tagRomanceThe King's Harem

The King's Harem


Aisha was disgusted by what she was about to do to herself. She had been asked many times throughout her life to be a concubine or mistress to men. Some of the most powerful men in the country wanted her in their beds.

She knew her beliefs forbade her to ever let a man who wasn't her husband take her sexually but now Aisha had no other choice. The money she made as a dressmaker wasn't enough to feed her and her sick mother and she realized her body was the last thing of value she had to give up.

At first Alim, the papasan who ran the brothel in her village, was all to happy to have her work for him. Whores of Aisha's complexion didn't usually sell for much in Oman but Aisha was an exception. Even with her mahogany hued skin her toned body and stunning face were undeniable and he was sure men would pay top dollar to lie with her. She took her place among the other whores and soon caught the attention of the men who frequented the whore house most often.

Being in the brothel was a difficult adjustment for Aisha. The girls would go to bed with whatever man could pay and when they were not in their beds they were entertaining drunken derelicts. Aisha would not entertain those kinds of men, something that she and Alim came to blows about frequently.

Wealthier men would ask to buy Aisha but she refused because it would mean the end of what little freedom she had. In a rich man's house she would be nothing more than a sex slave. At least in the brothel she could come and go as she pleased and was given a portion of her own money.

Every week she took what little money she made and bought medicine for her mother. The thought of her sick mother is what made her continue to do her job well as a whore. She could entice and seduce any man that laid eyes upon her and get a man off by any means. No matter how many men had her she felt as tight as a virgin every time and men loved feeling the warmth and tightness of her pussy.

Alim grew angrier everyday with Aisha. She seemed to think herself above certain kinds of treatment and indeed above being a whore at all. It was not the place of a whore to say what she would and would not do. They were among lowest of all the people in there cast and they were to do whatever they were paid to do. There were some men who enjoyed the fight in Aisha and delighted in taking her roughly. Most men, however simply found her stubborn ways a waste of time and she suffered a lot of abuse at their hands.

When men would ask her to do acts that she considered demeaning she would refuse, she would kick them or spit in their faces. They had never met a woman who was so difficult to break nor had they met one who was so mesmerizing in appearance. She would have suffered many more beatings if Alim had not been so afraid of leaving bruises on her flesh. No woman would sell if she was covered in bruises.

When it came time for the Papasan to show his best women to the King he saw his opportunity to be rid of Aisha once and for all. She had only been there a short time but he wanted her out of his hair while still making money off of her. King Dominic was well known for his love of women and his ability to satisfy them. It was rumored that hundreds of women had entered his bed through the years and a few that he especially desired were kept in his palace as part of his harem.

"You will do everything you can to get the King interested in you." Alim told Aisha "The king prefers fairer skinned women so your complexion is already working against you. That means you had better be on your best behavior. If you mess up I will make you regret it."

"I told you, I will not be a sex slave in any man's household-not even the king."

"This is not a time for your impudence Aisha. It is as good a proposition for you as it is for me. If the king chooses you, you will be given more money than you have ever seen at one time."

Alim told Aisha that if the king wanted a whore to keep in his harem it meant an allowance for her-one that would be large enough for Aisha to get her mother all the medical care she needed. Alim would also get a larger amount of money from the king if one of his girls was to be part of his harem than he would have from all of the men who would have paid to have her on occasion. He was pulling in a fair amount for Aisha but he could no longer stand her defiant nature.

When the day came for the best girls to be taken to the king they were bathed and dressed in there best outfits. The other girls were excited and honored to be chosen for the king. They hoped and prayed they would be picked. Aisha hoped she would be as well. Not because she thought it was an honor but because she needed the money.

Aisha was sickened by her life. She especially hated what she had decided in her mind was proof that she was born to be a slut despite all of her parents teachings. Besides her beauty she was fantastic at anything that involved sexuality and the men she serviced would often tell her that she was born to satisfy men.

She hated herself for the things she did. She had only recently stopped feeling sick after every man she was with. Now however, she was hoping to use her skills to her advantage.

The other girls were excited to get a chance to be taken to the king's bed and saw her as stuck up because she thought she was above being a whore-even to the king himself.

Aisha could not understand what it was that they felt was an honor about being whored out to their king. It was so repulsive to her that she was barely able to look herself in the mirror anymore. It was no matter, to take care of her mother she would work for the king as long as he would have her-She prayed that he wanted her.


The girls rode to the palace through the night. When they arrived at the kings palace they were in awe. Most of them had never seen anything so spectacular in there humble lives. They were lead through a large hall and into the throne room where girls were dancing topless or entertaining men of the court. The king sat on a large golden throne in the middle. Two girls from his harem were sitting with him. One was massaging his head and feeding him, while the other nibbled his neck. The girls also had their tops down and he fondled their naked tits roughly. He looked up as a servant lead Alim into the room.

"Ah Alim! Welcome. What do you have for me today?" The king asked looking at the trail of women waiting at his door.

For the first time the girls got a good look at Dominic. He was incredibly handsome. His brown hair touched just below his ears and curled slightly at the ends. It was well known that Dominic's mother was an English woman and he had her deep blue eyes and a lighter skin tone. His full lips framed a breath-taking smile and even through his clothes it was obvious that he was in great physical shape.

"I have 20 of my most beautiful and talented girls and a few virgins for you to choose from today your highness. Only my very best for you my king." Alim said as he bowed repeatedly.

"Very good. Let them entertain me one at a time."

Aisha watched as beautiful girls were shuffled in ahead of her and quickly sent out. He must be incredibly picky to dismiss these girls so easily. Aisha became nervous about her chances. She was to be brought in last as she was not the king's usual type. Dominic usually dismissed girls so dark but Alim thought to take a chance on Aisha. King Dominic chose 2 girls to take to bed that evening; both were fair skinned with blonde hair.

"With all due respect your highness. I have one more girl who I think you may not like at first but she has...uh...other talents that you should consider before you dismiss her. Every man she has been with is more than satisfied. I feel a woman so extraordinary should be serving our lord and king."

"Fine Alim, you know my desires well enough to make such a judgment. Bring her in."

Aisha braced herself and prepared to sell herself as best she could. She walked out before the king as he and everyone else stared at her. Dominic was immediately taken with the beauty of the dark-skinned girl . Her long brown legs were displayed under a front slit in her langa and her smooth, flat stomach was exposed. Her breasts sat high and proud in her low cut choli. She looked up at the king with her large, mysterious eyes and curtsied. Dominic was impressed that she knew how to do so properly as most of the whores raised in lower society did not.

"I'm humbled to be in your presence my lord" she whispered as she stared up at him.

She had not expected him to be so attractive and found herself ashamed of lusting after him. Dominic was amazed at his lust for her as well. She had big round eyes and plump lips. Her kinky hair fell around her shoulders, framing her beautiful face; she was a sight to behold. Dominic raised his hand to stop the intentions of the two girls beside him and stepped down from his throne to look at Aisha closely-something he hadn't done with the other girls.

"What is your name girl"

"Aisha my lord"

"Where do your people come from?"

"My ancestors are from East Africa but I was born in England. "

"Do you know any dances?"

"No my lord."

"Will you be very obedient for your king if I take you into my bed" he asked crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Aisha looked toward Alim and then back to Dominic. "Not as much as I should be...my lord." The king was taken back by her honesty. He started to walk around her in circles. The girls in his harem listened to their exchange intrigued by how interested he seemed in her. The men they were entertaining had taken notice of Aisha as well. Alim vowed that he would beat her senseless if her honesty cost him a sale.

"Why should I take you for my harem if you are not well behaved"?

"Forgive me your highness for saying this but you are king. The most powerful and most virile man in our country. Surely you can handle the spirit of one small insignificant woman," Aisha said saucily.

Every person in the room waited for Dominic's response. Dominic stepped up right next to Aisha's face, looked down at her and started to pull her top down off of her shoulders. He was going to break her of her pompous attitude. Aisha was uncomfortable with everyone watching this spectacle. He pulled her breasts out of the top, never taking his eyes off hers. Aisha's breath was quick and she felt her face getting hot. Suddenly Dominic grabbed the flesh of her tit and squeezed hard enough to make her yelp in pain. Aisha slapped his hand away forcefully and pulled her top back up.

The room fell silent as everyone waited to see the king's reaction. Dominic was fighting to control his arousal. No one, much less a woman, a whore, had ever defied him. Aisha's chest rose and fell with her angry breaths as she stared into his eyes. Alim was seething and it took everything he had not to unleash his wrath on her right at that moment.

Dominic roughly grabbed Aisha by her face and dug his fingers into each side of her cheeks. "What makes you think you are enough of a prize to make a man deal with such disobedience?"

Aisha looked up at him defiantly "I have talents that extend beyond physical beauty"

He let her go and continued to walk around her studying her body again. "Such arrogance from a whore?"

"I have had no complaints about my skills thus far"

Dominic narrowed his eyes at her. "How do you know that these, skills will be enough to satisfy your king? I am more man than you are used to having and I have taken the most desirable women in Oman. What makes you think your sexual expertise will exhilarate me more than all of the others? "

"I think no such thing. But I am sure there is only one way to find out."

Dominic smiled at her. "Indeed there is. We shall see just what your talents are my dear!"

He clapped and a servant came running to his side. "Pay Alim and take the 3 girls to be prepared." He walked away and joined his original two whores at his throne.


That night each one of the new girls was to be brought to the king. They had to be bathed and dressed again before they could be taken to him. Even the servant girls who were sent to bathe them took notice of how beautiful Aisha's body was. The younger one in particular could not stop staring at Aisha. Unlike the other girls however her looks were less of intrigue and more of lust. She enjoyed watching the soap run down Aisha's firm proud breasts and she longed to place on of her chocolate nipples into her mouth. Aisha watched her but said nothing. She thought this must be the first time the young girl had seen a darker woman naked.

Aisha was to be last to see him this evening. She paced up and down the room praying to the gods that he would like her tonight. The servants watched her chuckling.

How was she supposed to be able to satisfy a man that would already have been satisfied by 2 other women that night. The king took all of his whores for only one night. If she was not to his liking enough to stay in the harem, he never had her again. Aisha needed this money and would do anything to stay as part of his harem. When the servants summoned her she was scared to death. Everything within her hated what she did for a living now but what would become of her mother if she did not do it well?

The king was lying on his bed, and smiled when Aisha entered the room. She wore a white langa and an asymmetrical choli both covered in pearls. Her nipples stood proudly out through the sheer material. A pearl choker was around her neck and pearls laced through her hair. She lowered her head out of respect. He really was amazed at how beautiful she was but he never let on to whores that they had an effect on him and this girl would not be different-no matter how beautiful she was.

"You look even more stunning if that is possible."

Aisha rose her head. "Thank you my lord."

"Even so I have been well taken care of by 2 beautiful, fair women this evening my dear. I am not sure you can exhilarate me at this point. I may simply have to return you to your Papasan"

Aisha took a deep breath and released the pallu that held up her top. She covered her tits with her left hand and used her right to loosen the clips that held up her langa. She stood before the king only in her panties. She looked up at the king seductively.

"May I be allowed to try to my king?"

He already felt his cock stirring in his pants. He came enough tonight to last a normal man a week. He could not get aroused so easily by this dark skinned harlot. Aisha walked towards him and crawled onto his bed, still covering her breasts. He thought this display of modesty was very cute.

"Why do you cover yourself whore? I have already seen your tits."

"Yes but when you do it respectfully and with my permission, perhaps I will not slap you," Aisha smiled!

"Surely you know I do not need your permission to take you. And for what you pulled today, you are quite fortunate that I do not throw you down right now and rape you"

Aisha was unaffected by his last comment. "We both know you can take whatever you want. But you will enjoy it more if you allow me to give myself to you. Let me please you my king"

Aisha straddled him and kissed the king passionately. He reached up and slowly pulled her hands off of her body allowing her tits to fall in their full glory in front of him. She nibbled and licked down his neck to his chest.

He wanted to stop her. He wanted to pin her down and force himself on her roughly for disobeying him in front of his court today but his body would not move to do so. He did not understand the control this woman had over him.

Aisha pulled his shirt down off of his shoulders and licked and nibbled her way down his body. She peeled his underwear down and freed his cock. She was taken back by his size. For a man who had been satisfied numerous times tonight his cock was like steel. Her mouth watered at the site of it. Her hand seemed tiny as she began to stroke it. The veins were bulging, the head was bright purple and it seemed to be getting bigger in her hand.

She took the whole thing in her mouth and even with all her experience she gagged because of his size. She stroked his shaft and massaged his balls as she increased the speed of her sucking. She stared up at him as she continued to suck him; licking her tongue around the head and back down his entire length.

"Aisha that feels so good. You're such a good little cocksucker."

Dominic looked down at her sucking his cock and ran his hand through her hair. She seems to be enjoying this he thought. He didn't know why he cared but she actually seemed like she loved every part of his body-like she worshipped it. It was one thing when he took a woman and displayed his power as a man and as her master but it was another when a woman needed his body and gave all of herself in an attempt to completely fulfill his needs.

He slid his hand down into her panties, over her ass and started fingering her wetness. She squealed at the sudden intrusion and started humping back at his fingers. She began working harder on his cock as the sensations of him playing with her egged her on. The king had to stop her or he knew he was going to explode. He pulled her head up to look at him.

"Don't make me cum yet. I need to be inside of you."

He lifted her up like she was weightless and pushed her panties to the side, shoving his cock inside of her in one move. She felt so damn good inside. He buried his head into her ample tits and placed kisses all over them. Aisha loved feeling him inside her even though his cock was in her so deep it was painful.

He grabbed her ass with one hand and wrapped the other one around the back of her neck as he bounced her up and down on his cock and sucked her nipples. Her soft gasps and moans spurred him on as he slammed into her harder. He pulled her face down to his. Aisha recognized the look in his eye and his quick breath.

"I'm going to cum inside you Aisha."

"Please my lord, cum in my mouth. I want to drink the cum from you."

Dominic really wanted to explode inside of her but her sweet eyes begged and pleaded with him so he gave her what she wanted. He pulled out of her and she bent down to suck his cock until all of the cum had drained out of his balls. He didn't have a lot of cum left for her after the long night he had but she licked and slurped up everything he gave her.

Exhausted he fell back onto his pillows and pulled her up beside him. Aisha was not used to a man holding her after sex and felt very uneasy about it.

"Did you cum my dear?"

Aisha was shocked that he would ask such a thing. "Uh...no my lord. I...I mean I don't."

King sat up on his elbow and looked at her. " What do you mean you don't?"

"I mean I never have my lord," Aisha whispered

"That just means you have never had a man who cared to do it. Well we must do something about that. "

"No my lord, that is unnecessary. It's my job to be sure that your needs are catered to."

"It is my reputation that women leave my bed as satisfied as I am. A woman will always remember her time with me. I pride myself on being a great lover and you must learn to love coming to my bed."

Aisha sighed. So that's what it was about she thought. Ensuring that he was her best lover. It wasn't really about her pleasure but proving himself as a man.

"Do you mean to accomplish that this evening before you send me back to the brothel."

Dominic started fluffing his pillow preparing to sleep. He wrapped his arm around her.

"I will have plenty of time to bring you to an orgasm. You will not be going back to the brothel."

Aisha blew a sigh of relief and silently thanked the gods as she fell asleep.


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