tagErotic HorrorThe Forever Ghosts Ch. 02

The Forever Ghosts Ch. 02


I had quit smoking in college, but now that I was free after my ordeal, I was chaining Camels. Donna hadn't spoken during my tale of beating, abduction, seduction, and incest. I wasn't sure what she would say, but I was afraid she'd comfort me. I didn't want comfort, if I started crying now I didn't think I could stop.

"What happened next?" she asked in a whisper.

"He kept me chained in a bedroom by day. I had a bed, the newspaper every morning, a chamber pot."

"What did you eat?"

"He fed me blood. His blood. It healed me, it was an aphrodisiac, and it bound us. He knew my feelings, my thoughts from it. He delighted in telling me that every night when he woke."

"Will he come for you?"

As I thought on it I blew out a puff of smoke. I had expected him in the hospital, I had expected him every night, but Nikola only came in my dreams to taunt me. "Not while the press is here, but when they leave, he'll try. That's when I'll stop him. Once and for all. I will kill him."

She shuddered, and I knew it was tugging at memories. Donna had always been peace-loving, but during her two years in the Israeli Army she had been involved in skirmishes and riots, and had killed people to save others. The guilt and thrill of it all haunted her strangely, the way a brutal lover haunted a woman through to her old age.

I prayed daily I'd forget Nikola some day, but I didn't know if it was possible. Seeing the fresh torment in her eyes, somehow, I knew he would haunt me forever, a ghost I couldn't banish.

She drew her knees to her chest. "So why you? Why did he pick you? Was it just because you're related? How fucking sick was that bastard?"

"He is the sickest bastard that ever lived, that's easy. Why me? Now that's complicated," I said. I stubbed out my cigarette and lit a new one, and sat back to tell the tale.


I had been there a month. The first week when he left me alone while he slept I'd screamed all day until I was hoarse. No one came to my aid, and he beat me hard at night, leaving me mostly dead. At that time, he wouldn't give me his blood before he fed on me, and it was more of a true rape, though his magnetism and my weakness made my protests quiet at best.

After that I gave up, biding my time, looking for a weakness. This new quiet servitude entertained him, amused him to a patronizing state. At least the vampire blood came first, the sex was more tolerable, even as he fed on me and an orgasm I didn't want came. I endured it as best as I could, shutting away as much of my mind, heart, and soul as I could.

That night after the next full moon I heard his steps and I began to tremble in fear. The lock turned and then he filled the doorway, though by then I realized the house was smaller than mine, and he decorated and dressed for effect. He wore black, as usual, and instead of the man of ninety two he should have been, he was a fit and trim twenty five year old. Nikola was the most terrifying thing I'd ever seen.

That night he wore a reflective look, and for a brief moment I prayed he wouldn't touch me. He carried no glass of blood with him though, and oddly he left the door open as he sat on the bed.

"Alexis, do you know why you're here?"

I bit back my answer "Because you're an incestuous vampiric son of a bitch who kidnapped me?" "No," I said instead.

"You see ghosts, yes?"

My heart skipped a beat. I had, as a child, or at least I had until my parents took me to every psychiatrist in the tri-state area. From their probing questions I had learned how to suppress, how to lie, how to be normal. I could say no, and it would be a half-truth, but Nikola would know if I lied.


He watched me for a moment from those unreadable dark eyes. I felt like a bug on a pin held for his examination. "That ability is something that runs in our family." He smiled when I winced at "our." "Your mother has it, your grandmother, my sister Irene, and I do as well. It is a power, a power called Binding. You are a Binder, as am I."

I stared at him, eyes wide. "Is that why Irene was committed? She really did see ghosts?"

He looked away sullenly. "Never mention her name to me again!" He roared, ignoring the fact that he had brought her up. "Her madness was a shame upon our family, it is not to be discussed. Now Binding is an old and ancient power, it is inherited, it can be given up, it can be taken. It is prized amongst vampires."

"Why?" I whispered, truly curious, temporarily beyond thoughts of escape. If I had it, and that's why he wanted me, I needed to know if I could give it up."

"I know what you are thinking, but were you to give it up it would not matter at all. Binders have stronger, more empowering blood. They are the other side of the coin to vampires; matching powers of the cycle of life, one living, one dead. Vampires fear the living Binders greatly, and so when one is discovered, they are turned. The power must be kept, but on the side of death we are all safest."

I made a choking sound, picking up from his evil face this meant I would eventually be condemned to the after life of him.

"A vampire Binder is a position of great power in vampire society, one I greatly enjoy. I rule all of Illinois with my power, and other Binders by my side rule under me. We have our own order, a sect.. And we have been searching for a living Binder to aid in our worship. Your grandmother and mother have given up their powers, but not you. You have been raised in blissful ignorance of your true nature."

Fear crept up my spine. He seemed calmer, and somehow that was more terrifying. "Worship?"

"Alexis, your power will help me, you will keep me strong, I need you." He turned to me, and insanely seemed to look guilty. "I have treated you wrong, Alexis. I should worship your power, your body. Your soul. Worship you as the goddess a living Binder would be."

He stood and held his hand out to me. Confused and repulsed, I refused to take it, and rage slipped quickly through his features, leaving a smile in its wake. He grabbed my hand and made me stand, bending to undo the chains at my ankles.

He had never done this before, and he handled me gently as he set me on the bed. I didn't want to know what was coming, I really didn't. I tried to memorize the dingy floral wallpaper and the scarred wainscoting.

"Alexis," he purred, and that it was so romantic, so sexual, and yet so familial, it at once sickened me.

He kissed me then, gently, and I froze up. He pulled back staring deep into my eyes. "Such a shame."

He bit his wrist and then pressed it to my mouth. I tried to struggle, but he pinched my nose until I opened my mouth, and the blood flowed in. Hot it was spicier and less metallic than in the glass. I tried not to swallow, but a little bit got in me, and then I was drinking greedily.

As always the act of loosing his blood was erotic for the vampire, and he came in his pants, shuddering against me. It was merely three slides of his rock hard cock against the fabric and me, and he grunted out my name. I didn't care, the blood turned me on, filled my mind and soul with madness. The need grew and expanded inside me, a hunger for life; his. I knew this was how vampires felt, and I wondered if I could drink enough to kill him. I wondered if I would die too.

"Alexis," he sighed, and I knew he'd read my mind, and it turned him on.

Lust fell upon me, and this time it was stronger, hotter. I was soon as desperate as I had been the first time. It was as if the lust drove all the dark knowledge from my mind, leaving my empty. The emptiness left was something only Nikola could fill.

He gripped my head and pulled me away. The kiss was a plunder, he took some of his blood back, and his cock became almost razor sharp. He ground it into my thigh, teasing me with the promise of violence.

I struggled at him, anxious to pull off pants, and for a moment I saw he wanted to surrender to it. At the last moment he regained himself and held me awkwardly at bay.

"No, not rushed. No pain. Not tonight, Alexis." The promise of tomorrow unspoken escaped neither of us.

He kissed me again with teeth and when he tasted our mingled blood Nikola gave a bone-chilling growl. I was laid on my back and he kissed down to the opening of the flimsy nightshirt he had allotted me. He pulled on the snap front with his teeth and it popped open. Out of my mind I struggled against his iron grip, rubbing my wet pussy against his damp pants, and the erection behind them.

He captured a breast and my breath hissed out as he laved the nipple. I closed my eyes then and stopped struggling, knowing it was to be a gentle ravishment. I would endure, I would pretend he was someone else in my mind, Gerard Butler or someone like him, someone I wanted.

"Look at me, Alexis. Look at me, niece."

The familial tie almost killed my desire, and when he saw this he bit my nipple. The orgasm crashed upon me like a leaping predator, overtaking mind and reason. The pleasure was a giant, rough lick across my entire body, a constriction around my heart simultaneously. I arched my back and screamed in horror and pleasure as he suckled blood from me; my vampire, my uncle, my master.

When I came down he had two fingers inside my pussy, curling forward to press on my g-spot.

"No, please, no."

He smiled at me, blood trickling from his lips, and I knew he'd read my mind. Pleasure from vampire magic I could handle, but if he made me come the way a normal human would, something in my soul would shatter. I began to sob, but the ministrations were working.

"Come for me, Alexis. Come for me, niece."

He licked the other nipple, playing it between his flat teeth, tugging as his fingers pressed and massaged. I struggled against it, tears streaming from my face, and he looked at me like a confident lover, as if he owned my body, and on the inner cry of no, I came.

My scream echoed the sentiment, and I shivered with pleasure for long moments as he kissed his way down my stomach. I knew the next intimacy and I begged him to stop, weakly, but he would not be deterred.

Both of my hands were now in one of his, his free hand pushing the night shirt up. The first press of his lips against my pussy was a gentle kiss, and then he consumed me. He had little talent for it; he licked me the way a dog licks a person's hand. I held my breath, praying that he would stop without biting and move to penetration.

Then he bit down on either side of my clit and flicked the nubbin rapidly with his tongue, and I came screaming again. The magic of it was a giant lick across my body, a ghostly penis inside me, his essence dripping through the dark corners of my mind. By the end it was a death groan falling from my lips.

He was naked as if by magic, I surmised it was, and paused with the tip of his cock against me. My eyes were drawn there to see the foreskin still not taut, and as he held there, arms trembling, I knew he was waiting for something. "What?"

At my harsh word he slapped me across the face, hard. I cried out and looked to his face through tears, meeting the evil delight in his eyes. "Call me Uncle, Alexis."

"Wh-what is it, U-uncle?"

"You are mine. Body-" He thrust in deep.

With that he raised his hand and a blue swirling opening appeared in mid-air. It was magic, pure and simple, glowing with its own light. The vortex seemed to pull on me, but the wind coming from it blew my nightshirt and hair away from it. Instead it was something inside me that was being pulled.

Nikola laughed as he thrust into me, over and over, a tearing sensation of unbearable agony. Still the vortex held my attention, and I wanted to scream.

He leaned down to whisper in my ear, "And soul." The vortex swelled and I was ripped from my body and thrust into the portal. I flew backwards, watching him violate my body, and then the vortex closed. I was alone in endless black.

And then, blissfully, the world crashed into itself.



I came to soaking wet, seeing my best friend standing in front of the TV,. An empty glass in hand. "What happened?"

"You were talking and then you passed out. I had to douse you to wake you up."

I trembled still from the memory of being trapped in Nikola's portal. I was aching, hungry, starved for blood, and scared to the marrow of my bones. "All right, I guess that means we call it a night."

"Wait a minute. We've been sleeping for a week, unprotected? What if he comes here?"

I pulled my crutches to me and turned the TV off via remote. "He won't risk exposure so soon. There are reporters and photographers outside all the time, it's too risky for an attack. And you can't hurt him."

"Sunlight does, right? You said he hid from it, slept during the day."

Struggling up on my crutches, I nodded. "We don't have any UV tanning lights, and the flash of a camera has a tiny amount in it, but you'd have to snap about 300 pictures in two seconds to hurt them."

"Stake through the heart?"

I thought of the violence I had seen in the vampire world. "Never saw it, but I'm not sure."

Donna blew some hair from her face and folded her arms. "Decapitation?"

"He'd just pick up his head and bite you."

"What?" She laughed, but stopped when she saw my face.

"I saw one do it."


"That's a tale for another day. Have you seen my Ambien?"

"I'll bring it up with water. I hope you don't have nightmares tonight, Alex."

It was my turn to laugh.


I dreamt of blood and sex and death. I dreamt of the Society, as they called themselves, of the hapless human sacrifices that called to me for help. I dreamt of their power, I dreamt of my guilt. When my mind came to the place where I had learned to feed on souls the way Nikola did, I awoke with a scream.


"Irene!" I jumped out of bed, forgetting my bad knee, and promptly fell. "God damn it. It's hard to remember I don't heal so fast now."

"That can happen. Alex, my brother is searching for you."

I struggled back onto my high bed and flipped on the bedside lamp. It was raining outside, a bleak night, and my cheery vines and roses wallpaper looked yellow in the glow of the mercury lamp in the alley outside. "Can't he pinpoint where I am? Hell, I'm listed in the phone book."

She shook her head and floated closer. Irene had taken her own life at the age of fifty six, but ghosts could portray themselves as whatever they desired. She was a nineteen year old flapper, all long legs and huge brown eyes.

"Not your body but your power. I don't know how it works exactly, but the power goes somewhere else when not in use. If he can find it, he can steal it, and kill you."

"Gee, thanks for waking me up in the middle of the night to share." I pulled out a cigarette and lit it with a shaking hand. My power was still raw and new, still almost a complete mystery to me.

"The ceremony before you escaped drained enough of his blood from your body that his ties to you are lost. Still Nikola has access to the ancient secrets of Binders, secrets only vampires know, and he wants to destroy you, Alex."

"So what do I do?"

He faint green glow settled next to me on the bed. "Run, hide. Go somewhere while I try to learn more."

I shook my head. "He has to die, Aunt I, I have to kill him. He'll come after me again and again and again, until one of us is dead. He'll kill grandma, mom and dad, Donna even, anyone to get to me."

"Alex, he is the Duke of Illinois in vampire society. Kill him and the entire underworld will come after you."

"So? Kill one, buy a flame thrower, kill them all."

She stroked my hair but I didn't feel more than a chill. "Alex, they are ancient, and they are powerful. My brother is powerful because he is a Binder, but he is young. Can you imagine the power of a vampire Binder nearly a thousand years old?"

My head swam at the thought. "No," I whispered. "Then what do I do? How do I escape him?"

"His creator is dead. If we can make it seem he is missing, and no proof of death is found, no one will know. It will give us time to figure something out. But we have to move quickly."

"So I do have to kill him." I was no closer to an answer than before, and it hurt.

"No. We'll need someone else, Alex, you're not strong enough."

I leveled my gaze on the hazy green ghost. "I will be."


I stepped into the police station just after the evening shift change. I asked for Durand at the front desk, ignoring the gape of the woman behind the glass as she called upstairs.

A uniformed officer showed me the way from the elevator on the third floor, and left me in a conference room. Like the main office it had the large concrete bricks painted in pale green my high school had. The furniture was either second hand, or worn to pieces by use. The coffee in the pot smelled and looked like it belonged in a museum, and there was an empty donut box next to it.

The door opened after a brief knock and my heart sank down to my knees.

Durand had the same magnetism that Nikola had, but whereas Nikola had been rough-looking at his highest potential, this man was damn near perfect. I had learned the magic of vampires made them into their genetic ideal, and I had to admit his matched most of my fantasies. Or what they had been a year earlier.

"Miss Bindle, are you here about your case?"

"Would you close the door?"

He did and sat down. Durand was tall, leggy, broad shouldered but well-proportioned in his cheap suit. His hair was wavy, pitch black, and his eyes were cornflower blue, a color real humans didn't ever get.

"Can we talk freely?"

He nodded and folded his long hands on the table. "No one can hear us."

"I know you're a vampire." The look he gave me was pure shock. "And I am a living Binder," I added, "Which I'm sure you know."

At long last he nodded.

"The man who abducted me is a vampire. This is why I couldn't tell the other police."

"All right. I have to tell you, I can't handle this. Binders and vampires fall under vampire law. I have the name of the Sheriff of Chicago, perhaps-"

"No, I will handle it."

He froze, hand inside his jacket reaching for a card or something else. "You're kidding. Even a new fledgling could take a healthy human, but you're injured."

"This is why I need your help."

"I can't go against another vampire, not unless he hurts my loved ones or someone under my protection."

"I don't want a champion, I want vampire blood."

I didn't think he could have looked more surprised if I slapped him upside the head with a fish. "What?"

"I need vampire blood so I can heal and be strong enough to kill him."

"Who is it?"

I shook my head. "The less you know, the better off you'll be."

He stared at me for a long moment, and there was no need to pretend he was human. He didn't breathe, he didn't blink, he was like a statue. "You do know the laws of sharing blood, don't you?"

Biting my lip I shook my head. "I was held against my will, beaten, my blood was stolen from me, I was forced to drink his to heal. I was passed around like a whore for the same purpose amongst his friends. I was not aware there was any laws to this."

"Who did this? Tell me, and I'll report this to the Duke. He will punish them."

"Not until my captor is dead." I was slightly relieved he had no idea his Duke had been my captor.

He sat back, looking like an ethereal model. His suit was JC Penny, wrinkled, and stained with a bit of blood. From work or pleasure? I had no idea, and was irked that the thought had even crossed my mind. "Miss Bindle-"

"Alex, please."

"Alex, I can't. If you were under my protection I could give you blood, or kill your torturer. But you are not, and I am not in favor with the community. I have to walk my path very carefully."

"Can you tell me perhaps of a vampire who would be willing to do so?"

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