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The Exam


Jasmine was in her first year of college and struggling to make ends meet. She worked part time in the college book store which allowed her to study and live off campus with some other girls she really didn't care for.

They were snooty and looked down on her because she was from a small town, and not as sexually sophisticated as the rest of them.

It's just that Jasmine didn't fuck anything that came along, and she was trying to save herself for marriage, or so she thought. She hardly ever masturbated, and hadn't done so since she'd gotten to college.

She had been brought up in a very strict home, and was taught that good girls didn't do things like that. One afternoon as she was working in the bookstore she saw that the school had a program for female students. There was a study going on about cervical cancer and STDs.

It seemed if the students signed up for the exam they would get a 100 dollars for participating in the study, plus if the student wanted to they could get a free massage after the exam.

Needless to say Jasmine signed up to participate in the study, because any help she could get financially would help tremendously. A couple of days later Jasmine was contacted by someone from the study asking if she were still interested.

Jasmine said she was and was given an appointment. She had to take a later appointment due to classes and work schedule, but the woman said she could work her in no problem.

She sounded really nice, and Jasmine asked if she would be the one conducting her exam. She told her she could but she wasn't supposed to. Jasmine really liked the sound of her voice so she asked,

"Are you sure you couldn't do my exam. I'm kinda shy, and well you sound so nice."

There was a pause and then the woman said,

"Tell you what Jasmine, I won't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do?"

"OK, and thank you. What's your name."

"Nikki...my name is Nikki."

"OK, thanks, Nikki. I'll see you tomorrow at 5 sharp."

Jasmine arrived at the location about fifteen minutes early and signed in. About ten minutes later an attractive woman came saying,

"Hello, Jasmine, I'm Nikki."

Jasmine had an immediate attraction to her, something she didn't quite understand. She invited her into an exam room saying,

"OK, Jasmine, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a senior med student, and I decided after talking to you to go ahead and perform your exam myself. I'm not really supposed to, but since you requested I do it, and the fact that the other woman wanted to go home early anyway, made it an easy decision. I figured you probably would feel better with someone you've at least talked to rather than a total stranger. Am I right?"

"Oh yes, thank you."

"OK then, I'll let you get undressed, and put on this exam gown please."

Nikki left the room as Jasmine undressed, happy that Nikki was going to be the one examining her. Nikki came back in the room a few minutes later saying,

"Alright, Jasmine. I'll be examining your uterus, and giving you a breast exam as well, but first I have some routine questions I have to ask you. That way I learn more about you. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

The questions were pretty generic until they got to the part about Jasmine's sex life, and her sexuality and sexual practices. She was very shy and blushed especially when Nikki asked if Jasmine masturbated and how often.

Nikki sensed her apprehension asking Jasmine,"Do you want to stop, Jasmine?"

"No, I really need the money. It's just that I'm really shy because I had such a sheltered upbringing. I hardly ever masturbate, because I was caught doing it once by my mother. I was around sixteen at the time, and she really freaked out telling me I was dirty and should be ashamed of myself. I felt so bad that I couldn't touch myself for a long time. Even now I feel really guilty after doing it. So I try to keep myself busy with school work, and anything that will take my mind off how much I might want to."

"That's a shame, Jasmine. You do know there's not a thing wrong with masturbating? It's a normal activity that almost everyone has done at on time or another, and most people do it on a regular basis."

"I know, it's just that she really screwed my head up for a long time. Then there's my room mates. They are so mean and hateful. If they ever caught me they'd never let me hear the end of it, and they'd probably post it online somewhere."

"That's just wrong. You need some new roommates."

"I can't afford to move, so I just have to deal with it. Like they say, adversity makes you stronger."

Nikki went on with the questioning asking Jasmine about sexual partners and sexual preferences.

"Well I really haven't had any sexual partners so to speak. I've been out on dates with guys, but all they do is try to feel me up, and then they just want to stick their thing into you. I just really don't have any desire for men, and yet I want to get married someday."

"What about women?"

"What about them?"

"Well what I'm asking is have you had sex with women. Are you lesbian or bisexual?"

"Ah no never. I have to admit I've wondered about it now and then. Sometimes I think I have feelings for women. It seems women are much nicer then men, unless they're my roommates of course. I just don't have much experience to draw on."

"So when you found yourself attracted to a woman what was the attraction? Was it her looks, something she said, or was it something more primal?"

"It's hard to point out one thing. I remember once I was standing behind this girl in line. It was the smell of her hair, and then she turned and looked at me as if she knew what I was thinking. She smiled and it really made me feel funny."

"Funny how, Jasmine?"

"Like a tingling sensation between my legs. There were a couple of other times too. Once it was the way the woman touched my hand when she gave me my change at the bookstore. Her touch was so soft, and her eyes were so beautiful , and then another time when someone I hadn't see in a while hugged me, and gave me a kiss not on the cheek but the lips. It was a really soft kiss, but I got that feeling between my legs again. Stuff like that, but I've never been with a woman sexually, or a man for that matter. Does that mean I can't do the study?"

"Well technically yes. After all it is about sexual habits, and partners, and you I assume from what you're telling me you are a virgin?"


"Relax Jasmine....I can still examine you, and if you like I can give you that massage. I sent the masseuse home, because she's really not very attractive, if you know what I mean."

"Good, can we start with the massage first?

"Afterward, Jasmine. I have to follow the rules, but don't worry I'll be gentle. Now why don't you get up here on this exam table, and slip your feet into the stirrups while I get ready."

Nikki slipped on the gloves as Jasmine got ready. She stepped over to the table and raised up Jasmine's gown looking at Jasmine saying,

"My, Jasmine, your labia looks very swollen, almost as if you were aroused or something. I'll have to be careful so I don't arouse you anymore than you already seem to be, or am I wrong about that?"

Jasmine blushed because Nikki was right. There was something about Nikki that really seemed to turn Jasmine on. She wasn't sure if it was her demeanor, or her beautiful eyes, but there was just something about her. She couldn't help blushing a little knowing that Nikki had seen her aroused state.

"I hope I don't embarrass you saying that, but you really do."

"Thank you. I don't get many compliments about anything so it's nice to hear."

"Well I have to say that I find you're labia is so beautiful, and your pussy lips are so full and think as well as your clitoris. I bet it's very sensitive to the touch."

"I...I don't know. I haven't touched myself there."

"Jasmine....are you sure about that?" Nikki asked.

Jasmine blushed and looked away with a sly smile on her face.

"Uh huh...I thought so. I bet you've touched yourself on more than one occasion. Like I said earlier Jasmine, there's nothing wrong with it. I masturbate all the time myself, and I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. Now it's time for me to start the exam. I'm going to put my fingers inside you so I can examine you. I'm also going to put some gel on them so it might fell a little cool at first. Ready? Here I go."

Nikki eased her fingers inside Jasmine's pussy and started doing her exam. She could tell immediately that Jasmine was becoming more than a little aroused. She smiled saying,

"You know many women find the exam arousing so if you feel like cumming don't be ashamed, because it happens more often than you would think."

Nikki could see that Jasmine was becoming more and more excited by the second, and it was obvious to her that Jasmine was not just aroused from the exam, but by the fact that a woman had her fingers deep inside her pussy. Nikki decided to try something, and began moving her thumb over Jasmine's clit .

Jasmine eyes rolled back in her head along with a deep moan as she started undulating her hips as Nikki worked her fingers around in her pussy. Soon Jasmine was cumming as she squealed and undulated her hips even more. When she finished cumming she could see Nikki's smiling face.

"You did that on purpose didn't you....making me cum like that."

"Did you enjoy it, Jasmine?"

"Yes, very much."

"Good. Now I need to examine your breasts so I'm going to have you take this silly gown off now."

Once she was naked Nikki looked at Jasmine's breasts. Her nipples were beautiful and rock hard. She raised her hands and started caressing Jasmine's breasts, and rolling her nipples between her fingers as Jasmine cooed softly. Jasmine looked over at Nikki asking,

"I hope I don't make you mad, but would you mind taking your clothes off too?"

"Not at all. I was hoping you would ask me to."Nikki stepped back and started slowly taking her clothes off as Jasmine watched. First her top, and then her pants followed by her bra as she revealed her breasts to Jasmine. She cupped her breasts in her hands, and started caressing them, and then tugging at her nipples as Jasmine watched her every move. She smiled asking,"Do you like what you see so far Jasmine?"

"Oh yes! You're so beautiful."

Nikki continued stepping out of her pants clad now it just her panties. She looked Jasmine in the eye as she hooked her thumbs in her panties pulling the down slowly over her hips, and then took them off standing naked before Jasmine. She walked back over to Jasmine saying,

"Now it's time to continue with your examine."

Nikki began caressing Jasmine's breasts as Jasmine closed her eyes and was soon cooing softly. Nikki was soon toying with Jasmine's nipples when she leaned over and started kissing, and sucking Jasmine's nipples while Jasmine started running her hand over Nikki's back, making her way down to her ass where she started caressing her cheeks.

Nikki moved even closer and the two women began kissing. They were soft, gentle kisses at first, but then soon escalated into passionate, soulful kisses as Nelia continued caressing Jasmine's breasts. It was as if all the baggage that Jasmine had been carrying for so long was suddenly lifted as she relaxed, and gave into her passions.

In the meantime Nikki kissed her way down Jasmine's neck to her breasts where she took her nipples into her mouth again, and began sucking them as she moved her hand down Jasmine's stomach where she cupped Jasmine's pussy in her hand.

Jasmine whimpered softly as Nikki began squeezing and caressing Jasmine's pussy sliding her middle finger between Jasmine's folds that were soaked with her love juices.

She began working her finger up, and down Jasmine's creamy slit as Jasmine moaned her sounds of pleasure. Nikki's lips left Jasmine's nipples much to her dismay only to be replaced with pure lust and passion when she felt Nikki's tongue making it's way over her pussy.

This was the first time that anyone had ever pleasured her orally, and it was more amazing than she could ever have imagined. Nikki wasted no time knowing this was probably the first time that Jasmine had ever experience anything like this.

She began exploring Jasmine's pussy working her tongue between her folds allowing her juices to flow down onto her tongue as Jasmine raised her hips to meet Nikki's tongue. Nikki soon worked her tongue into Jasmine's opening as she began tongue fucking her as Jasmine began thrusting her hips upward into Nikki's face.

Jasmine was beside herself as Nikki took her clit into her mouth, and replacing her tongue with her fingers now deep in Jasmine's pussy. It wasn't long before Jasmine exploded with a tremendous series of intense orgasms as Nikki took her over the top time and time again. Once she had finished cumming Jasmine pulled Nikki to her kissing her juices that covered Nikki's face. Once the kiss was finished Nikki smiled saying,

"I guess now there's no doubt that you are a Lesbian. The only question remaining now is whether or not you'd like to come home with me so we can continue the passion?"

"Oh yes....please. I've never experienced anything like this or someone so loving as you."

"Well then let's get dressed. My apartment is only a few minutes away."

Once they arrived at her apartment Nikki went into the kitchen, and poured them each a glass of wine. After enjoying their wine Nikki took Jasmine by the hand, leading her into the bedroom. She dimmed the lights, and then turned and faced Jasmine, taking her in her arms, placing light kisses on her lips.

This time Jasmine was more relaxed and not afraid of what she knew was going to happen.As they kissed Nikki slowly undressed Jasmine removing her blouse followed by her bra. She held Jasmine's breasts in her hands caressing them softly, and strumming her nipples with her thumbs while Jasmine closed her eyes and took it all in. Her nipples were so sensitive to Nikki's touch that they began to tingle.

Nikki kissed her way down Jasmine's neck taking one of Jasmine's nipples between her lips, and began gently flicking her nipple with her tongue as Jasmine hugged her. Never had Jasmine imagined anything so beautiful and erotic would ever happen to her. She was slowly coming out of her shell, and discovering things about herself that she never knew existed.All as a result of a test and meeting Nikki.

She unzipped Jasmine's skirt, letting it fall down around her feet leaving her only in her panties. She pulled Jasmine to her kissing her, and sliding her tongue past Jasmine's lips and she cupped her ass in her hands. She could feel the last little bit of resistance leave Jasmine's body as she hooked her thumbs in Jasmine's panties pushing them down over her hips and letting them fall away.

She knelt down tossing Jasmine's skirt along with her panties aside giving her full access to her charms. She looked at Jasmine's pussy staring her in the face for a moment or two, and then placed her cheeks against Jasmine's soft bush. It felt like velvet as she moved her cheek back and forth against her mound.

She could hear Jasmine mewing softy as she turned and started placing kissing on her moistening lips and clit. Jasmine gasp never having had anyone kiss here there. Nikki paused long enough to have Jasmine lay down on the bed, and smiled down at her not saying a word.

Jasmine watched as Nikki started unbuttoning her blouse followed by her bra revealing her breasts to Jasmine one more time. They were so beautiful, and her nipples were so hard. Nikki whispered to her as she cupped her own breasts in her hands, and started gently squeezing them as Jasmine watched her saying,

"Do you like what you see, Jasmine?"

"Yes, you are so beautiful."

"Then show me you like what you see by touching yourself. Go ahead Jasmine, pleasure yourself for me?"

Jasmine started caressing her own breasts as she looked up at Nikki smiling down at her. She continued gently caressing herself, and rolling her nipples between her fingers. It felt so good as she experienced sensations she would never allow herself to experience before.

The more she touched herself the more aroused she became as Nikki hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down once again revealing her bare pussy to Jasmine. Jasmine smiled as she gazed at Nikki's bare pussy saying,

"Mmmmm, your pussy is so beautiful, but it's so bare."

"It's called waxing, silly. We could do the same to you, but we can do that later. I like the natural look of your pussy fur, and it feel so soft and velvety on my check. Now don't stop touching yourself. I want to watch you, it turns me on to see you touching your breasts and I hope your pussy as well. Do it for me....please?"

Jasmine smiled at Nikki wanting to please her more than anything as she moved her hands down her stomach as her fingers slid through her bush touching her wet lips. It had been so long since Jasmine had touched pussy that she couldn't remember the last time she did it.

It felt so erotic as her touch sent thrilling sensations through her body. Not to mention she loved having someone watching her, and knowing that it was turning them on just watching her.

Jasmine's fingers were soon exploring her pussy, spreading her lips apart as she ran her fingers over her dampness sliding her finger up and down her creamy slit, and then deep into her pussy.

She was moaning as she worked her fingers deep into her pussy almost forgetting that someone was watching her. That was until she felt the bed sink, and Nikki's lips on her nipples.

While Jasmine continued fingering her pussy Nikki sucked her nipples taking her to the edge as she squealed out in a passionate lust. Nikki started kissing her way down Jasmine's stomach moving closer, and closer to her pussy where she started running her tongue over Jasmine's swollen clit.

That was all Jasmine needed to send her over the edge and start cumming. It had been so long since Jasmine had experienced an orgasm this strong that it scared her a little the way her heart was pounding in her chest and gasping for air.

As her orgasm started to subside Nikki pulled Jasmine's fingers from her pussy holding them as she licked Jasmine's juices from her fingers. Then she looked up at her saying,

"Now I'm really going to make you cum...are you ready?"

"Yes....oh yes....make me cum!"

Nikki lowered her head and started kissing all around Jasmine's pussy as Jasmine gasped with pleasure never having experienced anything like this before. It was all so new and erotic.

Nikki teased her for a few more minutes before running her tongue over Jasmine's puffy labia, listening to her gasp even more. She began running her tongue between Jasmine's folds as her juices ran down onto her tongue and sounds of Jasmine's passion filled the room.

She began undulating her hips, and squeezing her breasts as Nikki's tongue explored her pussy taking her to feelings and places she'd never been before. It was as if she were drunk with lust as the room seemed to spin as Nikki worked her tongue into her pussy and began tongue fucking her.

Nikki worked her tongue deep into Jasmine's pussy taking her to another powerful orgasm as she thrust her hips into Jasmine's face. Undaunted Nikki replaced her tongue with her fingers deep in Jasmine's pussy only now she took Jasmine's clit between her lips flicking it with her tongue and sucking it.

Never having had anyone suck her clit Jasmine was again over the top, squealing, and moaning as Nikki worked her little finger between Jasmine's cheeks, and penetrated her asshole giving her yet another new never before felt experience.

Jasmine grabbed Nikki's head holding it in place as she thrust her hips hard into her face as yet another even more powerful series of orgasms swept over her.

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