tagRomanceThe King's Harem Ch. 05

The King's Harem Ch. 05


Aisha stared up at Shahim working on the new building that was being constructed in town. He wore no top with his churidars and sweat poured down his bare chest and back as he hammered away at the stone.

Aisha didn't even know how long she had been standing there. Her mouth watered at the site of him and she licked her lips. Her body had been yearning for the touch of a man more lately.

Shahim smiled when he noticed her standing at the bottom of the building. He climbed down the ladder and made his way over to her.

"I'm surprised to see you over here this afternoon."

"I wanted to bring you something to eat."

She handed him a plate of ruz al mudhroub.

"You did not have to make anything for me."

"Well I was making something for my mother and I anyway, and I know you do not know how to cook."

Shahim noted the way she always tried to seem like she was not being too nice to him. Something about her stubbornness was engaging to him. He smiled and took the plate from her.

"Thank you. I was wondering if I could come over to visit with you and your mother again this evening? "

"Of course. My mother is always happy to have you over." Aisha turned and started walking back home.

Yenee looked out of her window as Aisha walked up. "Well did he like it? Did you invite him over for dinner?"

Aisha walked inside. "Mother you are too excited by this man. I did not invite him over, he invited himself."

"I wish you would try to be nicer to him Aisha."

"What is the point? I have already told you nothing is going to happen."

"Yes you have been saying that everyday since you met him. And still the man has been here to see you everyday for almost two months. He is clearly taken with you."

"It is not me he is taken with so much as what I have under my lehenga."

"You think a man would invest this much time in you because he craved your body alone? Shahim is a hard working man and he should be starting his own family. He is looking for a wife Aisha."

"Well then that is a problem because I can never be that for him."

"Why not?"

"Mum please stop being naïve. He doesn't even know I'm pregnant."

"Well then tell him. You grow bigger everyday. It's just a matter of time before he notices your belly swelling."

"Even if he does want something serious with me now, he will leave the moment he finds out I am carrying another man's child. He might stick around to have his way with me before he goes but that would be all."

"Shahim is a good man. You can not assume he would behave that way."

"I have been used by the king and now I'm carrying his bastard child. No man will want to take me for his wife now and I have to accept that. So do you."

Aisha knew her harsh words probably hurt her mother. She got up angrily and walked outside towards the spring.

Once there, she unwrapped the sari that she made to cover her stomach and looked down at her growing belly.

She was barely into her fifth month of pregnancy and what looked like weight gain in her midsection before was rounding out to reveal that there was a baby growing within her.

Aisha was still very hurt. She had been since the day she left the palace. This was exactly what she expected to happen. She begged Dominic not to get her pregnant and he insisted. She believed his lies about loving her and the baby and then he turned her away. Now she was experiencing a life growing in her without the father there to comfort her.

She thought of Dominic every night and missed having him hold her in her sleep. She knew she liked having Shahim around because he filled the void that Dominic left in her life. But Shahim was an eligible and attractive man. She knew he would want a wife that was free of baggage and she felt he deserved it.

Telling Shahim about her pregnancy was the only way she could get rid of him and stop herself from becoming too attached. She took a deep breath and jumped into the water.


After dinner Yenee suggested Aisha and Shahim go for a walk by the mountains. She wanted them to be alone for a little while and their home was too small for them to have privacy.

Aisha was completely silent as they walked. They made it to the spring and she stared out at the mountains. The light from the full moon cast a glow onto the peaks leaving a reflection on the water. Aisha loved how calming it was.

Shahim rested against a tree.

"Aisha, I assume you are aware of my intentions toward you?"

"No I am not sure exactly."

"You are an amazing woman Aisha. Your beauty is unlike any I have ever witnessed and I intend to make you my wife. Unfortunately your stubborn ways make it difficult for me."

He paused waiting for some reaction from her. "I will arrange for my father to ask your mother for your hand but I need to know you want to be with me."

"Shahim you do not want me for your wife." Aisha's words caught in her throat as she looked back at him.

"It is the only thing I truly want. I am at the age where I should have a wife to take care of my home and give me sons. You should be that woman."

Aisha shook her head. "Lust for a woman does not make a wife. You know nothing about me."

Shahim pushed away from the tree and walked over to her. Aisha felt tingling in her pussy as he kissed her hard on her lips. She waited a minute before pushing him away.

"Shahim, I am with child," she blurted out.

Shahim looked down at her covered stomach then back at her face strangely.

Shahim smiled. "I wonder how I accomplished this without ever having touched you."

"Oh Shahim, is nothing serious to you?" Aisha looked down at the ground.

Shahim put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up. "Who is the father," he asked? His facial expression was unreadable.

"Just a man I knew in another town. I thought we were in love but I got pregnant and he said he didn't want me anymore."

"That man was obviously a fool. Why did you wait so long to tell me?"

"I never expected you to be around this long. I thought my cold demeanor would make you run away."

Shahim laughed. "A smarter man would have. Come on let me take you back home.


Lizeth and Nyah sat on their knees pretending to fight over Dominic's cock. Nyah was the only dark girl to ever be in the harem besides Aisha. She had long thin braids in her hair and her skin was as black as the night sky. Dominic found her 2 years ago during his visit to Kenya. She was not even a whore prior to that but Dominic insisted she come with him the minute he saw her. Nyah had a phenomenal figure. Her incredibly large breasts topped a thin frame and tiny waist. She also used her mouth better than any girl Dominic had encountered in all his years of taking women to bed.

Nyah's oral skills coupled with Lizeth's unrestrained sexual appetite was the only way Dominic felt he could be satisfied. He would not just pleasure himself anymore but casual sex with a girl didn't satisfy him either.

Nyah ran her tongue along the side of his cock then moved it around the shaft in circles. Lizeth pinched Nyah's large dark nipples as she massaged Dominic's balls. Nyah moaned but never took her attention off of his cock.

She pinched Nyah's nipple harder and she yelled finally letting his cock fall from her mouth. Her pussy squeezed out a bit of juice as the pain sent sensations through her body. Lizeth took that moment to take his cock back into her own mouth. Nyah shoved two fingers in and out of Lizeth's pussy as she did so.

The site of the two beautiful girls playing roughly with each other would have been bliss to any man but Dominic never looked down at them. His expression was of complete exhilaration but his eyes were closed tightly.

Nyah pulled his cock away from Lizeth and coated it with saliva. She moved her mouth up and down his shaft at a furious pace. Normally a few minutes of Nyah's cock sucking made Dominic cum but she sucked for all she was worth and still the familiar twitch of his cock never came.

Seeing that Nyah's efforts on his cock were not working Dominic wrapped her braids around his hand and pulled her onto his lap by them. He shoved her down onto his cock with her back facing him and watched as her ass jiggled each time her hips came in contact with his.

"Faster," he yelled as she lifted herself up and down.

Lizeth crawled up onto his lap facing Nyah and rubbed her tits against Nyah's. Nyah moaned and kissed Lizeth as she reached around to squeeze the two dark brown globes of her ass. Lizeth was now lifting Nyah up and down on Dominic's cock.

"Yes, yes. Shove it in deeper," Nyah yelled to Lizeth. Lizeth pushed her ass down harder.

Nyah screamed words in Kiswahili as her orgasm built. "I am going to cum. My king your cock is so good in me." Nyah moaned as her juices started pouring down his shaft.

Dominic watched quietly as this site unfolded in front of him. Lizeth's hands helping Nyah fuck him, Nyah's body shaking uncontrollably as she came and the color contrast between the girls as their tits rubbed against each other. Dominic's sensory was overloaded and still he could not cum.

Nyah nearly passed out as she came and Dominic pushed the two girls off of his lap. Nyah was on her back and Dominic positioned Lizeth over her limp body on her hands and knees. He shoved his cock into Lizeth and rammed into her roughly.

Lizeth screamed as he painfully sawed in and out of her.

Dominic pulled her hair making her lift her face up towards the ceiling. Her head was actually pounding from the pain of him using her hair to control the force of his thrusts. She tried to look back at him but he yanked on her hair harder, turning her face forward. Lizeth was used to spurring him on with her words but he was starting to hurt her being in her so deep.

"Grab her tits," he yelled at Lizeth as he fucked her.

She grabbed Nyah's huge tits and squeezed them painfully as she tried to hold herself up.

"Tighter." Dominic yelled slapping her on the ass.

Lizeth squeezed her tits as hard as she could and Nyah groaned in pain. Lizeth grunted like an animal and dug her nails into Nyah's tits as she came on Dominic's cock. She yelled and humped against him until her knees weakened and she could no longer hold herself up.

Dominic pulled out of her and let go of her hair as she fell on top of Nyah. He rubbed his cock and shot cum all over the girls' bodies.

He looked down at them disgusted and walked away without a word.

Lizeth had known the king to cum in a girl's mouth but never had she seen him pull out of a girl to cum on her body. Everything about the way he acted with them was different lately.

He never looked them in the eye when he took them and he never spoke to them afterwards. He only took them in random places around the palace, no one was allowed to go to his chambers anymore. He had girls with him all day but it was increasingly difficult to satisfy him and he became infuriated when they didn't.

Dominic walked into his bathhouse alone and closed the doors. He undressed and for the first time in his life he did not call a servant to bathe him. He thought about calling for his wife but he wasn't sure he wanted to see anyone right now.

He was as confused by his own behavior as the girls were. He was finally able to be with them again but his relationship with them was not the same.

He no longer cared whether they enjoyed being with him or how much pain he caused them. He used their bodies until he came and that was all they were to him; a hole to stick his cock in, a mouth to suck on him until he got off and nothing more.

After he was done with a girl he couldn't stand the site of her. He actually felt like he was betraying that lying whore Aisha by being with another woman.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He didn't recognize the person he saw anymore, the person she made him into. His anger grew as he thought about what Aisha did to him and he slammed his fist into the mirror. He watched as the mirror shattered and blood poured from his fist.


"He will still consider marrying you. Why are you being so difficult?"

"Please mother, I do not want to talk about this anymore. I have already made my decision."

Aisha and Yenee were tending to their garden. Yenee tilled the soil hastily as she yelled at her daughter. Aisha followed behind her laying down seeds. She was trying her best to ignore her mother's ravings.

"Aisha I have always tried to give you the benefit of the doubt in your decisions. Shahim is exactly the man you have been waiting for in your life and yet you turn him away. Tell me why?"

"I do not feel right about it. Why are you so interested in having me marry Shahim anyway?"

"Because I have to worry about who will take care of you and my grandchild when I am gone. You have been so worried about never having a life that isn't marred by shame. Well marrying Shahim would secure your status in society."

"I can't marry him. I would be deceiving him and myself."

Yenee stopped working and looked at her daughter. "Tell me this is not because you are still in love with Dominic."

Aisha hesitated, thinking of something she could say. She hated to admit that her feelings for Dominic might be keeping her from marrying Shahim.

"I am carrying his child. It is impossible for me not to be."

"Well Dominic is not here and he clearly does not care about this baby. Shahim is willing to take care of you despite your pregnancy. He's a good man Aisha, there is no reason to turn him down."

"Shahim doesn't know who's child this is. How do you know he would feel the same way if he did?"

"You told him the truth about your pregnancy. He does not need to know who the father is or what you used to do."

"Then he is accepting me under false pretenses. He has accepted that I have been with another man but he has not accepted that I was the king's whore."

"Aisha you have to stop being so proud. Your pride is what nearly cost you your life and the life of your child. You of all people should know how hard it is for a woman with no husband. Our lives have never been the same since your father died. Do you want your child to be raised in this?"

That comment stopped Aisha in her tracks. She looked at her surroundings and knew her mother was right. When her father died she and her mother could no longer afford to keep their home or return to England. Her mother was considered too old to remarry and that was why Aisha had to give her body to men when she came of age.

"I am just not sure that I love Shahim. He is a good man but I do not just want to be with him because it's convenient."

"Love is for young girls and dreamers Aisha. You can not afford to be either right now." Yenee placed her hand on Aisha's stomach. "You have to think about what's best for your child. In time you will learn to love your husband."

Aisha nodded her head. She wanted her baby to have a good life and be respected in society. Everything she had been through in the past few months was because of that. She decided she was going to marry Shahim and not tell him who the father was.


Shahim did not think Aisha's situation was the best one but he couldn't bring himself to walk away from her. Other than the child she carried Aisha was exactly what he had been searching for in a wife.

Shahim's father was completely against his choice of Aisha at first. Every girl he had picked for his son to marry was quickly turned away. After he met Aisha he told Shahim that he understood his desire for such a breath-taking girl.

"She is an exotic beauty but you must think about the child she carries. If it is a boy you will be forced to raise a man who is unrelated to you in your house. Perhaps you should have her give the child away."

This was a problem Shahim thought about constantly since Aisha told him about the baby. He knew men who married women with children but few could take on the responsibility of raising another man's son. Aisha was probably too headstrong to give the baby up but he wouldn't carry the embarrassment of raising another man's son.

"The baby's father is Omani correct?"

"He is but his mother is a white foreigner. He is a bit fair in complexion."

"I hope not too fair. If we are to be married I want everyone to believe this child is mine Aisha. Even the child must think I am his father. If no one outside of our family knows he belongs to another man, then there is no shame placed upon us. We shall just have to pray to Allah that the baby resembles you."

"Of course Shahim."

"I mean it Aisha. I never want this other man brought up. If you agree to be my wife I want your promise that he is out of your mind forever. Tell me you do not love him."

Aisha was willing to do almost anything Shahim asked of her. She worried that he would change his mind at any moment. Her usual brazen attitude was replaced by complete compliance.

"No I do not love him. This child will be raised as yours Shahim."

"I will be so happy to make you mine." He bent down and kissed her lips. "I still hope the baby is a girl though," Shahim laughed. "We will get started on our own as soon as you have this one."


40 beautiful girls stood before Dominic in their most elegant clothing, their Papasans by their side. Dominic stared at them but did not get up from his throne.

"Is this all that you have?" Dominic looked at the women unimpressed.

"My lord these are the best women in our land. Allow them to dance for his highness and he may choose then."

The music started and the girls began to dance 5 at a time. Many of them were topless and they moved in unison as they did the traditional dance of seduction. Dominic laid his head on his bandaged fist. His head throbbed with every beat of the music.

"Enough," Dominic yelled. "That is enough, take them away now." He left his guests in the throne room and went up to the balcony. He looked over his land and watched the children play in his harem.

"Are you alright your highness?"

He turned around to see Amir standing there.

"I'm fine. I just have a lot on my mind."

"You have not been yourself since you arrived home from England my lord. Is there anything that I can do?"

"No Amir. I fear there isn't anything that can be done for me right now."

"Your highness, this is not my place but will you permit me to speak freely to you?"

Dominic absently nodded his head yes.

"Is this about the Eritrean girl?"

Dominic was ready to lie and deny his feelings for Aisha. Amir was only a servant but Dominic trusted him with his personal affairs because he had known him all of his life. Amir was common but he was at times more wise than any man of high education or member of his council.

"Yes," he muttered under his breath. "Amir, did she speak with you before she left?"

"I am afraid I never spoke more than a few words to her the entire time she was here. However, I do think that if a woman causes a man to lose sleep as you have, it is that man's duty to make that woman his. Go and find her if you want her."

"It was trying to make her mine that drove her out in the first place. Going after her now would do nothing." Dominic looked back down into the harem. "Do not worry, I will get past this. It's just going to take time."

"I have never seen you so distressed over a woman before. What makes this girl different from the many others you have had? "

"I have asked myself the same thing Amir. I have beautiful women groveling at my feet. I can have any one that I want yet I only want her. I walk around and imagine that I smell her scent. I close my eyes and I see her body." Dominic huffed loudly as he listened to himself.

"I have no idea what she's done to me but I can not even enjoy being with another woman anymore. I become aroused but something about being with them feels...wrong."

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