tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Kinetic Sorceress Pt. 01

The Kinetic Sorceress Pt. 01


As with most extraordinary and bizarre things in life, my encounter with Mia started out unremarkably. I was riding my bike along a windy stretch of highway 143. It was a clear and sunny day, unusually warm for early Spring, so I packed extra water in my backpack. My cell phone and wallet were safely tucked in my fanny pack. I had pedaled for about an hour, covering about 20 miles and reached a decision point: turn around now (20 miles to home), or take a turnoff on to the state road and make the ride a long loop (40+ miles more riding). I decided not to waste a beautiful day and chose the loop ride. A brief stop for some water and a protein bar and I was back in my saddle and pedaling away.

Three miles into the state road leg of my ride, I was passed by a non-descript late model hatchback. It was the only car I'd seen for 20 minutes and I got a nice polite wave from the driver, a woman who looked in her late 20's. The cloudless day made me very happy to hit the hills and the shade that went along with them. As I neared the top of a steep hill, another car buzzed past me, too close for my liking, music blaring. Three frat boys in daddy's Range Rover. Great. I crested the hill and began to coast down. After a mile of twisting descent, I hit a long straightaway and could see the Range Rover pulled off to the side.

As I got closer, I noticed that the hatchback was stopped directly in front of the SUV, with a spare tire, tire iron and jack strewn on the ground beside it. The three frat boys were leaning against the front of their car, watching, laughing and editorializing on the woman's attempt to change her tire, but not lifting a finger to assist. The engine was running and the music was still blaring. Assholes.

I pulled up next to the hatchback and saw a young woman struggling to fit a wheel lock key onto one of the lug nuts of her obviously flat tire. She was dressed in loose fitting jeans and t-shirt with a waist-length denim jacket over it. Her hair was stuffed into a baseball cap that she had turned around to keep from banging the bill against the quarter panel as she wrestled with the wheel lock. She had pretty features and I imagined would have a nice smile, based on how pleasant she looked grimacing with frustration at her current situation. She wore little makeup but a hint of a sweet floral scent hung around her.

Without acknowledging the three stooges, I asked the woman if she needed help changing the tire. Before she could answer, the shortest of the three boys said to me, "Hey bike-guy, we've got this covered. Move along."

I ignored him and said to the woman, "I'm happy to help. Plus, I'm already sweating so it's not like I might mess up an outfit or anything," at which I looked back and gave the three preppy-looking boys a disdainful look. This elicited a smile from the woman. I was right -- nice smile.

"Are you deaf, dude? I said we have this covered. We're all the help she's going to need for a while." Her smile dissolved at this comment while the frat boys were elbowing each other and laughing like hyenas.

I really did not want to mix it up with three, possibly drunk or stoned, guys on a road in the middle of nowhere. But I also did not want to leave this woman alone with them. All I had wanted was to enjoy a nice long bike ride, and here I was in a no-win situation.

Sometimes, however, fate -- or something -- intervenes. A slow steady hissing started under the hood of the Range Rover. A coolant hose was leaking. These three geniuses were soon to be stranded with an overheated $80,000 SUV, and their only ride would be with the lady in the hatchback.

"That's a hose on your cooling system," I told them. "Check the temp gauge inside." One of the boys, the driver, stuck his head inside, and watched as the needle climbed to a few degrees south of the big "H" on the temp gauge. A muffled "shit" came from the SUV's cabin.

"You haven't overheated yet, so you still have a shot at getting to a service station before you break down. Otherwise, you'll be waiting here for roadside service and riding on a flat bed with your Range Rover." That was a complete lie -- they were minutes away from overheating. I was just hoping they'd be dumb enough to move the car.

I pointed back up the road we'd all just come by. "If you take the road back and turn right onto 143 you'll hit a service station about a quarter mile from the intersection." I waited a moment and then, pointing at the woman and the hatchback, added, "It's OK dudes, I have this covered." Weighing the two options of staying put, possible roughing me up and having their car overheat vs. beating a hasty retreat and hoping to limp their car to a gas station, the three clowns glared at the woman, grumbled a few brilliant retorts like "hope you're stuck all day," "stupid bitch," "not worth the time," and piled back in the car. As they pulled away, stereo still blasting, I could hear the driver chanting "shit, shit, shit, shit ...".

I heard a female voice behind me: "There's no way they're going to make it to that gas station."

"Gas station?" I replied, "What gas station?"

"So you sent those three nice boys off to get stranded on highway 143?" she asked.

"Of course not," I replied. "They'll never make it to 143. They'll probably get stuck in the hills. Pity -- cell service is very spotty there."

She stared at me for a moment. "I feel just awful about that," I added. She stared a while longer. And then we both broke out laughing.

"May I help you with that?" I offered. "Wheel locks are annoying. Waste of money if you ask me."

"They came with the car," she replied.

I took the key and fitted it onto the end of the tire iron. A quick jiggle and I had the key solidly cradling the lug nut. A couple of grunts and twists and the nut came off, followed soon by the other four. In five minutes I had the old tire off, the spare on, and the jack and tools back in the woman's car.

She offered me a rag to wipe my hands and said: "I can't thank you enough. I really was frightened that I'd be stuck or worse with those jerks hanging around."

"You are very welcome, ..." I paused, not knowing her name.

"Mia," she replied holding her hand out to me.

"You are very welcome, Mia. I'm Paul." I shook her hand and felt a mild shock -- not unpleasant, but surprising. I figured it was static electricity from the dry air.

"Nice to meet you Paul. You are a real gentleman, a rarity these days. I'll be fine from here. You go enjoy the rest of your ride."

I nodded, took a swig of water from my water bottle and remounted the bike. I waved as I pedaled away. A nice woman, I thought to myself. I was feeling good for having done a good deed and let myself slip back into an easy rhythm on the bike. A few minutes later, the woman in the hatchback drove by and I got a brief beep on the horn and a wave as she passed. And on I rode.

At the intersection of the state road and County Road 19 is a diner. I found myself a bit hungry and since I was in no hurry to end the ride, I decided I'd stop for a snack and then hit the road. I pulled off the road, cooled off for a few minutes, then locked my bike to a bike rack and headed inside. I saw an open stool and headed to the counter.

"Well, hello again," a familiar voice chimed from behind me. I looked around and saw Mia seated at a booth at the back of the diner. "Fancy meeting you here!"

I smiled and walked over to her booth. "Great minds must think alike, I guess. Well that and this is the first food on this road for 15 miles."

"May I at least buy you lunch, as a thank you for your help on the highway?" she asked. She gave a warm smile and gestured at the seat across from her.

"A compromise", I suggested. "I'll join for you lunch but we split the bill. It would feel funny to take any sort of reward for helping you out. You can file this away and maybe you'll do something good for another deserving soul."

"What a fine idea. I'll do just that," she replied with a big smile on her face. "Sit, let's eat."

I slid into the booth across from her and smiled back. When I had seen her on the highway, her hair was tucked under a baseball cap, but she had let it down and it cascaded neatly to her shoulders. From the wisp peeking from below her cap I would've sworn she had dirty blonde hair, but her face was currently framed by rich wavy dark brown locks. I guessed that she had freshened up in the rest room because in addition to her hair being combed out (and looking almost like she had been to a salon) she had touched up her makeup; her eyelashes were a bit darker, her cheeks a bit rosier, and her lips shinier. She looked great, no trace of her ordeal on the highway.

After another awkward moment or two of smiling at each other, a waitress came over and asked if I'd like something to drink. "Iced tea," I replied and noticing Mia's empty glass, I added "and a refill for the lady." The waitress turned and bustled off.

"Such a gentleman," Mia said. She placed her hand over heart and through a mock swoon she added "my hero." I blushed a bit at that as we both laughed.

Another awkward 10 second silence. Or at least awkward for me. Mia was looking into my eyes and appeared perfectly at ease. I hadn't noticed her eyes before but they were a sparkling blue. I thought it was the light reflected from the window but they almost seemed to glitter.

We both broke the silence simultaneously.

"How far are you riding ..." "Are you OK driving on your spare for now ..."

We stopped and laughed again. Then, again simultaneously, "You first," which prompted more laughter. I was beginning to worry that Mia would think all I was capable of was changing a tire and laughing. I nodded my head toward her and she continued, "Yes, I will be fine on the spare for now, thank you. How far are you riding today?"

"Another 20 miles or so," I replied. "It's such a beautiful day, I want to enjoy it."

Mia cocked her head and said "Beautiful day?" and pointed out the window. To say it was raining would not do justice to the ferocious show of liquid force Mother Nature (or so I thought) decided to demonstrate. A cloudless sky when I had walked in had been replaced by a torrential downpour with the wind blowing the rain sideways.

I looked out the window for a moment and under my breath uttered, "Well, crap."

"Maybe it'll clear up quickly," Mia offered, "although a storm like this doesn't usually just come and go." She had an odd, almost mischievous smile on her face. "I'll tell you what. If the rain doesn't let up by the end of lunch, I'll give you a ride." She laid a hand on my arm, which made me flinch involuntarily, almost like an electric shock. I hadn't noticed it before but her delicate hands had long, perfectly manicured nails, painted in a demure light red. I nodded dumbly at her, still a bit off balance from the residual tingle in my arm where her fingers were touching me. "Wonderful," she said. "See, I get to take your advice sooner than we thought. I get to do something nice for a deserving soul."

She removed her hand from my arm and I felt a small pang of loss. I told myself that I must be dehydrated from the ride and that was causing my head to be a little fuzzy. I was very happy when the waitress arrived back with two fresh glasses of iced tea. I pulled the straw out of the glass and took a long gulp, draining about half the glass. The waitress looked at me and in a completely deadpan voice said, "I'll go get a pitcher," and turned and walked back to the counter. Mia took the paper cap off the straw and began to swirl it around in the tea. I felt a warm flush across my face and took another swig of the tea. Mia let the straw go from her fingertips and watched as it swirled, slowing and eventually stopping. My iced tea seemed to have done the trick as the warmth spreading across my face had subsided.

The waitress returned with, as promised, a pitcher of iced tea and two menus, and deposited both on the table. Mia picked up her menu and starting scanning the page, her fingers tapping the back of the menu. Must have been the change in the daylight from the sudden storm but her fingernails looked a much darker red than they had at first. And they seemed longer, too. Wondering if my powers of observation were impaired because of my long ride, I shook my head and then picked up my menu. Mia had noticed the head shake and smiled but said nothing.

After a moment of perusing, Mia lowered the menu and said to me, "What looks good?" I looked up and had to do a double take. Her lips had darkened to a shade that matched her nails and her eyelashes appeared to have grown. Her eyelids had changed hue as well, making her glittering blue eyes sparkle even more dramatically despite the change in daylight. And her hair appeared to have grown another six inches. I was beginning to suspect heat exhaustion and that I was hallucinating. For her part, Mia looked me in the eyes and asked innocently, "or haven't you decided yet?" That same knowing smile crossed her shiny red lips -- were they that full and luscious and I just hadn't noticed? -- and returned to scanning the menu.

I let me eyes fall back to the menu and tried to focus on the list of options, which appeared to be the only part of my surroundings that hadn't changed in the last three minutes. Mia once again reached out and took the straw in her iced tea between her fingertips and began to swirl the tea and the ice. Instantly, I felt that same warm flush cross my face and then spread to my neck and shoulders. Mia released the straw and let it swirl to a stop and almost as quickly the warmth on my face and neck subsided.

I was worried. My addled mind had not consciously noticed the fact that my hot flashes coincided with Mia's straw twirling. All I knew was that I was seeing and feeling things that I could not explain.

"Are you OK?" I heard Mia ask. "You suddenly look a little red." She leaned in toward me to get a better look and I suddenly noticed a rather substantial cleavage peeking through her t-shirt that I had not seen before. How had I missed THAT? After a moment, Mia leaned back and there were two perfectly shaped C-cups swelling her t-shirt where moments ago there were A's and that was being generous. She took the straw between her fingertips again and began to swirl. This time the heat was more intense and spread like wildfire across my face, neck, through my abdomen and down to my groin and thighs. She looked me in the eyes and began to swirl the straw more quickly. And I got hotter. It wasn't an unpleasant heat -- it actually felt very good, relaxing and invigorating at the same time. But I had this one problem with it: I had no damned idea what was causing it! My breathing began to get a little heavier and I think I broke out into a mild sweat.

And then life got weird.

In addition to twirling her straw, Mia began to churn it in and out of her drink. And I nearly jumped out of my skin. Because in exact synchrony with the rhythm of her straw, I felt a hand rubbing my cock. I looked down and saw nothing in my lap but my bike shorts and a rapidly growing bulge beneath them.

I was beginning to panic, and I was sure my face registered that panic. I looked back up at Mia and she looked back at me with an expression of both concern and amusement. She rested her head in her hand, elbow on the table, while the other hand continued to swirl and dunk the straw. "You don't look so good, Paul, "she said. "You have me a bit worried." Although she looked anything but worried, which was also freaking me out a little. "You need to take a deep breath and relax." I followed her advice and took a long deep breath, closed my eyes, and slowly let it out. The strange sensation in my crotch continued but I didn't feel like I was going to pass out anymore. At least for the moment.

"That's better, Paul. Just relax and breathe easy. You're fine. Everything is fine. That's right. Breathe. Exhale. Breathe." My head was clearing a bit and except for the fact that it felt like an invisible hand was stroking my dick, I started to feel OK. Mia's voice was very soothing. She continued calmly and quietly urging me to relax. "You're OK, Paul. You must be tired from your ride and from being such a Good Samaritan. You've used up a lot of energy today."

I was actually beginning to feel OK again. Listening to Mia's voice was lulling me into a state of calm. I almost felt like I was back in control of my brain. Almost.

Mia reached out and laid a hand on top of mine. I felt that same shock as before, not unpleasant but intense. She then reached up and took my chin in her hand. She guided my face up to where my eyes were locked on hers.

"Take a deep breath. Let it out. That's it." She paused. "Now just relax," she said and then paused before adding "...and enjoy." She then guided her straw up to her mouth and slowly wrapped her glossy red lips around the straw.

And I felt a warm, soft, wet mouth close around my cock head. She slowly winked at me, smiled around the straw, and then closed her lips around it again and began to gently suck the iced tea from her glass. And I felt that mouth descend along the length of my cock until it felt like I was completely engulfed. My eyes drifted back down to my crotch and once again I saw nothing but my now rock hard erection straining against my shorts. But I didn't feel any constriction. All I felt was an impossibly warm and wet mouth wrapped around my cock. Mia once again lifted my chin so that my eyes were firmly held in her gaze.

More quietly, more breathily than before, she said again, "Relax and enjoy." She took another long slow sip from her straw and I felt my cock slip even deeper into the incorporeal mouth. Another sip, and I felt the invisible lips begin to slip back up the length of my shaft. Yet another sip and the mouth returned to the base of my cock. The suction I was experiencing was incredible as was the soft but firm pressure of these ghostly lips. Mia smiled and released the straw from her lips. Not completely comprehending what was happening to me, the caveman part of my brain was suddenly terrified that when she released the straw from her mouth the glorious sensation on my cock would stop. Fortunately, whatever Mia had unleashed on me, it continued uninterrupted. I sighed.

Mia let go of my chin and reached out and took my hand in hers. Her nails raked the palm of my hand and I instantly felt another set of fingernails gently scratch beneath my balls. She continued the fingernail massage of my palm and the teasing on my balls continued as well. At last she extended her fingers around my hand and I felt a hand cupping and gently squeezing my sac. It was heavenly, if that is an appropriate word for whatever was happening. As with her lips releasing the straw, when Mia stopped squeezing and releasing my hand, the massage of my balls kept going.

I didn't know how it was happening -- and didn't much care at that moment -- but I was receiving the blowjob of a lifetime, fully clothed, in a diner booth, sitting across from a mysterious woman, from a mouth and hands that just weren't there.

Mia leaned back in her seat and smiled. She was obviously enjoying the puzzled and ecstatic look on my face. For my part, I was trying not to be too obvious as the incredible pleasure was overwhelming my senses.

She looked away for a moment and produced her purse from the seat next to her. She reached inside and extracted a tube of deep red lip gloss, exactly the shade that had miraculously appeared on her lips, and a small hand mirror. Holding the tube and the mirror in one hand, she unscrewed the top of the gloss with her other hand and after pumping the wand in and out a few times, she guided the tip of the wand to her lips which caused the head of my cock to twitch. As she guided the lip gloss wand around her mouth, it felt like she was gliding the head of my dick around her lips. It was almost too much to take. An invisible hand massaging my balls. Invisible lips sucking up and down the length of my shaft. And now, another set of lips caressing the head of my cock.

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