tagRomanceThe King's Harem Ch. 02

The King's Harem Ch. 02


This was much more like the brothel Aisha thought. She wasn't sure exactly what was expected of her here so Iba gave her pointers for the evening.

Iba made it easy for Aisha because she took the lead in their duties for the evening. Aisha was surprised at how different Iba was when around men. She flirted and laughed and thrust her breasts in their faces-not caring one bit that she was hugely pregnant. The girls weren't allowed to ever have sex with the men they entertained but they kissed them and let them fondle them.

Iba went up to a very old man. She squeezed his dick through his pants and asked him what he had brought her. Iba sat down with him and the old man played with her tits roughly. He looked like he would cum at that very moment.

Aisha had hoped that here she was only going to have to serve the king but at least she did not have to let the men have sex with her.

There were girls all over the place, having their breasts fondled or stroking men with their hands. One man in particular stared at Aisha all night. She wasn't sure she was prepared to go up to any one man and just start entertaining him. It seemed like most of the girls there already knew these men.

For some reason her only thought was to go find Dominic. She left the main part of the party and looked around for him. She found him behind a curtain in a closed off area. She watched him from where she could not be seen.

He was keeping company with Lizeth and a young Latin girl, both of whom were topless. One of the dignitaries was speaking to them and Lizeth grabbed the man and kissed him. Dominic grabbed her butt as she did so. She pulled down the man's pants and poured what Aisha guessed was oil onto his small cock. She suddenly began to stroke him up and down while Dominic watched and kissed her neck. The latin girl sat beside her and kissed and sucked Lizeth's tits as she continued her hand job on the man.

Dominic pulled the latin girl to him and she immediately started removing his clothes and kissing him passionately. Lizeth was still giving a hand job but she was putting on a show for Dominic, clearly wanting to take his attention away from the other girl. Her hand was a blur as it flew up and down the man's cock. Aisha was getting hot so she put her hand down her panties and pressed on her own clit.

The latin girl straddled Dominic and starting fucking him fiercely. She bounced up and down at an insane speed and Aisha's fingers matched her. She also watched Lizeth as the man's face contorted and cum shot out of his cock.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Aisha jumped and turned around to see the man who had been staring all night smirking at her. She pulled her hand away from her pussy quickly.

"I...uh...um...I was..."

"Uh huh, that's what I thought you were doing," he laughed.

Aisha felt embarrassed. The man was decent looking. Probably in his 40s with dirty blonde hair. He must have been European as he was very pale skinned.

"Please don't stop on my account."

"No I was done, thank you." Aisha said indignantly

"Why? They're not." The man looked towards the scene. He stepped towards Aisha and turned her back around to look at them.

Now Lizeth was the one riding Dominic while the latin girl rubbed all over her body. You couldn't hear anything except Lizeth's loud screams. Her tits bounced wildly as she rode Dominic's cock. A part of Aisha wished it was her riding him. The man Lizeth had just finished off simply watched in amazement.

The stranger behind Aisha reached up to rub her tits.

"Are you enjoying this?" He squeezed Aisha's breast harder. He snuck his hand between the slit in her gown and found his way into her panties. He started rubbing furiously at Aisha's pussy and nibbled on her ear. Aisha noticed he was barely looking at the scene in front of them.

Now Aisha could hear Lizeth screaming for Dominic to cum inside of her. Aisha saw Dominic's balls tighten and she knew he was doing just that. At that same time Aisha came hard as the man continued working her pussy.

When she was done the man pulled his hand out of her panties and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"We should go before they see us," he smirked.

They walked back to the main party and sat down on the linens laid out. He smiled at her.

"Feed me something."

Aisha picked up one of the plates of sweets beside them and began placing them into his mouth.

"What is your name darling?

"Aisha. And yours sir."


"You are from England," Aisha asked?

"Yes. I am the Duke of Albemarle. How did you know?"

"I was raised in Bristol, I can tell the accent."

"And how did you end up in Oman?"

"Long story," Aisha said.

"I am not on my way anywhere at this very moment!" The man chuckled. He had a very warm laugh.

Dominic came out to join his party and saw Aisha sitting there with the Duke. She was laughing and talking like he was an old friend. It clearly hadn't taken her long to settle into her role here.

"Whores," Dominic sneered as he watched her. The girl had a beautiful smile. God he had just finished fucking and she already had him getting aroused again. He had been thinking about her perfect body all day. It took every bit of will power he had to keep from calling her to his chambers today. He was going to have to have her tonight. He would just have to wait until the festivities were over.

He grabbed one of his whores walking by and pulled her down onto his lap. He pulled her blouse down, biting her nipples in front of everyone. It was a typical move of his. He liked to feel the power of having so many women that did whatever he said whenever he said. For a moment he completely forgot about Aisha.

Hours later Aisha was still entertaining the Duke. They had a good conversation and Aisha reminisced about the days in England. Aisha really didn't have any interest in this man but to Dominic she looked like she was enjoying his company more than she needed to be. He allowed his whores to tease and entice the men he dealt with. They were to be mysterious and sexy. They were to only supposed to truly care about the needs of their king and they certainly were not supposed to show any one of them special interest.

Dominic walked over to where they sat.

"Christopher, I haven't had the chance to speak with you all night." The two men shook hands.

"Well I have been enjoying my time with this lovely young woman."

"She is quite the prize isn't she? I acquired her just yesterday."

"May I say you made a smart purchase with this one."

"Indeed." Dominic looked down at Aisha laying there and glared at her.

"I am at this moment in need of her services so if you will excuse us..."

"Of course," Christopher said. He had planned on having more than just conversation with her tonight but he didn't want to offend the king by asking for more time with her.

Dominic reached his hand out to Aisha. She took it and rose to her feet.

"It has been a pleasure your grace."

" Likewise." Christopher stared into her eyes. His mind was filled with thoughts of what he could do to such a lovely girl.

Dominic tugged on her hand and pulled her roughly into the hall. Once the doors were closed he backed Aisha into the wall.

"My lord, have I done something to anger you?" Aisha asked confused

"You have made a fool of me yet again in front of my guests."

"A fool? What do you mean?"

"My whores are here for me. Only me and they do not show interest in any other man."

Aisha smiled as she realized Dominic was jealous. "I thought you asked that we entertain your guests my lord."

"Entertain them yes. Not spend the whole god damn night with them. How do you think it looked for me to have one of my whores spending an entire night with one man?"

"It was only a few hours my lord." Aisha smiled innocently at Dominic and his cock stirred as it occurred to him that she enjoyed seeing his anger. He bent down and kissed her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her top down so her tits hung out. He pulled her skirt open as she undid his pants and pulled his cock out. He pushed her panties to the side and pushed himself inside of her.

She gasped at his girth filling her. He pulled her legs up around him and fucked her hard against the wall. He felt ashamed of how badly he needed to be inside her. He had no control with her-his only thought was being deep inside her pussy. Not having her on his knees taking care of his cock, not teasing and taunting her-just fucking her.

Aisha was loving this angle and smiled when she felt that familiar feeling building in her clit. She couldn't believe she was about to do it without touching her own clit.

"Oh my lord, you're going to make me cum. Oh yes don't stop."

Dominic was also surprised that he was making her cum so easily. Aisha was more aroused than usual. This was the first time since she had started working that she was as turned on by the man inside her as he was by her. She loved fucking him and sparks went through her with every stroke of his large cock. She dug her nails into his back as her orgasm hit her and she bit down on his shoulder to keep from screaming out. At that moment Dominic started spraying his cum inside Aisha's pussy. He pumped more into her with every thrust while she lay her head on his shoulder spent.

Dominic pulled his softening cock out of her and looked down at the cum dripping from Aisha. He stuck a finger into it and brought it up to Aisha's face.

"You see this," Dominic asked? He had an intense look in his eye. "My cum in your pussy means you're mine. You belong to me. Don't ever let what happened tonight, happen again."

He stuck his cum covered finger into Aisha's mouth, buttoned up his pants and started back toward the party.

"Go clean yourself up. I want to take you again later tonight." he said and disappeared into the room.

"Shit," Aisha swore as she watched the cum leak from her pussy. She hadn't even thought about him cumming in her pussy when he did it. She only cared about him getting her off. Aisha didn't know if she counted accurately this month but she was sure she wasn't in her safe time yet. She was going to have to make sure this didn't happen again.


"The king wants you again this evening. Do not let it go to your head. He just wants you because you are new. It is very much like when a child receives a gift and it is his favorite gift until it is no longer interesting to him." Maajida rambled on while she helped the servants dress Aisha.

Aisha felt that Maajida made it quite clear that she did not really like her. She was one of the most evil people Aisha had ever met. But Aisha never said anything back. Whatever Maajida was, she was great at the art of seducing men. Aisha did her best to learn everything Maajida had to teach her.

"If he keeps this up, he will have you with child in no time," Maajida grinned smugly remembering the conversation they had had when Aisha arrived there. Maajida was sure the girl was hiding the fact that she was barren.

"Too bad your child would be a bastard. He will not have a title like my children have." Maajida loved bragging about her children's positions in Oman society.

"Then why is it that your children have such high status Maajida," Aisha said?

"Because I am a concubine silly child. Dominic does not keep concubines, only whores. A concubine is a respected post in society. I was like another wife and my children are respected just as the queen's children are."

"But, the king had children he cast out did he not? Were those the children of whores or concubines?"

" You know my biggest problem with you is that you do not know enough to refrain from asking questions that are none of your concern," Maajida said.

" If she were any other girl the king would have thrown her out by now," Carmela chimed in. Carmela, Aisha later learned, was the latin girl she saw having sex with Dominic and Lizeth at the party.

"No of course not Carmela. Not his perfect little Aisha," Lizeth glared at her. "Aisha is so special that none of the rest of us have been to his chambers since she got here."

"Ouch, what the hell is wrong with you?" Carmela swatted at the servant girl trying to do her hair.

Aisha tried to ignore them. "I am only curious about how things work. If all of the women here get pregnant..."

"Powerful men do what they want Aisha. They do not answer questions from whores. Anyway you would fair much better if you kept your nose out of men's business. There, you're done." Maajida stood back and examined her.

Aisha walked out of the room with the other girls eyes on her back. Once she was gone Lizeth continued.

"I better be carrying the king's child. I am going to the infirmary this week. I was right in the middle of my fertile period when she got here and I barely got him to touch me. I have been trying to get pregnant for months," Lizeth whined.

"What do you think will happen if you carry his child Lizeth?" Maajida frowned at her.

"Hopefully it will ensure a place for me here. He definitely shows favoritism to the pregnant girls. I need something other than my beauty to attach me to him."

Carmela rolled her eyes.

"Look at Iba, she's been here four years and I've already seen much more attractive women get sent home. It has to be because of the baby."

"I have seen many mothers sent away from this palace during my time," Maajida reminded her.

Lizeth wrinkled up her face at Maajida.

"Calm down Lizeth you're already his favorite. He loves your long blonde hair and huge tits! No one has seen the inside of his chambers as much as you have!" Carmela laughed.

"That is until recently," Lizeth said quietly.


"Mum!" Aisha ran up to her mother and threw her arms around her. The old woman almost fell over! The girls in the harem were only allowed to leave the palace unsupervised once a month and Aisha traveled back home to see her mom.

"Aisha sweetheart, you look absolutely stunning my dear." Yenee smiled at her daughter.

"This is how you look when you have team of servants working on you every day," Aisha laughed!

"I have missed you so much. I had hoped to prepare a large meal for you but I'm afraid I did not have the strength."

"No, sit mother. I will cook something for you."

Aisha walked around the kitchen taking out pots. Yenee sat down at the table.

"How is life in the palace my dear?"

"It's fine I suppose."

"Fine? You suppose? You are living in the palace of Oman's most beloved and handsome king and it's just fine?"

"The girls don't really seem to like me very much."

"Why not dear?"

"I think they believe the king favors me."

"Does he?"

"Perhaps a little. But I am still just his whore like all the rest of them."

"Please Aisha, I hate it when you call yourself that. These girls are your only friends. I would feel much better if you were close to people down there incase..."

Aisha knew what her mother was thinking and neither one of them wanted to think about it.

"You know what is great about the king liking you Mum?" Aisha took out a bag and dropped gold coins all over the table."

"My god child. Tell me you didn't steal this."

Aisha laughed. "No mum these are my allowance, to take care of myself and buy myself things. I have saved it all for you. We will finally take you to a physician that will know what's wrong with you and help you."

Yenee hugged her daughter tightly and they cried together. They both hated that Aisha was doing this in order to get her medical care but Aisha was not going to stop. She would do anything to see he mother live through this.


"My lord?"

"Yes Aisha?"

"I want to discuss something with you."

Dominic was kissing her neck and massaging her breasts. "Go ahead."

"Have you been with any of the other girls?"

Dominic stopped kissing her. He sat back against his head board and pulled Aisha against his chest. "I haven't really had the energy with you around!" He pulled her chin up and brought his lips to hers. "You know I have a harem, you can not possibly be jealous of me being with the other girls."

"No I just...I think they miss being with you."

"Why? What have they said?"

"Nothing it just seems like some of them are feeling neglected."

"I have so many in my harem. They are used to going a while without coming to my chambers. Tell me the truth. What have they said to you?"

Aisha huffed. "Nothing. I just don't want them to feel as though I'm usurping."

"Fine if you will not tell me the truth, but you are my newest girl. It is only natural that I would be more attentive to you for the time being." He kissed Aisha softly.

The tension between Aisha and the other girls was obvious to everyone in the household. She had few friends and spent most of her time with Iba or helping take care of the children. They resented her not simply because he was with her more often but because he seemed to care more about her feelings.

He never fondled her roughly or spanked her in front of the household like he did with the other girls. He needed to see her on a daily basis and took her 2 or 3 times every day. At times Aisha was even allowed to sleep in his bed and attend meals with him.

Queen Nadia despised Aisha more than any of the girls. The queen kept her dignity in the presence of so many whores because she knew they did not have any respect. Her husband did things to them that a decent woman would never allow a man to do. Also decisions about the harem were ultimately left up to her. The girls feared her and had to go out of their way to show respect in her presence. She could order isolation, floggings and any other punishment she saw fit.

But her one attempt to punish Aisha had ended in her own humiliation. She wanted Aisha flogged for speaking to her disrespectfully but her husband, in front of everyone, informed her that it was absolutely out of the question. He claimed that he would find his own punishment for her but Nadia and the servants could hear the sounds of him taking her later on.

No one understood why she had such a hold over him. She had been there for less than a month and already she was allowed more leeway around the palace than any other woman.

Aisha did not agree with their assessment. She had grown fond of Dominic but it did not change her mind about his having so many women. In her eyes she was a sex slave and her master took her whenever he wanted. It was not a display of compassion or love for him to use her sexually.

She had come to except her role in his life but hoped that when he tired of her she wouldn't be too old to marry and have children.

Aisha was worried about other things though. She had luck getting him to cum in her mouth about half of the time. The other times he insisted on doing it inside of her. Since she got there she bled and now she would be fertile again soon. She couldn't allow him to have her at this time.

Her mind was always on how she was going to stop him from having her.

"You seem distant."

Aisha was in his bed beside him. "I am actually not feeling so well," she said not looking him in the eye.

"Do you want to see the physician?" He looked genuinely concerned.

" No, I think I will just go to my bed and rest if that's fine."

"Yes but if you start feeling worse..."

"I'm fine really." Aisha got up from the bed.

Dominic got up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Come on I'll take you."

As the two of them walked into the harem's quarters every girl there stared. They curtsied as he passed by. They rarely saw Dominic in their quarters and clearly some of them were not happy that he had only come for Aisha.

Dominic let Aisha lay down in her bed.

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