tagNonHumanThe Demon at Her Door Ch. 03

The Demon at Her Door Ch. 03


Hey everybody here's Ch.3 and I'm sorry it took so long to come out. I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope it was worth the wait. Anyway Ch.4 will be out hopefully soon, depending on the schedule I have. But thanks for reading and keep the feedback coming!!!!!!!

Curious Virgin N.O.

The moon was out in full force tonight. The water on the beach lazily washed up on the shore and reluctantly flowed back to join with the ocean once more. The light of the moon reflected off the blond hair of Lucian. He stood on the beach in a daze trying to figure out his latest plot to destroy Nikolai. He was tired with all the manipulating he was doing. It was pure chaos. He smiled slightly to himself. His brother thought he was going to willingly give Sebastian to them, and Nikolai thought he was going to rule the demons and wolves, and eventually the world. If it wasn't for that damn prophecy that had came about, none of this would be happening. Lucian thought back to when he had overheard Nikolai talking about the prophecy. Lucian hadn't seen the thing for himself, but whatever it was there was no way in hell Sebastian was going to die because of it. He'd promised Sebastians' father that he'd always watch after his son. And he never broke a promise.

Shay sat stiffly in the passenger side of the car all the while watching Sebastians' every move. How could a man so beautiful be something else? She cleared her throat and was about to ask him when he interrupted her.

"You're not ready to know yet. And no I don't read minds I just assumed that's what you were going to ask."

Shay gave him a peeved stare. "Well that's not what I was going to ask. I want to know where in the hell you are taking me."

Sebastian shrugged his shoulders. "I'll know when we get there."

Shay let out an agitated breath. "Well when we get there I need to use the phone to call a cab."

Sebastian violently pulled the car over. Shay sat in fear as she watched Sebastian get out of the car. He slammed the door angrily and stomped through the grass. Shay looked at him like he was a lunatic before she got out of the car and followed him.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! If anyone should be angry it should be me." She walked up to his back, but ran into his chest when he turned around. He grabbed her wrists to keep her from falling. He looked at her with swirling red eyes.

"You don't have any idea do you? I tried to stay away from you; I thought that if I did you would be protected. You wouldn't have to worry about my world. But now you're stuck so either you can deal with me or find someone else to save your ass."

Shay raised her hand and slapped him across the face. Sebastian looked down at her with shock, and then anger filled his red eyes.

"Listen here Sebastian. You have no reason to talk to me like that! You don't think I have a reason to know why in the hell those men were attacking me? I have every damn right to know what's going on! I don't know what the hell you are, but you better start talking!"

Sebastian rolled his red eyes at her. He bowed his head slightly and Shay watched in confusion as he smiled darkly at her. Sebastian rushed her and put her over his shoulder. Shay began to scream and struggle against the hold he had on her.

"Arrrggghhhhh! Let me go Sebastian!!!" Shay thumped on his back with her fists.

Sebastian laughed as he carried Shay back to the car. He tried to be nice and leave her alone. He tried to be humane about having a relationship with her. He was done being nice, he was done being the exotic human. It was time he started acting like his true nature; it was time to be the demon.

Nikolai paced back and forth through the dark chamber. His nephew had eluded him twice now and he was becoming impatient. He wanted to rule these demons now. He looked over to the open book that lay on the desk. Everyone thought that the prophecy had been some big joke until his brother had made it come true. He walked over to reread the text within the book:

There will be a day when a boy born of both demon and wolf shall meet a human mate. A child shall be born between them and in their hands is the ultimate fate.

Nikolai threw his head back in anger. That damn brother of his had to go fall in love with the Princess of the Werewolves. And now his nephew was about to make the last part of the prophecy come true. He called out for his right hand man Damien.

"Yes my lord?"

Nikolai turned to the man. "Damien we need to catch Sebastian and that bitch he's found."

Damien looked at Nikolai. "My lord we are trying our best. But I have a resource that may be able to get us close enough to destroy them both."

Nikolai looked to Damien with surprise. "Really? Who? Oh never mind don't answer that, but just make sure you keep me posted."

Damien turned away from Nikolai with disgust. Soon they would all get what they wanted in one way or another.

Shay was carried into the massive house on top of a mammoth. Sebastian still wouldn't put her down and it irked the hell out of her. How dare he think he could just do whatever he wanted to do? She screamed slightly as she was thrown onto a couch.

"You fatheaded, weird ass, ugly ass, stubborn-"

An amused voice interrupted Shays' tirade. "Well sweetheart I knew I wasn't the only one who felt that way about him."

Shay looked to try and locate the voice, but she didn't see anyone. She turned back around to face Sebastian, but instead came face to face with a beautiful blond man. She puffed out an annoyed breath.

"So I'm guessing all you beautiful men are really ugly things that like to kidnap women!"

Sebastian came into view. "Shay this is Lucian, the resident asshole. We're thinking about castrating him so he can't populate the world."

Shay rolled her eyes. "In my opinion you should be the one being castrated."

Lucian burst out laughing and he came over to sit next to Shay. Shay moved over to the far end of the couch trying to get away from him.

"Don't worry sweetheart I don't bite...much."

Shays' eyes widened in fear. Here she was surrounded by men, no scratch that she didn't know what she was surrounded by, but she intended to find out.

She got off the couch and grabbed Sebastian by the hand. She tugged him, but he didn't budge. She walked around to the other side of his body and pushed him down over the side of the couch. Lucian began to laugh while Sebastian growled at her. She growled back.

"Look you two, I don't know who or what the hell you guys are, but you better start talking now!" She looked at Sebastian. "What the hell are you?!"

Sebastian took a deep breath then looked at Lucian. "I don't think you can handle what we are sweethea-"

"Don't even think about using pet names with me. From now on the name is Shay until we get this thing figured out. Now either you tell me or else!"

A new voice entered the conversation. "Or else what?"

Shay shivered at the deep baritone that climbed down her spine. She turned around slowly and bumped into a brick wall. She looked up and was looking into the eyes of something. Whoever this thing was it had silver hair and black brows that sat over bright green eyes. He smiled down at her.

"So you're the woman Sebastian is infatuated with. I can see why the man doesn't want to corrupt you."

Shay looked to Sebastian angrily. "Well thank you for joining the meeting, now if you don't mind you can sit your ass down and tell me what you are."

The man smiled at her while he went to join the other two on the couch. He looked Shay in the eyes before he spoke. "Well first off the name is Alastair and as for what I am, well that's easy. I'm a demon sweetheart. Sebastian is a demon and a werewolf mixed together. And well Lucian...we don't actually know what he is. If he tells you he's an angel, he's far from it sweetheart."

Shay blinked at the man and then began to chuckle. Her chuckle soon turned into a hearty laugh that threatened to go on forever. She looked at the three men and began to laugh harder.

"You're telling...me th-that...you guys aren't...hu-human?!" She continued laughing and Lucian began to join in with her laughter. He got up off the couch all the while laughing. He came up to Shay.

"That's right Shay. We're telling you we're not human." Shay looked at him and wiped her eyes, while he did the same thing. They gazed at each other and began to laugh again, but the laughter was cut short as Lucian opened his mouth and hissed at her. Shay began to scream loudly.


Lucian closed his mouth before he looked at Shay. "We told you sweetheart what we were and you didn't believe us. As they say "seeing is believing"."

Shay looked at Sebastian. "Are you sure I'm not dreaming?"

Sebastian nodded his head sadly. Shay sat down in the chair and fainted.

Sebastian looked at Shay. "What am I going to do? She probably hates me now. I've kidnapped her, put her life in jeopardy, and I've caused her to pass out...again."

Lucian looked to Sebastian with a smile. "Well I like her...she's feisty. Now I have someone to help me when I get ready to annoy you. By the way you're doing the right thing big guy. You have to believe that."

Lucian walked away to go upstairs. Sebastian turned to Alastair, but was greeted with an empty space. He sighed softly and carried Shay upstairs.

Shay woke up to the soft sound of running water. She moved and felt as if she were on top of a cloud. She opened up one eye and then the other. She looked around the room to see herself surrounded in black. The bed was black along with the walls and other furniture in the room. She slowly got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. She saw Sebastian, well his back, and stood there silently. She watched his muscles flex beautifully as he bent down to turn the water off. His hair was back to normal now; she hoped his eyes were silver again too. She watched as he slid his clothes off and nearly moaned aloud. The man was out right sexy. She'd already had a view of his perfect ass, but what surprised her was the thing hanging between his legs. There was no way a mans' cock was supposed to be that big and thick. Of course Sebastian wasn't a man. He climbed into the huge bathtub and she quietly walked in and cleared her throat. He turned around slowly and gazed at her.

"I didn't mean to wake you."

Shay smiled at the man softly. "You didn't wake me." She walked over and sat on the toilet so she could talk to him. "Now if you don't mind what exactly are you."

Sebastian tilted his head and had a thoughtful expression on his face. He looked at Shay and took a deep breath. "Well the truth is I'm not exactly a demon and I'm not exactly a wolf, or in your terms werewolf."

Shay took a deep breath. "Okay so you're not human. That's...well that's...I guess that's cool."

Sebastian smiled at her shyly. "Well along with that I have a couple of hunters, Dark Angels, trying to kill me under the authority of my uncle. If they kill me my uncle could take over the land of demons and wolves alike."

When he saw Shay nod her head he continued. "So I've been running away from them for a couple of years."

Shay got suspicious when he ducked his head. "How many years are considered a couple?"

Sebastian shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, ten, thirty, three hundred."

Shay felt her mouth drop open. "THREE HUNDRED YEARS?!"

Sebastian cringed at the scream. "Yes three hundred years. Now that's my history, what about you?"

Shay looked down sadly. "Aside from me being a successful stylist, I don't have any kind of family. I was adopted and well lets' just say that my adoptive parents weren't too fond of me."

Sebastian rose up out of the water and walked over to Shay. Her eyes widened while he walked towards and picked her up. He hugged her tightly to his naked form and cradled her to his chest.

"Shay you will never be alone again. I swear it."

Shay blinked back the tears that threatened to run down her face. Why did he have to be so perfect? He was sexy, smart, barbaric, sweet, and nonhuman, the last one being her favorite. She always imagined running into some guy who was the epitome of stories she read.

"Thanks big guy, but I think you should put me down."

Sebastian sat her down on her feet gently. He looked down at her. "Anything else you want to know?"

Shay nodded. "Yes, but first I need to take a shower."

Sebastian shook his head. "No shower, you can join the bath with me."

Shay was about to protest, but Sebastian began to pull her clothing off. She felt his body begin to vibrate as he slid her panties down. She felt her cheeks get hot as he slowly pulled her baby blue lace thong off. She felt her core become damp. Sebastian carried her over to the tub and set her inside gently.

"I'll be right back angel."

Shay watched as he carried her underwear into the bedroom. She heard the soft sound of a drawer opening and closing. She eyed him suspiciously when he came back into the bathroom, but her attention was quickly caught elsewhere. She eyed the massive erection he was sporting as he walked up to the tub.

"Umm Sebastian, how are you going to bathe?"

Sebastian answered her question by getting inside the tub with her.

"We're both going to bathe at the same time."

Shay moaned softly as he pulled her into his lap. He grabbed a towel and lathered it with vanilla body wash. He slowly slid the towel between the valley of Shays' breasts. He rubbed the towel up and down causing goosebumps to rise on Shays' skin. Shay slowly arched her back as her nipples tightened. She watched as Sebastian put down the towel and lathered his hand with the soap. He lathered the soap and began to gently massage the underside of Shays' breasts. He leaned into her ear and his husky accented voice slid into her ear.

"You know the trick to becoming clean is to slowly lather the body. Making sure to cover every inch of skin with soap." His hands slowly cascaded around her breasts and she gasped as he came in contact with her nipples. He massaged them slowly and pinched the peaks. Shay moaned softly and was on the verge of coming just from him playing with her breasts. Shay began to grind her ass into his cock. She felt his body vibrate and she heard a loud purring. She looked around confused.

"Sebastian do you have a tiger or something? That purring sound is weird, but sexy as hell." When she didn't hear a reply she turned around and nearly came. Sebastian was gazing at her through half lidded eyes and his fangs were peeking out from underneath his top lip.

"No I don't have a tiger. That's me or rather my demon side."

Shay turned back around and sat with her back to his chest. He continued to lather her body with the vanilla lotion covering every inch of skin he could reach. He grabbed the pitcher that sat next to the tub. He filled it with water and poured the water down her breasts slowly. Her nipples got even harder as the water teased her breasts. She bit her lip and looked back at Sebastian. He rose out of the tub and she held back her laughter as he walked to grab her a towel while sporting an erection. She looked at him as he walked back.

"So am I supposed to dry off with the towel or with..."

Sebastian smiled at her. "With the towel and eventually my tongue."

Shay looked at him with surprise as he wrapped the towel around her and then carried her to the bedroom. He sat her down on the bed softly and walked away to grab a bottle of oil.

"Turn over Shay."

She complied and turned over onto her back. Sebastian rolled his eyes at her.

"On your stomach sweetheart, but I guess we could start with your front."

Shay laughed then turned onto her stomach. Sebastians' warm hands began to rub the oil into her back. Of course he quickly massaged her upper back so he could move to her lower back. He massaged the curve of her spine slowly and trailed down to the curves of her ass. He massaged one cheek then the other before he paused. Shay looked back to see what the problem was, but was greeted with a slap on each ass cheek. She squealed in surprise then looked back at Sebastian. She rose up off the bed.

"What was that for?"

Sebastian shrugged his shoulders. "I love watching your ass jiggle when you walk and so I decided that I could make it jiggle myself without you getting up."

Shay looked at Sebastian. "If you were human, you would be really weird."

Sebastian chuckled slightly. "I know."

They were about to continue when a knock sounded on the door. Shay quickly covered herself up with the cover. Lucian walked inside of the room and he gave Sebastian a glance.

"Sebastian I thought for sure you were into Shay. If there is something you need to tell me than you need to say it now in front of Shay and me. And for the record I still don't feel that way about you."

Shay began to giggle while Sebastian tried to find something to cover himself with. He gave Lucian a peeved glare. "What do you want Lucian?"

He gave Sebastian a hurt look. "I've cooked dinner for everyone as a welcome dinner to Shay and I want you guys to come down and eat."

Shay smiled sweetly at Lucian. "Of course we'll be down Lucian."

Lucian beamed at her like a puppy before he rushed off downstairs. Sebastian turned around to Shay.

"I'm sorry we found him on the street and well the village didn't want him anymore. They got a new idiot."

Shay laughed and grabbed one of Sebastians' shirts to wear. They walked downstairs and the smell of Chinese food was sailing through the air.

Shay looked at the spread of food that sat on the table. "Wow Lucian this all looks good."

Sebastian looked at the food in confusion. "Lucian I didn't know you could cook Chinese food."

Lucian shrugged his shoulders. "I save that skill for special occasions."

Sebastian walked over to the sink to wash his hands and came in contact with a "Thank You" bag. He grabbed it and held it up in front of Lucians' face.

"Yeah you really save that skill for special occasions."

Lucian glared at him. "Well I didn't think that Shay would appreciate waffles and orange juice. So yeah I got some extra help."

Shay smiled at the two men. She walked over and gave Lucian a peck on the cheek. "It's the thought that counts." She went to sit down at the table and was joined by Lucian and Sebastian. A moment later the man named Alastair appeared out of thin air.

She looked at him. "I'm never going to get used to that."

Alastair smiled at her as he sat down at the table. "So did Sebastian tell you everything?"

"Yes in a Cliff Notes sort of way. But I really want to know what he's actually capable of."

Alastair smiled at her. "Well we don't really know the extent of his powers. We don't even think he knows everything he's capable of."

Shay looked over at Sebastian. Sebastian took a deep breath. "Well as you know I can turn into a wolf. I'm not really sure about my demon form."

Shay looked to Lucian. "Well I can make love to a woman all night long and I'm very good with my tongue if you-"

Sebastian shoved Lucian out of his chair. "Don't listen to him. To tell you the truth I don't really know what I can do. I just know what I am."

They all sat quietly as they ate of course it didn't last long. Lucian looked at Shay.

"Sweetheart I don't get it. You can get any man you want, but you choose Sebastian. Now me on the other hand, I'm your perfect match. Have you ever heard the term blonds do it better?"

Shay didn't know whether to laugh or be offended. She laughed and shook her head at the man. He was more like an older brother than a random guy who wasn't really human.

"Well I like Sebastian and plus that accent hooked me from when I first met him."

Sebastian looked to Shay and lust filled his gaze. Lucian looked between them. "Well I heard that Sebastian isn't that good, so when you need me just call me." Lucian winked at her, licked is finger and pretended to rub his nipple, and then left the table before Sebastian could attack him.

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