tagNonHumanThe Demon at Her Door Ch. 02

The Demon at Her Door Ch. 02


Okay everyone here's Ch.2 and there are a couple of surprises in this one. Yes it is short, but I felt like if I kept on writing it would feel drawn out and too long. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and yes the next chapter will be out probably this week also. So enjoy and keep the feedback coming.

Curious Virgin N.O.

Sebastian carried Shay to the bed and set her down softly. She was so beautiful that it made his heart ache. He couldn't believe he went without her for so long. He looked down at her chocolate skin and longed to be inside of her. He began to purr softly and his fangs peeked from beneath his top lip. Good thing she was unconscious or else she'd probably pass out again. He walked to the mirror and gazed at his form. Since he went through the change his body became larger…if that were possible. His eyes looked more wolf like and his hair was wilder. He looked at his reflection and looked into the red eyes that stared back at him. He couldn't just come out and tell Shay that he was a demon. She'd probably run for a cross, holy water, and a preacher…all in that order.

"Well if I were her I wouldn't waste my time on you anyway."

Sebastian rolled his eyes and looked to the familiar voice. "Lucian will you stop stalking me? I've told you before that if you're into men I'm not the one you need to go after."

Lucian chuckled softly. "I came to make sure you're okay considering I am one of you're guardians. Plus you never call me anymore, don't you care about you're only friend." Lucian looked at Sebastian with puppy eyes.

"Lucian shut the hell up and take your weird ass somewhere else. We live together why should I call you? No don't answer that smart ass. Yes I'm okay, but I couldn't stay away from her."

Lucian looked at Sebastian then looked to the form on the bed. "She looks delicious. Hey do you mind if I take a bite? I'd love a piece of chocolate right now especially since-"

Sebastians' low demonic growl filled the room. "Don't you dare go near her. I'll rip your throat out, stomp on it, and throw it back inside your body. Then I'll kick your ass into eternity for the rest of your miserable life."

Lucian looked at Sebastian in shock, and then he began to laugh. "Sebastian you're whipped and you haven't even been with the girl for that long. Well I guess she really is your mate. I guess I'll see you when you get home. Don't be gone to long because I'm cooking dinner." Lucian gave Sebastian an evil grin before he disappeared.

Sebastian turned back to look at Shay then he turned to walk into the bathroom.

Shay kept her eyes closed as she heard the bathroom door close. She slowly opened them to see an empty room. She slowly got out of bed and walked downstairs to the living room. Who was that person Sebastian had been talking to? She looked around to see that her living room was empty. She shrugged her shoulders then walked back to her bedroom. She stopped short at the sight that greeted her. Sebastian was in her room naked with his back to her. His body was beautiful and flawless. Her gaze dropped down his back to his muscled ass. It was perfect, not too much and not too little. She watched in amazement as he turned around and faced her. Her jaw dropped at the eight-pack he was carrying on his stomach. His chest was wide and her mouth went dry at the site. All that skin was display and she wanted a taste. She looked lower towards the area between his legs, but groaned in disappointment. She was shocked out of her fantasy by a throat clearing. She quickly looked up to Sebastians' face.

"If you wanted to look at me then all you had to do was ask." His voice melted over her body like chocolate.

She looked and smiled at him shyly then she became angry. She walked up to him and slapped his chest. "How dare you!! How dare you think that you can come in here, prance around my room naked and think that I wouldn't remember that you left me?" She tried to stop the tears that began to fill her eyes, but it was too late.

She walked away from Sebastian and brushed the tears away angrily. "You come in here thinking it's going to be okay and that I'll just forgive you. Sebastian you left me for two years. Do you know how I felt? Did you know that I cried everyday for about two months before I just became depressed? I didn't know what to do after you just forgot about me."

Sebastian looked at Shay then walked towards her. He grabbed her face into his hands and looked into her eyes. His voice was thick with emotion. "Shay I'm sorry, trust me I didn't leave you voluntarily. Something…something came up." Sebastian winced as the last sentence left his lips.

Shay looked at him through cold brown eyes. "Well I'm sorry, but we can't continue this thing…whatever it is. Something just came up." She moved away from him and walked to the other side of the bedroom.

Sebastian looked at her sadly while his demon growled angrily. She might think that she was going to get rid of him, but she was wrong. He walked over towards her and crowded her with his body.

"Shay I'm not leaving so you can get that idea out of your head. Something did come up and I'm sorry I can't tell you what it is. What matters is that I'm here."

Shay looked at him through teary eyes. "Well you should've been here two years ago. Now if you don't mind I want you to leave."

Sebastian looked at her in disbelief then he saw that she was serious. He pulled his clothes back on and pulled back his demon before it got loose. He grinned at Shay darkly. "Poor Shay got her feelings hurt. Well just so you know I didn't leave you because I wasn't interested, it would've taken a life or death experience to take me away from you. Don't think you're getting rid of me." Sebastian leaned down and brushed her lips with his.

"Shay I love you and if there's someone else you better worn the poor bastard that he only has a few days to let you go because when I come back you're mine." Sebastian walked out of the house and didn't look back.

Shay stood in the middle of the bedroom in shock. What had she just done? Why was she so sensitive? She could've forgiven the man for leaving her. She shook her head. No she wouldn't let some man go in and out of her life. She deserved someone who would love her and stay by her side. She sighed sadly…she deserved Sebastian.

Sebastian walked into his home angrily. He walked through the living room towards the backyard. He stood outside and felt the breeze wash over his body. His hair whipped through the wind into his face. He closed his eyes and took in the vanilla scent that ran over his body. Shay was right; she needed something better than him.

"No you need each other and if you don't stop this hero bullshit I'm going to strangle you."

Sebastian turned towards Alastair in disgust. "Can you guys leave me alone with my thoughts for once?"

Alastair shook his head. "No because when you're alone you always ruin shit. Anyway I can't believe you just let her go. Your father didn't just let your mother go, hell he even challenged her father for the right to marry her."

Sebastian put his head in his hands and walked away from Alastair. "You don't know how complicated this is. Mom and dad had both been nonhuman so they knew what to expect. I can't pop in and tell Shay the reason why I left was because I was attacked by immortal beings out to kill me."

Alastair looked at Sebastian. "Tell her the truth. Who knows she could be into all things that are weird."

Sebastian turned to Alastair with a droll look. "Yeah and maybe you should slap my ass and call me a human."

Alastair let loose a burst of laughter. He turned to walk back into the house and Sebastian followed him inside.

"She told me to leave her. She doesn't want to see me again." Sebastians' quiet voice entered the living room.

"Sebastian who cares what she says. You know how women are; they say one thing and mean another. You need her and she needs you." Alastair smiled at Sebastian softly then walked away.

Shay walked through her house like a zombie. Since last night she'd been kicking herself in the ass. She couldn't believe she threw Sebastian out. It wasn't everyday a woman, a black woman, got the chance to meet a man who should be illegal on the streets. She couldn't just stay in the house mopping around. She decided to go out and do a little retail therapy. She drove to the mall and went to her favorite store, Victoria Secret. Even though she could barely afford anything in the store she loved imagining herself in the lingerie. She was going through the red lace underwear thinking about how it would go perfectly with Sebastians' hair when she felt a presence behind her. Shay turned around slowly and took a step back. Right in front of her was a beautiful man. He had black hair and pale blue eyes that seemed to hypnotize her. But he had an evil aura surrounding his body that went at odds with his look. He smiled at her softly.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but it's hard to pass up a beautiful woman."

Shay felt her knees turn into putty at his deep voice. She smiled at him. "You didn't disturb me I was just browsing anyway."

"In a lingerie store? I'm sorry it's none of my business it's just that a woman like you should be able to have anything out of this store. Your body is much more desirable than the skinny models they use"

Shay felt a shiver down her back. This man was being a little too friendly. "Well thank you, but I have to go now. I have an appointment I need to make." She smiled at the man and waved good-bye. She quickly walked out of the store and towards the car. She needed to head home now before something bad happened.

Damien looked at Shay as she walked away shortly. He licked his lips in anticipation. Soon she'd be his and he'd make sure he fucked her in front of Sebastian. That idiot Nikolai thought that he owned him. Nikolais' power was nothing compared to his. Damien grinned evilly before he called out for his twin brother.


Lucians' blond form appeared next to him. "You know not to call me in front of all these humans. I can barely resist temptation."

Damien rolled his eyes and smiled at his brothers' ill placed humor. "So how is it going being a guardian for Sebastian?"

Lucian chuckled slightly. "You know I'd do anything to protect him and make sure that he becomes the kings of demons." Lucian scoffed. "You know I'm trying to get him were you can kill him and that dumbass uncle of his. He would've been dead by now if his uncle would've just killed him instead of making a big speech. Blah, blah, blah, I'm sorry I have to kill you…"

Damien rolled his eyes at his twin. "So blondie, how are we going to get the girl?"

Lucian looked to his brother. "Well first off we have to catch them together." Lucian put his hand to his chin and walked around. He snapped his fingers in the air. "I got it! Since she's Sebastians' mate if we attack her then demon inside of him would sense it. So we should attack Shay and when Sebastian comes running capture him. After that you can tie up Sebastian or whatever, fuck Shay in front of him and then kill him. Then we can kill that bastard Nikolai."

Damien smiled at his brother. "Mom always said you were the genius out of the two of us."

Lucian shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah I know." He looked towards a blond woman searching through underwear. "Now if you don't mind I'm hungry and horny." Lucien walked over to the woman while Damien shook his head and laughed. It was almost time for them to take over.

Sebastian was pacing through jungle in his backyard. His demon was out in full force and it wanted one thing, but the problem was that one thing didn't want him. He turned as he felt a familiar shiver run down his back.

He growled demonically. "Lucian I'm not in the mood for this bullshit."

Lucian laughed. "What bullshit are you talking about Sebastian? Anyway I just wanted to tell you I saw Shay at the mall today and one of the hunters was talking to her. Don't worry I gave him a good ass whooping. One he won't wake up from."

Sebastian turned to Lucian in shock. "They know about her? How could they? She needs to be protected, I can't have her defenseless."

Lucian came up to Sebastian. "Calm down man she's not defenseless. I mean she has me to protect her, even though she doesn't know about me."

Sebastian turned to Lucian. "I have to get her before something happens to her."

"Sebastian if you go to her you might be giving the hunters a map to her. Just let her go about her life like nothing is going to happen. Don't give the hunters more reason to try to hurt her."

Sebastian nodded his head in agreement. He walked away and missed the evil smile on Lucians' face.

Shay looked at herself in the mirror. She sighed softly and walked towards the door to her car. She was going out to dinner with Tracy, even though it wouldn't do anything to help her mood. She got inside of her car saw that she had forgot her purse. She was walking towards her door when a body walked in front of her. Startled she looked up into the eyes of the man she'd seen at the store.

"Hello gorgeous nice to see you again."

Shay watched in horror as the man opened his mouth and his incisors elongated. His pale, blue eyes became white orbs of light. She turned to run towards her car, but didn't get far. He appeared in front of her body and grabbed her by her arms. He pulled her into his body and growled demonically at her.

"Shay, beautiful Shay. I can't wait to have a taste of you." The man leaned into her neck and ran his fangs over her vein.

Shay began to struggle and scream, but no one seemed to hear her. But for some reason she called out a certain name hoping for someone to save her. "SEBASTIAN!!!"

Sebastian jumped out of the bed in a cold sweat. He felt his demon break through. He growled low before he disappeared to help his woman.


Shay struggled against the hold the man had on her. She threw her leg back and connected with his cock. He released her with a roar and buckled over. Shay tried to run from the man, but more came from behind her house. They stopped in front of her with sinister grins before they lunged at her. Shay stood in shock and saw her life flash before her eyes. Out of the blue a form lunged at her and pulled her to the ground. She saw that the man had black hair and she fought off her intruder.

"Get off me now. Leave me alone!!!" Shay tried to fight the man off, but she couldn't. He raised his head and she looked into a pair of familiar silver eyes. He spoke in that mesmerizing voice of his.

"Shay I need you to take my car and run." Sebastian said.

Shay watched in horror as he rose off of her and his eyes flashed to a flaming red. He turned towards the other black-haired men and attacked them. Instead of running Shay looked for a weapon she could use to help her man.

Sebastian turned towards the hunters with a snarl. He lunged at the nearest one and attacked. He tore at the mans' neck with his fangs and ripped it open. His screams of agony filled the dark night and with a savage growl Sebastian turned to the next victim. He threw his head back and let loose a roar before he commenced fighting. He took the hunter to the ground and stabbed him in the heart. Another hunter attacked him from behind. Sebastian turned and flipped the hunter off of his back. He turned towards the horde of hunters that had appeared in front of him. He let his full demonic powers flow through his veins. He turned to the hunters with a nasty grin before he a bright light filled the space were he stood. In its place was a large black wolf with its fangs barred. Sebastian jumped at the hunters and attacked.

Shay watched in amazement at what she had just witnessed. Sebastian had gone from some kind of human monster to a big ass wolf. She looked towards the car he told her to jump in and decided to jump inside, but was frozen in place at the wild growl she heard. She watched as Sebastian, the wolf, jumped into the crowd of men and began to tear them apart limb by limb. He attacked each man and when he was done a pile of carnage was left. Shay covered her eyes as the bright light appeared again and revealed Sebastian with black hair. His eyes were still blood red and his body was covered in blood. He turned towards her and his eyes instantly turned back to silver. She watched in surprise as his hair slowly turned from black to red. He walked towards her and she backed up towards the car.

"Shay…please don't be scared of me. I can explain everything."

Shay shook her head in denial at what she just witnessed. "No, I don't believe what I just saw. I'm dreaming…yeah that's it I'm dreaming." She started laughing and pinched herself slightly. "Wait why am I not waking up?"

Sebastian shook his head sadly. "Because you're not dreaming angel. Please come with me, I can protect you."

Shay looked at him in bewilderment. "Come with you? After what I just saw? Please, how can I be safe with someone who turns into an animal and kills people for fun?"

Sebastian stopped in front of her. "Shay they would've killed you if I hadn't come along."

Shay looked at the pleading look on Sebastians' face. The man she had fallen in love with wasn't a man exactly. She looked into his eyes and saw the emotions running through his body. He couldn't, wouldn't, hurt her even if he tried. She watched as he walked towards her and opened up the car door.

"Please Shay, come with me. I can protect you…I promise."

Shay shook her head in confusion and got inside the car. She hoped like hell she was making the right choice.

Damien looked in anger as Sebastian drove away with Shay. He was that close to capturing the two and they'd gotten away. Sebastian had been through the change and he was more powerful than they had thought. Damien called out for his brother. Lucians' blond head came into view.

"Lucian what is going on? We should've caught them."

"Damien I don't know what happened, but I guess he should've been caught by now. His demon is powerful isn't it?"

Damien shook his head and staggered to his feet. His cock was still achy from the powerful kick that Shay gave him. That woman would pay for what she did.

"Don't worry Damien I know how to get them both. I don't know why I didn't think of this before."

Damien looked to Lucian in confusion. "How do you expect to attack Sebastian and Shay? How do you even expect to get close enough to them?"

Lucian looked to his brother with a sinister grin. "It's easy. I'll just live with them."

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