tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Curse of Cheldric Ch. 03

The Curse of Cheldric Ch. 03


Introduction: Tom can't help having the suspicion that his ancestor Emperor Cheldric of Germania may have been a pawn used by the Elves to destroy their enemies. If this is true, the Elves would be guilty of breaking a solemn oath not to use dark magic against the other races of the netherworld. As he and Melinda now join forces to search for the truth they're told a startling piece of information. The wizard known as Merlin is still alive. Stuck on the enchanted island of Avalon; where King Arthur Pendragon is buried, he lives out of time mourning the loss of his King. Would Merlin help them if he knew the truth? It was a long shot, but it was all they had.


The car park was pretty busy with people of all ages walking around chatting happily, cameras hanging from many necks as they trundled towards the admission booth. I felt sick with worry sitting with Mel in my car watching the tourists doing their thing oblivious to what was really around them. Humans live in such ignorance of the real world, I thought.

Melinda looked at her watch and said, "We should get going."

Sighing deeply I asked, "How do we walk over to Stonehenge without one hundred security guards coming after us?"

"With this," she replied handing me a kind of necklace with a leather bag on the end of it. "Hang it around your neck and don't take it off."

Taking it I detected an odour and sniffed the bag close to my nose, "That smells rank."

She smiled a little, "It's an enchantment that will get us both to Stonehenge without anyone noticing us. As long as we don't do anything weird they'll pretty much ignore us."

I raised an eyebrow saying, "Not if they get a whiff of it, they wont. Where did you get this?"

"Tawnie made it for us," she replied.

I felt great admiration for Tawnie. To find out your races near extinction was due to the most awful of betrayals I have ever heard of would've knocked the stuffing out of me. However here she was doing whatever was in her power to fight back. She had told us about Merlin, she arranged a contact for us here to take us over to Avalon, and now this. "Do you think the others will help us once they know the extent of the Elves betrayal?" I asked feeling a flutter in my stomach.

Mel gave me a pained look, "Who knows. There's not much trust amongst the races anymore."

I had to remind myself that the job ahead of us was nigh on impossible and tried to keep my feelings subdued. It was plain to see Mel was being far more pragmatic than me. "Yeah I guess so," was all I said and looked at my side window to collect myself.

"OK, let's stop procrastinating and get this over with," Mel suddenly said opening her door and getting out so I followed.

We walked past a line of tourists that extended from the ticket booth back toward the carpark, they all ignored us. I was half expecting people to start yelling out in anger about us jumping the queue, but there was no such protestations. I felt nervous but I just followed Mel's lead and she walked just through the entrance as if it was a perfectly normal thing to do so. As I followed I looked at the lady selling tickets and she just kept on counting out change for a Japanese couple and completely ignored me.

Once past the booth I said, "That was wicked!"

Mel turned and hushed me and then kept going towards another gate that said 'Staff Only'. There was people all over the place shopping for souvenirs, eating at the Café, using the toilets, and entering and exiting the information centre. At the far end of the compound a group stood ready to be taken to Stonehenge itself by some tour guides. The staff gate wasn't locked so Mel opened it and we walked through.

Behind this gate was another fenced off area which held the buildings where equipment and goods was stored, and the staff amenities. Staff inside this area were more relaxed with some smoking cigarettes, drinking tea, and eating sandwiches. Others dressed in overalls did manual jobs and worked on machinery. The fence around this area was a cyclone fence but the wire was covered with Hessian so you couldn't see out, or more importantly the tourists couldn't see in when they were walking to the main attraction.

Thanks to the enchantment the employees we passed all just ignored us too. At the back of this compound there was an open gate that led onto an expansive flat area of green grass. There, a good two hundred yards away, was the ancient stone monolith known as Stonehenge. The place was truly magical and I could feel it even this far away. Mel looked at me and smiled. I knew she felt what I was I feeling, and then she turned and off we went walking towards the monument.

Once we were clear of the gate I said in a hushed voice, "There's power in this place, Mel."

"Yeah... it's amazing isn't it," she said taking my hand.

"How are we going to do whatever we have to do without being noticed?" I asked.

She shrugged, "I don't know but hopefully our contact will."

"Who is this contact? Another Gnome?"

"I expect we will know when we see it," she said with a hint of a smile.

"We're walking into this not knowing too much eh?" I was feeling frightened to be honest.

She was silent for a moment then said, "That's probably for the best."

She was right of course. It was our ignorance that probably gave us the courage to do this. There was so many unknown variables ahead and I felt that in order to get to the truth about this curse we had to face them. It was the price we had to pay to unravel the truth and hopefully set things right. I just prayed we'd survive it.

We reached the outer stone pillars and stopped. Mel then put her fingers to her mouth and began a melodic whistle that sounded like an exotic bird. She stopped and waited looking at me blankly. Then she repeated and waited again. "Have we been stood up?" I asked but she hushed me again. Then I heard another melodic whistle, no it was more like some kind of flute. As it ended I suddenly found it difficult to breathe and a heaviness fell across my chest. Mel grabbed me looking pale, and we pushed against the rock pillar next to us hoping it would somehow swallow us.

"What's going on?" I squeaked while my body shook in complete fear.

"I don't know... some kind of enchantment maybe?" she whispered hugging me close. We looked inside Stonehenge and all of a sudden, as if appearing out of thin air a figure stood across from us on the altar stone.

It was the oddest thing I had ever seen in my life, and to be honest and the sight of it just gave me the overwhelming feeling of wanting to flee. The creature had a face like a man with a full beard, and it stood like a man. However on its forehead two long horns were present. It's ears were like a cow or a goat. It had long silky fur all over except its face and stomach which was like human skin. It's bottom half was not a like a man though. It was like a hoofed animal from the waist down and it had a big uncut cock flopping about for all to see. Its hands were human like and in it held what looked like a pan flute. However the most disconcerting thing about it was that it had goats eyes. That really freaked me out.

"Who calls for the guardian of the portal," it announced loudly in a deep melodic voice.

At this point the group of tourists we had seen at the compound waiting for the next tour had arrived and were walking about the whole area completely oblivious to what was going on. They were snapping pictures and chatting and the tour guides were explaining (or trying to but the tourists weren't really listening) what they were looking at. Mel stepped forward and stood below the creature. She looked up at it, I'm sure taking in that rather large cock it had.

"We two have come as we seek passage to Avalon," she said formerly.

It looked down at her and laughed. "Everild... thou wouldst be killed if thou wert to set thy foot on Avalon," the creature almost sang back at her in a definitely mocking tone.

"Tawnie Wobblecog vouchsafe for us," Mel said defiantly.

The creature jumped off the altar stone and stood beside Mel sniffing at her, its little tail wiggling behind it. "Mistress, methinks thou Gnome suffers the infirmity of age or has consumed too much taro."

I stepped out from behind the pillar trying to sound brave but my knees were still knocking, "Tawnie has told you the truth, and you know it."

The creature didn't flinch, it just looked at me disdainfully saying, "Cheldric, thou hides always behind the robes of thy witch? (It laughed at its own joke) Alas, if even be true what thy Gnome proclaimed, why should I help thee? For in this place (He swept an arm out to accentuate his point) lie thousands of nobles who died by your sword, Cheldric. Thou be not welcome here." His last statement was said with no small amount of hatred and it made shake all over.

Mel grabbed its hand and pleaded, "Search with your heart great Pan and see that we're not Everild and Cheldric, but hapless descendants trying to right a great wrong. We cannot undo the deaths caused by the Saxon hordes upon the noble men and creatures of Britannica all those centuries ago. Please give us a chance."

It stared at her, its goat eyes cold as it considered her statement. I felt totally powerless as I knew this creature hated me beyond all I could have imagined. However Mel calling it Pan immediately made me understand who or what this creature was. It was a Pan: half man and half goat. This is a weird world we live in and I wondered what other strange creatures I may see next.

Then a bright light flashed startling me as a tourist took a photo of Pan and Mel in front of the altar stone. I immediately felt the urge to yell at her for being so rude but realised she had no idea we were even present. I wondered for a moment what that picture just might look like. The tourist turned to her husband and said with a teasing chuckle, "Oooo I wonda if they sacrificed virgins on that stone."

Her husband walked beside her and slapped her ass saying, "You 'ave no need to worry then, luv." They both laughed and started to walk off.

Then the Pan said to Mel, "Tis true thou aren't Everild and Cheldric, I can see that. Still the spirit of thy ancestors is strong with thee both."

I stepped forward again saying, "If you allow the Elves to get away with this then after all the Trolls, Goblins, Faeries, Gnomes and Brownies are dead what makes you think they wont come after you? Pan's are obviously very powerful and could be seen as a threat."

It smirked throwing its head back saying, "Pan feareth not the kraft of Elves."

Then it happened again and I said something that I had no clue about. It just came out of me like someone else was speaking, "Pan, the elves have thy 'Horn of Kull'. They used it to ensnare Cheldric in rapturous lust that he wouldst rape Olandrea. They shall surely use it to destroy thy kin, as you knoweth its power against thy clan."

This wiped the smirk off its face and it suddenly looked at me with bulging eyes, "Thou knowest of the 'Horn of Kull', Cheldric?"

"I have seen it," I said which was true as I seen it in the vision Trawaen showed me of Olandrea's death. Still how I knew this horn was that particular one I didn't know.

The Pan now looked worried and Mel came up to me saying quietly, "How do you know this stuff? I've never heard of the Horn of Kull."

I shrugged, "Honestly, I don't know."

"It be the spirit of Cheldric," the Pan said making us both look over at him, "...He doth speaketh through thy being. My kin have searched long to find the horns of our ancestor, but alas they be hidden from us," it said sadly.

"Merlin may be able to get it back for you but you have to take us to Avalon," Mel said.

"Thou can only go through the portal if thee pay the toll," the Pan said.

"What's the toll?" Mel asked.

"To lay with me, here on the altar stone. In front of thy soul mate," he said pointing at me.

"No fucking way..." I began and found myself going for my guns.

Mel stilled my hand saying harshly, "Tom! It's the only way. Shooting him wont get us anywhere."

"But Mel, he wants to fuck you and he wants me to watch," I said flabbergasted.

"He is a Pan, and that's what they do. They're the randiest creatures in the known universe, Tom," she said sadly.

"You knew about this?" I was horrified.

"Yes, if I had told you would you have come here?"


"We need this chance to see Merlin. It's the only way....I'm sorry Tom," she kissed me gently on the cheek and then turned to face the Pan saying, "We will pay your toll, great Pan."

"Then step forward and remove thy garments in sign of your transaction," it said.

Mel walked to and faced the pan and pulled her dress off and threw it on the altar stone. To my surprise she was naked underneath. She had been expecting this and came prepared. I was dumbstruck as even though Mel wasn't technically my girlfriend I had to admit I kind of felt that way towards her. Seeing her now stand naked before this creature as its goat eyes looked her over and its tongue licked its lips in anticipation, made me feel angry. Then the pan lifted its flute and started playing a haunting sensual tune and Mel started to dance in front of him.

It was too much for me and I tried to move but I couldn't. I tried to reach for my weapons but my body would not do as my brain commanded. Mel was gyrating wildly now in front of the pan, moving around, touching herself, displaying herself from different angles. She was like a stripper on steroids and I hate to admit it I quickly got a boner watching her in action. The music though was the cause, it was so sensual that all our desires erupted within us. Even the tourists standing close to us had begun snuggling each other and kissing.

Pan kept playing his tune as Mel fell to her knees in front of him and started to lick and suck on his testicles. Its cock was growing now too as Mel worked his balls and was looking impossibly large. Then pan changed his melody and Mel started licking the shaft of his proud cock a good twelve inches long now and very thick. It leaked precum that dribbled down its shaft that Mel greedily licked up while she fingered her wet pussy.

Then the tune changed again and she swallowed the huge pan cock into her mouth trying to fit as much as she could down her throat but it was just too big. She gagged, almost vomited, as the giant cock pushed her to her limits. I heard a moan behind me and managed to turn my head to see the couple that took the picture earlier standing by the stone pillar closest to me. The woman in her fifties was giving her husband a blow job almost in unison to what Mel was doing. When Mel sucked Pans balls, so did the woman to her husband. When the tune changed and Mel began sucking its cock, the woman followed suit on her husband.

Then the woman was getting on her hands and knees in front of her husband pulling her skirt up and panties down exposing a very wet pussy. I turned my head to see what Mel was doing and to my surprise her and pan were now on the altar stone. She was on her hands and knees while pan was positioning its large cock behind her ready to penetrate her. That cock looked like it was going to split her in two and easily looked a good eighteen inches long now, as the flute tune changed it pushed its huge cock inside her. Mel moaned loudly as did the old woman behind me as her husband began fucking her.

The music was insistent now, reaching ever reaching towards its goal, urging all effected by it onwards in pure lust towards physical release. Pan fucked Mel hard, his hips driving its mighty cock deep inside her with each thrust. Her pussy swallowed every inch of it like a greedy pig. You could hear the wetness of it squelching and slurping, the slapping of his balls on her pubic mound, you could smell it, and all the time pan kept playing his flute. He was playing Mel too.

Mel's head was moving every which way and her hair was now a mess as pan continued to pound her pussy hard. I heard some loud grunts and moans behind me and turned to see the old couple collapse in post orgasmic exhaustion laying on the ground. They were done. However Pan wasn't finished yet and it turned and faced me and nodded and to my surprise I found myself walking to the altar stone. I stopped level with Pans cock owning Mel's pussy. I put my hands on the altar stone and could see pan's eyes were pleased.

I was being cuckolded by pan. He wanted me to see him fuck the shit out of Mel. I wanted to cry but Mel's moans of pleasure snapped me out of it. That huge cock just entered her over and over right before my eyes. I couldn't believe Mel could take it all but she did. The tune was sensual but I heard mocking tones that were for me. The altar underneath was wet with the orgasmic squirts Pan had created in Mel.

Then the music reached fever pitch and Mel's sweat covered body shook once more. God how many times has she cum? So many times it isn't funny. Then all of a sudden the music stopped and pan let out a loud moan that sounded like a goat baying and white cum exploded from Mel's pussy. In unison I felt an orgasm ripple through me I came in my pants. Mel collapsed in exhaustion onto the altar stone held up only by the dick that still impaled her.

The altar stone was getting noticeably hotter and hotter. I couldn't remove my hands from it at all and god I tried to pull them off but it was like they were stuck there. The heat was unbearable and I could feel my hands burning. Worse of all I could see Mel writhing now in pain as her flesh burnt. She was screaming now, not in ecstasy, but in horrible unrelenting pain. The altar stone began to glow bright red. Mel and I burst into flames and Pan stood there laughing at us as we burnt. It was a scene right out of hell itself. Then when the pain overwhelmed me to the core, I passed out.


I sat up looking at my hands in fear. They were OK, not burnt to a crisp like I thought. I sighed in relief and then looked around wondering where I was. For a moment I thought I was still inside Stonehenge as I was in an area surrounded by familiar looking pillars with the lintel stones spanning two pillars. This pattern of stone pillars with lintels went all around us in a perfect circle and as I turned there was Mel laying there naked on the altar stone. She moved and I sighed in relief that she was at least alive. I climbed to my feet with some difficulty as my muscles felt stiff and sore.

Then hobbling to Mel laying on the altar stone I said loudly, "Mel? Mel? Are you OK?"

She moaned and rolled over looking up at me. She became aware of her nakedness and sat up covering her breasts with her arms. "Where are we?" she asked.

I looked around and said, "I don't know. It looks like a mini version of Stonehenge."

She looked around herself and then slid off the altar stone opposite me and grabbed her dress putting it on over her head. Then she spotted her bag and headed for it. I walked around the perimeter of the monolith we were in but I could see nothing beyond the stone pillars as we were surrounded by dense forest. I turned to Mel but she was wiping herself below, so I left her too it.

The silence of the place was profound. It made the awkwardness between Mel and me seem like a hundred foot wall that was impossible to breach. I knew I had no right to feel like I just walked in my wife having an affair, but these feeling just wouldn't go away no matter how I tried to rationalise it. I wanted to believe she gave herself to that Pan creature for good reasons. However I couldn't help but feel she enjoyed it way too much. Up until the burning part that is. Turning to her determined to keep it all out in the open and I said, "Mel, you did what you had to do back there and that pan flute music was like..."

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