tagNonHumanThe Demon at Her Door

The Demon at Her Door


Okay everyone this is an Interracial/ Paranormal story. I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope the first chapter isn't too short or rushed. I've wanted to write a paranormal story for awhile so I hope this one is good. Keep the feedback coming and thx for reading.

Curious Virgin N.O.

Two Years Ago...

Shay tried to focus on the food that lay on the plate before her. She'd tuned out her friend Tracy a long time ago. While she sat there chatting about her life she sat there thinking about why she didn't have one. She had a great job as stylist and she had everything she could ever want. Except she was missing one important thing; a man. It wasn't like she was ugly on anything. She was a cool 5' 6'' with decent legs that she showed off every chance she got. Her chocolate skin covered her body smoothly from head to toe and complimented her perfect assets. She had a full luscious body that contained an infinite amount of curves. She sighed softly at her predicament and then turned her attention back to Tracy.

Tracy shook her blond hair. "And he was like you can have everything you want I'll pay for it. I don't know why I'm so valuable to men. I guess I'm just lucky."

Shay scoffed, lucky didn't even describe her. She was just the typical mold of the blond beauty complete with a nasty stuck up attitude and a narcissistic personality. She still didn't know why she was friends with the woman. Shay rolled her eyes and went back to brooding over her life when she felt a shiver run down her spine. Shay felt the penetrating stare of someone. She tried to ignore it, but the pull she felt was overwhelming. She slowly turned trying to find the culprit and wished she hadn't looked at all. She didn't know how to describe the man staring at her. Beautiful was too feminine for the man, but damn the man was outright gorgeous. His body was thick full of muscle. He had to be 6'7'' and his body had to weigh in at a cool 290 lbs. She shook her head at her thoughts. Here she was measuring the man for a suit and openly drooling over him. His face was chiseled consisting of high cheek bones and exotic eyes that slanted at the tips. His silver gaze ran through her as he boldly held her gaze. She had to stop herself from moaning when she saw his hair. A bright red that fell in thick waves down his back. Many men couldn't pull off long hair, but for some reason it fit him perfectly and it complimented his black Armani suit to perfection. He didn't look like the type to wear a suit though, he looked like a warrior, one of those men who fought for their country and came back home to please their women with infinite orgasms. She sighed damn did she need one of those. Shay was snapped out of her trance by a snapping sound in her ear.

Tracys' snooty voice entered her ear. "Well Shay if you weren't going to listen to me why the hell did you invite me to lunch?"

Shay tried to calm her temper. She didn't invite Tracy to lunch. The woman had invited herself as usual. "Tracy I'm sorry please continue what you were saying."

Like clock work Tracy went back to talking about herself. Shay stole one last glance at the beautiful man before she tried to focus back on Tracy. She sighed softly craving something she couldn't touch.

Sebastian tried to calm the demon within him. It began to roar and complain.

I want her the dark voice inside him whispered.

Sebastian shook his head trying to quiet his dark side. When he saw the woman he couldn't stop from staring at her. Her smooth chocolate skin, her luscious ass and breasts, and her plump lips made him instantly erect. He couldn't be with a woman, especially not a human woman. He was trying to hide from the hunters his uncle had sent after him. Some days he wished he wasn't the Prince or soon to be King of the Demons. He tried to calm the anger that spread through his body before his demon came out to play. His uncle had brutally murdered his parents just because he wanted to be in control. His mother had sensed he would come for blood so they had sent him away from their native habitat in Scotland to the Island of the Werewolves. Considering his mothers' people were magical creatures they could move on and off the island as they pleased. He sighed at the ache that began in his chest. He missed his father and mother greatly. They were two of the most powerful beings in the universe and they'd freely given themselves up in order to save his life. He still couldn't understand how a demonic lord of the underworld and a powerful princess of weres could feel love so deeply for another being. Of course their death had been in vain because his uncle planned to kill every part of the royal family. That man had some serious control issues. He'd even teamed up with Dark Angels, angels that specialized in killing demons, just to make sure he didn't survive when they came to get him. He wasn't going down without a fight. He winced and put his hand to his head. His demon was acting out, again.

I want her now it whined like a child.

Sebastian refused to argue with his demon or rather himself in front of people. He already stood out in a crowd; he didn't need to seem crazy too. Maybe he'd listen to his demon though. He couldn't deny that the woman was beautiful and from the way she'd gazed at him they were on the same page. He watched as she rose up out of her chair with the blond woman. She sneaked a glance at him and their eyes met. Brown meeting silver and creating a bond that would be hard to break. She quickly looked away and Sebastian sighed. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Shay tried to stop the ache in her chest. For some reason she ached for the man back in the restaurant. Hell she wasn't the only one, men and women alike were staring at the man like he was a buffet. He wasn't for her anyway. She walked to her car and got inside. Just as she was about to pull off a knock on her driver side window startled her. She rolled down the window and her body melted into the seat. Scents of jasmine and sandalwood assailed her nostrils. Her mouth began to salivate and she tried to salvage as much of her composure as she could. It was the man from the restaurant and he was larger than life. Shay got out of her car and came face to face, or rather body to body with the man. He raised his arm and inside his large hand was her wallet.

His melodic voice washed over her. "You left this inside."

Shay whimpered softly at his deep husky purr. It was laced with a thick Scottish brogue and she tried to stop the trickle of wetness that started to seep out of her wet core.

She took the purse from his hands. "Thank you I can't believe I left this. If it wasn't for you someone would probably be claiming to be Shay Daniels right about now." She laughed softly.

Sebastian closed his eyes and savored her voice. It was husky and carried a faint southern accent. He was glad he wore loose slacks today because the erection he was sporting was massive. His demon began to purr and he began to feel the beginnings of his compulsion. His beast wanted out so he could have a taste of Shay.

He looked down at her. "It was no problem, but I'm glad I was able to help save a beautiful woman like you." He teased lightly. Sebastian watched in awe at the transformation her face took. She began to glow softly from his compliment and her chocolate brown eyes seemed to warm his cold soul.

She smiled at him. "Well thank you anyway another person would've probably decided to just take everything and run."

Sebastian leaned into Shay. "Really it was no problem." They stood there with mere inches separating their bodies. Shay looked up into the mans' silver eyes and slowly slid her gaze down to his lips. They were perfect and made for sucking and eventually kissing.

Sebastian grabbed Shays' hand and pushed a gentle kiss to the top. Shay shivered at the sensation of his warm mouth on her body. She was dripping wet just from his lips, not telling how the sex would be. She doubted that she would last a minute with this man. He raised his eyes to hers; they were heavy with sexual desire.

"If you really want to thank me Shay I would love for us to enjoy a date together. Of course if there is someone else then..." Sebastian let the sentence trail away. If there was someone else the bastard was soon to be nonexistent because he refused to give this woman up.

Shay shook her head slightly sending her black curls astray. "Of course a date would be fine."

Sebastian nodded his head in approval. He took her address down and her number before he turned to her again. "I will pick you around seven if that's okay."

Shay nodded her head in approval and Sebastian had to pull himself away. Her plump lips were parted slightly and he wanted a taste of her. But he knew a kiss wouldn't sate him or his demon. He needed her. Sebastian walked away from her slowly; he needed to get away from this woman now because if he didn't there was a good chance that he was going to fuck her in the middle of the street.

Shay released the pent up breath she had been holding. The man was a walking sex machine. His long, lazy gait promised to leave a woman begging for more. He might've been wearing a tailored suit, but that man was one hundred percent animal. Shay shook her head, she needed to get home because all of sudden she had an appointment with a vibrator.

Sebastian practically ran into the immense mansion. He ran up to the dark study that he used privately. He didn't know how he made it back home without killing something. His gaze had turned hazy and was tinged with a dull red shade. He looked to his hair and saw that the ends were slowly becoming black. His demon was in full force now as he tore into the study. He felt his fangs elongate in his mouth and he leaned his head back and roared. He was hungry, but not for blood, he was hungry for Shay. Sebastian was too busy trying to control himself that he didn't here the door open. He looked to the door to see his guardian Alastair standing there. The man had a disapproving look on his face as he gazed at him.

"Sebastian you shouldn't try to hold your demon away for so long." The man had an evil grin on his face.

Sebastian stomped up to the man and his demonic voice filled the room. "I'm not in the mood Alastair. I will kill you and I will enjoy every minute of it."

Alastairs' face contorted with rage. "Sebastian you may be powerful, but you have a lot to deal with before you can fuck with me. I may be your guardian and you may be more powerful than me, but I will whoop your ass."

Sebastian rolled his blood red eyes to the ceiling. Alastair might've been his guardian, but he acted more like a brother. But he respected Alastair for all he was worth. The man had protected him and taught him how to control, well somewhat control his demon. Alastair stood in front of him with short silver hair, but it was a stark contrast to the black eyebrows that rested over bright green eyes. In appearance the man appeared to be around thirty, but he was easily over five hundred years old. Sebastian was only two hundred and he felt like a child with Alastair.

He looked at the man. "So have they found us yet?"

Alastair scoffed. "Found us? Hey I have nothing to do with it they're just looking for you. But anyway you haven't been this upset in awhile. I was beginning to think you weren't a demon anymore because of how rare it was to see you in demon form. What set you off this time?"

Sebastian closed his eyes and savored the image that wavered in his mind. She was beautiful and he ached for her, badly. A woman like that deserved someone better than a monster like him. He heard Alastair chuckle lightly. Damn he forgot the man could read his mind. Another annoying habit that Alastair conducted in frequently.

"So a woman has my poor Sebastian upset. So why don't you go get her and be through with this temper tantrum you seem to be having."

Sebastian looked at Alastair drolly. "If you seem to have forgotten I can't be with her because I'm not exactly human. What am I supposed to do go up to her and say hey I'm a mixed breed of demon and werewolf. Let's go somewhere were we can fuck until the sun comes up."

Alastair tsked at Sebastian. "You shouldn't use such crude language. That's not the way I raised you. Okay maybe I did raise you a little differently than someone else would've. That's not the point the point is that you need to accept that there is someone out there for you. You're not going to be alone all your life and from the way your acting she has to be your mate."

Sebastian tensed as he realized the possibility. It was said that when one of his people met their mate it was known by their demon. When they couldn't control themselves or when their demon form was shown without being provoked it was because their mate brought out their true nature. Sebastian looked at Alastair questioningly.

Alastair shrugged his shoulders. "Hey don't look at me like that. Your demon is acting crazy when it's not around her, but when you're with her your calm aren't you?"

Sebastian nodded his head in agreement. He stood there in shock at the possibility of finding his mate. He walked past Alastair into his bedroom that resembled the epitome of darkness. He walked to pick up his black guitar and sat on his bed. He slowly began to strum the melody of Nickelbacks' Savin Me and his melodic voice accompanied the chords to perfection. Hopefully Shay would help him find his way through the dark.

Shay lay on the bed panting from the third orgasm she'd given herself. Just thinking about that man had caused her to cum without help from her vibrator. She hadn't even bothered to get his name. She was focused on his body and the way he carried himself. Shay tried to go to sleep, but her body hummed for something more. That man was going to be hers tomorrow and she didn't give a damn who knew it. She closed her eyes and went to sleep praying that her dreams wouldn't be filled with red hair men.

Sebastian woke up to a bright light entering the room. He tried to figure out when he had fell asleep, but he decided not to worry about it. He was more focused on getting rid of the massive erection that lay beneath the covers. His dreams had been filled with a beautiful chocolate woman that seemed to succumb to his every desire. Sebastian looked up at the windows and frowned when he saw that the curtains were closed. Sebastian turned his head in his pillow then groaned in frustration. That damn angel was here again.

"Yeah that damn angel is here again." The voice said dryly. "And the damn angel wants you to get up. Now if you don't mind considering I'm spying for your raggedy ass."

Sebastian turned over and got out of the bed. "Could you turn the glowing thing off, it's kind of freaky."

The glow in the room slowly dispersed and in the middle of the room stood an angelic looking man. To human eyes he would be too beautiful to look at with his long blond hair and his violet eyes. His sensual mouth was made for pleasing and of course being a smartass.

The angel looked over at him. "Please tell me that thing is not for me because I'm so not feeling you like that. Really if we're going to be friends this has to stop right here."

Sebastian looked down and cursed as he saw his erection. He pulled the sheets off the bed and wrapped them around his body then he sent a dark glare towards Lucian which only resorted into bringing a grin to the angels' lips.

"Lucian you're an idiot and a pervert. I don't know why I put up with you."

Lucian shrugged his shoulders elegantly. "Because you love me in a platonic sort of way. Anyway I pride myself on being a pervert, but I don't know about the idiot bit. Your uncle is still searching for you, but he doesn't know were you are. Of course that's courtesy to me of course."

Sebastian shook his head at the creature then he went downstairs to the kitchen. He walked into the pantry and pulled out a box of Lucky Charms and poured half the box into a bowl. He went into the refrigerator and poured half the milk into the bowl also. He walked to the table with his snack and ignored the look of disgust that resided on Lucians' face.

"You really eat that stuff?!"

Sebastian tilted his head then shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah I really eat this stuff now if you don't mind I'm hungry and I hate when you watch me eat."

Lucian ignored Sebastians' request and continued to stare at the man as he stuffed piles of cereal and marshmallow bites into his mouth. Lucian gave Sebastian a dirty grin.

"Oh I see you're making sure you stay strong for that beautiful woman you saw yesterday."

Sebastian saw red as he called out Alastairs' name. The man appeared out of thin air into the kitchen and smiled evilly at the look on Sebastians' face.

Sebastian refused to give up his cereal to deal with the man so he just stayed put at the table. "You gum-flapping, backstabbing, ugly ass, motherfu-"

Alastair frowned at Sebastian. "Hey I draw the line at being called ugly, but you didn't tell me that the woman you met was to be kept a secret between me and you." He smiled slyly at Sebastian.

Sebastian rolled his eyes towards the heavens trying to gain back some of his patience that was wasted on these two. He focused on his cereal and thought about the woman he was to see today. His beautiful Shay would soon be his.

Shay woke up the next morning feeling sluggish. She tried to go to sleep, but her mind kept replaying images of the man from yesterday. She really needed to pull herself together if she was going to claim this man as hers. She got out of the bed and proceeded to clean herself up. She took a shower and then she put on a pair of boy shorts with a t-shirt that read "Demons do it Better". Shay sighed into the empty house. She was in love with everything paranormal, hell her book collection consisted of everything from the Dark-Hunters of Sherrilyn Kenyon to the very sexy J.R. Ward vampires from the Brotherhood. She especially loved Karen Marie Monings' druid series and hoped to meet an Adam of her own some day, but this was the real world. The world were there are no such things as demons, vampires, were-animals, or anything other than human roaming the planet. She walked into the living room and turned on the TV trying to calm her mind. It was something about Sebastian that made her crave for something more. This man seemed to crave for her like a lover finding his true soul mate. She laughed at the ridiculous thought as it crossed her mind. She needed to get over this man he was just human after all.

Sebastian had tried to outrun his demons once, but they kept coming back. He had flashed himself to his homeland in Scotland to pay respect to his parents. The lush green ground was the perfect place to honor the ones that had paid homage to the great land. He was in the hidden by the brush in the woods and he watched as his enemy walked over the ground tainting it with its hatefulness. The creature had blue-black hair like the rest of its brethren and it had lifeless pale blue eyes. The creatures were built to kill from the weapons they made to the powers they held, but he didn't worry because he was considered one of the most powerful beings. It would take more than just this one creature to take him out, but he wouldn't risk being exposed especially since he had found a something greater than food to sate his hunger. Shay was going to be his tonight and she was going to enjoy every bit of it.

Shay walked over to the mirror and nervously checked her reflection in the mirror. She wore a black dress that hugged her curves perfectly and left a little cleavage to show off some of her assets. The dress ended above her knees, but was short enough to be considered sexy. She slipped on the simple gold chain that she had bought for herself when she had made the job as a stylist. Shay looked to the door as a heavy knock sounded. She walked to the door and her heart fell to her feet. The man on the other side should consider a job as a model because he would definitely be booked in a heart beat. His hair had been pulled back and bound down his back in a thick red braid. His big body was stuffed inside another black Armani suit and it had the loafers to match. The man was too sexy to be true. He looked down at her through his silver eyes.

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