tagNonHumanThe Demon at Her Door Ch. 04

The Demon at Her Door Ch. 04


Okay everyone here's chapter 4 and I hope it was worth the wait. The next chapter will definitely be the last chapter. I think, but we'll see when I write it ;). Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it because I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. Thanks for reading my stories and keep the feedback coming.

Curious Virgin N.O.


Dante grinned darkly into the night. Here he was on the loose and he was going to have the greatest time of his life. Well as great as he could without destroying the world. He still couldn't believe Lucian had willingly agreed to give himself up. Dante scoffed to himself. Making your friends happy wasn't that great. He'd had "friends" before and yet he always ended up hurt because of those "friends". He thought back to the deal he'd made with Lucian. The man had agreed to give his life and the life of his brother willingly. But in exchange Dante had to make sure that Sebastian and Shay were protected for eternity and he couldn't take over the world. His smile disappeared off of his face. He couldn't kill Lucian and live his life like nothing happened. Well at least he was free. He walked up the steps to the large mansion and knocked on the door.

Shay sat in the kitchen eating strawberries and kiwi. She moaned at the taste of the fresh fruit. She smiled to herself and looked around. Here she was in a beautiful gothic house and she was surrounded by beautiful men. Of course the plus side was that the men weren't human. She laughed softly, but stopped when she heard the knock on the door. She walked to the front door and looked through the peephole. When she didn't see anything she walked over to grab the lamp near her before she opened the door. She slowly cracked the door to reveal an empty spot on the doorstep. She looked around in confusion and shrugged her shoulders. Shay closed the door and turned around and screamed at the sight that greeted her. One of those hunters that Sebastian had fought was standing in the house. He turned around and met her eyes. His eyes were two different colors and he had tattoos all over the parts of his body that she could see. She screamed again before she jumped and attacked him with the lamp.

Sebastian jerked awake at the sound of Shay's screaming. His demon came out in full force and he roared loudly before he ran downstairs. He jumped over the stairs and down to the living room and was greeted by grunts of pain. He was shocked by the sight that greeted him. Shay was standing over someone and she was repeatedly hitting them with the lamp. Sebastian calmed down a degree as he realized Shay wasn't in pain. He walked over and pulled her away from the man and he gazed down in shock.


The man on the floor growled loudly and he stood up. "Who the fuck else would it be? And why the hell was I attacked?" He threw a glare towards Shay.

Shay greeted his glare with one of her own. "Don't play games you're a hunter and you're trying to kill us!"

Dante smiled darkly at her. "Trust me baby, if I was trying to kill you it would already be done."

Shay scoffed. "Yeah it's not like I've heard that line before. Watch scary movies much?"

Dante looked to Sebastian. "Maybe you should teach her some manners and show her how to respect a true demon."

Sebastian's body went on full alert. "Wait how the hell are you loose?"

Dante smiled. "Your friend, what was his name? Oh yeah Lucian set me free. His life for yours and your playmate."

Sebastian lunged at Dante only to be thrown to the floor. Dante stood over him as an invisible wind blew his hair all over. His demonic voice filled the room. "Don't get the shit twisted Sebastian. You may be powerful, but remember I'm one of the first born demons. You know it was a time when assholes like you bowed down to me. Maybe I should get the old traditions up and running."

Sebastian looked up at Dante in hatred. "You bastard how the fuck could you let him do something like that?"

Dante shrugged his shoulders. "Well for one I didn't let him do anything. His fucking feelings were getting in the way and he felt like this was the only way to save you. If I were him I wouldn't give a damn what happened to you, or your little friend."

Shay tried to lunge at Dante, but was pulled back by Sebastian. Sebastian walked up to Dante. "Get out if you know what's good for you."

Dante threw his head back and laughed. "I won't stray far considering your friend said to look after you for eternity. That means I get to save you every time you're in trouble."

Dante swaggered out of the house and slammed the door behind him. Shay looked to Sebastian.

"What the hell was all that about?"

Sebastian took a deep breath. "That's Dante, one of the first demons to call this place home. He does dirty deeds for people, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's some flunky. He's the head demon when shit goes down, but he's been locked up lately."

Shay looked at him in confusion. "You mean like in a jail for demons?"

"No I mean as in locked in a dark cave on a forbidden island."

Shay crinkled her nose. "What the hell does he have to do with Lucian?"

Sebastian shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know Lucian didn't really tell me the reason. He just told me that the demon Dante was gunning for him. And trust me you don't want something like Dante on your heels."

Shay felt an empty feeling in her heart. She may not have known Lucian, but since she'd been here he teased her and occasionally joined her when it was time to annoy Sebastian.

"So you're telling me Lucian is dead?" Shay felt her eyes welling up.

Sebastian looked at her. "I don't know."

Alastair sat in the shadows and watched as Sebastian walked over to help Shay. He needed to find out what the fuck was going on and he needed to find out now. He appeared to the place were Dante was located. Dante took one look at him and attacked. Alastair was thrown up against the wall and Dante stood there holding him by the neck. Dante smiled darkly into his face.

"Hey there old man, don't even try that kind of shit unless you know you can beat me."

Alastair glared at Dante. "What have you done with Lucian?"

Dante let go of Alastair and scoffed. "Everyone acts like I escaped and killed the man. He's locked up in a little place I used to call home."

Alastair took the demon in. Nothing much had changed about the demon since he last saw him. "Do you know what you started Dante? I can't believe you would agree to anything that idiot said."

Dante shrugged. "Oh come off that pedestal Alastair. You act as if I'm an abomination that only lives to kill and make life miserable."

Alastair gave Dante a dull look.

Dante gave Alastair a tired look. "You know what Alastair? I'm tired of being the way I am. If I could change don't you think I would? You know what fuck it, I'm used to it. Don't worry I won't be around long enough to bother you."

Alastair watched as Dante walked away. The man looked more like a child craving for attention, than a blood hungry demon. He shook his head in exasperation. He didn't know what was about to happen, but he could take a guess at what it was. All hell was going to break loose.

Sebastian rearranged himself again for the hundredth time. He could feel his fangs extending, but he didn't give a fuck. In approximately two minutes Shay was going to feel his wrath. She thought that she was cute. She had brought him into the bedroom and she had immediately jumped on him. She had thrown him on the bed backwards and then she began to grind on top of his cock. Just when he was about to give her the greatest orgasm of her life, she had jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

Now here he was stroking his thick cock up and down thinking about how her lips would feel wrapped around the head of his cock. He was in the bed on his back and his legs were gaped open. He rolled his hips in the air and quickly pulled his hand away. He needed to stop for a minute so he wouldn't come. He looked down at his straining erection and groaned. The first thing Shay was going to do when she got out of the shower was get on her knees. He growled in frustration and jumped out of the bed. He walked towards the bathroom door and jerked on it. The damn door was locked, but he heard a soft laugh. He smiled demonically and started to ram the door.

Shay looked at the door with wide eyes. Her fear mingled with the excitement she was feeling. It was about time the man came after her. She watched in horror as he burst through the door. She didn't know what turned her on the most. The fact that he had broken the door or the fact that he was in full out demon mode. His red hair was wild and his silver eyes were low with pleasure. His fangs were peeking out from beneath his lip and his erection was standing proud. Shay was too mesmerized by Sebastian's appearance that she didn't notice when he charged at her. He grabbed her and picked her up off the floor. Shay gasped in pleasure as she felt the head of his cock radiate heat through her core. Sebastian looked at her with crazed eyes.

"Shay I gave you plenty of fucking chances. Now we play it my way." He began to trail kisses down her neck before he nipped the flesh with his fangs.

Shay cried out as a wave of pleasure was dumped into her veins. She felt her juices dripping down her legs. She began to pull on Sebastian's hair.

"Sebastian wait I have to tell-"

Sebastian cut her off. "I don't want to hear it. You had you're chance."

Sebastian carried her to the bedroom and threw her roughly on the bed. Shay looked up at Sebastian with a gleam in her eyes. She wouldn't let him take her that easily. As soon as she touched the sheets she jumped up and ran towards the door. She laughed as she heard Sebastian let out a frustrated roar. She ran down the hall past a number of doors. She increased her speed as she heard Sebastian's heavy footsteps gain on her. She ran into the nearest door and locked herself inside. She smiled slightly as she heard his footsteps pass the door.

"Silly demon." She said into the dark room. She turned around and nearly screamed. Sebastian was standing right behind her, his eyes a gleaming red and his hair even wilder than before. He grinned down at her darkly and he leaned down to her lips.

"Silly demon huh? Well this silly demon is about to fuck you senseless."

Sebastian grabbed Shay and threw her over his shoulder. She began to beat and pound on his back.

"Sebastian put me down I have to tell you something!"

She screamed even louder when Sebastian turned to her thigh and nipped her with his fangs. She raked her fingers down his back, but it only caused him to let out a low satisfied groan. Sebastian took her back into their bedroom, but before he threw her on the bed he locked the door. Shay let out a whoosh of breath as she was thrown on the bed again. She looked up at Sebastian angrily.

"Will you just listen to me for a minute you idiot demon?"

Sebastian looked at her with a blank expression on his face. Then he shrugged his shoulders and jumped on her. He pinned her arms over her head and began to ground his cock into her slick sex. Shay threw her head back as pleasure coursed through her veins. Sebastian began to nibble on her lips before he stuck his tongue deep inside. Shay melted into the sheets as he kissed her. He played with her tongue and played with her lips. Sebastian rose up on his elbows.

"Fuck it Shay, I need to taste you. Soft and slow later, hard and fast now."

Shay shook her head in agreement and watched in torture as he lowered himself towards her core. Sebastian looked up into Shay's brown eyes as he flattened his tongue and licked her core up and down. Shay threw her head back and let out a loud moan as he began to taste her. Sebastian used his tongue to tickle her clit while she began to ride his tongue. Sebastian groaned as he began to taste her. He swallowed the sweet honey that was flowing out of Shay. She was so beautiful with her back arched and her body spread open for him.

Shay needed to stop Sebastian soon before she was lost. She pushed her hands through his thick hair and tried to push him away from her swollen sex. Instead of him moving he began to lick faster. Shay gave up and pushed his head deeper into her core. His laugh vibrated through her causing her orgasm to rip through her. Shay threw her head back as the pleasure racked her body. She looked down at Sebastian as he continued to lick her. She moaned slightly and let the regretted words slip through her lips.

"Sebastian I'm a virgin." She looked to catch his reaction.

Sebastian was intent on licking up all the come that had leaked out of Shay's juicy core. But he stopped as soon as he heard the words come out of her mouth. He looked up into Shay's eyes and saw the fear and excitement that lay there.

"You're a what?" He whispered softly.

Shay bit her lip and jumped off the bed. She would've run to the bathroom, but Sebastian had destroyed the door. She didn't get a chance to escape considering she was pulled into Sebastian's warm, muscled arms.

"I'm sorry baby." He kissed he neck and slid his big hand between her legs. He began to slowly tease her clit and finger her dripping core. Shay arched into his chest; she felt Sebastian begin to purr.

"Hmmm, Sebastian are you some oversized vibrator or something?"

Sebastian chuckled softly into her neck. "For you, baby, anything. Now about this little confession of yours."

Shay was too distracted by his fingers. She shrugged her shoulders. "What confession?"

Sebastian stopped stroking her core and pulled his fingers away. Shay groaned in confusion as she tried to pull Sebastian's hand back between her legs.

Sebastian grabbed her breasts and sucked the nipple into his mouth hard. "You know what confession."

Shay rolled her eyes at the man. "So what I'm a virgin now can we just finish this damn thing?"

Sebastian kissed her deeply and stuck his hand between her legs again. "Are you sure about this? Because we don't have to go all the way. I can give you pleasure all night."

Shay growled in anger before she began to grind her ass hard into Sebastian's thick cock. "We're not stopping shit demon, so either you better finish what you started or I'll find someone else."

Sebastian nipped her shoulders with his fangs and lay her down on the bed. She arched off the bed and her nipples hardened. Sebastian rose up over her draped his hard body on top of hers. He looked Shay deeply into her eyes.

"Baby this is going to be rough." Sebastian slowly stroked his cock with her wet sex.

Shay looked up at him with glazed eyes. "I love you."

Sebastian froze at those words. He kissed Shay deeply; a drugging kiss that made her even wetter. "I love you too."

Sebastian reached down between them and slid a finger deep inside. He groaned as she gripped his finger tightly. He looked down to his cock. Fuck it was going to be a tight fit. He slid his finger out and slid two of his fingers inside of her. She arched into his body as he stretched her with his fingers. Sebastian was working her with his fingers, sliding them in and out. He couldn't stand it anymore. Sebastian slid his fingers out and replaced his fingers with his cock. He arched his back as her cunt gripped his cock.

Shay was moaning loudly as Sebastian tried to push his cock deep inside of her. Sebastian looked at her and leaned down. He gave her a searing kiss before he pushed himself in all the way. The pain was a fleeting memory as pleasure claimed her. She was on the verge of coming and they just started. Sebastian began to slide in and out slowly. She felt her cunt become wetter as his cock stretched her to the limit. Sebastian rose up on his elbows and increased his pace. Shay groaned loudly as Sebastian began to work her cunt.

Sebastian was trying to keep himself from going crazy, but Shay's body was driving him insane. Her cunt was gripping him tightly. He looked down at Shay and saw body begging to come. He needed to come right now. He increased the pace, slamming into her cunt hard. The sound of his heavy sac slapping against her ass mingled with her cries for pleasure. Sebastian pushed her legs open wider and slammed into her.

Shay dug her nails into Sebastian's chest as he began to pump inside of her faster. She threw her head back as she felt the beginning of her orgasm work its way through her veins. She screamed in pleasure as come began to drip out of her. Her thighs began shaking uncontrollably as Sebastian continued to pump inside of her.

Sebastian felt his come rip out of his body as he fucked Shay harder. He groaned loudly into the room and joined her moaning. He dropped down onto her body and continued to grind his cock into her body. He claimed her lips as he continued to slide inside of her.

Shay looked into Sebastian's eyes. She couldn't believe she came like that. She smiled at Sebastian and he grazed her with a dazzling smile of his own. She caught her breath as his erotic purr filled the room. This demon was worth keeping.

Damien sat in the bushes and watched the house looking for any sign of Sebastian and his tramp. He was tired of waiting for his idiot brother, Lucian. He should've killed the man along time ago when he had the chance. He looked over to the two, strongest warriors of their kind. He smiled at them knowing that Sebastian wouldn't be able to get out of this one alive. He turned to Duncan and Eric.

"You two go after Sebastian, but leave the woman to me. And if Alastair tries to interfere just kill him."

The two men shook their heads in agreement as they awaited the signal from Damien. Damien tried to figure out were his brother was, but it didn't matter now. Maybe he was dead already and he wouldn't have to deal with Dante anymore. He turned to each man and nodded his head. They jumped up from their hiding place and began to run towards the house, but they didn't make it. An invisible voice knocked Duncan off of his feet and into the tree, crushing his skull on impact. Eric stood frozen in the middle of the grass and Damien watched in horror as he began to scream in agony. Damien ran over to help him. He watched as Eric fell to the ground. Damien dropped down to help him, but was burned by frozen cold that radiated off of Erics' body. He looked into Erics' eyes and saw that they were glassed over. He felt the chill of his body and tried to figure out what the fuck had done this to him. Damien stiffened as he felt a presence behind him.

Dante's demonic voice filled the air. "Don't act like you didn't miss me Damien. You know I'm tired of dealing with you, especially your brother." He gestured towards Eric. "You like my new weapon?"

Damien looked up into Dante's cold eyes. "What the fuck do you mean?"

Dante smiled evilly. "Yeah poor Eric didn't have a chance. Nothing like being frozen from the inside out. You have to go for the heart first if you don't want them to die in pain, but I said fuck it. I said to myself Damien screwed me over so why the hell should I show him or his minions some respect?"

Damien rose up on his legs and glared at Dante. "You can't kill me. If you kill me you have no way of finding Lucian. Oh and don't forget when you can't fulfill your end of the bargain you'll go fucking insane. Remember that's the whole reason you were locked up."

Dante growled low at Damien. "You thought it was funny to have me trapped in that cave under your control. Too bad I know were Lucian is."

Damien watched in horror as Dante's human hand turned into a large black claw. Dante raised his hand and attacked Damien. Damien fell to the ground gripping his neck. Dante smiled down at the man.

"Here let me help you clean up all that blood." Dante looked at Damien intently.

Damien tried to scream, but he couldn't. He felt ice filling his veins and entering his body. The cold caused him immense pain, but his arms and legs were frozen solid. He felt the ice slowly worked its way to his heart as Dante stood over him.

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