "But the two of you, Mr. Dykes and Miss Larkhurst, you may have a problem. Or should I call you Mr. Jeffrey Logan and his daughter, Miranda Logan, operatives of the United States government. Tell me, is this how they train the agents today in the CIA?"

"Shit!" I thought to myself before trying to make one last stab at salvaging the situation. I was still holding my daughter, although now in the more traditional mode of a protective father, and my mind raced to think of something to say.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about, Pablo," I lied, knowing even as I said it that he wasn't going to buy it.

At this point, Omar entered the room as well and said, "The world is a smaller place than it used to be, Mr. Logan. All it takes is one mole, one operative who can be bribed or blackmailed into turning. Give them a laptop, and anyone with the internet and the right connections can find out who they can trust and who they cannot. As well as who is related to whom."

Pablo's gloat now became a full-fledged sneer as he said, "Just think, Omar. These Americans who see themselves as better than anybody else, so pure and noble, masters of the world in their own eyes. And yet a father will bed his own daughter to protect their precious secrets, all the while not knowing the secrets have already been exposed."

He turned to one of his guards and said, "Lock them up until we decide what to do with them." I started to reach for our clothes when Pablo kicked them away and said, "You won't need those. It's warm here, and in any case, I seriously doubt that you'll be around long enough to get cold. Besides, it's not like you and your daughter have anything to hide from each other anymore, do you?" With that, he turned and walked out.

Omar gave my daughter a long hard look, shook his head, and simply said, "Pity." Then he too left the room, and the two guards, armed with automatic rifles, gestured us toward the door.

We were marched naked across the compound to the stares of all those in the courtyard, my cum still dripping from my daughter's pussy, until we reached a smaller building, a shack really. We were pushed roughly inside, where there was only a dirt floor, a single cot, and an open window with iron bars to keep people in. Miranda sat on the cot, and I stood at the window, looking outside, and saying aloud what I had thought before.


We did a quick survey of the cell, looking for anything that might serve as a weapon, or a means of escape. There was nothing. Our survival was going to be entirely dependant upon our wits and creativity.

"Well Dad, it looks like we really got screwed," she said, attempting a joke that fell flat. There wasn't any humor in our predicament.

"I think we need a plan," I said, and we sat on the cot and began to brainstorm ideas very quietly. Most of the ideas were outrageous and impossible, but a few had merit. These we discussed further in hushed, conspiratorial tones. A plan began to take shape. It would require a lot of luck. But sometimes it was better to be lucky than to be good.

We would just have to use what was available, and that meant my daughter's beautiful body. We had noticed the way the guards looked at her, especially that one who had watched wide-eyes while she and I had sex.

If we worked together, if we got lucky, we just might get out of the jungle alive

I waited until the guard outside was distracted by something else, then Miranda and I moved the cot to a position directly beneath the window. If all went as planned, the guard wouldn't have any trouble hearing us, but he'd have to work to get a look. Now it was just a matter of waiting for the guard who had watched us in the house to take his shift outside our cell.

A few hours passed, in addition to an edible (but barely) meal, and the moon had risen over the compound when I heard what I had been listening for. The original guard had gone back to his quarters and had been replaced by his voyeuristic counterpart.

With an exchange of nods between myself and my daughter, I said (loud enough to be heard through the barred window), "Well, I don't know about you, but we might as well pass the time while we wait for them to decide what they're going to do."

I glanced through the window out of the corner of my eye. After seeing that, yes, I had gotten his attention, I gave a short stroke to my semi-hard cock, which thankfully didn't seem to know we were in danger but only that I was naked with a sexy and equally naked woman.

I mouthed the words "It's showtime" and then said out loud, "So have you had your fill of your dad's cock, or would you like another taste?"

"MMMmmm!!! I'm definitely ready for another taste," she replied. That may have been according to plan, but the way she knelt and began to suck my cock made it clear that she wasn't playacting about being ready for more.

It took very little attention before my cocking was standing firm and erect again, and she said loudly, "Lie back, Daddy, I want to ride your big cock."

I was sure the guard could hear us, and she motioned that she could see him looking through the barred window.

She slowly lowered her wet pussy down over my dick. Inch by inch, my daughter lowered herself, taking her time and making me moan in pleasure. It may have been my imagination, but I thought I heard the guard moaning too.

"Your prick is soooooooo goooooooood!" she exclaimed as she settled herself, her bald pussy rubbing against my pubic hairs, every inch of my cock buried in my daughter's horny cunt.

She began to slowly ride, up and down, on my dick. I had to really work to keep my mind on the plan. Her pussy felt so good, and I could tell from the look on her face, that my cock felt good to her, too.

Thank God for Agency training. That's the only way I was able to maintain the presence of mind to keep an eye out for the voyeuristic guard at the window at the same time my daughter's pussy was sliding divinely up and down my cock.

I managed to get her attention enough to motion for her to reach up and hold onto the bars of the window as she rode me, which would place her in perfect position to spring our trip.

That being done, though, I was able to enjoy the sensation of her warmth and wetness as I timed my thrusts to be in sync with her motions. I reached up to play with her stiffened nipples, and my daughter rewarded me with a sigh that turned into a soft moan.

It didn't take long before the physical sensations, combined with the forbidden nature of our incestuous fucking, brought me to the brink of climax, and I was beginning to wonder if we were going to cum before our guard came close enough to put our plan into effect.

The tingling in my balls almost distracted me, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw his face, painted with undisguised lust, appear at the window, practically pressed up against the bars themselves. Even as I began to feel my cock get ready to tense up and fire, I somehow managed to nod to Miranda in the guard's direction.

She caught my signal and grabbed the iron bars on the window to use for leverage as she rode my dick. It felt so good as my cock went deeper into her hot pussy that we almost forgot the bigger picture, the greater purpose, the plan. Almost, but not quite.

I nodded to her to tell her that the time had come. Unfortunately, neither or us had. I really did want to shoot another hot load into my daughter and make her cum again on my dick, but that would have to wait. It was time for a different sort of action.

She quickly slid her hand between the iron bars and grabbed the guard's collar. She jerked roughly, pulling his face and head against the bars. Then she raised her body off of mine to allow me to get into the action as well.

Groaning softly at the interruption, I rose up and drove my fist into the guard's face before he could call for help, hitting him hard enough to knock him out but not hard enough to jeopardize Miranda's grip on his collar.

Mindful to keep my hard cock from rubbing against the cold brick of our cell, I grabbed hold of his limp body and lifted it higher until his belt was at window level.

"Grab his keys," I said, "so we can get out of here and finish what we started."

She got the keys, and I let him drop, following her to the door. As she bent forward to unlock it, it took every ounce of willpower I had not to grab her hips and slide my cock back into her from behind.

Fortunately, the door opened quickly, and we slipped into the darkness of the compound, moving in the darkness toward the communications room.

I thought I saw one of the girls that worked in the main house, but she didn't seem to realize we were there. All we had to do now was radio for help and get out before the bombs started dropping.

She told me later that it seemed odd, almost surreal, to be running across the compound nude, pussy juice running down her thigh. But our training with the Company helped us keep our minds focused on the task at hand.

Miranda and I arrived at the Communication Shed. It appeared to be empty, but appearances can be deceiving. She did a quick check around the building, and whispered, "All clear, Daddy 'Dykes'. Go call in the reinforcements."

I quickly sat at the radio and tried to ignore the heady scent of my daughter's wetness while I called up the Agency's emergency post in Bogota. Without going into all the intimate details, I gave the agent on the other end a quick summary of the situation and the coordinates he would need to send in the cavalry.

"Alright," he said, "you and your daughter have about 20 minutes to get out of that compound before all hell breaks loose. Once you're out, let us know where to come pick you up."

"Roger that, over and out," I said before breaking the connection. As an afterthought, I reached down and pulled out some cables to make sure Pablo and Omar didn't have a chance to call for help in case the raid wasn't a complete success. Then I turned toward the door to see my daughter's naked body silhouetted against the dim lights of the compound.

After taking a deep breath and reminding myself that the clock was ticking, I whispered, "Alright, Miranda, we've got about 20 minutes. Have you figured out how we're going to get out of here?"

She glanced for a moment at my cock, which told me that I wasn't the only one trying not to lose focus, and then answered, "We can try the fence beyond the --"

"That fence is guarded," said a soft female voice with a strong Latin accent.

We both whirled to see that apparently we had not gone unnoticed by the servant girl when we had seen on the way to the communications room. Thankfully, however, she was alone and appeared to be unarmed. The only question was whether she was going to turn us in now.

"I can get you out," she said quietly. "You only have to promise me one thing: Take me with you. Take me to America."

Under the circumstances, all we could do was go with our instincts. I looked at Miranda, who nodded, and I turned back to the woman and said, "Done. How do we get out?"

Without a word, she led us quickly through the shadows to what passed for a motor pool.

"In here, and stay close," she said, pointing to an old pickup truck. Miranda and I climbed into the bed of the truck and I pulled Miranda against me as our unnamed helper grabbed a tarp.

She began to cover us with the tarp, but not until her eyes had flickered back and forth across both my daughter's naked body and my own. In the dim light, it was hard to say for certain, but I thought I saw the outline of her nipples pressing stiffly against her thin blouse before she covered us completely.

I held Miranda closely as the truck began to move across the bumpy ground, each jolt causing my cock to rub against her pussy and eliciting a soft sigh from her lips.

The truck paused, and I heard the woman making vague promises of sexual favors to the guard at the gate if he let her go into town for some unnamed "forgotten supplies" without giving her a lot of grief. I wouldn't have needed to know Spanish to hear the leer in his voice as he sent her on her way. After a couple more minutes on a dirt road, the truck turned onto a paved highway of some sort and Miranda and I were able to relax, sort of.

"I think she likes you," she teased, grinding her pussy against my once-again stiffened cock.

Pushing back in sync, I replied, "Maybe, but my body wasn't the only one she was looking at," and with that, I pushed my cock back into my daughter's increasingly familiar pussy.

I've heard all the jokes about what the initials CIA could stand for, but I was beginning to think that they might mean "Coitus Interruptus, Again". When the truck's sudden turn threw us around in the bed of the truck, we were uncoupled just as we were about to finish what we started in our jail cell. It was too late to hold back, though, and while I tried to slip my cock back into her pussy, I wound up cumming on her belly instead.

Our mutual groan of disappointment was tempered, though, as we felt the truck come to a complete stop and the door of the truck open. Without waiting to uncover us, our unknown host began talking.

"This is my brother's farm. He was killed a few months ago in a car accident. Pablo doesn't know about this place, though so we should be -- OH!"

At this point, she pulled back the tarp, revealing our naked and cum-slickened bodies. After staring at us for a few moments, she said huskily, "I heard them talking, but I didn't know if it was true."

In the moonlight, there was no longer any question about whether or not her nipples had been pressing against her blouse. She murmured (I'm not sure if it was to us or to herself), "It makes the blood run hot."

Without saying anything else, she led us into the small but neat farmhouse. She showed me to the bathroom, and I tried, to no avail, to persuade her that Miranda should get first shot at the shower. She insisted, however, and after exchanging glances, I shrugged and stepped into the shower.

I showered quickly, and as I turned the water off, I thought I heard pained voices coming from the living room. My first thought was that Pablo's men had found us, and I placed my eye to the door of the bathroom. It turns out it wasn't pain I was hearing, but rather pleasure.

I found out later that, as soon as I was in the shower, our hostess, Maria, had pressed her body against my daughter's cum-covered one.

"It is true, you and your father...?" she had asked, leaving the unfinished question to hand in the air as she raised her lips to my daughter's.

As Miranda told me, " How could I possibly deny the advances of a sexy young woman who had risked her life to save ours? Why would I want to resist? I was still horny. Very horny."

In no time, Maria was naked, their hands and tongues exploring each other. Maria's dark skin was smooth and soft. Her nipples, even darker, were erect, begging to be sucked. So my daughter sucked them, eliciting moans of pleasure and mumbled words of Spanish from the girl.

They say that Spanish is a Loving Tongue. And Maria certainly demonstrated that she had a loving tongue as she lapped up all of my cum from my daughter's body. Then her head lowered and she began to lick the lips of Miranda's swollen, horny pussy.

Now it was my daughter's turn to moan. She grabbed Maria's head and pulled her face tight against her pussy as she began to hump against the pleasing pressure of the sexy Latina's tongue.

Maria turned around and lowered her wet, musky cunt to Miranda

s tongue and they were both nearing orgasm when they heard me re-enter the room.

Judging from the moans coming out of my daughter's mouth, Maria's talents extended well beyond housework. I drew closer and watched Maria's tongue brushing back and forth across Miranda's clit, her efforts interrupted only by the periodic moaning elicited by my daughter's mouth on the sexy Latina's pussy.

I stroked my cock as I watched these two women cumming together, and then Maria looked up at me, her cheeks glistening with my daughter's juices, and she crooked her finger to motion for me to come closer.

Without moving from on top of Miranda's body, she deftly swallowed my cock in one fluid motion and began sliding her full lips up and down it's amazingly stiff-again length. I let a slight moan out of my own, at which point Maria released my cock from her mouth.

"Fuck her," she growled, "Show me how a father fucks his daughter," and with that, she grasped my cock and guided it into my sweet daughter's pussy once again. My eyes closed as I felt her silky walls welcome me inside again.

Then, as I began to move my hips in a steady thrusting, I felt something on my cock. I looked down to see Maria fervently licking both Miranda's pussy and my cock as we moved passionately in unison.

My daughter spread her legs wide to accept my hard dick, begging me to fuck her to a much-needed cum.

As soon as I began thrusting inside her hot pussy, we both felt Maria's tongue licking us, and Miranda's entire body began to shake, spasming with orgasmic release.


At first it felt like the earth really was moving as my daughter climaxed, shaking underneath us.

Then we realized that the bombs were falling, just a few miles away at Pablo's compound. The earth WAS moving, shaking, but we were safe, secure, and lost again in the sex we so desperately needed.

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