tagErotic HorrorThe Contessa

The Contessa


The contessa put on her white rob and left her bedroom. Peering from a window, she watched her husband's coach roll out the gate to their castle. Contessa La Cruz returned to her room and threw herself on her bed. "Another month without him," she thought as she cried.

She had hoped that his recent stay at the castle would bring romance, but the conte was a changed man. Once romantic and doting, he had swept the contessa off her feet and married her after a whirlwind romance. Now, he was totally preoccupied with business and politics. It had been months since he had touched her.

With his departure, the contessa believed the fate of their relationship was sealed. He expected her to wait for him, but wait for what? When he was at the castle, he seldom spoke to her. Most of his days were filled with meetings with local officials and businessmen. After they dined together in the evenings, she would retire to her own bedroom. The conte had decided that he wanted to be alone with his thoughts in the evenings.

While brushing her prematurely graying hair, the contessa sat in a chair in her bedroom. Her reflection in the mirror reminded her of her aging beauty, so she was in the habit of facing away from it. Her melancholy thoughts mourned the loss of romance, youth, and most of all, sex.

The contessa had always been a sensual woman. With the decline of the intimacy in her marriage, the hunger seemed to increase instead of subsiding. Sometimes, she caught herself staring and fantasizing about a male servant. The only thing that kept her from acting on her urges was the fear that her husband would divorce her in shame. If she was lucky enough to escape a divorce with her life, she would be left with nothing.

A maid rapped at her bedroom door and delivered her morning tea. The contessa looked out the window as she sipped the warm tea. A stable boy, barely 18 years old, was working in the courtyard. A scheme materialized as she watched him. The contessa summoned her maid.

"The young man working in the yard. Send him to me. I have some work for him to do," the contessa ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," the maid said before retreating with a bow.

The contessa solidified her plans while she waited for the young man. She had kept a dagger in the drawer of her nightstand for protection. She concealed the dagger under her pillow. When there was a knock at her bedroom door, she opened it and let the young man into her bedroom. She locked the door behind him.

"I have a job for you to do, but first make yourself comfortable," the contessa said as she gestured to the bed.

The servant sat on the edge of her bed. The contessa allowed her robe to flow open as she approached the bed. She wore a silk nightgown with a neckline that revealed her cleavage. As she sat on the bed next to him, she put her hand on his leg.

"I've been watching you. You're a hard worker. I need a man like you in the castle. It gets awful lonely here when the conte is gone," the contessa pouted.

While she stroked the length of his jaw, she gripped his leg with her other hand.

"I could make life so easy for you. You could be my personal servant, if you know what I mean," the contessa proposed.

Feeling confident that he would accept her proposal, she leaned close to kiss him. He kissed her delicate lips. The contessa ran her fingers along his chest as they kissed. After a moment, he interrupted the contessa's advances.

"With all due respect, I like my work especially with the horses," the servant said.

After placing her finger over the servant's mouth to hush him, she said, "Fine. Fine. You can still take care of the horses and take care of my needs, can't you?"

The young man responded by kissing her finger that rested on his lips. After sucking her finger, he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him and threw her body on his, knocking him flat on the bed. While on top of him, she opened his pants. She wanted to unbutton his shirt, but her plan would work better if he remained mostly dressed.

She kissed him as she fussed with his belt buckle. After he rolled on his side so the contessa lay next to him, he quickly opened his pants. He kissed cleavage while he slid her nightgown upwards. As he removed her underwear, he kissed her stomach.

The contessa pulled him over her. His hard cock pressed against her moist slit. He reached under her nightgown to feel her breasts. Gently, he eased his cock into her wetness.

"Pinch my nipples and fuck me hard. Fuck me like there's no tomorrow!" the contessa yelled.

As he pinched one of her nipples, he thrust into her. He supported himself with both hands on the bed as he smacked into her slit. He pounded that pussy with all that he had. She clutched at his shirt, but then withdrew her hand when she remembered the appearances that her plan required.

"Yes! Fuck me harder!" the contessa ordered.

The servant responded with even more force. She moaned and whimpered underneath him as he fucked her. Her body shook as she came. Her body was still trembling when she grabbed the dagger from under her pillow and plunged it into his torso. He cried out and collapsed onto the contessa.

The contessa pushed the young man onto the floor. She gripped both sides of neckline of her nightgown and tore it. She ran to her bedroom door, unlocked it, and screamed as loud as she could. After a brief pause, she could hear the servants run toward her room. She looked back at her bed and spotted her underwear. She rushed to the bed and shoved her underwear under the blanket.

She turned just in time to see two servants enter the room. The contessa trembled and sobbed, acting as if she had just been attacked. She put on quite a show for her longtime servants. Pointing at the body of the young man, she started to tell her story.

"He attacked me! I asked him to move my bed for me, and instead he attacked me. He ripped my nightgown, see! He ripped my nightgown when he forced me on the bed. He held me there while he dropped his pants. My God! He wanted to violate me!"

The maid wrapped her arm around the contessa's shoulders in a comforting gesture.

"Thank goodness, I had a knife in my bedside table," the contessa said as she scanned the murder scene. She hoped they wouldn't notice that the drawer to the bedside table was closed. What woman would take the time to close the drawer after getting the knife in a fight for her life? She made a mental note to do better next time.

Marcello, the male servant who heard her tale, instructed the maid to take the contessa to the kitchen and soothe her with some fresh, hot tea. Certainly a cup of hot tea would erase the trauma and death of a stable boy.

After sending a note conveying the trauma and death with a messenger, Marcello took care of the situation with the help of the other servants. Notice was given to the young man's family. They were to come at once to claim the body, for the castle was no place for a vile soul.

After the contessa felt safe from questioning, she returned to her room. The maid had offered to make up the conte's room for her as to help her avoid exposure to the scene. The contessa feigned bravery and declined the maid's offer.

The sunlight had not yet faded for the day when contessa busied her mind with plans for her next victim. There was a chill in the air, so she started a fire. Sitting in front of the fireplace, she comforted herself with thoughts of muscular, young men to meet fates similar to that of the stable boy.

As night fell, the contessa laid on her bed with a smile on her face. She relished the comfort of her bed and pillow. She wrapped herself with warm blankets and settled in bed for the night. She fell asleep with ease.

"Contessa." The whisper woke her.


The contessa stirred and peered from under her covers to see who was calling her name. Deep in her heart, she knew who it was.


The whisper seemed closer now. Contessa wanted to run from her room, but she was afraid to move from her bed. Suddenly, a cold grip squeezed her neck. The contessa flailed in the bed, desperately trying to get free. The cold force pushed her neck against the bed and squeezed her breath from her. The contessa's kicking and squrirming were fruitless. Gradually, the pressure on her neck ceased. The contessa coughed and sat up in her bed.

After coughing and struggling to regain her breath, she left her bedroom. She ran to Marcello's room. After the contessa told him of the ghostly assault, Marcello was sure that the contessa had lost her mind due to the traumatic events of the day. Marcello escorted the contessa to her husband's room. The contessa settled in the bed, determined to get some rest. About an hour after she fell asleep, the all-too-familiar whisper woke her.



The contessa did not wait for another assault. She ran from the bed to get Marcello. Once again, Marcello escorted the contessa to her husband's room. He assured her that it was only her imagination. The contessa knew better, but dared not explain or she might implicate herself in the death of the stable boy.

She fought sleep for the rest of the night. She stayed watchful for the phantom haunting her. After daylight broke, she assumed it was safe to sleep. After sleeping for an hour on her husband's bed, she woke to the whisper. After making sure no servant was calling her, she tried to stay awake. But, how long can one go without sleep before it affects the mind and body?

Every time the contessa slept, an hour into her rest, she was awakened by the whisper. When the whisper did not wake her due to her exhaustion, she was choked near death by phantom hands. The contessa desperately tried to stay awake, and her mind and body suffered. By the time her husband returned to the castle, he was shocked by her ill state. After the servants informed him of her ghost stories, she was taken away. She lived the rest of her shortened life with the rest of the population who heard voices.

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