tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe House Hunters Ch. 02

The House Hunters Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Family Valuation

It was a beautiful spring morning as Laura Hughes drove into the car park of Douglas Properties accompanied by her assistant and live in lover Martha Cox. Laura was now a junior partner in the firm and Martha was one of the firm's best estate agents. Between them they made a formidable team.

Laura had just arrived at her office and deposited her briefcase when Josephine Carroll, her twenty year old secretary knocked gently on the door and entered. "I'm sorry, Mrs Hughes but Mr Douglas asked to see you as soon as you came in."

"Ok Jo. Thank you." Laura left the office.

"What's that all about?" Martha asked Jo anxiously.

"Apparently a friend of Mr Douglas wants to sell his house and he wants Mrs Hughes to take charge."

"Oh, I see," responded Martha and she went to her desk and set about her daily work.

It was twenty minutes later when Laura returned. "Let's go Martha."

Martha grabbed her coat and handbag. "Where are we going?"

"Don't worry. It's not another haunted house," chuckled Laura, referring to their strange experience at Thomas Hall two months earlier, "We're going to Wellington Avenue."

"Wellington Avenue?"

"That's right, Martha. Where Oldcastle's wealthy elite live," said Laura with enthusiasm.

It was just a twenty minute drive to the avenue. Both Laura and Martha were struck by the beauty and elegance of these mainly three storey properties with extensive grounds. Laura rang the doorbell and the door was opened by a tall handsome man in his early forties. He extended his hand. "Mrs Hughes? Hallo, my name is Jack Tully."

For a second Laura was stunned. From the way Bill Douglas spoke about knowing Jack Douglas, she had expected someone in his sixties not this athletic looking man. Laura herself was thirty-two, tall and still with her youthful looks. "How do you do? Mr Tully. This is my assistant, Laura Cox." Jack Douglas extended his hand again, "You're very welcome," and all three went inside.

Inside the large hall a beautiful woman in her mid thirties was waiting for them. "This is my wife, Linda," said Jack.

"How do you do?" Laura extended her hand and at the same time introduced Martha. Almost at that same moment two younger people appeared and Jack introduced them.

"These are our children. John is twenty and Jackie is nineteen." Both youths nodded in acknowledgement.

"Well as you see Mrs Hughes, the house is extensive. Linda has to go into town on business so we thought if Miss Cox will go with John and Jackie and survey the ground floor, we could take the upper floors."

"That's a good idea," responded Laura enthusiastically. Laura followed Jack and instead of using the stairs they took the lift up to the top floor.

The top floor rooms contained a billiard room, a gym and in the third room was a large model railway that was running automatically with a variety of engines, old and new, each running with the correct sounds.

"Wow, this is wonderful," said Laura in and almost childlike voice.

"One of my hobbies is building model railways," responded Jack.

When they were finished, Laura and Jack took the lift down to the middle floor. In the lift Jack asked, "So what do you think?"

"The house and the grounds should fetch a good price."

"A nice commission too," replied Jack.

Laura blushed but said nothing.

On the middle floor were the bedrooms. Young John and Jackie's bedrooms were quite spacious but the master bedroom was even more so. It was in this bedroom that it all started.

Laura was admiring the beautiful antique mirror and checking her appearance when Jack suddenly came behind her and cupped her breasts through her white blouse with his hands and at the same time kissed her on he neck.

A shocked Laura broke away. "Mr Tully! You're a married man. This is unethical."

"I'm sorry, Mrs Hughes. Bill assured me you'd be cooperative in relation to the sale."

"Cooperative, yes, but not like that. What would your wife think?"

"She's not here."

"Well I'm sorry Mr Tully but that's not how I work."

"That's too bad. I guess I'll have to go elsewhere. Bill will be most disappointed. Not to mention your commission."

"You'd change estate agents just because I refuse to have sex?"

"Oh no not just that, Mrs Hughes, but I do know that your reputation will be in tatters."

"My reputation? What do you mean?

"I mean John and Terry Yates and how you and Miss Cox 'entertained' them to sell the house. I don't think Bill would be happy."

Laura was stunned. Neither she or Martha had ever mentioned the John and Terry Yates incident to anyone. She tried to call his bluff. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"No? Perhaps this will refresh your memory." Jack picked up a remote control and the television came on and a video recording played. It showed Laura and Martha in the throes of passionate sex with John and Terry Yates. What it didn't show was that they been forced. Indeed it had been carefully edited to make look like both women had instigated the whole thing.

"Where did you get this?"

"Oh I neglected to say. John and Terry are my brothers-in-law."

"We were raped," responded Laura defiantly.

"That's not what the video shows and I'm sure Bill Douglas will not be amused."

"What do you want, Mr Tully?"

Initially Jack didn't reply. He simply stood in front of her and began to unbutton Laura's navy blue business suit jacket. "Surely that's obvious," he responded with a devious smile.

Laura tried another approach, "But your wife..." It was to no avail as he slipped off her Laura's jacket and proceeded to unbutton her short sleeved blouse. As it fell open to reveal her low cut white lace bra Jack took a sniff. "Mmm, You smell wonderful," he said.

"Please..." Laura's words were stifled as Jack kissed her lips and at the same time the beautiful estate agent felt her navy blue skirt loosen and drop to the floor as Jack pulled down the zipper.

Continually kissing Laura, Jack eased the straps of her bra from her shoulders and unsnapped it, and allowed to fall onto her discarded skirt, exposing her marvellous breasts as the escaped their confinement. Laura was too afraid to say know now. She knew the tape would ruin both her and Martha. She simply resigned herself to the inevitable.

Jack continued kissing Laura's neck. He began to work his way to her shoulder and onto her breasts, down to her waist and then halted only to pull her white knickers and black tights down in one swoop. He then pushed Laura gently onto the bed and stripped rapidly.

As Jack gently mounted Laura he resumed his kissing, licking and nibbling. Once again he worked his way to her fine breasts. This time however he concentrated on Laura's right breast as he licked in a circular fashion around her nipple. Each circle became bigger as he move further out. Having resisted doing so for a long time Laura released a moan as the tingling of Jack's tongue against her skin began to excite her. Jack moved to the chasm between her breasts and worked his way to her left repeating his actions and at the same time provoking moan after moan from Laura.

It had been a long time since Laura allowed any man to touch her like this. Even her ex husband Jim wasn't this good. Her excitement continued to grow as Jack's tongue travelled down her slim waist and onto her trimmed pussy. It was only as Jack's tongue penetrated her pussy lips and lashed her clit did Laura really became consumed in her lust.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed, unable to contain herself. As she felt her juices gather, the sensation of Jack's tongue lashing was replaced by a huge hard cock that gently entered her pussy and began to pump her.

Jack's movement was slow initially but accelerated with each stroke. Laura's body began to react to this wonderful sensation and eventually both settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. Lost in her world of lust, Laura gripped Jack's arse cheeks as if guiding his actions. The friction caused by their movements caused them both to sweat heavily. Their breathing also became deeper and deeper.

Finally neither could hold back as Laura's love juices and Jack's cum collided and they orgasmed together. They remained still for a few moments gathering their breathe. For the first time Laura remembered that Martha was in the house too. 'What would she say? How would she react?' went through her mind.

Her train of thought was broken as Jack put his hand under her head and pulled her towards him. "Well Mrs Hughes, I think I can safely say that the sale of the house is in safe hands," he smiled. "Perhaps you'd like to shower and freshen up before Linda returns?"

This acted as a spur to Laura as she leapt out of the bed and into the en suite shower. In her lust she had forgotten all about Linda Tully. She began to scrub as if hoping to destroy the evidence before Jack's wife saw it.

As the steamy jets of warm water enveloped Laura she felt a hand gently touch her bare shoulder. "Please, Mr Tully. No more," protested Laura. The hand forced her to turn around and to her horror a naked Linda Tully joined Laura. Before Laura could protest Linda's lips touched hers and kissed her passionately. As the hot water continued to fall on them and around them releasing a huge cloud of steam, the lips began to travel down Laura's body.

Linda knelt down and began to stroke Laura's trimmed pussy with her tongue. The sheer gentleness of Linda's touch excited her and she moaned involuntarily as a result. To her amazement Laura could feel another orgasm approaching. "Uuugh" she moaned as it began to gather. While Martha was a wonderful lover, Laura had never felt anything like this before. This woman really knew how to please and how to prolong that pleasure to its maximum. Another thing that had occurred to Laura was that as often as she and Martha had made love they not yet done so in the shower. It eroticism was appealing and added to Laura's blissful joy. When she finally orgasmed Laura gave a sigh of sexual satisfaction.

When Linda stood up Laura gently took her head and kissed her passionately and almost in a carbon copy ravished Linda's beautiful naked flesh in the midst of the continual down power of hot steamy water. As with Laura, Linda also sighed with sexual joy as she orgasmed.

Laura was so consumed in her lust that she did not realise that Jack was observing them both and filming them. His fantasy of watching his wife having lesbian sex in the shower had just been fulfilled, as had Linda's; what capped it all was the fact that she was a beautiful estate agent. Jack slipped away before he was seen.

They both dried off and dressed. Then they joined Jack, who was waiting downstairs with Martha, John and Jackie.

Jack spoke up, "Well Mrs Hughes I hope you will take on the sale."

"Yes, I think the property will be very attractive to buyers Mr Tully," responded Laura as she extended her hand.

As Laura drove back to the office she noted Martha's silence. She too was silent, terrified that she might say anything to upset her lover. Even in the office there was a slight uneasy between the too and they tried to avoid each other in vain..

When they arrived home Laura complained of a headache and went to the bedroom. She undressed and put on a dressing gown. She simply rested on the bed.

After about an hour Martha simply couldn't take the silence any more and walked in. "Laura, we have to talk."

"Yes, I know..." Laura was interrupted by her lover.

"Laura, I had sex with young John and Jackie Tully. I didn't want too. They blackmailed me. Mrs Tully..."

"Mrs Tully? I thought she was in town?"

"No. When John and Jackie led me to survey one of the rooms Mrs Tully was there and showed me a video of..."

"Of me, you and the Yates brothers."

"How did you know?"

"It's what happened to me as well. Mr and Mrs Tully blackmailed me into sex. Oh I'm sorry Martha. I felt trapped. I didn't know what else to do."

Martha sat beside Laura and kissed her. Martha relayed in detail how she was undressed by John and Jackie and fucked by each of them in turn while their mother looked on. Later she too stripped naked and joined the crazed orgy.

Laura then detailed her account of her encounter with Jack Tully. Martha then rested her head on Laura's breast and whispered. "What was it like with Linda?"

Laura got up from the bed and led Martha to the shower. "Come on and I'll show you." She turned on the shower she helped Martha undress rapidly. Laura slipped off her dressing gown revealing her nakedness and stepped into the shower. Martha followed her and they enjoyed their first ever love making surrounded by the jets of steamy water.

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