The King's Harem Ch. 04


When she arrived at her house Yenee greeted her and the servant brought her things down from the camel. Yenee helped her bring her things in.

"Mother don't worry about it. I will carry those."

"No Aisha I'm much better off than you are right now. I want you to go to the bed immediately."

Aisha walked into her home and looked around sullenly. She was not used to living here anymore. Now that she had no income the money she saved from her allowance would have to last them a while. She got into the bed and laid down. She was right back where she started; poor, unmarried and living with her mother only this time her reputation was shattered and she had a fatherless child inside of her.

She woke up the next morning with pain in her breasts. She rubbed them to ease it but touching them only made it worse. Yenee could see her through the curtain from where she cooked.

"Are your breasts sore Aisha?"

"Yes and swollen too."

"That's a good sign. It means your body is still preparing for a baby. I am positive your little one is fine."

Aisha pushed the curtain aside and walked to the table. "I am completely unprepared for this baby. I have no idea how I'm going to take care of it."

"Do not worry about that. We have enough to last us a few years anyway. I shall just have to take in sewing again."

"Mother you can not work. I don't want you getting sick again."

"I am perfectly healthy now. It's my job to take care of you. Now have some breakfast."

The two women sat down and ate their breakfast in an awkward silence.

"Don't you even want to know what happened?"

"You are clearly crestfallen and I did not want to pressure you to discuss it. I figured you would tell me in your own time."

"I suppose it doesn't matter. I was thrown out with no explanation and I can not go back."

"King Dominic threw you out without an explanation? That does not seem reasonable, maybe it was a mistake."

"There was no mistake mother. He left for England without even speaking to me. To hell with that man."

"He is the father of your child, you must feel something for him."

"I did. I do but he lied to me. One minute he was telling me how much he loved me then all of a sudden he is throwing me out with his child in my belly. I do not understand it."

"Well men will always be a mystery to you. That is the way of things, men and women do not understand each other. I was married to your father for most of my life and I still never understood the things he did," Yenee smiled until she noticed Aisha wasn't. "Are you still unhappy about the baby?"

"No, I am happy about my child. Fate smiled upon me and I will not be ungrateful. I am just angry with myself for not being able to provide him with a better life. This is not the way my life was supposed to be."

Yenee moved around to comfort her daughter. "I know my dear but we must make the best of it. We will do just fine raising this baby."


After a month Aisha was recovering well and she began putting on weight. She was happy to see so many signs that her baby was ok. Now that she had nothing but free time on her hands she started sewing again and spent her days making clothes for the baby.

Sometimes Aisha would walk around the countryside alone or go swimming in the springs down from her house. She and her mother lived in the middle of an oasis so they would have to take trips to town for anything they needed.

Aisha hadn't brought any clothing to the palace so she was allowed to keep the clothes she was given there. Everything she owned from her time at the palace was much more elaborate than the traditional clothing other women in her area wore and she could not help but be noticed in town.

She wasn't showing much yet so there was a slew of men consistently trying to court her. She carried herself with a presence that even without her beauty would drive a man mad. She was convincing as a woman who was such a prize that she was untouchable to any man around her. She enticed and teased them with her eyes but none of them could have her.

The truth was that she hid her fears under the guise of confidence. Not even the lowest of these men would have her if they knew about her past or the child she carried.

Aisha was swimming in the spring one day when she saw a man sitting on the bank watching her. She was only in her panties so she walked out of the spring covering her breasts with her hands. The man smiled at her as she walked over to her clothing.

He was a good looking man. Aisha could tell he was Omani. He had long, wavy black hair and his bare chest was tanned and strong. Aisha assumed he worked in masonry or something similar; few men outside of hard labor trades were built as sturdy.

"Are you always so rude that you would stare at a woman who is half clothed?"

"Perhaps you shouldn't go around swimming without a top." He smiled and winked at her.

Aisha rolled her eyes and finished dressing. She started towards her house and the man got up to follow her.

"I am Shahim." He stuck his hand out for hers

Aisha looked down at his hand and continued walking.

"Are you just not going to introduce yourself?"

"Not to you."

"Alright, we have gotten off to a bad start."

"I would say so."

"I meant no disrespect. I was only mesmerized by your breathtaking figure." He grinned at her.

"Ugh," Aisha frowned and continued walking.

"You really shouldn't go walking around alone in this area."

"I have lived here long enough to know where I can and can not go. Why are you following me?"

"I was going to ask you if I could walk you home, but I decided against it when you took such an attitude with me."

"Well you are still walking with me."

"Then you should be thanking me instead of being so unpleasant!"

Aisha looked at him and smiled slightly but kept walking.

"I really do not live in this area. I live a few miles east.

"Stop following me please."

Shahim stayed back for about a second then continued after her.

"What is a woman from around here doing with such extravagant clothing?"

"What is your purpose for asking me so many questions?"

"Well you are not very sociable so I'm trying to carry the conversation all on my own."

"If a woman is not speaking to you, that usually means she is not interested."

Aisha and Shahim reached her house at that moment. Yenee was outside washing clothes.

"Oh hello. And who might your friend be Aisha?"

"Shahim. It is a pleasure to meet you ma'am."

"Shahim is not my friend, he was just leaving in fact."

Shahim took the hint from Aisha and said his goodbyes.

"Well that was rude," Yenee said when he was out of sight.

"Good. Hopefully I will never have to see him again."

"You don't want to? I thought he was a very attractive man."

"Yes he is and no I do not want to see him again."

Yenee shook her head and continued washing.

Aisha was not lucky enough to have her wish not to see Shahim again because the next morning he was outside of her house knocking on the door.

"Good morning ladies."

Aisha pretended not to hear him.

Yenee stuck her head out of the window. "Good morning Shahim," she said cheerfully.

Aisha gave her an annoyed look.

"I thought you might like to go into town with me today Aisha."

"Well you thought wrong."

"Actually I do need some fabric from in town. It would help me if you just went with him to get it now," Yenee said smiling.

"Mother, I bought you fabric just the other day."

"No no, I need some more."

Aisha folded her arms at her mother. "Fine then I'll go alone."

"Why on earth would you go alone when Shahim has offered to escort you?"

"It would be my pleasure." Shahim smiled.

Aisha frowned and started walking off ahead of him towards town.

"Slow down a bit," Shahim laughed as he caught up to her.

Aisha turned to Shahim. The expression on her face showed she was clearly not amused.

"You think I don't know what you are doing? Nothing is going to happen between us so stop following me around."

"My my, aren't you a vain one. What makes you think I am interested in you that way?"

"Are you saying you came over here because you have nothing better to do?

"Actually I walked 3 miles out of my way to visit you on my break from work."

Aisha's face softened. "Why would you do that?"

"I'm still not sure. It is not something I can help but I seem to be completely enamored of you."

"How can you be enamored of me? You met me only yesterday."

"Yes but I have seen you many times in town. Since I laid eyes upon you your face continually interrupts my dreams. So I thought I should at least speak with you. If there is an easier way to get you out of my head I will gladly take it."

"Does speaking to women that way really work for you?"

"Usually. But I don't expect it to melt a heart as ice cold as yours."

Aisha smiled and looked down at her feet.

"Well she can smile." Shahim reached up and brushed a curl out of her face. "Come on Aisha, I only want to walk you into town. Humor me for a few short hours."

"Fine Shahim, but only for a little while."


Dominic did not want to go home and see his palace without her in it. He knew if he returned to Oman immediately he would go look for her and carry her back home with him. He was infuriated over her treatment of him and distraught over the loss of their child.

He spent over a month traveling Europe to meet with many different monarchists and developing further alliances across the continent. It was the only thing he could do to keep from thinking about her. While his actions meant a flourishing economy and good life for his people, his own personal life was in ruins.

He wondered what he had done. He professed his love for her and asked that she be treated like royalty in his absence. Yet the minute he was away from her she chose to leave him. He wondered if perhaps she was still upset about him hitting her. For that he could only apologize and try to make it better, which he had. She clearly just did not want to be with him.

It was sickening the way he allowed himself to fall in love with such a girl. She had fought him every step of the way and even intentionally harmed their child. How could he not have seen how much she hated him?

When he finally arrived back in Oman he was surprised that his time away had not healed the pain he felt. He looked up at his palace and drew in a breath as he proceeded through the gates. Gray and black clouds floated above his palace and enveloped the towers. He didn't remember it being so dark before. He couldn't imagine that he was happy here before she came into his life.

His entire household rushed outside to meet him. They lined up and bowed as he walked by. The last of course was his wife and their 3 children. He was happy to see his children and even kissed Nadia when he saw her.

He spent the day playing with their 3 children then called for Nadia that evening.

"How have things been in my absence?"

"I have taken care of the household as you asked. Everything has gone smoothly except that I have been heartbroken without you." Nadia looked at her husband lovingly.

"I have been unappreciative of you Nadia. You have been a loyal wife and bore me 2 strong sons and a beautiful daughter. Surely you deserve better from me than how I have treated you."

"Do not speak that way. I could not have asked for a better husband. You know I wish only for your happiness Dominic."

"Yes my dear, I finally know that."

Nadia was glad to see him come around. He looked despondent since he arrived but it would pass. She knew she had done the right thing with Aisha when she felt her husbands arms around her for the first time in years.

Dominic kissed her and she began to unbutton his shirt. She kissed her husbands chest and then slowly let go of the clasp holding up her gown. She covered breasts with her hands as Dominic admired how wonderful her body looked even after 3 children.

Nadia was not skilled in pleasing a man with her mouth and she was taught to be modest about her body. She was a virgin when she married him and still acted inexperienced about sexual matters. She climbed into bed covering her body, removed her panties and waited for Dominic to join her. She laid on her side and he climbed into bed behind her.

He pulled the blanket from her body then kissed her shoulders and rubbed her thighs. She reluctantly let go of her breasts as he kissed and sucked on her nipples. For a moment he closed his eyes and the glowing light brown skin of Nadia's breast turned into Aisha's dark creamy one. He snapped his eyes back open and continued his way down her body until he was just above her glistening pussy.

Nadia was nervous that he was about to put his mouth down there. She protested but he pulled her forcefully down towards his face and put his hand on her stomach to keep her down. He put his lips to Nadia's pussy and kissed it as he thought about Aisha lying naked before him.

He could see the dark puffy lips of Aisha's pussy enclosing the bright pinkness inside. He could taste and smell her and his cock responded by swelling to its limit.

Nadia jerked and moaned at the first sweep of his tongue. This was the first time she ever felt a man's tongue on her wetness. She thought it was inappropriate for her to enjoy this feeling but she allowed it. Her husband was used to being satisfied by whores so she knew she had to give him more than she was accustomed to if she meant to keep his attention.

He got on his knees and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders before he sank all the way into her.

"No Dominic that's too deep," Nadia yelled. She put her hands on his thighs and tried to stop him from going in deeper. He pulled her hands off gently and held them as he continued to push deeper into her. He didn't even say anything, his mind was gone at that moment."

She felt like he was trying to push himself into her stomach; it was deeper than she could take. She bucked and tried to get away from him but he kept hold of her hands and kissed her legs as he continued pumping into her. He saw Aisha's beautiful face. He heard her moaning in pleasure as he gave her his entire length.

"Dominic not so rough," Nadia yelled and pulled her hands free, waking him up from his trance.

"Oh god." Dominic looked down at Nadia and his cock buried inside of her. Her face was twisted from discomfort and her hands were back on his thighs.. "I'm sorry Nadia, I can not do this."

Nadia had no idea what was wrong and she wanted to comfort him. He felt his cock becoming soft inside her as he thought about what just happened.

"Please Dominic, I want this. I'm sorry." Nadia thought she turned him off by being disobedient. This was not the way she wanted their first time together after so many years to be.

He brought her legs down from his shoulders and moved away from her. He laid on his stomach beside her still imagining the curves of Aisha's body. Nadia rolled over and placed her hand on his back.

"I'm sorry Dominic. I should not have said anything."

He looked at his wife and forced a smile.

"You did nothing wrong Nadia. I just need to be alone for a while."

Nadia looked uncomfortable as she got dressed and left the room.

Dominic turned over onto his back. Damn this whore for making him want her so bad.

He closed his eyes and imagined Aisha pleading with him to fuck her. Her beautiful eyes beckoned to him from the bathe in the harem. He saw her naked form, water pouring down her brown skin as she ran her hand down between her legs.

Dominic grabbed his cock as the blood rushed back to it. He squeezed it and stroked it as he remembered what it was like to touch her. He imagined taking soap and rubbing it all over her perfect tits. The white soap contrasted with her dark skin as it washed down her beautiful body. In his mind Aisha continued to work on her own pussy as she threw her head back and splashed around in the water.

"Dominic my love, I need you. Please make love to me." She looked at him seductively and licked her full lips as she worked herself towards a climax. "Dominic please, I need your cock inside me." She used her hands to spread her pussy lips apart. "Don't you want to fuck me Dominic?" Dominic could see her so vividly.

"Yes Aisha I want you so bad." Dominic said aloud. His hand worked up and down his cock. He imagined his cock nestled within the depths of Aisha's pussy. He raised his hips in a humping motion as he felt his cum rising up his shaft. "Oh Aisha, I'm cumming for you. Ughhhh, fuck." His body jerked as he spilled his seed into his hand.

He looked at his cum covered hand and shook his head. His lust for that whore would not wane no matter how much he hated her. He needed to get her out of his head. She was gone and that was it.

Nadia pressed her face against her husband's door and listened to him finish himself off calling Aisha's name. Aisha was miles away and still she had to compete with her. She cursed the day she ever came into her home.

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