tagRomanceThe King's Harem Ch. 03

The King's Harem Ch. 03


3 more months passed and every month Aisha pretended to be ill or made up an excuse not to come to Dominic's bed when she was fertile. She worried that if she simply refused to go to his bed too often he would send her away.

It became obvious to even Dominic that she was faking but no one could figure out why-no one except for Maajida.

After Iba had her second son, Aisha realized her fears about Dominic as a father were accurate. After a month he still had not come to see his new child. Iba cried about it often, she really wanted him to see the baby.

Maajida let it be known that she did not approve of Iba's behavior. "Do you think the king has time to ignore his work for the likes of you? He has many children, the birth of yours is hardly an occasion; he will see the child when he chooses to. Enough complaining."

Eventually the scribe came by to record Iba's baby's name and the date born but Iba just shook her head and cried. Dominic was supposedly too busy to see him and Iba stuck by her belief that his father should name him.

It was around this time that Christopher, the Duke of Albemarle came back to finish business between he and Dominic. A celebration was planned for the evening of his arrival and the girls were dressed and summoned to the throne room.

Dominic's reign as king had lead to Oman's flourishing society. His parents' marriage was arranged as a way to show peace between Oman and England. His mother had taught him their ways so he could one day rule with the knowledge. Dominic's European features, dress and traditions showed the English that he was interested in embracing them and kept them out of wars when neighboring countries were invaded.

Christopher was an integral part of England's acceptance of Dominic and now that their work was done he had new matters to discuss with him.

"Your highness we have found a way of keeping the alliance between both of our countries strong. I have put myself on the line trying to convince England that you are more loyal to us than you are to your bordering countries."

"Myself and my people are most appreciative of your aid in this situation your grace. Allow me to show my gratitude by giving you some gift. You may have whatever you like."

"Respectfully your highness, I should like to ask for a girl from your harem."

The room became tense. Everyone knew Dominic was possessive of his harem and no man regardless of status dared to ask for such a thing.

Queen Nadia knew more about matters of state and she assumed he would give the duke what he asked for. There were hundreds of girls to replace these and Dominic would do well not to upset his strongest ally with England.

"Fine. May I guess what your type is? I have a girl from Spain who I think may be to your liking. I also have young girls who have seen no man's bed past my own."

"I was interested in the Eritrean girl specifically." Christopher looked over at Aisha. She lowered her eyes from his gaze.

Dominic's breath grew quick and he clenched his fist remembering the night Aisha had spent with the duke. He wondered what had occurred between them to make the duke ask for her now.

"Asking for one of my best whores as a gift is quite bold. Is there nothing else you would like?"

Both the duke and Queen Nadia were shocked by this reply. Nadia's face was becoming flushed as she listened to the exchange between the two men.

"I have put my own reputation at risk for you Dominic. I came back with the belief that you would be gracious. It is a small thing that I ask you for. There is certainly no shortage of women to bring to my bed in England. But I desire this girl like no other and I wish to have her as my own."

"She is but a harem girl, not a servant like you are used to in England. She does not know hard labor or domestic skills..."

"All the same Dominic, it is her that I want."

Dominic scanned the disapproving faces of his queen and the members of his council. They were taken back by his hesitation. Their eyes pleaded with him to give the duke what he asked for.

He looked at Aisha. She was wearing a red lehenga adorned with gold jewels. Her hair was up and curly wisps fell down at her cheeks. Her big brown eyes twinkled and she nibbled nervously at her bottom lip. Dominic shook his head as he watched her.

"I am sorry Christopher. I have 23 other beautiful girls in my harem. You may take any of them but you may not have Aisha."

Queen Nadia stood up from her throne and stormed out of the room. The other girls looked at Aisha and the members of the council waited for Christopher's reaction.

"Very well then, I suppose you will make my troubles worth my while in some other way" the duke asked through gritted teeth?

"Indeed, you are always welcome to my home and I shall send you away with more gold than one man can spend."

Dominic called for Aisha immediately after everyone left. She walked in and without saying a word Dominic picked her up and laid her on his bed. He kissed her as he pulled her lehenga off and climbed over her. His touch was softer than usual as he caressed her body. He continued to kiss her waiting for her to respond to him before he continued.

Aisha finally put her arms around him and kissed him back. He didn't want to rush into this. He wanted her to lose control first, to show her need for him the way he needed her.

Aisha liked having him caress her but she wanted him inside of her. She reached down into his pants and felt his hardness in her hands. Dominic groaned at the sudden feeling of her cool hands on his cock. She stroked him as he focused his attention on her full tits. His usual bites to her erect nipples were replaced by kissing and nibbling. He reached down and pulled her panties off. Her pussy was soaked and all he wanted was to feel her wrapped around his cock.

Aisha moaned as Dominic pushed two fingers into her. He lowered his head to suck on her swollen clitoris while he continued to move his fingers in and out of her. He stared up at her as he continued to work on her pussy. He watched as Aisha squeezed her tits and pinched her own nipples between her fingers. Dominic couldn't take it anymore. He needed to have her pussy.

He moved up in between Aisha's legs and held her hips still as he slipped slowly inside of her. Aisha gasped and wrapped her legs around his waist. He looked into her eyes as he moved slowly in and out of her. Aisha was going crazy wishing he would be more forceful. She rolled her head back and forth, unable to control herself she began bucking against his cock. She pulled his body down so they were skin to skin.

Dominic gave up trying to take her gently and pulled her arms from around his neck. He laced his fingers in between hers and pinned her arms back down to the bed. He bit into her neck as he started slamming into her. His huge bed shook with the force he was using to fuck her. She screamed and squeezed his hands, digging the heels of her feet into his butt. Pearls of sweat beaded on their skin as Dominic increased the pace of his fucking.

He covered her mouth with his as she came hard. He drove himself as deep into her as he could as her pussy sucked at him and triggered his own release. He didn't stop pounding her pussy until the last drop of his cum leaked from him.

That night he slept with his body wrapped possessively around hers. Dominic saw the way men looked at Aisha and he knew they were just waiting for him to be done with her so they could have their turn. Unconsciously he squeezed her tighter as thoughts of another man touching her filled his head.


Dominic ran and kicked the ball to his oldest son. The young boy rushed to kick it back.

"Come on Dhameer you must be faster than that. The other boys will beat you in no time if that is the best you can do."

Queen Nadia came outside.

"Dominic, I must speak with you."

"Go ahead."

"Alone please." She nodded towards their son.

Dominic picked up the ball. "Come here Dhameer." The boy walked to them and Dominic tousled his hair playfully. "Leave your mother and I alone. Go and have your servants bathe you."

"Yes father." Dhameer rushed inside.

"What is it Nadia?"

"What is going on with you and that girl?"

"What girl?"

"Please do not insult my intelligence Dominic. I'm talking about Aisha."

"Since when do you question me about what I do with my whores?"

"I know my place as your wife Dominic. I have never questioned you about what you did with any of them but this girl, she's got you completely mindless over her."

"I know you don't like Aisha but do not be dramatic." Dominic got up and walked past her into the palace. He started getting undressed. "Call the servants for me, I need to be bathed."

"Dominic please listen to me."

Dominic sat down. "You are wasting my time Nadia. You think that as king I have nothing better to do than listen to my wife complain that she is envious of a woman who does the job she should be doing?"

"How dare you. I have watched you bring girl after girl to your harem for 7 years and you've barely touched me since. They have bore your children while I slept in a separate room. Still I have remained a devoted wife to you. But you have never been like this. You have shamed me by showing open admiration for this girl. You spend time with her that should be spent working. You care more about her than anything else and everyone in the palace can see it."

"So I have an affinity for one of my harem girls. It is not a matter that will stand in my way as king. I know what is required of my position."

"Then how do you explain what happened with the duke? You risked offending our most trusted European ally in order to keep this one girl. God knows what the duke was thinking. You had no way of knowing what his reaction would be.

"He's fine. He is so loaded down with gold that he has forgotten the whole situation. "

"Dominic I feel like she has this hold over you; its as if you have been bewitched. Do not throw everything we have worked for away for one whore."

"This is none of your concern Nadia. I am more than capable of taking care of my own affairs. I am the king, it is your duty as my wife to support me in what I do and that is all. Now call the servants to bathe me."


The more time went by the more Aisha hated her life inside the harem. She wondered how long it would take to get used to her life there; it seemed to be a great life for the other girls. They liked not having to work a real job and spending their days disputing over Dominic. When the men in the council were interested they would touch the girls or have one of the girls touch them. Aisha was relieved that she was no longer allowed to do that.

The girls rarely saw Dominic unless he wanted them to service him and he almost never saw the children.

Aisha developed stronger feelings for him and she despised him for it. She knew what her role was here and she felt foolish for developing feelings for a man who clearly didn't have any for her.

Dominic noticed that Aisha was becoming distant and it was killing him. He was not the type of man that discussed his feelings. He would never be able to rule his country if he showed such weaknesses.

Aisha continued to serve him well and he constantly craved her body. She always made sure he enjoyed himself but she didn't seem to enjoy being with him the same way.

He stared at her over breakfast sometimes just hoping she would tell him what was wrong. And one day he hoped she would come to him and tell him that she was going to have his child.

Maajida was the one who suggested to him that Aisha was faking ill so he wouldn't be able to have her while she was fertile. Maajida always knew when the girls were bleeding and she counted the days that Aisha was supposedly sick.


Aisha noticed he was looking at her differently this morning. His face was twisted into a permanent scowl and he barely touched his food.

"Are you not hungry this morning?" Aisha inquired

" I have lost my appetite."

"Oh? Is everything alright?"


"You know Iba's baby smiled for the first time recently." Aisha was determined to get some kind of emotional response from him about the baby.

Dominic couldn't even believe she brought up a baby. "Think you may be having one of your own soon?"

Aisha felt a lump in her throat and she swallowed, she kept her eyes on her plate. "I don't think so."

"Why not? You do not believe you are barren do you?"

"I don't know. I don't believe so."

"Well then you should be bringing me some news very soon."

"There are many women here who have never become pregnant. There are a lot of factors...Lizeth has been here much longer than I have and she has yet to become pregnant."

"The women are rarely pregnant here because there are so many of them that I switch between. You on the other hand I have had every week-except for when you have been ill of course."

"I can not help being sick Dominic."

Dominic's blood began to boil. He slammed his fist down on the table. "You dare sit there and lie to your king."

"I do not know what you're talking about."

"You have been trying to stop me from having sex with you when you are fertile."

Aisha stared blankly at him. She expected him to find out eventually. "Yes I have. I do not want to become pregnant."

Dominic was trying to keep his composure. "Why not? You do not think it an honor to bear your king's child?"

She glowered at him. "An honor? You cannot be serious. Do I think it's an honor that you have a month old son that you haven't seen? Would I think it an honor to walk around waiting for you to come see me and name our baby? What about that is honorable to you?"

"It is not your place to question me about what I do with my children. I have given you too much freedom. What make's you think you can speak to me this way?"

"Oh suddenly, they're your children? You would never guess from the way you ignore them. You are a pathetic excuse for a father Dominic. I regret the day I ever let a man like you touch me."

Dominic walked over to her and slapped her hard across the face. She grabbed her face and looked at him shocked. Her cheek stung but she fought to hold back her tears. She stood up from the table.

Dominic's hands were shaking. He hadn't expected to do that. He was used to controlling the members of his household by any means. He didn't want to treat Aisha that way but he lost control.

"Oh god Aisha..." He started to hug her but she pulled from him and hurried out of his room.

He didn't follow her. He didn't know what he would say.

Aisha walked to harem's quarters towards her bed. She knew she had been out of line. She let herself get too comfortable with him. She forgot that this wasn't some man she was in a relationship with. He owned her and that was all she was to him-a possession. She was angry that she let her guard down this way.

The girls all stared at her as she walked to her bed, her face stained with tears. She laid down and cried herself to sleep.

She awoke to the girls making a fuss over something. She pulled her curtain back and walked out to see Dominic sitting in the room holding Iba's baby.

"He is a strong boy Iba. His name will be Radhi."

Iba looked so happy as she stared at Dominic holding their baby; she looked as though she was about to cry. Iba clearly loved the man sitting before her. They all loved him and Aisha knew she was no different.

Dominic kissed Iba and got up to leave. "Aisha, can I see you a moment in my chamber."

Aisha hadn't even realized he saw her there. She wrapped herself in her silk robe and followed him out.

He closed the door to his chamber and walked up to Aisha. He put his lips to hers but Aisha pulled away and turned her back to him. She was about to break down.

"I'm sorry for what I've done. Aisha please look at me."

Aisha couldn't she just let the tears flow freely from her face. She really was hurt by him.

He turned her around and pulled her into his arms. Aisha cried into his chest.

"Please forgive me Aisha. I need to know you're not still angry with me."

He held her face in his hands and kissed her.

"I'm so sorry. I will never hurt you again."

Aisha realized what she was doing and gently pulled out of his grasp. "You do not owe me an apology my lord. You are my king and you have every right to discipline me for my insolence. I belong to you, I have no right to speak to you that way."

Her words caused a pain in the pit of his stomach.

"I don't think of you that way. I care about you Aisha. Anything I can do to prove that to you, I will do it."

Aisha remained silent. He new she wouldn't believe him after what just happened. He placed kisses all over her face.

"Come to bed Aisha."

"I am not sure how attentive I can be tonight my lord."

"I am not asking for that. I just want...I need you to sleep beside me tonight."

Dominic pulled her to his bed gently and crawled in with her. The lay facing each other and he rubbed her head while he held her. Dominic was content to fall asleep with her in his arms.

"Dominic? I want to know why you allow your harem to bear you children."

"I love to see a woman carrying my child. I think it's beautiful. It's the only real way for a woman to prove that she loves a man. That she's devoted to him."

"You want us to love you when you don't love us? I am a whore, my only purpose is to serve you. Have I not served you well?"

"You have done your job well but you must know that you have more than that purpose in my life." Dominic started to say more but he stopped himself. "I take good care of you, why shouldn't you have my child?"

"Because I only want to share something like that with a husband. It is my duty to take care of your sexual desires, not to have your child."

"Well you are here to please me and having my child would please me."

"Having a baby can change a woman. Would you desire me the same way after I had a child?"

"I think you could only be more desirable fat with my child."

Aisha removed his hand from around her. "As your whore I care only that you find me desirable. As a mother I would care that a man loves me and my child."

"You don't believe I would love our child?"

"How could you? You have children with women that you don't love or respect and then you rarely see them." Aisha was getting upset again. She couldn't help herself she needed to talk about it.

Dominic smiled at her increasing frustration. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

"There will be no more of what you have been pulling Aisha despite your feelings. You can not stop what is naturally supposed to happen. We will be together whenever we want."

Aisha pulled away from him completely and turned so she was facing the wall. He didn't want to anger her so soon after what had happened. He moved behind her and pulled her body back to him.

"Aisha, I guarantee that when you finally have a baby inside of you, you will feel different."


"He is right you know," Yenee said.

Her mother was up and around and looking perfectly healthy thanks to all the medical care she could now afford to give her.

"He is not mum. I know I don't want to have anything to do with a child that is his."

"Well when do you plan on giving me a grandchild?"

"Oh mum. Have you forgotten what my occupation is? I may not ever be able to have a child."

"Nonsense, he wants to have one so have one."

"Mother you of all people should know that I can not do that."

"I know I raised you with much dignity and pride Aisha. But I've realized that life is too short to live by certain rules. You want a child and he will give you one. There is nothing wrong in bringing a new life into this world."

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