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The Good Sister


- This story is an incest piece between a brother and a sister in a difficult power struggle. However, it features strong nonconsensual and humiliation themes. There is no romance here, no love story, no happy ending. Thanks to DontBlink88 for the edit. Good and bad comments are always encouraged. I hope you enjoy it. -


"He's fucking pathetic," Rachel said, her drunken brother's arm slung over her shoulder.

"Leave him alone," Sarah said from under her brother's other arm.

"Don't come to his rescue," Rachel said. "He's a loser. Mom and Dad shouldn't let him live here."

"Will you just shut up and open the door."

Rachel opened the door to the basement, and the two girls had a time getting Jake down the stairs. It was cold and damp down here, with no windows and unforgiving concrete floors and walls. The bed was in the middle of the room. There was a ratty old sofa off to one side, and a toilet and bathtub on the other without an enclosure.

"It stinks like sweat and piss down here," Rachel said.

"Stop talking and walk!" Sarah said.

Together, the two girls heaved their brother face first into bed. Jake just snorted, didn't even move.

"I'm not doing this again," Rachel said. "That's the last fucking time."

"Mom and Dad are going to be so pissed when they see him."

"Whatever," Rachel said, storming up the stairs.

Sarah sat down next to Jake. She turned his head and made sure his mouth was clear, just in case. She stared at him. He looked so beaten down. He was only 24, but the drugs made him look like he was 40. His eyes used to be so blue, now there was a red ring around them. Even his physique, which used to be so strong and perfect, was thin and worn. His brown hair was a greasy mess. He really needed a shower.

She sighed as she stood up and left her brother alone, wondering if this might be it for him. Two weeks ago, there had been an intervention and he agreed to go to rehab. He skipped out after only a week, claiming he was better. That had supposedly been his last chance, according to her parents, but now, he was back with his old friends, doing exactly the same thing.

The next morning, Sarah woke up to the familiar sound of her family arguing. She glanced at herself in the mirror, running a hand through her long brown hair and wiping the sleep out of her bright blue eyes. She was a petite girl, very thin, bony, with small breasts and no hips to speak of, but she did have a pretty face, which she counted as her only asset. She often padded her bra. Still, as she was 18, she supposed she was done growing and might as well get used to it.

She headed out to the living room in long pajamas. Her mother, Joan, and her father, Ben, were arguing with her sister, Rachel. She knew Jake was probably still downstairs, sleeping off his pain while his problems tore the rest of them apart. She sat down on the end of the sofa next to her mother. They were all too busy arguing to notice her.

"It's not fair! You give him everything, but Sarah and I don't get shit!" Rachel shouted. "It's like because he was the first fucking born, he gets away with murder!"

"Oh, you don't get anything?" Joan asked. "How many cars have you crashed, Rachel? When's the last time you paid for your insurance? How about college? Do you enjoy getting an education? Oh, no, you don't get anything."

"How about personal fucking freedom?" Rachel came back. "You won't even let me bring my boyfriend home. I'm 21, and I have to live in a fucking monastery."

"Excuse me for not wanting my daughter to start screwing in my house!" Ben shouted. "Move out if you don't like the rules!"

"You let Sarah's friend Lori stay over!"

"What does that have to do with anything?" Ben asked.

Sarah froze up, shooting a look at her sister. Rachel did not even glance her way.

"Your daughter is a dyke! She's eating Lori's pussy!"

Ben and Joan both gasped.

Sarah jumped up. "That's not true! And Lori moved away! I don't even see her anymore!"

"Sarah, is that true?" Ben asked. "Are you..."

"I'm not, Daddy!" Sarah said. "I swear!"

"She's lying. I caught her. I even have a video."

"Fuck you, Rachel. I can't believe you. Have you told them about your abortion?"

Rachel gasped. "That's a lie! Daddy, you know I'm pro-life! I would never!"

"All right, enough!" Ben shouted. "Your mother and I don't have time for this. It's our 25th anniversary, and our plane leaves at noon. You three kids are not going to spoil our vacation. We'll deal with your brother when we get back."

"How are you going to deal with him?" Rachel demanded.

Ben exhaled, looking at his wife. Joan hung her head. "Fine," Ben said. "He's had his chance. We'll have to evict him."

Rachel smiled. "About fucking time."

"Just don't tell him until we get back," Ben said. "It's going to be hard enough. And I don't want you two fighting with him while we're gone. Is that understood?"

"Whatever," Rachel said.

"Yes," Sarah said meekly, keeping her head down.

"And no boys in the house!" Ben added, then he glanced at Sarah. "Or girls."

Their parents left directly after.

Sarah stared at Rachel. "You know you just got him kicked out."

"Good. He deserves to be on the street," Rachel said.

"He could get hurt, or worse. Don't you care?"

"I stopped caring when he stole my jewelry and sold it for drugs."

"I still care," Sarah said.

"Grow up," Rachel spat. "I can't believe you told them about the abortion."

"I can't believe you either! I'm not a lesbian. I was just...experimenting."

"Just keep your tongue away from me, dyke."

"Fuck you," Sarah said.

Rachel stormed off, slamming her bedroom door. Sarah went into the kitchen and opened the basement door. Down the stairs, she found her brother still snoring. He had rolled over in the middle of the night and was on his back.

"Jake?" she said, shaking him once. "Jake?"

"Huh?" he grunted. "Wha? Who the fuck are you? Oh, Sarah. Shit. How'd I get home?"

"You called us, remember, said you got thrown out of a bar? Rachel and I picked you up?"

"If you say so."

He put his head back into his pillow and started to fall back to sleep.

"Jake," Sarah said, "Mom and Dad, um, they're mad. They left on vacation, but I'm worried they might kick you out when they get back if you don't get yourself clean. I was thinking if we got you back into rehab---"

"Jesus, shut the fuck up, Sarah!" he shouted. "I'm fucking sleeping! Beat it! Fucking bitch."

Sarah hung her head and started to leave.

"Wait," Jake called as she was at the foot of the steps. "Wake me up at 3:00. I gotta meet a guy for some stuff."


"Just fucking wake me up! Shit. You're turning into Mom."

Back upstairs, Sarah felt like crying. Maybe everyone else had given up on her brother, but she hadn't. She had to help him, somehow. She paced around the kitchen, nibbling on her thumb, thinking. She kept glancing at that door down to the basement.

"I could lock him in," she mumbled to herself.

The idea stopped her right in her tracks. It seemed so simple, yet so...complicated. She couldn't very well keep her brother prisoner. It was technically a crime, wasn't it? How would she feed him? How would she keep him from going stir crazy? And how did she know he wouldn't beat the crap out of her when she finally opened the door to let him out?

But what if it worked? It could. She had all his prescription pills to help him with the withdrawals. She could lock him up, make him take his pills, keep him company. But she couldn't very well keep him company from the other side of the door. She would have to lock herself inside with him.

It could really work though, right? Sarah ran out of the kitchen and straight to her sister's room. She opened the door to find her chatting with her boyfriend on the phone.

"...and she was tongue-deep in this girl's pussy. She's a total lesbo. Ew, no, I would never. Don't be disgusting."

"Rachel!" Sarah shouted.

"What? I'm on the phone."

"I have to talk to you. It's important."

"No, you cannot eat my pussy. Jesus." Rachel put the phone back to her ear. "Yup, you were right. She asked."

Sarah marched across the room, grabbed the phone, and disconnected the call.


"It's important!"

"What the fuck?"

"I think I've thought of a way to fix Jake."

"Oh, here we go again."

"Just hear me out. What if we locked him the basement for the next two weeks while Mom and Dad are away? We could force him to take his meds and stuff."

"Are you a lunatic?" Rachel said. "He'd probably kill himself down there. You know he's crazy."

"Well, I was thinking you could lock me in there with him, so I could keep him company, make sure he takes his medication, and make him food, all that. What do you think?"

"That's nuts. Don't you have anything better to do with your time?"

"It's summer. I don't start college until September, and like you keep telling everyone, my lesbian girlfriend moved away, so, no, I guess I don't."

"Well, dyke," Rachel said, "I do have something better to do. I'm going over to Chad's apartment and staying there."

"What about Jake?"

"What about him? I've bent over backwards for that piece of shit, and I am done."

"What about my plan?"

"You were serious about that?"

"Yes! We can save him, Rachel! Two weeks in that basement would be a wakeup call, and it would finally get him clean, well, halfway clean, at least for a little while. Please? This is so important. This is our family."

"He's just going to go back to his old ways the moment you let him out."

"Maybe he will. And you know what, you're probably right, but at least I'll know I didn't write him off without trying everything I could."

Rachel sighed. "I don't want any part of this, and I have plans with Chad."

"Look, you don't have to do anything. You just have to lock us in and not tell anyone, and check up on us. If he gets sick or hurt or anything, I'll need your help."

"This is insane," Rachel said. "But you know what? I don't care. If you want to do it, it's on you. I'll lock you in there, but you can take your phone. Just put a passlock on it. He won't be able to use it. I wouldn't tell him you have it though. If you need me, call me, otherwise, you're on your own. "

Sarah sighed. "Good enough. Help me take some stuff down there while he's sleeping. Now's our only chance."

"I still think this is crazy," Rachel said. "I'm telling you, he's going to want out, and the whole thing will be over by tomorrow."

"We'll see."

Together, Rachel and Sarah took boxes of dry goods down to the basement, as well as some fresh food for the refrigerator that was so rarely used. They were quiet as they worked, but Jake snored through all of it, even when Rachel dropped a jar of pasta sauce and it shattered. They also had to remove a few things from the basement, like tools and a crowbar, just in case Jake tried to break his way out. Then the girls did their best to install a heavy duty latch on the outside of the door. The drill was loud, but at the top of the stairs, the noise didn't seem to disturb Jake. When Rachel closed the door and Sarah tested the latch, it felt foreboding somehow, like she was stepping into a prison cell.

"You're sure about this?" Rachel said to Sarah in the kitchen.

"I'm sure," Sarah said. "It's for the best. Trading two weeks of my life for the rest of his is a bargain."

Rachel shook her head. "Okay. I have a date at 5:00, so I'm gone after that."

"I know," Sarah said.

"Um, hey," Rachel said, "Jake...he can get crazy, you know? So if he gets violent, just do what he says. Call me and I'll let you out. Okay?"

"I know."

"And," Rachel said with a sigh, "this is nice of you. I mean, you're a better sister than I am. I wouldn't do this."

Sarah shrugged. "Family is family."

Rachel nodded. "Sorry I told Mom and Dad you're a dyke."

"Yeah... See you in two weeks."

Rachel hugged her sister and Sarah stepped behind the door. She heard the hasp close and then the door was locked.

---Day 1---

Sarah was sitting on the sofa, her feet curled up under her butt as she read one of the books she had brought downstairs with her. Jake suddenly groaned and rolled over in bed. He pushed himself up slowly, slumping back down, coughing, and mumbling.

"Fuck," he said, rubbing his eyes. "Fuck. What time is it?"

He reached for the bedside table where his phone used to be. It was gone now.

"Ugh?" he said, rolling over, looking at the wall clock. "It's 6:00? That bitch didn't wake me up." He sat up, his eyes finding Sarah across the basement. "Sarah? What the fuck? You didn't wake me up. What the fuck are you doing down here?"

"Um, I was going to wake you, but I didn't want you to go out and get drugs, so I let you sleep instead."

"Jesus, shut up," he said. He swung his legs off the side of the bed and grabbed his cigarettes off the end table, which Sarah had left for him. He pulled one out between his teeth, lighting it. "You know you seriously fucked me over."

"How so?" she asked, putting her book down.

"I was going to do a job."

"A job for drugs?"

"Shut the fuck up!" He put his shoes on and stood up, stretching. He started toward the stairs. "See you later."

"Sooner than you think," Sarah whispered to herself as Jake climbed the stairs. She heard him turn the handle to open the door. He began rattling it, shoving against it.

"What the fuck? The door's stuck!" He was banging on it now. "Mom, Dad, Rachel? The fucking door is stuck! Is there something in front if it? Where the fuck are they?"

"They're gone," Sarah said, standing at the foot of the steps. "Mom and Dad went on vacation."

"Oh, shit, that's right," Jake said, trying the door again. "Rachel, stupid bitch must be fucking with us. Rachel! Open the fucking door!"

"She's gone too," Sarah said. "She's staying over at Chad's place for the next couple of weeks. She said she'd check up on us when she had time."

"Huh?" he said, turning around. "What do you mean, check up on us?"

Sarah swallowed. "I installed a lock on the other side. And then I made her lock us in."

Jake's eyes turned dark as he started down the steps toward his sister. "Why the fuck would you want to lock us down here?"

Sarah took a nervous step back. "Welcome to rehab."

"This isn't fucking funny."

"It's not a joke. Look around. We have food, water, a hotplate, a microwave, TV, books. We're not going anywhere."

Jake clenched his teeth. "Open that fucking door right now or I'm going to get nasty."

"I can't open the door. Only Rachel has the key, and she's gone."

"This is a joke, isn't it? Fine, I get it. I'll go back to rehab. You made your fucking point."

"No, I'll make my point in two weeks, when you're clean."

"Sarah, I'm not fucking with you anymore. Open the door."

"How?" Sarah asked. "I'm in here, with you. We're cellmates. I can't go anywhere either."

"You and Rachel planned this. When's she coming back, an hour, two hours? How long?"

"It doesn't matter. She won't open the door even when she comes back. I told her not to."

"Give me your phone."

"What phone? I don't have a phone."

"I'm not a fucking idiot. You have a phone. You always carry around your phone. Give it to me."

"I don't have one."

"Give it to me now or I'll fucking smack the shit out of you."

"I don't have one," she repeated.

Jake suddenly lurched toward her, grabbing her wrist. Sarah struggled with him but he spun her around, shoving her face down into the sofa. He was on her back. His hands began exploring her body, frisking her.

"Stop it, Jake! I don't have a phone!"

"Shut the fuck up!"

He grabbed at her butt, clenching the pocket of her jeans. His hands slipped around her waist, grabbing her thighs.

"Let me go! I don't have a phone! You're hurting me!"

"I haven't begun to hurt you yet, stupid bitch. Where the fuck is it?"

His hands moved up her waist, slipping under her t-shirt, touching her stomach. His other hand came over her shoulder, slipping into the neck of her shirt.

"Stop it, you fucking pervert!"

"Oh, shut up!"

Jake's hand slipped into her bra, but then he immediately pulled away with her cell phone in his grip.

"Stupid bitch," he said, climbing up and turning his back. "Stuffed your bra with it. Think I haven't seen that before?"

Sarah sat up, exhaling.

Jake was shaking his head as he turned on the phone. "Call my buddy, have him break the fucking door down. You're lucky I don't kick your..." He spun around. "What is the goddamn code to your phone?"

"Four numbers, or maybe four letters. Starts with F, ends with U, sounds like fuck you."

Jake jumped at her again, his hand flying toward her neck. Sarah gasped as he grabbed her throat. He shoved the phone in her face.

"The fucking code!"

"One two fuck you!"

"You want me to strangle you?" he shouted. "You want to fucking die down here?"

Sarah just glared up at him. "Talk all you want, you're not going to hurt me."

"Oh, you don't think I will?"

"No, I don't. I'm your sister. You taught me how to throw a softball. You beat up my ex-boyfriend for grabbing my breasts. And even if you're wasted half the time, you still care about me! So, no, you won't kill me, and if you do, you're so far gone, you're not even worth saving."

He shoved her back, taking his hand away from her neck. "The code."

"Figure it out yourself, jerk," she said, crossing her legs and folding her arms.

"You are really pissing me off."

"I'm making dinner," Sarah said, jumping up and passing him. "Do you want chicken noodle soup or mac and cheese?"

"Why the hell are you doing this to me?" he demanded from behind her. "I thought you were the cool one. I thought you had my back. Mom and Dad treat me like shit, but I thought you were cool. You're a fucking punk-ass bitch."

Sarah shook her head and turned around. "Are you really that stupid? I am doing this exactly for you, because I don't want you to end up dead under a bridge. You think I want to spend my summer vacation locked down here with you? Fuck you, Jake, I am the cool one. Everyone else is ready to write you off. Mom and Dad are done. You're out on the street when they get back. I'm the only one left in your corner. So I only have one question to ask you, chicken noodle soup or mac and cheese?"

He scoffed and stormed away, punching numbers into the phone, trying to break the code. Sarah prayed he didn't get lucky.

---Day 2---

Sarah fell asleep curled up on the sofa, leaving Jake with the phone. She would probably have slept all day, but Jake woke her up.

"Open this fucking door!"

Sarah started. "God! You scared me."

"Open the fucking door now!"

"I am trying to sleep!"

Jake reached for her hair, grabbing it, pulling her head back, thrusting the phone in front of her face.

"Put in the code. I'm going to start slapping you around, Sarah. I'm not joking. Put it in."

"No!" she said angrily, glaring at him with her hair stuck in his fist.

Jake's hand suddenly flew up and crossed her face. She gasped. She couldn't believe he really hit her.

"The code."

"You fucking bastard. I hope you remember you did that."

"I'll fucking remember it!"

He slapped her again, rocking her whole face to the side. She screamed and held her cheek.

"You jerk," she whispered. "You stupid jerk."

Jake shouted in frustration and threw her face into the sofa cushion. He climbed up, pacing. "You are driving me fucking nuts!"

She was rubbing her jaw. "I can't believe you hit me."

"I'll fucking hit you again!" he shouted, lifting his fist in threat.

Sarah cringed, putting her arms up. "Don't. Please. I'm just trying to take care of you."

Jake quickly sat down next to her. She recoiled when he lifted his hand, but he only held it out straight. She stared at it. It was shaking.

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