tagLoving WivesThe Fifty Year Lie

The Fifty Year Lie


Sorry, I just had to add in my two cents worth on this one. See Mikoli5763 original stories.

Well Dear Children, this is the last time you will here from me because I am dead. I planned it that way.

I know that you have spent the last twenty years trying to contact me and hating me, but there is nothing I can do about that. Frankly I am surprised by your conduct and anger.

I think I should give you a brief explanation about why I did what I did these last twenty years.

You see, for more than forty years I was a cuckold, and a damn good one. I did everything a cuckold should do, including have sex with a woman that disgusted me, because it was my obligation to do so.

It was a time when people did what was right even if it hurt. I am proud to say I did what was right and it hurt like hell.

Could any of you have knowingly raised another man's child, much less children? I was always there for you. I was there when you were born and held you in my arms. I was there when you needed feeding and changing in the middle of the night. When you could only cry it was not usual that it was me that held you when you needed to be walked in the middle of the night until you quit crying.

I was not your father but I did all of these things.

Your mother did everything possible to make sure I was NOT YOUR FATHER, but I was still outwardly loving and affectionate to you and your whore of a mother.

Yes your mother pretended she loved me, she was a good actress. What your mother really loved was my money and my position. But after talking to my father I realized that I would lose everything because she was a cheating cock hound, so I stayed and was a good and loving father and a good son. Had I left the whore I would have been poor and alone, having lost my real family but your mother would have had her fuck buddy and his children; that would be you.

When you fell I comforted you. When you needed clothes I bought them. When you wanted me to go see dancing recitals, sporting events, baseball, softball, football, soccer, practice of games, I went. I cheered for you all, and I celebrated your victory and told you I was not disappointed when you lost and I was just as proud of you in defeat as I was in victory.

I bought you cars, computers, TV's, special beds, cell phones; you wanted it and you got it. Later I did the same for your children. Later in life you needed a good education and I made sure you hand one; one that would provide for you for the rest of your lives and let you live comfortably. I did not ask you into the family business, as you were not a member of my family, and I refused to let the man I know you now referred to as "Uncle John" through your mother's adultery, to become the beneficiary of my family business. Even then, you lacked for nothing. It may not have been private schools but they were good schools and they taught you well and I helped you learn.

I wanted my own children and to get them I went to your Aunt Brenda. She gave up so much for me. She gave me my own children at a time when being an unwed mother had a stigma attached to it that you cannot possibly now fathom. But Brenda did it for me because she loved me. She did not date and did not object when I had to have sex with your mother, or go on vacations with her, or be with you on Christmas Morning to open gifts. Brenda endured all of these humiliations, including being ostracized by her own family, just so she could be with me a few days a week. And have our children too. She is my true wife and my true love.

Now I want to mention 'Uncle John." I would never have countenanced any relationship between you and 'Uncle John" so this must have been some special thing you did with him and your mother. Somewhere along the line you must have been told to keep it from me. To call him "uncle" means you had more than a passing relationship. Did he hold and hug you? Did he give you a knowing "wink" when he saw you on the street? Did he kiss you hello and tell you how proud he was of you? Did you go out to eat with your mother and "Uncle John?"

The answer is yes to all of those things. I know the answer because I made it my business to find out. You may not have known the depth of the complicity you engaged in but you did it. I even bet there was some holding of hands when it was all of you together and maybe "Uncle John" actually held your mother's hand and kissed her too. So you are not completely innocent as you never mentioned any of it to me.

For over forty years I took you and another man's grandchildren on vacations and gave them gifts. I shared your mother's vagina with a stranger to our marriage, although he was having sex with your married mother before I got a chance to.

The entire town must have known about it. It went on from the day of my wedding for at least 4 decades. She even planned a fuck fest to get pregnant with him the first time knowing I could not go. She could not have run around town having sex with him two to five days a week without someone knowing about it. Hell, everyone knew, especially after Aunt Brenda kicked his ass. So for forty years I took you children places and everyone knew you were not mine.

Don't believe any of that blackmail story crap; she willingly went to him each and every time and had you willingly. The last birth may or may not have been an accident but that ended any chance of my having children with her adulterous body.

But you are just like your mother. It was always "me," "me," "me," with her and now with you. I can't be left alone without you hating me or trying to contact me.

I did my time raising another man's children and I wanted to lay that burden down and get some peace.

But your "unconditional" love will not allow that. Every time I see you I see decades of betrayal. I see the result of a woman intentionally having children with another man. I see her first fuck after marring me, happening with another man as she still wore her wedding dress. That is what I saw every day of most of your lives when I looked at you. Despite all of that I hid it and my shame and acted like a loving and devoted father, because that is what I was.

Try thinking of someone other than yourselves.

Your mother intentionally had "Uncle John" impregnate her instead of me. And I don't care if the last one is an accident.

I was a true cuckold, supporting you and your mother, even her fuck fests with John, until I put a stop to it.

What the hell more did you want from me? Hasn't doing everything you wanted and needed for over 40 years been enough?

Did I have to spend the last years of my life being reminded of how much your mother hated and disrespected me? Yes, she might have said she loved me but looking back, the only thing about me that she loved was the money and I was pretty good at sex but I did not have a cock as big as old 'Uncle John." So when all is said and done, it was the size of his damn cock that she loved and it sure as hell was not me.

I stayed with her when her sores festered. I took her to the hospital and cared for her and tried to keep her healthy. I did everything I was supposed to do and she was still a cheating cunt.

She got the money, a lover, a devoted husband that cared for her until she ran away into the arms of death, thereby evading even a modest amount of earthly humiliation.

I am entitled to a few years of peace and looking at you, especially the hate in your eyes that shows how you really feel for the one person who did so much for you, is enough to make me not want to have to see you again.

Do you remember that scene in Godfather II when the Godfather had to be fired because the nephew of the local mobster wanted the job? What did he do? He told the man he understood and thanked him for all he did for him all the years they were together.

Well when you get this, just say a brief 'thank you" for all I actually did for you. If you can't bring yourselves to do that, well you are really your "Uncle John's" and your mother's children and the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Please enjoy your lives, I enjoyed the first twenty of mine and the last twenty of mine, the middle sort of sucked, but Brenda saved me there too. I do hope she does not leave me waiting too long though, I miss her already and I am not even gone yet.

Rick, nee father.

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