tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Creature Below Ch. 02.5

The Creature Below Ch. 02.5


The Creature Below, Chapter 2.5: Friends on a Beach


A/N: This is an 'in-between' chapter of my main storyline that is currently in the Non-Human category. If you're interested, please head there to read it all. For those visiting from the Non-Human area; Sorry, but the creature does not appear in this story. So if you're looking for more tentacle action from the Creature, you can skip this story and head straight to Chapter 3.


Nicole bounded into the apartment that she shared with her college roommate, Christine, eager to get her swimsuit and beach bag. Christine was on the couch, engrossed in yet another textbook for a course that she planned on taking for the second half of the summer semester. "What's got you so excited?" she asked, looking up from the book, curious. But the redhead didn't even stop as she went by straight to her room to get her things.

"Found out from my boyfriend about this new beach that opened up earlier in the season!" Nicole's excited voice came back from her room. "Ya gotta come with me to check it out! It's this semi-private clothing optional beach up the coast. He might meet us there later. He's been dying to meet you." She blurted out in a rush.

Christina half heard her. "Pass," she mumbled, going back to her reading. "I got studying to do." She'd been a bit depressed since her best friend on the swim team, Bethany, graduated last semester. Christina busied herself in her schoolwork ever since.

Not that that would deter Nicole, however. "Oh come on Chrissy! I don't want to go alone! It'll be fun and besides, you need to get out and enjoy the sun some more!" she said, coming out with her vibrant red hair done up in a ponytail, already dressed in her red bikini that showed off her curves, her voluptuous breasts, and her fair skin tone perfectly. Christina caught the glimpse of her roommate's blue gemmed naval ring that seemed to stand out in contrast to the swimsuit. "It's the weekend, you don't have to work, and you have at least a week before the Summer-Two session starts! Besides, you've been moping around here since Bethany graduated. You need to get out."

Christina sighed as she tucked an errant strand of her platinum blond hair behind her ear. She just knew that this would be coming. Nicole practically defined the terms 'Wild Redhead' and 'Party Girl'. They'd been friends since high school and she was always attempting to drag Christina out of her proverbial shell. The two of them were practically opposites; Nicole was friendly and outgoing. Christina was shy and reluctant (borderline 'uptight' as Nicole had put it once). Nicole wanted to have a good time with anyone and everyone and all Christina wanted to do was curl up with a book in front of a fireplace somewhere. "You used the same argument back at spring break."

"And look at how much fun we had down in Cancun!" Nicole said excitedly. "Come on! You got to get out, see the world, let your hair down a bit, and maybe meet somebody! Hell, when's the last time you'd ever been out on a date with anyone let alone get laid?"

'Not long enough...' Christina thought. She managed to let Nicole coerce her into hooking up with someone during spring break and the experience was rather disappointing. Christina had no desire to hop into bed with anyone else anytime soon. She sighed again. "You're not going to let up until I say yes, are you?"

"Nope" Nicole said with a smile.

"Why do you even need me to come along? Partying is your thing and you never have any trouble fitting in anywhere."

"Because, this is new and I want you there." Nicole said. "Besides, think of all the hot guys we get to ogle all without their clothes on!" she added with a wolfish grin. "It won't be bad. It's clothing optional and you can even keep your suit on. You'll be fine! Come on, please?" Nicole was practically begging now.

"Alright, alright," Christina finally relented. "Let me go get my swimsuit."

* * *

A half hour later they were pulling Christina's car into the visitor's parking lot of the Beach Resort called "Back to Nature". The place was in a secluded locale way outside of town. The last five miles of the private road off of the highway leading up to this place didn't have any other signs of life on it. In fact, if Nicole didn't already know which road to take from a friend of hers, they probably wouldn't have even found the place.

They parked the car, grabbed their bags, and walked up to the entryway of the resort. Christina had opted for a pale blue one-piece swimsuit that had a peek-a-boo hole for her modest B Cup cleavage and was cut to show a lot of thigh. She was curvy in the right places, a bit on the lean athletic side, and didn't have nearly the hips or the bust that Nicole had, but she still managed to turn heads whenever she went out into public. Once Nicole had got her out of the apartment, Christina did start enjoying the day. After all, they were both 21 and about to start their senior year of college. So this summer would probably be the last to have some fun for a long time.

They both paused when they got to the gated entryway. Banks of lockers lined either side and there was a guard shack at the turnstile that admitted entry. Christina gaped at all of the people already there taking clothes off and putting them in the lockers before simply walking into the resort with nothing more than the key bracelet and a pair of sandals on. That's when they saw the sign that proclaimed the place a total nude beach resort. Christina glared daggers at Nicole. "'Clothing optional', huh?"

"Oh okay... so I was a bit 'off' on my information. Remember, I heard it from my boyfriend." Christina continued to glare. "Ok, I lied. I thought that this would be good for you, alright?" Nicole admitted, "Besides, this'll still be fun! Live a little!" Nicole defended herself while grabbing Christina by the hand and leading her over to the nearest lockers. Without hesitation, Nicole reached behind her to unsnap the top of her bikini to let her large C cup breasts jiggle free. Her bottoms followed soon after, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy for all to see. She felt a little thrill at the few guys nearby who suddenly looked their way and she gave them a coy smile in return.

Christina, however, was a bit tense. She turned towards the lockers and peeled her swimsuit off, trying to remain as covered for as long as she could. She hoped that Nicole was hogging most of the attention while she stripped. Her nipples perked up as they were kissed by the light breeze coming up from the ocean. She blushed as she finished taking her suit off and stuffed it into the locker along with their bags as they noticed the sign barring any personal items or containers from entry.

They took the woven slippers provided in the locker, slipping them on in lieu of their own sandals. Nicole grabbed the entrance fee from her purse that they'd need as guests, grabbed the key bracelet to slip the loop over her wrist, and closed the locker up. She smiled at her friend's nakedness. At Nicole's insistence since High School, Christina kept herself shaved as well for a better fit in her swim suit while she was on swim teams. She hoped that this little outing would loosen Chrissie up a bit. Christina had a great body, if only she'd trust herself with it a bit more.

The two of them walked up to the guard shack. With the current crowd entering, they were the last ones in line. Once it was their turn, Nicole paid the fee for them both and started for the turnstile. The guard held them up. "You both will need to read the rules and regulations on the sign there, sign these waiver forms, and submit to a full search as you're both first time guests of the park." He explained as he handed over two clipboards before stepping out of the booth.

"Search!? What kind of search!?" Christina asked with alarm. She then got the idea when she saw the guard put on a pair of latex gloves. "But we're already naked!" she protested.

"It's on the rules and people can sneak things in. I have to also ensure that no non-natural item comes into the resort, miss." The Guard pointed out the rules board.

"What about these slippers that we found in the lockers?" Christina asked.

"All natural fibers," the guard said nonchalantly.

"Here, I'll go first." Nicole said, stepping up to him and spreading her arms and legs out as if she were being checked at the airport, giving the guard a good view of her body.

"If you could, please place your hands up on the wall and bend forward just a bit." The guard asked. When Nicole complied, he then took the scrunchie out of her hair, letting her red locks fall down across her back. He paused at her belly to remove the naval ring, and then finally probed her pussy, finding her nice and wet. The guard fingered her for a moment, probing around inside of her tight pussy before pulling out. He didn't even bother using the lotion provided for the anal search. His two fingers, slick from her juices, slid easily up her ass. Nicole hummed a bit, actually enjoying being searched like this. It gave her an even bigger thrill.

Then it was Christina's turn. Christina was actually shaking with nervousness as she placed her hands up on the wall as Nicole had. Her own hair tie was removed that allowed her platinum blonde hair to fall down her back. Then her earrings were taken. The guard changed gloves and then was feeling her up between her legs. She trembled and bit her lip as she felt his gloved fingers probe into her inner most folds; first one finger, then two. She blushed with embarrassment as her own body betrayed her by going wet at the man's touch. Even her nipples perked up a bit.

He was then out of her pussy, satisfied with his search, and was then attempting to search her virginal back passage. He frowned when Christina tensed up and he had no choice but to use the lubricant on her. The guard smeared it generously over his glove and gently probed her ass with his fingers. Soon he managed to slide his fingers up into her. Christina wiggled uncomfortably as she felt his fingers feel up around her anus. She squeezed her eyes and whimpered as it seemed that he was feeling around inside of her ass even longer than he was inside of her pussy.

Finally finished the guard pulled out of the trembling blond, stood up, and tossed the gloves into the trash can. "Thank you, ladies." He said professionally. "Please review the rules before you go in. Entry implies consent to the rules." He took their now signed waivers and went back into the booth. "Please enjoy your stay."

Nicole smiled at him and Christina managed a shaky nod as they walked up to the rules board. "Back to Nature Nudist Beach and Resort, LLC... Legalese, Legalese, Legalese... Only all natural organic foods, beverages, and products allowed in. Yap, yap, yap... Only staff allowed to wear company approved uniforms while on the premises..." Nicole muttered as she skimmed over everything. "Only metals allowed by guests are locker bracelet keys and member bracelets..." She continued to read on that only those materials provided by nature were allowed within the fenced boundaries, hence why all guests and members were required to utilize the lockers outside. "Wow... everything here is natural including all-natural condoms that can be found at any restroom, cabana, hut, or bar. Morning-After pills are provided at the First Aid station for those wishing to remain all natural during sexual acts. Cool!"

She glossed over the philosophy of the resort that pretty much said that a peaceful, hedonistic lifestyle that included the free sharing of one's mind, body and spirit. To freely give pleasure to others... et cetera, et cetera... Nicole was ready to get to the beach and she was sure that Christina wanted to get away from the guard. So she grabbed the blonde's hand and led her through the turnstile.

Once they were away from the entry station, Christina leaned in to Nicole. "That was humiliating..." she whispered.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad. Hell, it couldn't have been much worse than being frisked by Airport Security." Nicole shrugged.

"At least I had clothes on then!"

The two of them walked the path down to the beach. Once there they saw the sprawling landscape. "Wow..." Nicole commented. "It looks like Florida! Or maybe even Hawaii." Whoever owned the place sure did put forth the effort of making it look authentic from the white sandy beaches all the way to the palm trees and thatch huts. Walkways wove in and out of the small forest that lined the beach that were made of stone and had all wood handrails.

They walked along the beach to find a spot to claim for some sunbathing. Nicole was busy ogling the good looking men and women, but also sizing up the average looking ones. Christina managed to look down at the ground and not blush too much from embarrassment. Eventually they found a bit of a secluded grassy cove for them to stretch out at. Christina managed to relax once they were away from the main thoroughfare. She stretched out alongside of Nicole and the two chatted for a bit. They went out to the water and swam some before ultimately returning to their area for a bit of a nap.

Christina woke up to feel someone's hands on her, rubbing her backside down with suntan lotion. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Nicole. Nicole held up a half coconut shell that had the lotion in it. "I found this up by the bar. All natural sunblock; Cool, huh?"

"Yes it is..." Christina agreed, closing her eyes and laying her head back down on her arms. "Mmmmm... Please continue..." she purred as Nicole worked it into her back, butt, and legs.

Nicole obliged her by making sure every inch of her best friend's back was well oiled. Once she finished her task, she nudged Christina in the ribs to get her to roll over. Once Christina was on her back Nicole continued all the while feasting on Nicole's nakedness. Nicole took her time on Christina's legs. She slowly worked her way up the blonde's inner thighs to her shaven cleft.

Christina gasped and looked up in shock when Nicole parted her pussy lips to slide a finger inside. It wasn't the first time either of them had done anything sexual together. They've experimented many times before. What shocked Christina was that Nicole was doing it out in the open. They were practically in public. She started to cross her legs but Nicole just smiled at her, winked, and pushed them back apart. "Relax, okay?" she said. Christina bit her lip, nodded, and lay her head back down feeling really self-conscious.

Nicole sensed her tensing up. She continued putting lotion all over Christina's skin, pausing at her friend's pert breasts and hard nipples. She tweaked them just a bit before moving up to Christina's neck and shoulders. Nicole leaned in to give her a loving kiss full on the lips. She took Christina's hand to move it down to her own pussy for the blonde to play with. Nicole moaned deeply as she made out with her as Christina took the cue to start fingering her. Nicole then moved back down to Christina's pussy to start licking at her swollen clit.

"Well look at what we got here, Marco." A voice from the edge of the trees brought them both up with a start. Nicole's eyes went wide and then she gave the two men standing there a sour look. Christina gasped in shock and covered her breasts up with her arms. She crossed her legs for added cover for her exposed pussy.

"Mm... Looks like we got ourselves a couple of hot ones here, Ryan..." the man named Marco replied. Both men were well built and tanned from hours under the sun. Both had crew cuts which suggested military or police training at one point in their lives. It was obvious from their raging erections that they'd been enjoying the view.

"P-P-Please leave..." Christina stammered out as she shyly turned her back on them. She shuddered from a sudden chill running down her spine.

"Hmmm... I don't think so." Ryan said, running a hand over his sandy brown hair. "Not with two hot and bothered ladies here," he added, eyes roving up and down Christina's backside. "I think that we're going to have ourselves a little fun."

"Really, now?" Nicole asked, disgusted. She'd been so close to fucking Christina herself. Talk about hours of work now down the tubes. She'd be lucky if Christina ever went back to swim meets ever again after this.

"Yes, now," Marco said, ignoring Nicole's glowering look as he took in her curves, "dibs on the redhead."

"Deal," Ryan said as they moved forward toward the girls.

"Get away from me!" Christina shrieked. She was on her feet at once as Ryan approached her.

Nicole glared daggers at Marco as he grabbed her by her hair to keep her on her knees. "You're going to pay for this," she hissed at him.

"Oh I'm sure," Marco smiled down at her as he shoved his cock up to her lips. He pushed the head of it into her closed mouth as he pulled forward on the back of her head. Unable to resist the pressure, Nicole opened her mouth to let his cock slide in. She began sucking him off.

Ryan had Christina backed up against a tree, pawing at her. She had tears streaming down her face. "Come on, you're making a scene," he said. "You don't want to be kicked out and fined, do you?"

"Wh-what?" Christina stammered as she tried to turn from him. She still had her arms across her chest. "What do you mean 'fined'?"

"It's all part of the rules at the front gate. You've obviously agreed to them if you're here." Ryan told her, caressing a lock of her hair from her face. Christina flinched away. "Failure to comply is punishable up to a five thousand dollar fine."

Christina's eyes went wide. "To comply with a man wanting to have sex with me, that wasn't part of the rules."

"Yes it is. It's under the clause of freely sharing your body with others. Now are you going to stop fussing and start complying?" he asked. He shot a dirty look over his shoulder at Marco, who already had Nicole on all fours and was pounding her from behind. Ryan was lagging behind because blondie was being a pain. "Come on, you really don't want a heavy fine, do you?" he repeated.

"I-I don't have that kind of money!" Christina protested.

Ryan cupped her face with his hand and started sucking on her neck, ignoring her whimper as he pressed up against her so that his hardness was nudging her flat stomach. "Then I suggest that you become more pliable, rapidly." With another resigned whine, Christina dropped her head in defeat and lowered her arms. "That's more like it, baby," he murmured into the nape of her neck as he brought a hand up to fondle those perfect tits of hers.

Christina squeezed her eyes shut and turned her head from Ryan as he proceeded to molest her. She felt her body betray her as she went wet. The hand that had been on her neck dropped to her pussy. He slid his index finger inside. "Mmmmm... I knew that you'd like this," he whispered into her ear as he pushed his finger in even further. Christina let out an involuntary gasp as his hand pressed against her clit.

"Noooo," Christina moaned with despair. She looked over at Nicole for support. The redhead was still getting pounded hard doggy style with closed eyes and a mouth open as she gasped with pleasure at each thrust into her.

Christina sighed. Well, if Nikki can enjoy this, so can I...I guess... She thought, figuring that she'd let Ryan paw at her, maybe jerk him off, and be done with it.

Ryan had other ideas however. He pushed down on her shoulders to get her to kneel. Once Christina was on her knees he grabbed his cock and brought it up to her mouth. Christina's mouth clamped shut and she shook her head. Ryan grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced his cock past her lips and down her throat, causing her to gag slightly in the process. He fucked her face vigorously while commanding her to suck on his cock. Reluctantly, Christina soon complied if nothing else to get him off of her faster.

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