The Demon at Her Door


His deep voice filled her senses. "Shay I'm sorry, but I forgot to tell you my name yesterday. It's Sebastian and yes I know it seems like a name for someone older, but please let's keep the jokes to ourselves." He smiled at her.

Shay caught her breath at the sight. He was amazing and he was all hers tonight. She stepped aside and motioned for him to come inside. He walked in slowly, lazily walking to her couch to have a seat.

"I'm almost ready Sebastian I just need to get my purse then we can go."

Sebastian smiled at her. "Don't rush I'll be here." Sebastian watched her go to her bedroom then he turned his attention to her interior. Her living room was full of oversized seats that swallowed the person who was sitting in it. Her living room had little odds and ends that she must have picked up after she had moved in. Sebastian vowed that his woman wouldn't want for anything. She deserved to have crystals and china on the walls. She deserved to be covered in jewelry carved from the most notorious jewel makers. Sebastian turned around as he heard her soft footsteps come into the living room.

"Okay I'm ready. We can go now."

Sebastian looped his arm through hers and guided her to his car. He leaned into her.

"I'm sorry about my car, but my other one is being worked on."

Shay looked at him in disbelief. He was ashamed of the car that lay in front of her home. She would kill to have a car like this. It was an ice blue Dodge Charger R/T with a white pinstripe going down the middle. For the cars age in was in excellent condition and when she stepped inside she practically moaned. The seats were white and the dashboard had been updated to match the cars of today.

Sebastian looked at her with a smile. "Yes I know it's a terrible car, but it gets me where I need to go."

Shay laughed at the man then slid herself into the plush seats of the car as he drove them away. They pulled up in front of a fancy restaurant and was greeted by valet. The valet driver looked ecstatic as he plopped down into Sebastians' car. Sebastian opened the door for her and she began to get nervous. She looked around and saw the scarcity of black people in the restaurant.

Sebastian looked down at Shay as he sensed her nervousness. His demon growled inside his head. He looked around trying to see what had caused her uneasiness. He frowned when he couldn't find the source and then he pulled her to the side.

"Shay are you okay?"

Shay tried to calm her nerves. She had finally found a man and she was about to ruin it. "Yeah I'm fine Sebastian."

Sebastian closed his eyes and savored the sound of his name on her tongue. "Shay here's one thing you should know about me. I hate when people lie to me. Are you uncomfortable here? We can go somewhere else if you like."

Shay began to chew on her bottom lip as she tried to decide what to do. She looked at him through pleading eyes. Sebastian understood and he led her outside to retrieve the car. He waited as the valet brought the car back. Shay sat quietly in the passenger side while Sebastian controlled the car. Sebastian looked over at her.

"Shay don't worry we can do something else if you like. We could go back to your place and watch a movie or something and we can order pizza."

Shay turned to him with a surprised look on her face. She nodded her head and sat quietly while Sebastian navigated the car back to her home. She looked over at him and watched his profile. His face was calm as he guided the muscle car through the traffic. His elegant fingers timed the shifts perfectly. She wondered what it would feel like to have those fingers caress her body or another part of her that would also happily volunteer.

They pulled into her driveway and she walked to the front door to open the house.

"You can choose the movie while I go put on some popcorn and order the pizza."

Sebastian smiled at her while he went to her massive DVD collection. She walked into the kitchen and threw a pack of popcorn in the microwave and then she picked up the phone to order two pizzas. She walked back into the living room and laughed at the selection he'd chosen.

She raised a questioning eyebrow at him. "Are you sure you want to watch Talladega Nights?"

Sebastian smiled at her. "Yes I love a little shake and bake."

Shay threw her head back and laughed. Sebastian loved hearing her laugh and not to mention his demonic side loved it even more. He almost moaned as her vanilla scent filled his nose. She came and sat next to him and eventually cuddled underneath his arm. A few minutes into the movie the pizza had arrived. They barely watched the movie instead the talked about each others' lives in between bites of pizza. He smiled as he watched her talk. She was so animated. At certain points her eyes would glow with pure joy and she would occasionally wrinkle her nose when she was talking about something she didn't like. After awhile they turned their attention back to the TV or rather he focused on the TV. Shay had fallen asleep and was using him as a pillow. He smiled down at his beautiful ebony queen. He decided to carry her to her bedroom and was surprised when he entered the room. He expected her to have a girly room instead it was masculine.

All of the furniture was made of dark wood and was bold. Her sleigh bed was covered in a dark green comforter and Sebastian instantly got erect. He wanted to see her body covered in his sheets, her beautiful skin mixing with the black silk. He slid her shoes off and then he slid her dress off. Sebastians' mouth began to water at the site. She wasn't wearing a bra and her beautiful breasts were on display. The chocolate nipples beckoned him to lean down for a taste. He bit his lip and looked at the scrap of material that was doing little to hide the smooth skin of her sex. He imagined himself lying between her legs for hours while he pleasured her core with his tongue. Drinking in her sticky, dewy moisture.

Sebastian quickly covered her body then walked downstairs. His demon began to growl angrily.

He cursed savagely then answered his demon. "What the hell do you want?"

You know what I want...what we want. The voice answered inside his head.

Sebastian sat on Shays' couch and began to breathe deeply. He needed to calm down before things got out of control. He lay down on the couch and closed his eyes hoping to find some type of peace, but the only peace that would calm him was upstairs.

Shay woke up and looked down at herself. She frowned at her semi-naked form. Then she remembered her date with Sebastian. She began to panic as reality hit her. Don't tell me I had sex with a model and didn't remember any of it. She was trying to figure out what happened when she heard someone downstairs. She threw on one of her sleep shirts and went downstairs to her kitchen. She walked slowly inside the kitchen and wanted to weep at the sound she heard. Sebastian was in her kitchen cooking breakfast and singing one of her favorite songs. His accented voice was sexy as he flowed through the lyrics of the Queens of the Stone Age In My Head.

I keep on playing our favorite song

I turn it up while you're gone

It's all I got when you're in my head and you're in my head so I need it...

Shay stood in the doorway to the kitchen swaying to his hypnotizing voice. She walked up to him and hugged him from behind.

He turned and smiled down at her. "About time you're awake. So did you sleep well?"

Shay nodded her head and then smiled. They had only met two days ago yet here they were acting as if they were married. She looked at all the food he had cooked.

"Is that enough food?" She asked teasingly.

Sebastian shrugged. "It is for now."

She laughed then walked to the table to watch him. He moved slowly taking his time to make sure everything was perfect. He brought the bounty of food over to the table when he was finished. The table was full of fruits, eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, and everything else she could imagine. They ate in silently gazing at each other occasionally. It was the beginning of their love for one another.

After that first meeting Shay and Sebastian had began a flourishing relationship. They saw each other everyday, but it didn't seem like enough. Sebastian was on his way to his womans' house. He'd bought roses so he could surprise her when she came home from work. Hopefully tonight they could take it to the next level. Sebastian smiled softly as his demon agreed with excitement. He was driving when out of no where his car was being attacked. Sebastian looked through the rearview mirror and saw the hunters that were after him. They shot at his tires and he swerved off the road. The car began to flip into the dark expanse of the woods. He crawled out of the car pissed off. He'd taken demon form and he smiled evilly at the Dark Angels. They stepped back hesitantly as they got a look at his true form. He lifted his head to the moon and embraced his mothers' side. His howl floated through the air as he became the epitome of darkness. He felt his powers surge through him as he stalked the hunters in wolf form. He growled and attacked the one nearest him. He latched onto the arm of the person and pulled him down to the ground. He pulled away from the hunters' arm and brutally attacked his jugular. He turned around with blood dripping from his muzzle. The hunters attacked him at once and he quickly turned back to his demon form. He punched every available piece of flesh that lay within his reach, but he was no match for them. They pinned him down by his arms and legs and he saw his uncle come from the trees. The man hadn't changed since the last time he saw him.

The man had short blond hair and cold black eyes. He smiled down at Sebastian. "Poor Sebastian, well you did put up a good fight. It would have been an honor to have an ally like you at my side, but of course you have to die." Nikolai threw his head back and laughed darkly. He raised a sword over his head and held it directly above Sebastians' heart. A bright light came from the distance and Nikolai covered his eyes. Lucian came out of the light pissed off. He threw out his hands causing the hunters that held Sebastian down to be thrown into the woods. Nikolai stared in horror at Lucian and then he cowered away to hide with his minions.

Sebastian tried to raise himself up, but failed; he hated being weak. Lucian picked his friend up off the ground and watched as he lost consciousness. Soon Sebastian would go through the change; hopefully it was before his uncle struck again.

Shay sat at home by the phone. It had been hours since she had gotten home and there had been no call from Sebastian. She rubbed her chest as she felt a heavy weight enter her heart. Hopefully he was okay; she didn't want to think about him being hurt. Shay went upstairs to lie down and sleep off the worry. Maybe something came up and he didn't have time to call. Minutes began to turn into days while days began to turn into months. Shay had officially given up on thinking about Sebastian. Maybe he was officially gone forever. She sat in front of her TV blankly staring at the screen. She tried to stop the tears that cascaded down her cheeks, but had no luck. She knew it was too good to be true, she knew that Sebastian would eventually leave her. She wiped at the tears angrily. It was over. Her fantasy man was truly a fantasy, but the problem was that he wasn't her fantasy. Shay walked upstairs to her bedroom and lay in the bed trying to cope with the emptiness that suddenly filled her heart.

Lucian and Alastair stood over the bed watching Sebastians' convulsing form. His body was contorting wildly and they feared that the bonds that were being used to tie him down wouldn't hold him for much longer. Lucian looked to Alastair.

"It was too close. If I hadn't shown up he might've been dead by now."

Alastair looked down at Sebastian. He'd raised the boy and saw him as his son. He didn't know what he would've done if Sebastian had died.

"He's too damn stubborn for his own good. He refuses to fight; he refuses to accept his fate as becoming the King of Demons." Alastair growled and ran his fingers through his hair.

Lucian looked at him thoughtfully. "That woman he's been seeing...she's his mate isn't she."

Alastair nodded his head. "Yes she is, but he's trying to be such a damn hero that he refuses to bring her into this mess. But he doesn't know that she might be the only one to save him."

They became quite again and slowly stared at the form of Sebastian. His beautiful face was contorted in agony from the pain inflicted on him from the change. His demon was taking over and there was no way he could stop it. He thought about the woman he'd left behind and his body instantly calmed. His demon growled in anticipation. Shay was his.

Present Day...

Shay walked through her house wearing nothing but a pair of black lace boy shorts and a white t-shirt. It was Sebastians' shirt from the night they went out. She tried to throw it away, but she couldn't let the memories of that man go. As much as she hated him she knew from their bond that he wouldn't have left her voluntarily. She walked into the kitchen to cut up her strawberries, but paused halfway through as she heard a heavy knock on the door.

Sebastian thought about that night when he was attacked. He laughed, but there was no humor in it. He had lost everything that night, but he'd be damned if he didn't get it back. He thought about his beautiful Shay. He hated the thought of hurting her and he refused to lose her. He walked up to the doorsteps of the home he'd occasionally shared with her. He knocked on the door then waited for her to answer. She opened the door wearing a pair of boy shorts and his shirt. He took a moment to envelop her scent into his body. His hands ached to touch her; his body demanded that he mark her as his own. She looked up at him with shocked eyes and he smiled down at her.

His husky purr filled the silence between them. "Shay..."

She stared at him and he barely had time to catch her before she fainted.

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