The King's Harem Ch. 02


"I want you to go to the infirmary if you get worse."

"Yes my lord."

Dominic left and some of the girls walked by his side. One of the younger girls, Anna, ran up to Dominic and buried her head into his chest.

"I am with child my king. I have not seen you so have not had the opportunity to tell you" Anna said.

Dominic hugged her. "Congratulations."

"I have been waiting for this moment since I arrived here."

Dominic touched her cheek. "I am very pleased with you for this. You may ask for anything you need while you carry my child." He planted a kiss on her cheek.

Aisha felt bad about lying to her king but she would not put herself in a position like the one she saw with Anna. The poor young girl looked so in love with this man who had fathered her child. The women wanted the love they feel for the father of their child to be reciprocated. But they did not receive that love from Dominic. How could he love them when so many women carried his children? To Aisha he did not even look proud. There was no honor in having a bastard child-no matter who the father was.

If Aisha had to pretend to be sick to keep him off of her than she would. A baby would only make her more attached to him and him less attached to her.


A beautiful girl with bronze colored skin was on her knees in front of Dominic, trying her best to suck him off. The girl had a great body and knew exactly how to use her tongue. Dominic sat on his throne and stared off into space. He rested his forehead in his hand.

The reason he hadn't asked any of the other girls to his chamber was because he wanted Aisha right now. He assumed he would get over it but for right now she was all he thought about. When he closed his eyes he saw her smiling. He imagined running his hands down her body, her soft skin pressed against him.

"Are you enjoying that my king?"

"Taherah, don't speak please." Dominic said annoyed.

She was shocked by his coldness but continued sucking him in silence.

Dominic finally felt the cum rising in his balls. Taherah jerked his cock fast and sucked on the tip until he came in her mouth. He made quiet gasps as his cum shot down her throat.

"Thank you my lord!"

" Just get out."

Taherah did not understand his harsh words but she knew to do whatever the king told her without questioning him. She stood up and walked out-still completely naked.


"What is the matter with you?"

Maajida and Iba looked down at Aisha in her bed.

"Dominic keeps asking me to come check on you. If you're so ill why don't you ask for the physician," Maajida grumbled?

"I don't like doctors."

Iba looked concerned. "What hurts you Aisha?"

"I'm just sick to my stomach. Its nothing, it will go away soon."

Maajida gave her a curious look.

"Are you pregnant?"

"Of course not. I bled just over a week ago," Aisha said then bit her lip.

Maajida narrowed her eyes at her. "I will tell Dominic that you are fine then."

Iba came and sat next to Aisha.

"She's evil isn't she?"

Aisha smiled and touched Iba's stomach. "How's the baby?"

"Moving around too much. I just would like to give birth now. I feel like I'm going to explode."

"Yet you asked our king to give you another one!"

"I know, I forget how annoying it is at this point. And I still have two months to go."

"Iba? How do you feel carrying a man's child who is not your husband?"

"Well it's not the way I would want it if I had my way. But I love children and I love being pregnant. And our king makes gorgeous children!"

"I have never seen him spend any time with them."

"He has a lot to do you know Aisha. He is the king after all"

"Well he certainly has time to have sex constantly."

Iba looked down and put her hands on her stomach.

"Oh Iba, I'm sorry sweetie. That was really unnecessary."

"No it's fine I know what you mean. I was raised just like you Aisha. I know there is no honor in having children that do not belong to my husband but I gave up thinking I would ever have children when I was first used as a whore. Now I'm a mother and I only have sex with one man. He is not really close to the children but they are mine and they are taken care of. That is all I care about."

"You are a fantastic mother Iba. I understand your situation."

"Well I'll let you get some rest."


"You have been ill for over a week. You need to see my doctors."

"Absolutely not. I refuse."

Queen Nadia stood behind Dominic and scoffed. How dare this girl refuse to do anything her king tells her. Everything he wanted done, everyone in the palace was expected to do. Now here he was going back and forth with some East African whore.

Dominic knelt down beside Aisha. "I am really worried about you. See the physician to ease my mind."

Aisha leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "If I am not better by the end of the week I will see the physician."

"I will hold you to that. Nadia?"


"I expect you to see to it that Maajida takes care of her."

"Yes husband."

Dominic walked out. Nadia frowned at Aisha and followed him.

Aisha knew she would say she was feeling better before he made her go to the infirmary.


"Amir! I need a girl right now." Dominic was laying on his bed, his hardness causing a tent inside of his pants.

"Which one would you like my lord?" He looked up to see Aisha standing in his doorway.

Dominic jumped off his bed and scooped Aisha up into his arms. They kissed passionately. He took her to his desk where he was working earlier and sat her on the edge. With a swipe of his hand he tossed all of the papers onto the ground. He laid her on the desk and began undressing her. He got on top of her and kissed her again. She unbuttoned his shirt while he kissed down her neck. He took his shirt off and dropped his pants-leaving them in a pile around his feet.

He bit down on her hard dark nipple.

Aisha shrieked but did not stop him. He suckled on each of her nipples and made his way down to her pussy.

He licked her once and Aisha moaned and squirmed loudly. She had missed him touching her and eating her. Especially this past week when she had been ridiculously horny. He stuck his tongue into her hole and fucked her with it. She arched her back and her legs flailed around.

"Mmmm. Don't stop. Eat my pussy." Aisha rubbed his head and bent her legs as she felt her orgasm creeping up on her.

"Oh Dominic! I'm cumming. Oh god, I'm cumming!"

Aisha smeared pussy juice all over Dominic's mouth as she came. She looked down at him and laughed at the sight of his soaking wet chin.

"You think this is funny my little slut?" Dominic climbed up the table and placed the tip of his cock into her.

"Oh Dominic, don't tease me. Please give it to me."

"I don't know Aisha. Make me believe you want it." Dominic had a sly grin on his face

Aisha started humping against his cock without realizing it. Dominic pushed her hips back down on the table.

"Uh uh. I said make me believe it."

"Oh god Dominic I want it so bad. Just fuck me please."

"Look at you acting like a horny little slut! Do you want it that bad?"

"Yes I want it." She kissed him and bit his lower lip. She looked up into his eyes. "Cum inside me Dominic."

Dominic almost came at that moment. She had never asked him to do it before and he loved the way it sounded coming from her. He shoved his cock into her and fucked her harder than he ever had. When he was about to cum he made her look at him. He wanted to see her face as his seed shot into her womb.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming Aisha." He kissed her full lips as he exploded inside her.

Dominic laid on top of her not wanting to leave the warmth of her pussy. Finally he picked her up and carried her to his bed.

"My lord, I apologize. I meant no disrespect when I called you by your first name." She thought for sure he would be furious with her for stepping out of her place.

Dominic smiled and pulled her closer to him. "It's fine, I prefer it when you call me that."

He laid his hand over her belly. He hadn't realized until that time how happy he would be when she finally did get pregnant.

"I can not wait until you carry my child."

"Why are you so sure that I will?"

"I am inside you constantly. It is bound to happen eventually."

Aisha felt awful as she heard Dominic's soft snoring behind her. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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