tagBDSMThe Corset.....

The Corset.....


You had just got out of the shower after a long day at work, robe wrapped around you, but not too tightly, giving me a lovely invitation to stare into your cleavage as you walk towards me. You know only too well what you are doing to me, that cheeky smile upon your lips as you reach me and our arms wrap around each other in a tight embrace.

That first lingering kiss causing the first stirring of my cock as I run my hands down your back and gently caress your bottom through the robe. You press yourself into me feeling the hardness growing and slowly grind yourself into me as your nails rake down my back through my shirt.

I turn you round so that my hands are resting on your waist and let them climb your torso until I feel the swell of your breasts beneath my fingers. Again, you push back onto me, my cock, even harder now, nestling between your cheeks. You tilt forward slightly allowing yourself to push back even harder onto me, grinding your body against mine.

One hand now leaves your body and retrieves something from my pocket. I pull you back upright and kiss your soft neck as I slide the black satin blindfold over your eyes. You seem a little surprised but don't resist as my hands stroke down the sides of your neck and onto your shoulders pulling away the robe which starts to slip down your body, exposing the tops of your breasts to me eager eyes. I undo the belt of the robe letting it open fully and gravity does the rest, leaving it in a pool at your feet. I take a moment to drink in the sight before me and seeing you naked makes my cock jump in anticipation of feeling your skin against my own sometime very soon.

I gently guide you to the edge of the bed and sit you down. Leaving you there as I retrieve a small overnight case that I have brought with me. Opening it to reveal a beautiful black satin corset amongst other things which I wrap around your body and secure the clasps at the front. Standing you up now and turning you round so that you are facing the bed I take the lacing of the corset and pull it tight which has the effect of squeezing your breasts into a two gorgeous mounds that threaten to spill out over the top of the lace edging on the satin garment. You reach to touch the fabric but I hold your hands away so that you cannot feel what is now covering your upper body.

I see the belt of your robe lying on the floor, which gives me a deliciously naughty idea to stop you touching again. I take both your wrists and hold them together behind your back, wrapping the belt around them and securing them together so that they can no longer roam over your body.

Again reaching into the bag I take hold of the matching silk knickers, feeling the soft material on my fingertips again has my cock throbbing. I kneel before you, gently lift first one foot, slide it into the knickers I am holding and then the other, and pull them up over your calves, your knees, over your soft thighs and to your waist. Running my fingers down over them, letting my palm smooth the material that now covers your pussy I hear a soft moan escape your lips as I allow my hand to linger there a while. You try to push against my hand to increase the pressure on your now sensitive pussy but I move it away and take a pair of lace top black stockings from the bag. Taking the first and gathering it up I again lift one of your feet and slide the sheer nylon over your toes, again dragging the flimsy item up over your calves, your thighs, smoothing it to your skin as It reaches higher. Taking each suspender clasp which sits on the end of satin straps I attach it to the top of the stocking, relishing the subtle change of softness between the pale skin of your thigh and the silky nylon that I have just encased your leg with. The other stocking follows in the same manner.

My own breath is now faster and deeper as I look upon the vision of eroticism before me wanting desperately to just take you into my arms and make love to you passionately but there is still something else for you to wear.

The last item in my bag is a pair of patent black stilettos, 4-inch heels and roman straps that somehow mirror the laces on the back of the corset, easing one foot at a time into the very sexy looking shoe bringing the straps round your calves in a criss cross pattern ...

I stand slowly, allowing my first look at you fully dressed in the sensual silks and satins, every item accentuating the parts of your body that it covers. The corset pushing your bust upwards, leaving me the perfect view of the tops of your magnificent breasts with just the slightest hint of darker pink skin that frames your nipple just visible as try to escape the confines of the tightly fastened material.

The black silk knickers pulled tightly against your mound, the valley between your moist lips clearly visible and inviting me to touch them, caress them.

The black stockings becoming part of your legs and the contrast between the milky white skin of your upper thigh and the dark lace and then nylon again making me want to reach out and touch, feel your skin under my fingertips as I trace around the stocking top.

The shoes with the high straps, laced around your ankles making your calves tight and firm...

You look every inch the picture of seduction and my resistance is failing rapidly.

I reach for you, running my hands over every inch of your body, over the satins and silks, down over your nylon clad legs and back again, to your waist, fingers dancing over sensitive areas making you moan again in pleasure. You ask to see what you are wearing and although I am enjoying the denial of that sense I decide to release the blindfold as I manoeuvre you in front of the full length mirror on the wall..........

As I remove the blindfold, it takes you a moment for your eyes to adjust to the light and to focus on the image of yourself in the mirror. I hear an audible intake of breath before you let it out in a low moan of pleasure at what you see before you, a smile spreads across your lips and your hands struggle against the bonds that hold them fast behind your back.

"Let my hands free so I can touch" you ask

I wasn't going to but as you asked so nicely who am I to deny you?

I stand behind you and release you from the makeshift restraint, as I do you lift them to the front of the corset and let your fingers run down the length of it, feeling the smooth soft material beneath, another soft moan escapes your lips.

Your fingers follow the edge of the corset around your breasts allowing you to feel your skin as it escapes from the tight confines of the tightly laced garment. You seem a little lost in the moment as your eyes close and you continue to touch your breasts and gently tease the nipples through the sensual fabric.

You thoughts are broken as I lean into you from behind and kiss your neck just below your ear, you come back to reality with a start. Your hands leave your top and again travel down the length of the corset until they come to rest on the silk of your knickers. You slide your hands over them, feeling the material and lean back to make contact with me. I step back a little denying you the feel of my solid cock against your bum. I am looking at your face in the mirror and you realize I am watching you and smile your cheeky smile as your fingers follow the outline of your pussy through the silk beneath your hands.

Now it is my turn to moan as I watch you arch your back slightly and apply more pressure to your pussy, gently rubbing up and down searching out your sensitive clit on every stroke.

Fingers now trace down the suspender straps, sensually tucking under them and drawing them away from your thigh as they travel further until they meet the tops of your stockings. You begin to turn and as you do, say;

"It's beautiful" and smile a smile that suggests that it may not be all on for very much longer

I take your hands in mine and lead you to the bed, turn you and sit you down on the edge before pushing you gently down onto the cool sheets below you. You reach for my hands to pull me down with you but I step back, pick up your smooth legs and swing you round so you are laying the length of the bed. You start to raise yourself up but I tell you to wait.

Looking at you laying there brings an almost overwhelming desire to jump on top of you and make love to you wildly. I manage to resist as I have other plans for you, which will eventually lead to wild lovemaking. Before that, I want to make sure I have turned you on as much as I possibly can and I have a few ideas to try to make that happen.

I unbutton my shirt, shuck it from my shoulders, and undo the buttons on my jeans, kicking them off my legs. Now standing to the side of the bed naked except for my boxers I climb onto the sheets with you and straddle your body. I am now sitting on your upper thighs, my hands reaching forwards running them over the satin towards your breasts that are rising and falling at a much faster rate than they were.

Fingers now on skin, touching you and slowly teasing out more of your flesh from the confines of the garment until your nipples are on display to my eager eyes, they are firm and erect and my resistance fails completely. My lips clasp one and suck it into my mouth, my teeth gently nibbling on the hardening teat as my fingers grasp the other, lightly twisting and pinching it causing that one to also become harder, firmer.

Your hands come to the back of my head and pull me harder onto you, grinding my face onto you, making me take more of you into my mouth, sucking on your nipple and biting down on it a little harder. Your hand still holding onto me as I eat you, feel your nipple on my tongue as it swirls around it.

I slide down your body now, following an imaginary trail down your torso with my lips, allowing the soft material to stroke my face until I get to the waistband of the black knickers that I placed upon you not long ago. Not lifting my lips from you I continue down across the silk feeling the outline of your lips beneath my own and breathing in the glorious scent that is coming from you. My lips can feel the moisture that has begun to seep through the thin material and the more I rub my lips across your own the slicker the material gets. All the time soft moans between short breaths escape from you

My hands slowly slide beneath you, cupping the cheeks of your bum and squeeze them tightly as I pull your pussy harder against my mouth, lips now parted to allow my tongue onto the silk and taste your juices that are flowing through the material. Again, your hands find the back of my head and push me harder onto your hot mound, forcing my tongue into you through the thin layer of silk.

My cock now twitching repeatedly in my boxers, wanting to take it out and ram it deep inside you but it's not time yet, you have more to come before that happens, much more......

My cock now twitching repeatedly in my boxers, wanting to take it out and ram it deep inside you but it's not time yet, you have more to come before that happens, much more......

I pull my hands out from under you and let my fingers wander over your thighs till I can feel the wide satin suspender straps that hold up the stockings covering your beautiful legs. Letting them travel down the length of the strap until I feel the metal clasp covered by the silk ribbon. Gently I pull on the clasp until the button is released and then repeat it on the other three suspenders, your stockings now insecure.

I raise myself up, first take one lacey edge of a stocking, and start to pull it down your thigh, over your knee to your ankle where the high heels I had placed on your feet a short while ago stop its progress. You start to rise up to see what I am doing but I gently but firmly push you back down. I undo the straps on the patent leather shoe and pull it from your foot and then remove the stocking entirely. Your foot now in my hands, the skin soft and smooth. I bend my head slightly, kiss your toes one by one, and then slowly suck one, then two, then three between my lips. I let them slip from my mouth and take the stiletto and gently place it back on your waiting foot and retie the laces that travel a short way up your calve. The other stocking gets the same treatment, as does your other foot, before again replacing the gorgeous shoe back on.

You now lay before me without with the stockings on the bed beside you. I take one in my hand, feeling the nylon under my touch and travel back up your body still holding onto it. I am lying over your full length and reach for your right arm, letting my hand follow its length until I get to the wrist. Slowly looping the stocking I hold around it and then pulling it towards the spindles of the bed frame. Again, I wrap the stocking around one of them that secures your arm above your head. I look into your eyes and see that wonderful look of cheeky expectation that I saw in the very first picture you ever sent me. I say nothing but smile back and then take the remaining stocking and do the same to the left wrist leaving you tied to the bed before me. Arms now above your head, breasts spilling out from the tightly cinched corset below which is the pale flesh of your tummy followed by the silk of your visibly damp knickers and further to your shiny black stiletto's. My cock throbs at the vision once again and the urge just to rip of all your coverings is almost uncontrollable.

Now you are unable to use your hands I want to have some fun with you, want to be in control of what happens for a while. I stand on the bed above you, your eyes focused on me looking to see what I do next. I slowly push my fingers into the waistband of my boxers and ease them down over my thighs until the very tip of my hard cock is poking out. I continue to ease them down until my manhood is on full display to you, standing erect against my tummy. I kick the boxers from my feet and again settle down onto your body below me sitting astride you I ease my way up over your silk covered pussy, relishing the feeling of the material as it slides beneath my balls, up over your tummy, audibly moaning as I feel your soft skin against my own. Now up over the satin of the corset, the erotic feeling of the soft material as it slips over my cock and balls makes me throb.

Your head tilted down so you can watch my progress, as I get closer to your breasts with my cock, your tongue licks your lips in such a provocative way I have trouble resisting the urge to place my swollen member upon them... Soon my manhood is lying between your heaving breasts, the softness of the skin making a small drop of precum appear on the tip. I rock back and forth, my cock burying itself between your mounds, I use my hands to push them together, trapping me within the warm flesh, fucking them slowly but deliberately. Squeezing them harder as I realise that this is turning you on, looking over my shoulder and seeing that you are tightly squeezing your thighs together, trying to apply some pressure to your pussy. Soft guttural moans escaping from your lips with every stroke, my fingers now finding your nipples and at first gently rubbing them between my thumb and forefinger and again feeling you twist beneath me as I increase the pressure on them, feeling them stiffen and grow beneath my touch.

I pull my twitching cock from between your tits and see that precum is still oozing from the tip. I use my hand to guide my swollen gland to first one nipple then the other, using the sticky fluid that is escaping to coat each one in turn, rubbing it hard against them hearing your moans of pleasure, louder now, more frequent.

You strain your head to try to get your mouth closer to my cock and manage to touch the tip with your chin. I rub myself up over it as your lips part and again your tongue runs across your lips trying to touch the tip of my cock as it gets closer and closer to your mouth. Soon enough it is my swollen head that is running across them and your tongue now swirls around it as it caresses your red pouting lips. You let them part so that I can guide my cock into your hot wet mouth, your tongue working against it as I push it further into you, feeling your lips close around it, sucking on it like a lollypop, feeling the contours with your tongue as it lashes the bulbous head that throbs with every touch.

My free hand reaching beneath me to pinch and twist your nipples one at a time, you arching your back towards me urging me to squeeze your tender flesh harder.....

Leaving your breasts and letting my hands find your silk covered pussy again, roughly pulling the flimsy garment to one side, sliding a finger down through the valley between your soaked lips. I feel your clit at the top of your opening and squeeze it between my fingers, which makes you emit a little muffled squeal, muffle by my cock still working in and out of your mouth. Now two fingers spreading your lips as they travel down the length of your pussy, your hot juices flowing out of you like an erupting volcano. Without effort, my fingers slide into you, pointing upwards to stroke that sensitive area inside you, fingers curling slightly inside, applying more pressure to you and again squeals come from your full mouth. I look at you and our eyes lock onto each other, animal passion now replacing the softer seductive and sensual look that was in your eyes before. Your wrists straining at the bonds that tie them, knowing you want to be free to touch and feel but not yet ready to let you join in... wanting you under my control for a little while longer, enjoying the teasing, the erotic torture...

You have brought your knees up slightly and allowed them to part letting my fingers delve deeper inside your hot pussy, finding the places that really turn you on.

I obviously touched the right places as I feel your mouth clamp even harder around my engorged cock and the feeling of pleasure/pain is almost overwhelming and I know that I will not be able to contain my orgasm for much longer if this continues. Reluctantly I start to pull myself from your mouth but you don't want that, I feel teeth on me stopping my exit....OMG.... too much.... I have to grasp your chin and push my finger between your lips to part them so that I can escape your grip...

I slide down your body now, my cock gliding over your wet pussy, you push your bum upwards so the contact between us is total, your legs parting further, my manhood falling between your lips, being coated with your fluids as it travels. Further I slide, my face now over you and instantly my tongue is inside you as deep as I can possibly drive it. You buck against me, my whole mouth buried between your thighs, my cheeks and chin covered in hot stickiness my taste buds on fire at the taste of your nectar flowing into my mouth.

My hands now travel up your thighs and join my mouth at the entrance to your pussy, fingers exploring the folds around it. Instantly they are soaked and follow the river of wetness down into the cleavage of your bum cheeks, slippery under my touch. I feel the puckered skin around your anus which twitches slightly as I touch it, slowly applying a little pressure and feeling it relax a little as I edge just the tip of a finger into you. I pause for a moment waiting to see if you resist this invasion but as if in answer you push against me forcing my finger further in until I feel the tight skin around my first knuckle.

My mouth still feasting on you, drinking you, tasting you, probing you, fucking you and still you are pushing against me, urging me on, making me more turned on all the time because I know you are getting closer and closer to your own orgasm. My finger now deeper in your anus and still you rock against that as well, still urging me further, deeper.

My cock is so hard now, harder than I have ever felt it, I see the head below me, shiny and purple, swollen and needing release. I want to stay with my mouth on you but need to feel my cock where my tongue is, inside you. I need to feel the walls of your pussy clamped around me, squeezing me, milking me... Do you want that too? Your glazed eyes tell me you do.

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