tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Kinetic Sorceress Pt. 04

The Kinetic Sorceress Pt. 04


This is the fourth part of the story of Mia and Paul.


On that morning, I had a gigantic penis.

That is not to say that I no longer have a penis, I do, and it is of a size that is quite pleasing to both me and the fairer sex. But, on that morning after I awoke next to Mia after my sub-conscious mind unwittingly but innocently tapped into Mia's near-limitless store of positive transcendent energy and transformed my physical self into the ideal version of me as an unconscious show of gratitude to her for all she had done, my penis was gigantic.

Let me be clear, the penis that resulted from the unintentional transformation that was guided by my subconscious was big. But not gigantic. But on that morning, after seeing what I had inadvertently done and being deeply touched by the sentiment, as well as excited by the results, Mia was eager to play with the new me. So, on that morning, Mia decided to take the big penis that I had willed into existence and make it, well, gigantic.

You have gotta love the woman's imagination. And sense of humor.

From her reclining position on the bed, she leaned up on her knees, her thighs resting against my legs. I had yet to move, the transformation and subsequent awe-inspiring orgasm all occurring with me lying flat on my (newly chiseled and rather impressive) back. Which was fine with Mia; on my back appeared to be just where she wanted me. Mia reached out and wrapped both her hands around my cock. In its current state, she was just able to get her fingers and thumbs to touch. She sighed, licked her lips, and leaned over, planting a gentle kiss on the mushroom tip while starting a slow up-and-down stroking on the shaft, like she was churning butter. She giggled, kissed the tip again, and then began to slowly run her tongue around the head. As large and stiff as my cock was at that moment, and as draining the orgasm was moments before, the sensation of Mia's tongue was delightful. Instead of the residual sensitivity that usually accompanies a male orgasm, my tip -- and the guy attached to it -- was enjoying the wet teasing laps that Mia was lavishing.

"Tastes as good as it looks," Mia said in between licks. "And you're so hard and, well, massive. I don't know how I will ever get you inside me." Mia looked up and gave me a sexy wink. And began to rise off the bed, her hands still holding on to my cock. She floated up and across my body, hovering inches above my thighs. Agonizingly slowly she inched forward, until the shaft of my cock was resting against the lips of her pussy, which was getting quite obviously wet, her hands still firmly grasping my erection. A rather comical mental image of a telephone lineman, holding on to the pole with hands and legs wrapped around, crossed my mind. That image, however, was quickly erased as I watched Mia ascend, her slick lips rubbing my shaft as she rose. The sight was only slightly less arousing than the sensation. And the hungry expression on Mia's face was only adding to the excitement.

Mia came to a halt with the tip of my cock poised at her slit. Using her hands on my shaft for guidance she positioned herself directly above my cockhead, and I felt her lips part slightly and wrap around the very tip, a warm soft kiss from Mia's labia. Mia shivered. "Let's see if you fit, shall we?" she said. She removed her hands and was floating with just her moist pussy lips touching me. She looked into my eyes and began to descend. Her labia parted further and I felt my head penetrate; it felt like a warm wet mouth closing around me. The feeling was astounding, made even more so by the fact that this was the only sensation I could feel, as she was touching no other part of me. It was as if my cockhead was suspended in a cloud of honey.

Mia paused there so we could both bask in the moment. She hung weightless, effortlessly balanced on the tip of my cock. And then she descended further. I let out a low moan as I watched inch after inch of my cock slowly disappear inside of the levitating Mia. The descent stopped when Mia's knees touched down on the bed, leaving several inches of my enhanced penis exposed. A look of annoyance at the interruption of her descent crossed her beautiful features. Her vexed look was quickly replaced with a smile, however, as my body began to rise off the bed, supported by a gentle but invisible cushion of (what I assumed was) energy directed by Mia. Mia rose along with me, coming to a halt when we were about a foot off the bed. Her descent resumed, a long and satisfied "ooooooo" escaping her lips. I could never have imagined being so deep inside a woman and yet there I was, nearly every inch of my cock nestled warmly in Mia's pussy.

I was expecting to feel the head of my cock hit bottom, so to speak, and come to rest against Mia's cervix. To the surprise of both of us, Mia's labia came to rest on my pubic bone with a muffled 'squish'. I was completely inside her -- engulfed, surrounded, and floating in bliss. Mia reached out her hands, motioning for mine. We held hands and locked eyes, smiling, basking in the warmth and wonder of our position. Without warning Mia began to rise again, her pussy gripping my shaft tightly as she rose. Higher and higher she lifted until once again just my cock head was socketed firmly between her lips. She pulsed the threshold of her pussy which sent bolts of delight through my entire body. Still holding my hands, Mia let her head roll back and her eyes close, as she once again descended down the length of my cock, coming to rest again on my groin. It was probably a combination of my increased girth and Mia's virtuoso body control: I had never felt such a tight grip on my cock, like every inch of the shaft was being firmly sucked. The pleasure of the physical sensations and the intimacy of the deep penetration were nearly overwhelming.

"Nearly" overwhelming, however, was not sufficient to satisfy the wicked imagination of Mia. She yet again rose to where the tip of my cock was just inside her pussy. She released my hands and reached down, wrapping her hands around the shaft. In a husky and urgent voice, she said simply, "I need more." Mia had always promised that she would never do anything to me without my permission. I am pretty sure I could have protested and she would have stopped. Pretty sure. But at that moment, in light of the hungry expression on her face, I had neither the courage nor desire to stop her.

I felt a mild but pleasing tingle on my cock where Mia's hands were gripping me. An orange glow surrounded her hands and I felt a surge of warmth flow into my cock. And watched in rapt fascination as my cock widened in her hands. And lengthened. An inch, two, three inches longer I grew. Her hands could no longer wrap around the shaft, not even close. In my wildest fantasies I could never have imagined feeling so hard, so massive. It was incredible. The head of my cock was still gripped in Mia's pussy lips and she gasped as the head swelled and stretched her opening. I couldn't tell if the gasp signaled pleasure or pain, but regardless of what she felt she didn't stop the miraculous expansion.

I had an enormous, throbbing erogenous zone that wanted, ached, to push back inside Mia. As if sensing this need -- not that it took a genius to figure out what we were both thinking -- Mia began to descend on my widened shaft. As tight and bound as I had felt before, the pressure and suction were dramatically greater. Down she floated, a low growl coming from Mia's throat as each (new) inch vanished inside her. Again, I expected to feel the head of my cock bump her back wall, and again she came to rest on my pubes. I was amazed. My cock was huge; not the polite "oh god, you're huge" you might hear from a new girlfriend, but actual, statistical, off-the-charts, "less than 100 people on earth have a cock this big," huge. And yet Mia had taken all of me. I suspected that she had altered something in her own anatomy that allowed her to swallow up every inch of my cock. Whatever the explanation, three things were obvious at that moment.

One: I had a massive cock that felt indescribably good.

Two: Despite the massiveness, I was not filling Mia completely.

Three: The look on Mia's face made it very clear that she wanted to be filled up. As did the moan of frustration when she came to rest.

I knew what was coming but wasn't sure how it could happen. "Pleeeeeeease?" Mia pleaded. She didn't have to be more specific. She wanted me bigger. With what I'm sure was a terrified but ecstatic look on my face, I nodded dumbly. And watched as another three inches of penis sprouted. I was almost afraid to do the math in my head but was pretty sure that my cock had exceeded 18 inches. The growth paused and Mia looked me in the eyes. With a wicked smile, she looked back down and another two inches were tacked on, for good measure. Under normal circumstances, all that blood rushing to one place would have caused me to pass out long ago. My cock was officially gigantic, bordering on grotesque. Fortunately, I did not have to look at its full size for more than a moment because it started to slide back inside Mia. Her lips were stretched wide and for any normal woman the pain would have been intolerable. Mia just moaned lustily.

Finally, without warning, I felt the head of my cock strike a soft but unyielding surface. Mia was finally filled, my cock head pressing against her cervix. Further penetration would have caused internal damage so the invisible downward pressure that was guiding Mia desisted and we both stayed motionless, Mia firmly impaled on me. She looked down and a surprised look crossed her face. At the root of my cock about an inch and a half was still outside of her pussy. The gratuitous extra inches she added appeared to be overkill, as if the whole encounter wasn't an exercise in excess.

We both looked at the exposed portion of my cock and then looked at each other. I smiled. Mia was filled up. I was filling her and it felt wonderful for both my cock and my psyche. Together we had conspired to recreate my cock to completely satisfy her desire. And we succeeded. "You feel amazing," I said to her.

"So do you," she replied. "But I think I miscalculated. I really wanted to take all of you inside."

"You could undo some of the growth 'til I just fit," I suggested.

"True," she replied, a thoughtful look crossing her face. "Or ..." she began.

Mia's hips slowly widened. Her firm petite thighs expanded by a couple of inches, followed by her pelvis lengthening. As she grew, the last bit of my cock slipped slowly inside, her lips coming to rest on me and my cock touching the wall of her vagina. She was filled and I was completely contained. She gave her muscles a quick squeeze around me and the feeling of having every square inch of this monstrous penis squeezed in her warm wetness was breathtaking. We both moaned at the same time, savoring the rapture.

Mia squeezed a few more times and I began to feel a familiar ache in my balls. Simply by squeezing and releasing, she was getting me more and more worked up. It was sweet torture. Part of me wanted to thrust and writhe but I was still a bit afraid to move, not sure where my new center of gravity was located and where it might take me. Mia was clearly savoring the feeling of bursting at the seams (well, almost) and the satisfied smile on her face was giving me more confidence than my newly carved muscles ever could.

Mia began rocking back and forth, in tiny arcs, allowing an inch of me to escape on the back thrust only to be swallowed up again on the return. She could have pistoned way up and down again on the fire hydrant that was my cock but instead she moved only a fraction of an inch, preferring to be completely stuffed. I wasn't complaining. Mia's pussy pulsed with desire and the tiny movement up and down was driving me insane. She knew I was getting worked up from the flood of sensory overload -- tactile, visual and psychological -- and the merciful thing to do would have been to allow us both to cum and then start to recover from this metamorphosis. Not what Mia had in mind.

With her expert skill in body control and sensitivity to changes in energy, Mia knew exactly how close she could take me to the edge of cumming before reeling me back in. What felt like hours, but was probably only a couple of minutes, passed with me in a constant state of frenetic arousal. The thought had occurred to me that when my enormous penis finally erupted there was a very good chance that the resulting torrent of sperm would blow Mia's head off, metaphorically speaking (hopefully). I am sure that Mia thought of this as well so I did not dwell on the subject, nor would any amount of pondering on my part change the inevitable climax (heh) of this encounter. Back and forth to the edge of orgasm she took me and I thought I was as worked up as I could possibly get. But I was wrong.

Without breaking rhythm but slightly diminishing her internal squeezing of my cock, Mia looked down and said, "I appear to be a bit out of proportion," referring to the size of her expanded pelvic region relative to the rest of her petite body. "We can't have that, can we?" As those words passed her lips, I watched in awe as Mia's torso widened ever-so-slightly and grew by about four or five inches. Her legs which we were floating at her side similarly lengthened, the thighs swelling to fit the proportion of her enlarged mid-section. In a matter of seconds, petite Mia became six-foot-one Mia. Her newly crafted height enabled her to lean down enough so that her mouth would just touch mine. She placed a kiss on my lips, lingering there for a moment, until her head began to rise slowly out of reach. Which, I soon discovered was because her breasts were growing, pushing against my chest and raising her head and shoulders away from me.

Mia had morphed herself into an Amazon. A hungry, passionate Amazon with close to 20 inches of my cock inside her. Full, firm, luscious breasts pressed against my chest. My eyes must have bugged out of my head. She was gorgeous and terrifying, a powerful force of nature that screamed sex and lust and desire. And I was inside her, and satisfying her. I never felt so manly in all of my life, despite the fact that I was a little scared out of my mind.

Mia's eyes sparkled blue and silver, a devastatingly sexy smile crossing her luscious lips, which seemed to have swollen a bit in the whole super-sizing process. "I've wanted to give you something like this for a while," she whispered. "I know you love my petite body, the 'real' me, but there are so many fantasies we could live out. Let me give you this one."

Mia knew my weakness for feminine allure and had indulged me often. She told me that my visceral reaction to her smoky eyes and shiny lips intensified the energy we produced during sex so she loved adding those small details to our lovemaking. Almost as much of a turn on as the final result would be, watching the transformation always got me very worked up. Again, Mia knew this. So her slow change from petite and lovely, to tall and curvaceous, to red-hot siren was staggering.

Her hair grew, thickening and curling, as well as defying gravity, swirling in thick waves down her back and across her butt. Her nails changed next, growing and tapering to a rounded edge and darkening to a rich brownish red that accented her lustrous hair. Mia's eyelashes grew longer and darker, delicately waving like tiny feather dusters, and what looked like a thousand shades of brown and blue bloomed over her eyelids. She slowly winked one eye, her long wispy lashes delicately waving, and said, "All for you, Paul. All for you." As she pronounced that last word, slightly elongating the "u" in "you," her lips forming an irresistible pout that I longed to kiss, they slowly darkened from their natural rosy color to a pale red and finally the deep and glossy red with which she had tempted and rewarded me many times before. I strained my neck upwards, desperately trying to touch her sumptuous lips with mine and was rewarded with a wet, firm kiss that tasted of raspberries.

Her kiss was electric. I could feel the passion and magic of the moment distilled into that single kiss which I gratefully was melting into, savoring every plush curve of her mouth. Unlike other times that we had made love, when Mia used her deft control of our combined sexual energy to orchestrate the pulse-pounding build-up to the crescendo of climax, this time there was no subtle control or intervention. When I began to cum, it was simple biology and physics at work -- endorphins by the bucket load from Mia's luscious kiss and the friction and pressure that her pussy and my cock were combining to create.

I should be glad that the intensity of the orgasm and the volume of ejaculate that accompanied it were not proportional to the increase in size of my penis. I doubt I would have survived it. But make no mistake, this was as powerful and intense an orgasm as I had ever had. I was suddenly very happy that my body had unexpectedly reworked itself with slabs of toned muscle because my old body would have wilted under the convulsive force of my cock recoiling and then exploding deep inside Mia. The flow of sperm -- thick and smooth -- seemed to caress every inch of my urethra on its trip up and out, an internal massage unlike anything I could have imagined. My mind was fogged, so many pleasurable sensations competing for attention; muscles contracting and releasing, balls draining, shaft pulsing against Mia's drenched pussy. Minutes earlier, when I awoke to find myself transforming, my cock growing and blanketed in a haze of golden sexual energy and love, I experienced what I thought would be the most intense climax of my life. Minutes later, I had surpassed it.

And this was even before Mia began to cum. Which, maybe ten seconds into my orgasm, she did. I really don't know if she had been holding back, waiting for me to cum first, or if my orgasm and the explosive pressure of my releasing into her already completely filled womb pushed her over the edge, but with a loud and guttural howl -- in an unusually low register for her because of her temporarily longer torso -- Mia barreled headlong into her climax. If the pressure on my cock had been intense before, the rapid spasming and clenching that accompanied her orgasm would have snapped a lesser cock in half.

I had never had sex with a woman who was as tall and strong as Mia was at that moment. As such, I was unprepared for the sheer physical force generated by her as her body convulsed through wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy. We were still both floating above the bed but I was experiencing a ride through turbulent air beyond any bad plane ride I could imagine. It was intense and violent. But not unpleasant.

The raw explosion of energy created by our mutual climax seemed to light up the room. But unlike our first day together, Mia was in control of it, thriving on it. Her moans and yells were clearly ones of pleasure which only excited me more, driving me to sustain the pleasure she was feeling. As the pulses of cum from my penis began to subside, I concentrated on keeping myself hard and buried in Mia. The throes of her (first) climax had also began to subside so I reached out and grabbed her large and very firm thighs and started thrusting; not long thrusts but quick short thrusts. Panting, Mia looked down at me, her eyes wide with surprise, and with a lusty smile she started to match my thrusts, leaning forward to grind her clit against me on each downstroke. Mia let escape a soft but steady "ahhhhh" as the sexual pressure began to once again build for her. There was no way on heaven or in earth that I was going to stop thrusting, the blissful look on Mia's face making me swell -- figuratively and literally -- with pride.

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