The Dryad Ch. 01


James broke off, panting, and gave her a deep look as he reached around to undo her bra. He slid it up her arms and returned to her breasts, treating the other nipple with his hot mouth.

This time his free hand smoothed down over her stomach and delved inside her panties. She was wet and aching and he slid along her opening with ease. He moaned something that sounded like an epithet against her skin but she was straining too hard to notice.

He just teased her though, circled a single finger around her clit, along her opening, teasing. "Please," she finally demanded and he chuckled.

Instead of the light touch she expected he sank a finger deep inside, making her cry out. It was tight, it had been far too long for her, and the fit was more than snug. He moved back out and sank home with more gentleness, stretching her slowly. He nipped at her nipple making her gasp and then his hand began to thrust. Between his steady finger and his hot tongue she was trembling and bucking within seconds. She wanted relief, something, anything, but he just added another finger.

Her brain was buzzing with need and her body felt like it was on fire as she felt the edge of orgasm creeping closer. He swore and pulled his mouth away. Before she could whimper he tore her panties off with both hands and his tongue replaced the finger.

He pressed it inside of her, teasing her, and then swept out and up to her acing clitoris, laving the sensitive nubbin. Her body trembled for a moment of pure, exhilarating need, and then the orgasm crashed over her. He licked and then sucked in turns as she screamed out, thrashing against him. It felt like it went on forever, her finely tuned senses scattering like leaves in the wind at her peak.

When she came down she heard the tear and opened her eyes to see him roll a condom on. It was too dim to see much else and she started to protest but he grabbed her hips roughly.

Her heartbeat sped up again as he settled between her legs and she felt him probe her entrance. Then those shining blue eyes burned into hers and he was pressing inside.

She jerked at the sensation. He was large, too large, and her body struggled to stretch to accommodate him. She whimpered as the slight edge of pain slowly mellowed, and at last he was seated more firmly than she could have thought possible. It felt so right, and yet it seemed so wrong.

Raven didn't care, she just wanted more.

He dropped his forehead to hers, and when he spoke his voice was low and guttural. "Don't move," he ordered.

She kept still, her body thrumming with the aftereffects of orgasm and the growing need for another. How any nights had she dreamed of this? Without love in his eyes and with the mask between them it was worse than her fantasies, but the sharp pleasures were better than she could have imagined.

He pulled out slowly and sank in with the same careful purpose, sending chills up her spine. Her body burned and ached for another release and the helpless feeling of the handcuffs only added to the dark thrill.

He began to move faster and raised his body until all she felt was the muscular press of his legs and arms around her, his thick cock sliding in and out. She felt tight, she felt trapped, and Rave had never felt so free.

His hand slipped between them to press against her clitoris and moved with his body. She squeezed her eyes shut and colors danced in her vision as she raced towards a peak, driven on by him and his ferociously slow-moving body.

As if he could know her body exactly, just when she thought she could take no more, James sped up in perfect timing. They moved together, bucking and straining in the tightness of anticipation until they both cried out, cresting as one. He kept moving as the spasms rocked her and her hips pumped hard against him, their bodies flowing together until they were both wrung out and spent.

Raven felt her breath burst out of her as her entire body shivered and tingled, hungry for more and yet more deeply sated than she'd ever been. He collapsed onto his elbows, keeping himself just off of her as his breathing joined her. Rave had never felt so physically complete, so spiritually empty, and her heart ached with it.

"Let me go," she whispered.

He smiled and smoothed his pitch hair back from his eyes. "Are you insane?" He kissed her and reached up. Again she felt something happen with her arms but his kiss was masterful and consuming, leaving little brainpower free. She could die like that, she thought, and do so happily. And then he left her with a knowing smile.

When he slipped free and knelt between her legs she saw her bra fly off the bed. Feeling light, Rave tested her hands. The left one was free, but the right one was chained to something else.

"What the?"

He rolled to the side and lifted his arm. Metal glinted in the moonlight, and she realized James had handcuffed her to him. "I don't know about you but I could use a cat nap after that. And then we're going to talk, Dryad."

She gulped.


James intended to stay up but the brandy, the sex, the last few sleepless nights all came together and his eyes fluttered closed. Five years he'd waited, and it had been everything and more. He longed to tear that silly mask off her face and tell Raven he loved her, but he just couldn't. He still didn't know what had brought her there, and that was just one of a thousand problems he knew couldn't be solved in a night.

He was more than shocked to wake up in the early morning light and find an empty handcuff dangling from his wrist, and yet it made him smile. Raven was one hell of a woman, and he just had to admire her daring and skill.

He searched but there was nothing left of her, not even her torn panties. All that said she'd been there was the scent of lovemaking and her perfume hanging in the air, and his open safe.

He smiled to himself again, knowing that at least that she had been there for the key, and she hadn't gotten it. He'd moved it, just in case, and that's how he knew she'd come back. And she'd be wearing that silly little costume which had finally given her the courage she needed to give in to him.

Toying with her had worked so far, there was no reason to stop. If he wanted her to accept him, she had to accept all of him. She had to know James intimately, and Gryphon as well.

She wouldn't regret it, of that he'd make damn sure.


Rage was all she felt as she flew home as the sun crept towards the horizon, but as she hovered over her balcony the anger was replaced by fear. The sliding glass door was open as she left it, the light was on, and the silhouette was waiting for her. Something tall and dark was in her pure white apartment, and her animals were milling about nervously.

Carlos, her Mynah bird, cawed out a warning as she drew closer.

She touched down lightly and prayed there was nothing about her that would give away the fact that not only had she not robbed James McBride, she'd slept with him. At the first the man waiting inside would not be happy, at the last, well, she couldn't imagine his retribution.

At least she remembered to stuff the torn panties into her potted money fig, whispering soothing words to the little tree and a promise to remove the panties at first chance. The tree accepted it and closed its braches around the lace in cover.

She took a deep breath and opened the curtains, stepping inside.

The man inside was a male version of herself, thirty years older, though they could have been the same age for the world to see. He was the same height as she, five feet ten inches, the same lanky build, with the same light blue eyes and medium brown hair. He was as pretty as she was, and she knew that had fooled more than one woman in his life. Heck, it had fooled her mother, whoever she had been.

Despite his prettiness his cruelty showed in the slant of his wide mouth, the perpetual narrowing of his eyes. Before last Monday she hadn't seen him since he'd abandoned her on her aunt's doorstep twenty years ago, but he was the same monster she remembered.

"Do you have it?"

"It?" He hadn't told her what was in the safe, and part of her wasn't surprised that there had been nothing. He claimed her aunt had stolen something from him, but it seemed a wild fairy tale that whatever she had stolen would be in the safe of a man who knew nothing of the Super world. Annette had better hiding places, of that Rave was sure.

"Where is it?" he snarled, and her menagerie came to life.

Since she could talk to animals, she ended up collecting many, and they all narrowed their eyes on her father, making him back up a step. One of her dogs, Millie, slunk closer, tail down and muzzle trained on Marcus Keppler.

"There was nothing. The safe was empty."

"Nothing! You were gone six hours! What took so long, your incompetence?" He drew back as if to slap her and Millie barked, a vicious curse to Rave's ears, darting between them and growling as he froze. "Call off your damn dog."

"No. Unlike you, she actually cares about me. Don't threaten me again and she'll have no reason to attack."

"You're both bitches," he spat out as he lowered his arm and reached to her kitchen counter. She noticed a light envelope there, perfectly sized like a cliché for a photo.

It occurred to her that they were the only dark things in the apartment. Her walls were white, the floors blonde hardwood, even the animals in muted earth tones. He might try to say he was a good man and she was a supervillain, but they looked like the same to her, and it was profoundly depressing.

He gave her an evil grin as he opened the envelope and, just as expected, pulled out a large glossy photograph. The picture showed her and her aunt Annette, the older woman in the very costume Rave wore. Rave herself was only fifteen and maskless, flying with her aunt through the night. She recognized the neighborhood, and the job they'd been on.

"How the hell did you get that?"

He smiled. "Doesn't matter, I have plenty more. You don't get me what's in his safe, this and all the rest goes to the cops. There's still two million dollars in missing jewels Dryad stole out there, and I'm sure they'd be glad to hang you for it."

She shivered, mostly from rage. "How can you treat your own daughter this way?"

He looked her up and down with disgust clear in his eyes. "You're a superfreak, just like my sister. Every time I look at you I see her. You're nothing to me but a means to an end. Get me what's in that safe, girl."

"How can I? It was empty!"

"You're his damn secretary. He has to have another safe. Trust me, he wouldn't let this leave the house. Figure it out. But if I don't have this in my hands in three days, what I do have goes to the police."

He took the envelope, turned, and left while the dogs still growled at him and she seethed. She hadn't seen him in twenty years and this was how he treated her! Rave grabbed the small crystal vase off the counter and threw it. It shattered on the door just as it closed behind him, but she didn't feel any better.

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