tagErotic CouplingsThe Faithful Secretary

The Faithful Secretary


I enter your office with some papers for your meeting and see you standing at your old fashioned desk! I place the papers in front of you and turn to leave, but you grab my hand and pull me towards you. I'm dressed as you like me to be, tight pencil skirt and a skimpy white shirt. Deftly you pull into your arms and kiss me with such a passion that I go weak at the knees. I feel your hardness against my thigh and smile seductively as I realise you can no longer resist me!

I'm not suppose to be there when the meeting starts but as a knock sounds on the door and I am all dishevelled where you have caressed me, I scoot under the desk to hide as staff are not to fraternise.

From my hiding place I hear the chairman and staff enter and you all sit down to start the meeting. There isn't much room beneath the desk and I can feel your knees against my back, slowly I turn around and part your legs, so I can get a bit more room, I caress your thighs and suddenly a wicked thought crosses my mind, I slide my hand up towards your crotch and start to caress your hard cock, I carefully undo your trousers and your cock pops eagerly out of your pants into my waiting hands. You open your legs to allow me more room and move closer to me. I slowly rub your cock from it tip to base and caress your firm balls before I lick its tip, probing your eye and foreskin, flicking my tongue around the head, I feel your legs tense and a sly grin comes across my face as I imagine your face as you listen to the Chairman drone on and I'm giving you a blowjob in front of them all and you are unable to enjoy it fully. I take its full length in my mouth and slowly move up and down trying to be quiet.

I can feel you thrusting impatiently as I slow things down, caressing your balls and rubbing my hand up its length, I know instinctively that you are enjoying the sensation and I begin to suck you harder and deeper as you start to speak. I can hear your voice deepening with pleasure and I push down harder allowing myself to gag as I take you deep in my throat, I can feel that little twitch in your cock as you are about to cum, and can taste the precum in my mouth. Knowing I am in control and that you would hate that, I suck you harder and harder until I feel you cum in my mouth, I eagerly swallow and lick every last drop and then I carefully make sure you are clean and zip you back up and move to the back of the desk where I wait until the meeting is over and when they have all filed out, you find me fast asleep with a huge sexy smile on my face.

I awoke to a light touch on my face, and looked into your eyes as you helped me out from under the desk.

You roughly pulled me over your lap, my skirt sliding up to show my pretty silk panties, saying "You deserve a smack for that!"

You smartly smacked me on the bottom, not once or twice, but three times before letting your hand rest on my sex, you could feel the dampness of my pants and knew I was excited by this turn of events.

You pushed me to my feet and told me to lay face down across the desk; you roughly pushed my skirt around my waist and removed my damp silk panties, which you held to your face to inhale the muskiness of my sex. You could see the red marks across my bottom that you had made. You bent to kiss them and I could feel you trail your tongue across each cheek before descending between my buttocks to my clit. The sensation was overwhelming and I cried out in pleasure. A quick sharp tap to my bottom told me I was not to make a sound, so I balled my fist into my mouth.

Your tongue licked my clit roughly; you sucked on my lips and slid between one hole and the other. I was overwhelmed by this sensation and could barely contain my groans of pleasure.

Suddenly you had gone, but I felt you lift my head and told me to open my mouth, I could see your hard cock, swollen and glistening. You roughly pushed it into my mouth and thrust deep a few times before withdrawing. You bent over and kissed my mouth tasting the saltiness of your pre-cum in my mouth.

You moved back around the desk and parted my cheeks before thrusting your cock into my pussy. You thrust harder and harder into me, I groaned louder as the ecstasy built within me; with each thrust you gave one of my cheeks a slight tap.

I could feel my orgasm building, my vagina muscles clenching your cock as you thrust, together the passion overwhelmed us and we came together, exhausted you collapsed against me and I felt you kiss the back of my neck, before standing up and whilst straightening your clothes said "That will be all! You may go!" and dismissed with a wave of your hand towards the door.

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