tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Kinetic Sorceress Pt. 03

The Kinetic Sorceress Pt. 03


This is the third part of the story of Mia and Paul.


Mia recovered slowly but steadily.

The effects of our unimaginable first day together over four months ago, while still fresh in our memories, had begun to diminish noticeably. We had nearly paid with our lives for an innocent lapse in judgment. I was spared the physical damage but was emotionally devastated. Mia bore the brunt of the catastrophic "spillover" (as she called it) of uncontrolled positive and sexual energy and endured both physical and emotional suffering. She saved my life and was left weak and alone. I didn't know what she'd done for me -- I just knew she had vanished without a trace or explanation. And when she had finally recovered enough to see me, my pain and anger over my unexplained abandonment nearly drained her again.

Our reunion was agonizing and for Mia nearly fatal. Twice now she had saved me; first from certain death and later from a shattered heart and soul. In both cases she risked her life saving me. When at last I understood what happened and what she'd done I couldn't help but be overwhelmed. And couldn't wait to have her back in my arms, back in my life.

So, I set about doing whatever I could to help her recover. Which, in the case of a modern-day sorceress who lives to create, control and consume sexual energy, can be a lot of fun.

And she was recovering slowly but steadily.

Mia spent the first few weeks after our emotional reunion resting in my apartment during the day and demonstrating creative and energizing ways of having sex in the evenings. On several mornings during those weeks I awoke from vivid sex dreams to find Mia's hands or mouth guiding me to orgasmic bliss, which also had the unintended side effect of rendering me utterly useless at work on those days. Not that I wouldn't have already been distracted just having Mia around. She was on my mind constantly and it took all of my mental concentration to accomplish the bare minimum at work to retain my job.

The mind-boggling displays of energy manipulation and manifestation -- her sorcery -- that were effortless for her when we had first met were still a strain for her. She was able to perform minor miracles like changing her appearance or conjuring clothing, which was a good thing because she liked to take walks with me and the delicate white sundress she was wearing when she returned to me was a bit too revealing. She also used these "basic" -- her word, not mine! -- abilities to intensify the sex we were having. She had outed me as a "glamour hound" -- again, her words -- when we first met; I readily admitted that high heels, dramatic hair, and sexy makeup get me worked up, so she indulged me with a variety of looks and outfits. Creating these living fantasies for me consumed energy, but Mia assured me that the intensity of the energy they helped generate more than offset what she burned up. And since Mia's recovery depended on rebuilding the pool of energy we had inadvertently unleashed, any net gain in energy was a good thing.

But the most therapeutic sessions were when Mia was just herself, a petite and modest-breasted brunette with bright blue eyes and a warm smile. I would hold her in my arms, kiss her neck and breasts, lavish her with my tongue, anything to turn her on. I could feel the telltale aura of warmth swell and pulse around her that indicated she was rejuvenating herself. Sometimes she would mount me and as I slowly thrust in and out we could feel the energy gathering around us. When we'd cum, a silent burst of energy would illuminate the room like the elusive flash at the end of a tropical sunset.

As rehab stints go, this was definitely the best I'd ever heard of.

When she was feeling well enough to leave the apartment, Mia liked walking in the park nearby, feeling the sunshine and basking in the joy of the other people. We'd sit on a bench near the swings and she'd lay her head on my shoulder, with her eyes closed, feeling the giddy joy of the children as they played.

And dogs. Mia loved the dogs. She said that dogs had some of the purest energy you could find. There was no such thing as a bad dog, she'd say. Even the grumpiest, snarliest dog in the park would bolt over to Mia and lick her face or roll over for a belly rub, and Mia happily obliged. I could literally see her light up when a happy dog came bounding to her, and both she and the dog glowed when he'd romp off back to his owner.

Mia was recovering, and life was going to get (more) interesting again. She had months of mischief building up inside her and now that her strength was returning she was eager to play. I came home from work and Mia greeted me at the door wearing a floral sundress and sandals she had manifested. "Let's go right to the park," she said and without waiting for an answer she tossed my bag inside the door, grabbed my hand and started tugging me to the stairs. She was practically skipping the whole way to the park, holding my hand and telling me funny stories about her life in Europe, weird and wonderful places she'd travelled, and generally reliving some of her happier moments. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought she was a little drunk, but it was pretty clear based on the shimmer around her that she was just feeling particularly frisky.

We arrived at the park and it was teeming with children and families and lovers and friends and, of course, dogs. We lazily walked the paths smiling at people. At one point Mia threw her arms over her head and did a pirouette just for the heck of it. It felt so good to see her like this. And soon I would feel just how good.

We found a bench facing the fountain in the center of the park and settled down. She was gazing into my eyes when a sly smile crossed her face. "Watch this," she said. A sudden loud truck backfire startled everyone in the park, causing them to look toward the nearest street, including me. When I turned back around to Mia, she was gone. Vanished. But I still felt her near me. I did a quick look around to see if she had gotten up but saw no sign of her. Until an invisible hand came to rest on my crotch. "Hi, handsome," a disembodied voice said. "Come here often? Get it? 'Cum' here?" A girlish giggle ensued, followed by gentle strokes across my pants under which my cock was rapidly hardening. "Give me half a chance," the voice continued, "and I'll make sure you cum here. Often." The hand moved away from my pants and I sat there waiting to see what Mia had in store.

"Meet me behind the restrooms as soon as you're able to stand without embarrassing yourself," Mia whispered. She kissed my ear and then I could feel her warmth move away. What was she up to?

After a couple of minutes, my erection had subsided to where I could get up and walk the 50 yards to the small green blockhouse that housed the park's restrooms. I walked around to the back, hoping I didn't look like a stalking pervert. Mia suddenly reappeared before my eyes. "Ta-da," she said, and then gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She had been invisible for at least three or four minutes, which was certainly a sign that her strength was returning, which made me smile on the inside. On the outside I was staring at Mia with a blank look on my face waiting to see what happened next.

"So, what brings us to such magnificent surroundings," I asked, slowly surveying the muck and refuse that littered the backside (heh) of the restroom shed.

"Oh, we're not staying here," Mia replied. "This is just our dressing area. Or should I say our undressing area." Mia grabbed the waist of her sundress and in one smooth motion pulled it up and over her head, exposing her curvy naked body to the world.

"What are you doing?" I hissed as loudly as I dared, not wanting to draw any attention. "You can't be naked in a public park."

"Don't worry, silly," she chided, "I'm invisible, remember?" She walked around me, rubbing against me like a cat.

Hating to point out the obvious, I told her, "If I can see you then you're not invisible, are you?"

"Yes I am," she taunted.

"Then why can I still see you?"

"Because you're invisible too, lover," she said, and began to unbuckle my belt.

"What are you DOING?" I said, louder this time.

"I'm undressing you, and don't be so loud. You're invisible not inaudible." She was unbuttoning my shirt now.

"OK, I get the undressing part. Then what?"

"Then," she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, "we go make love in the fountain."

My jaw dropped open. My pants were down around my ankles now and she was pulling my shirt off my shoulder.

"Oh no we're not!" I said, trying to grab at my pants.

"Suit yourself," she replied. "But I'm going to the fountain. You can join me or not, it's up to you." And she dashed around the corner of the shed. A second later she stuck her head back around the corner and said, "You should probably know that I made you invisible but not your clothes, so unless you want to freak out everyone in the park, I'd suggest you strip naked." She blew me a kiss and disappeared back around the corner.

I peeked and saw Mia skipping happily toward the fountain completely naked. She stopped at the edge and sat dangling a toe in the water. I guess I should have been relieved that no one was screaming or calling the police, but I was too panicked about what to do next. Not that I had much choice. I took a deep breath and removed my shoes and socks, stepped out of my pants, and removed my shirt and undershirt and folded everything neatly and placed them along with Mia's dress on the driest patch of grass I could find. I screwed up my courage and removed my boxers and found myself standing nude behind the restrooms in a public park. I was a headline waiting to happen.

Once again, I peeked around the corner of the shed and saw Mia, still on the edge of the fountain motioning with her finger to "come here." I took another deep breath and started sprinting toward the fountain. I really have no idea why I was running -- it's not like someone would see me any less if I was running than if I was walking. I guess I thought that the safest place I could be, relatively speaking, was next to Mia. So, a few seconds later I arrived breathless next to Mia. She stood up on the edge of the fountain, our eyes level with each other, and she kissed me. A long, wet, passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, her small breasts crushed against my chest. A surge of warmth closed around us; it felt almost like the old Mia. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her tight, letting the kiss take control of me.

Suddenly I felt Mia's legs wrap around my belly. "Take me to the center of the fountain," she commanded, "Mush!" Not relishing the sled-dog reference but also not wanting to cross the woman who was standing between me and a public nudity arrest, I gingerly stepped over the fountain's edge and began to walk to the center. I expected the water to be cold, but it felt very soothing. I tried to minimize the splashing of my feet, the sound of which was mercifully camouflaged by the cascading water of the fountain. Still, an eagle-eyed observer could have spotted odd holes in the water appearing and disappearing on a path to the center of the fountain.

Call it public shyness -- invisibility notwithstanding -- or attribute it to the cool water splashing all over me, but despite the fact that Mia was wrapped tightly around my waist and was kissing my neck, I was still flaccid. Mia unlocked her legs and stepped lightly into the water facing me. We stood next to the ornamental statue in the middle of the fountain, careful not to deflect the spray coming out of the multiple spouts dotted all around it. Mia looked at me, then looked at my soft cock. "This will never do," she said, shaking her head. She dropped to her knees and before I knew it took my soft penis into her mouth, and started lashing it inside with her tongue. The sudden warmth around my cock was startling and despite myself I started getting harder. Mia did not release me from between her lips until I was about 80% hard. She stood up and admired her handiwork. Then she looked up at me and said, "You know I would never do anything harmful or embarrassing to you, right? You DO know that?" I nodded. "OK then," she said, and then leaped in the air, wrapped her arms around my neck and once again wound her legs around my mid-section, but this time with her pussy hovering inches away from the head of my cock. She kissed me, then held my gaze in hers, her blue eyes sparkling like fireworks. She knew how much I loved looking into her eyes as I entered her so after a moment of luscious anticipation, she slowly impaled herself on my now rock-hard erection. She was not floating weightless -- maybe that was still too much for her on top of maintaining our invisibility, I pondered -- but her petite weight felt good in my arms. She slowly rocked back and forth against me, easing me deep inside then back to the edge, almost but not quite letting my cock escape her labia.

Mia's breathing was deep and smooth and I found myself tuning out my surroundings, the rushing water, and the sounds of the city. The whole world was Mia and me. On each down stroke I pushed gently against Mia's hips, trying to get myself as deep inside as I could. She responded to my push by arching her back slightly to push her clit against me as I hit bottom within her. The relaxed but steady rhythm was causing a slow boil in me, but it was too slow for Mia. She began increasing the pace, gyrating her hips slightly on each trip up and down my cock. Mia's smooth breathing started getting choppy and I could feel a slight tremor in her hips. I matched her rhythm and held tight to her butt as the tremor became a full-on vibration and then a sharp convulsion. She tossed her head back and let out a feral howl which I am sure startled quite a few people in the park. After the first few contractions Mia subsided into a series of less violent twitches and finally let the orgasm run its course. She was panting and smiling, clearly pleased with herself and with me.

She kissed me and then dismounted from my still very hard (and eager) erection. A sly grin crossed her tasty lips and she looked up at me and said, "Let's make a fountain in the fountain, shall we?" Without waiting for a reply, not that I was going to say anything anyway, Mia slid behind me and leaned her breasts against my back. With one hand she reached around and started stroking my cock while the other reached between my legs and cradled my balls. Every once in a while she'd release my balls and let her thumb wander back and tease the opening of my ass which caused me to twitch and moan, which surprised me. The women in my life, pre-Mia, had never shown any interest in exploring that part of my anatomy and while I had heard stories of the pleasure to be had from anal stimulation and prostate massage, I had never experienced it firsthand. Mia, however, knew how much I loved having my balls touched and caressed so other than teasing the hole a little, there was not going to be any anal exploration today.

Or so I thought. Mia continued her firm stroking of my cock and rested my balls in her hand, massaging them to the point of rapture for me. I am convinced that under the right circumstances I could be made to cum via nothing more than massaging my scrotum. But in tandem with Mia's expert pumping, I was in utter ecstasy. Once again she teased my anus with her thumb and sensing my reaction she said aloud, to no one in particular, "It's moments like these that I wish I had a third hand." I should have seen it coming, I guess. A beat after she said that her hand slid down to cradle my balls again and what felt like a fingernail began to rotate around my hole. After getting over the initial shock of a third set of digits on me, I was shocked at how good it felt. It felt odd, certainly, but no more so than the annual prostate exam from the doctor. Only the doctor never gave me the exam in the middle of a fountain, in the middle of a mind-bending handjob. Recalling the doctor's admonition to "relax, it'll be easier," I consciously tried to unclench my butt. And it worked. Because a finger slipped slickly in and initiated a firm massage of my prostate. My head was absolutely spinning. The sudden pressure inside coupled with the expert manipulation of my cock and balls was getting me wildly worked up.

Mia eased off the ball massage and lightened the touch on my cock, allowing me to really feel the rubbing on my prostate. I could feel precum start to flow profusely and I willed myself to relax my hips and groin and really feel this new experience. It didn't take long for the sensations to overwhelm me. Sensing the change, Mia grasped my balls and began to massage again. She slipped her hand up to the head of my cock and with her thumb gently rubbed circles on my sensitive trigger just below the underside of the head. Her thumb was gently guiding me to the edge of climax, but the thrust was coming from her fingers down below.

There was a moment where all time stopped and I rolled slowly over the edge, that moment of anticipation feeling like a needle of pleasure creating a tiny hole in the dam, which would momentarily burst open. At that split-second I was aware of a gentle push against my prostate, and then the rest is a blur. My hips bucked wildly but Mia gamely held on. A torrent of semen pulsed up and out of me, a thick rope suspended in midair and then vanished, courtesy of Mia -- wouldn't want to sully the waters in a public fountain, would we? -- before it hit the water below. Stream after stream exploded, my hips shaking violently each time. Even after the previous orgasms that Mia had bestowed on me I had never felt such complete and thorough release. The pulses subsided and I felt the finger inside me continue to push, coaxing every drop out of me. My knees buckled beneath me and I fell forward, dragging Mia down with me and creating a very loud splash in the fountain. I quickly looked up and saw a dozen set of eyes looking at the fountain, wondering what they'd just heard. I stifled a laugh and enjoyed the last few moments of Mia's magic hands on me.

Since my prone form was currently making an odd shaped deformity in the water, and steam was beginning to rise from that spot, I hastily wrenched myself upright, and pulled Mia to her feet. We hugged for a moment and then daintily and silently tip-toed out of the fountain and back to the path. We turned the corner behind the restroom shed and I uttered, "Oh crap."

Our clothes were gone. I looked at Mia hopefully but she just shook her head. Apparently she wasn't quite up to conjuring some clothing after keeping us invisible for the past 15 minutes, even with the surge of sexual energy that came along with our playtime in the fountain. A small look of concern crossed her face, which instantly inspired panic for me. "I think we'll be OK," she began slowly, "but we should probably start walking home now, just in case I start feeling a little spent." While I didn't relish the thought of walking home completely naked, albeit invisible (for now at least), I liked even less the idea of being caught that way in the park. So I took Mia's hand and we quickly but quietly made our way to the park exit.

It was a surreal feeling walking naked through the streets near my home. We passed and dodged a few people who lived in my building, and I idly wondered what they'd think if I suddenly materialized in front of them with not a stitch of clothing on. Under other circumstances I might have been amused. But right now I was too worried to find anything very funny.

I began to relax a little as we turned the corner and I saw my apartment building just a few yards away. That is until I heard a soft moan from Mia. She stopped walking and looked up at me through drooping eyelids. "I feel a little dizzy," she slurred. Convinced I would suddenly reappear on the street in front of my home, dragging a groggy naked woman by the hand, I picked up Mia in my arms and began to run as fast as I could to my apartment. I pulled open the door and bounded up the stairs two at a time, racing against the clock, hoping Mia's energy would hold out long enough to get us back behind closed doors.

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