tagMatureThe Hot Landlord

The Hot Landlord


Rick had found the perfect house after a long search for just the right place at the right price. It was outside the city all alone on a country road, and the best part was no neighbors. He had lived in a apartment for a couple of years after graduation from college, and was beginning a what hopefully would be his career.

It wasn't long before he was making enough money to rent a house that offered the peace and quite he had been looking for. His landlord was an older gentleman and a long time friend of the family.

Although the house was built in the forties it wasn't a rent buster like a lot of other houses he looked at, and with a little TLC it could be turned into a really nice place. It was just over 1100 square feet, and with the doors and windows open it had great ventilation.

All it needed was a little paint inside, and then it would be perfect. Rick had worked out a deal with the landlord for him to paint the inside, and get a break on his next months rent. Rick was all set to do it over his two week vacation he had coming up soon.

As his vacation neared Rick had gone out, and bought the paint and was all ready to start painting that weekend. Naturally a heat wave had come around, and to make matters worse the A/C had gone out.

Rick called the A/C repair company, but of course they couldn't get out until mid week at the earliest. He went ahead and made the appointment, and called his landlord to let him know he was going to start the painting and let him know about the A/C.

Rick was a little surprised to find that there was a female voice on the voice mail telling him to leave his name, phone number, and a brief message and she'd get back to him as soon as she could. Rick hung up and double checked the number thinking that maybe he had dialed the wrong number, but after checking the number it was in fact his landlords number.

Rick called back and left his name number and a brief message. The next morning Rick hadn't heard back from his landlord, but rather than wait he decided to start painting before it got too hot. It was around 10 am when the phone rang and there was a female voice on the other end.

She sounded really sexy saying that she was returning his call from the night before. Rick asked if Mr. Oliver, his landlord was available to speak to. There was a moment of two of silence when the woman then told Rick,

"Mr Oliver is no longer the owner of the property you're renting. He sold it to me, and the escrow closed this last week."

"What? He never told me he was selling. We had an agreement that I was going to paint the house inside, and he was going to give me a break on this months rent. I've already started painting this morning."

"Unfortunately I'm not aware of any agreement between you and the previous landlord, nor do I know about any agreement on the rent. I'm afraid I'll need to take a look at the property before you do anything. I'm not sure if I can make it out this weekend or not."

"Look," Rick told her. "I understand that you're the new owner of the property, and that you don't know me from Adam, but I bought all the paint as well as the other things I needed. The house hasn't been painted inside for over twenty years. Now I'm not using any crazy wild colors, just tan in the living room and white in the bedrooms. What I'm doing will only ad value to your property. I can only hope you plan to keep this house as a rental so I'll have a place to live. I love the location, I've done work inside and out, so all I can hope is you'll take that into consideration when you come out. I have photos of how it looked before the work I've done on it."

There was another pause when the new landlord said,

"Mr. Wilder?"

"Call me Rick...all my friends call me Rick."

"Alright Rick. I have to tell you that Mr. Oliver had nothing, but kind words, and good things to say about you and I'm beginning to see why. I make no promises, but I will be out to take a look at the property as soon as I can, and I will take into consideration all that you've done. Go ahead and finish painting since you've already started. The colors you describe sound fine to me. I'll be in touch...goodbye."

Rick hung up the phone feeling a little betrayed by old man Oliver. The least he could have done was tell him what he was doing. Stuck between a rock and a hard place Rick decided to go ahead, and finished his painting and take it as it comes as far as the house goes.

He finished the bedrooms, and living room when he had to quit. He was just too hot and tired to continue. He opened up the house to get what little breeze there was so the paint would dry. Then he filled his ice chest again, and put in the last six pack of beer, and some sodas before going up and taking a shower.

After his shower he was still hot so rather than get dressed he decided to lounge around naked. After all his new landlord said she wouldn't be out, and he wasn't expecting anyone to drop by. He went downstairs, and got his ice chest and went into the den to listen to some music and relax.

He felt like listening to some cool jazz for a change as he donned his head phones and kicked back in his recliner. As he relaxed, and pulled a cold beer from the ice chest the cool drops of water fell down onto his balls. It felt good as he held the bottle over his crotch allowing more cold drops of water to drop down on his balls.

Then he placed the bottle between his legs, moving it up against his cock and balls. Damn it felt good. Rick moved his hand down between his legs to adjust himself when he felt his cock tingle. It had been a long time since he'd been with a woman, and his cock was getting hard.

On a whim he decided that since he was along, and no one was around he might as well rub one out. Rick eased back into the recliner sipping his beer while slowly stroking his cock until it was nice and hard. He looked around the room admiring his work thinking all he had left was the kitchen, and the south wall of the living room.

Something he could knock out in the morning. With his cock as hard as stone, Rick finished his beer, and grabbed another one letting the cold water drip down onto his rigid cock and balls. He closed his eyes and kept stroking his cock as he grooved to the music. He was totally oblivious to the door bell, and then the knock at the front door.

As he continued stroking his cock he opened his eyes to see a very attractive women standing over him with her hands on her hips and a sly smile on her pretty face. Rick let go of his cock, and pulled off his headphones as he sat up stammering and stuttering trying to find the words, but all he could come up with was,

"Ah I didn't know anyone was here....I'm so sorry!"

She laughed saying,

"I didn't mean to barge in on you Rick, but I found myself in the area so I decided to come by, and meet you. That way I could get to know you, and check out all the work you were telling me about. I'm Tina by the way....the new landlord."

"Oh man...I'm so sorry. I'm really not a pervert Tina. I was just hot, tired, and I guess I got a little to relaxed. I do apologize!"

"Relax Rick....from where I'm standing you have nothing to apologize for. The house looks amazing by the way. I see all the work you've done outside and it's beautiful, and the paint looks great inside."

"Thanks....would you like a beer while I got get dressed?"

"Yes I'd love a beer, but unless you really feel compelled to get dressed I really see no reason to."

Rick couldn't believe his ears. Here was a woman he never met finding him totally naked, and jacking off, yet telling him she was cool with his staying naked. Tina looked to be in her late thirties, early forties maybe and she had one hell of a body.

She was wearing cutoffs and a tube top and looked sexy as hell. She had red hair that cascaded down to her freckled chest, and those amazing breasts. She picked up a beer, and smiled at him as he held his half erect cock in his hand. She said,

"This may sound a little slutty, but when I came in you were doing something with that beautiful cock of yours. You can continue if you'd like, and if you don't mind I'd like to watch. It's been a long, long time since I've seen a cock as nice as yours. I'm divorced, my daughter is away in college so it's been a while for me if you know what I mean?"

"Ya....sure. Feel free to join in if you'd like."

Rick couldn't believe he said that expecting her to leave, but instead she smiled saying,

"Why thank you. You never know what I might do."

All Rick could do was smile, and start stroking his already hardening cock as Tina sipped her beer and watched. He continued stoking his cock as Tina watched saying,

"Oh my Rick...you have an amazing cock....just amazing."

He could see her nipples getting hard, and pushing against the fabric of her tube top as he picked up the pace a little causing his balls to start bouncing just a little. She smiled saying,

"Is that invitation to join you still open Rick?"

"Oh ya."


Rick watched as Tina set her beer back down in the ice chest, and then pulled her tube top down exposing her gorgeous breasts. They were even better than he'd thought. Her chest was lightly sprinkled with freckles as well as her breasts. Her aureole's were about the size of a silver dollar, and her nipples were about a half inch long.

Then she picked the beer back up that was now dripping with the cold water as she held it over her chest for a couple of seconds allowing the water to drip down onto her those beautiful breasts of hers. She then she took the ice cold bottle, and started moving it over her breasts as she closed her eyes and moaned softly saying,

"Oh that feels nice....so very nice."

Her aureole's were soon puffed out and covered with goose bumps, and her nipples were even harder than before if that were possible. Next she placed the beer bottle between her breasts for a few seconds before repeating the process again. Rick was enthralled watching Tina that he was barely stroking his cock which caused her to ask,

"You going to stop Rick?"

"Huh....oh no. I was just so into watching you run that beer bottle over your beautiful breasts that I found myself becoming jealous of a beer bottle."

Tina giggled saying,

"Oh trust me Rick...you have nothing to be jealous of. Now keep stroking that cock for me. We've only just started right?"


Rick went back to jacking off wondering what Tina had meant by that. He soon found out when she sat the beer bottle back in the ice chest and picked up a piece of ice and started running it over her breasts paying special attention to her nipples. She cooed and moaned as she caressed her breasts, and moved the cold ice over them as Rick watched.

Once the ice hand melted she started squeezing her breasts again, tugging and twisting her nipples with her fingers. Tina was one hot woman who knew what she wanted for sure. She stopped momentarily and got another piece of ice and ran it over her nipples again. Then she said,

"You know what would feel really good right now Rick?"

"My mouth on your cold, hard nipples?"

Tina squealed, "YES....how did you know?"

"It just seemed so obvious. That's what I would do."

"So what are you waiting for then Rick?"

Running the ice over her nipples one more time for good measure Tina placed her hands on the arm of the recliner, and leaned forward placing her breasts right in Rick's face. He let go of his cock, and took her breasts in his hands, and took her nipples into his mouth one at a time as she squealed and pulled his face to her chest.

"OH FUCK RICK! Oh that feels so amazing. Suck em Rick....suck my nipples. Oh you do it so fucking good....oh FUCK ya!"

Rick caressed, squeezed and sucked Tina's nipples until she whimpered and her body started to shudder. The woman was actually cumming from just having her nipples suck. Once she finished cumming, she lifted Rick's head and kissed him shoving her tongue down his throat as the two of them kissed with more passionately than Rick had ever experienced.

This was one hot, horny fucking woman to say the least. She broke their kiss long enough to stand up, and pull her cutoff down over her hips, and kick them aside leaving her standing there in her pink panties. Rick watched as she slowly pulled them down revealing her beautiful pussy.

Her lips were think and swollen from arousal, and he could see them glistening with her juices, and her clit was also swollen from arousal. He had never seen a women with of a clit before. She was porn queen material if nothing else. What he loved most was how she had trimmed all around her labia, but had left a tuft of bright red pussy fur for his pleasure.

With her legs spread wide Rick watched as she slowly moved the bottle between her legs, and started working it between her pussy lips. She gasp and cooed as she slowly turned the bottle between her lips looking at Rick as he stroked his cock again. She smiled saying,

"Mmmm, that's what I call cooling off."

Then as the bottle started to warm up, she reached into the ice chest, and pulled out a large piece of ice and started running in over her nipples, and then slowly ran the ice down between her breasts making her way down her stomach toward her pussy. Once she reached her pussy Tina began running the ice over her hot lips watching Ricks reaction.

Tina rose up and knelt down on her knees and made her way over to Rick. She took the ice, and started running it over his balls as she pulled his hand away from his cock. It felt cold, but at the same time it felt good. Tina moved the ice from Rick's balls, and began running the ice up the length of his shaft to the tip of his cock and back down again.

Tina still holding the ice slipped it in her mouth, and moved up taking the head of Rick's cock into her mouth, where she started slowly moving her head up, and down his cock as Rick groaned with pleasure. Never had a woman done anything like this to him ever.

Once the ice had melted, Tina kept running her cold tongue up and down his shaft to his balls, and then back up again where this time she took his cock into her mouth taking as much of him down her throat as she could. Tina began slowly bobbing her head up and down on his cock as she deep throated him.

Rick was beside himself trying not to explode too soon, but he knew he could only hold out for so long. As she picked up the pace Tina started toying with his balls, rolling them around in her fingers as Rick closed his eyes for a moment concentrating on the sucking and slurping sounds coming from Tina.

He opened his eyes again to see she had placed her free hand between her legs, and was fingering her pussy as she sucked his cock. Rick was starting to wonder how long he was going to last when he heard Tina's muffled squeal and looked down at her.

She was arching her back, and her body was shaking having brought herself off once again. Once she had finished cumming a second time she removed her fingers from her pussy and started playing with his balls again. This time Tina eased her middle finger between Rick's ass cheeks, causing him to lift his ass up as she started toying with his asshole.

Again this was something Rick had never experienced, but all in all it felt amazing especially when she eased her finger into his ass, and started finger fucking his asshole. This was an entirely new sensation that had Rick ready to explode. He could feel his balls tighten, and that familiar burning sensation when he told her,

"I...I'm gonna fucking cum!"

Tina paid no attention to his warning, instead she began pumping his cock and working her finger deeper into his ass as he held his cock in her mouth. Rick grunted as he felt his cock spasm, and the cum spurt from his cock down Tina's throat. He was amazed as she took every drop that shot form his cock into her mouth until he had stopped cumming.

Tina raised her head with a smile on her face, and a little bit of his cum on the corners of his mouth. Rick took her face in his hands, pulling her to him where they started kissing. That was the first time Rick had ever tasted his own cum, but he hoped it wasn't the last as long as it was in Tina's mouth. Once they finished kissing Rick stood up and had Tina take his place in the recliner. He smiled saying,

"Now it's time I show my beautiful landlord what a good tenant I really am."

Following Tina's lead, Rick took some ice from the ice chest and started running it over her swollen pussy lips and clit. She closed her eyes and cooed as Rick slipped the ice into his mouth, and started running the ice over her pussy as it protruded from his mouth. She looked down and squealed as he slid it into her pussy, and then sucked it out again.

With his lips and tongue practically frozen Rick started running his tongue over her pussy lips as she moaned and leaned back in the recliner, her legs draped over the side giving Rick all the access to her charms he could ever want. Rick licked and sucked Tina's pussy, lapping up her juices as they flowed down onto his tongue while she placed her hands on his head guiding him to the perfect spot. Rick started working his tongue in and out of her pussy as she gasp saying,

"Oh ya Rick....Oh yes...Oh that feels so fucking nice. Stick that tongue up my pussy...oh ya...suck it...lick it....fuck me with your tongue!"

Rick continued tongue fucking her until his jaw ached. He then took Tina's clit between his lips and started sucking and flicking her clit with his tongue while sliding his fingers deep into her pussy. He then eased his little finger between her cheeks, and like she had done to him started fingering her asshole. Tina was bouncing in the recliner, moan and squealing as Rick sucked her clit as hard as he could.

Finally Tina grabbed his head forcing it between her legs as she thrust upward driving her pussy into Rick's face while holding onto his hair with her fingers as one orgasm after another coursed through her body. She came so hard that she squired her juices in Rick's face. Once her orgasm had subsided Tina collapsed into the recliner. After a few minutes she smiled at Rick saying,

"Oh my goodness Rick....that was simply amazing. I hope I didn't give you the impression that I do this with all my tenants. It's just when I saw you sitting there stroking that beautiful cock, and not having been with a man for way to long, I just couldn't resist myself. My lack of sex took over my common sense, and well it just sort of happened. Thank you for making me feel so at ease, and letting my inner slut come out. You definitely are my favorite tenant, and you have nothing to worry about as far as the rent or the house goes."

"Hey, I'm the one that should be thanking you for choosing me to make love to. I love your inner slut, and I love the fact that you can be so totally honest and free with your sexuality. Not a lot of women could do that. Now if you like, you're welcome to spend the night, and if you want you can help me finish the kitchen and the living room tomorrow. What do you think?"

"I think I need to take a shower, and get some rest, and with any luck we might get some painting in tomorrow."

Rick helped Tina from the recliner and headed for the shower, and what hopefully would be a sexy tomorrow. And oh ya...maybe they might get some painting done time permitting.

To be continued...

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