tagRomanceThe King's Harem Ch. 06

The King's Harem Ch. 06


Yenee was outside working in the garden when he rode up.

He recognized that she was Aisha's mother immediately. Even with her age she had the same mouth and large innocent eyes that Aisha did. He was happy to see that she was still living there.

"Good day ma'am."

Yenee shielded her eyes with her hand and looked up at him. "Good day." The man looked like a European trying to hide under Omani clothes.

"I am here to inquire about your daughter Aisha."

"How is it that you know Aisha?"

"I am King Dominic bin Dhamin Al Said. Aisha used to reside at my palace."

Yenee's eyes stretched, she curtsied quickly and kept her head lowered. "I am humbled by your presence my lord."

"It is an honor to finally meet you. Aisha left the palace a few months ago. If you will allow me to know her whereabouts it would be greatly appreciated."

Yenee was so startled by the presence of the king at her door that she could not think to say anything but the truth.

"She is swimming at Ayn Razat my lord."

"She is here?"

Yenee saw the confusion on his face and she gave him an equally baffled look. "Of course my lord."

Dominic didn't know how to feel about hearing this news. He couldn't believe she had been this close to him all this time.

"What way is the spring," he asked through gritted teeth?

Yenee pointed to a path from their house. Dominic tied up his camel and walked quickly down the path. He didn't know what he would do when he got there but he had to see her.

When he got to the spring Aisha was there with her back to him, putting on her choli. He didn't need to see her face, he could recognize every inch of her naked body. His chest tightened as he stared at her. He was angry but could not fight the knotting that was forming in his gut as he stared at her.

The sun was just setting and her skin was radiant in the light. Dominic unwrapped his muzzar, letting his brown hair fall wildly around his face. He was about to walk towards her when she turned to the side and picked up her sari; he thought his heart would stop right at that moment.

She carefully wrapped the sari around her large pregnant belly. For a second Dominic's jealousy took over and he thought she was carrying another man's child. It quickly occurred to him that she was too far along for it to be the result of her being with someone else.

Aisha flinched at the baby kicking and placed her hand on her stomach. Dominic watched in awe as she rubbed her hand over her belly to comfort the baby-his baby. All the anger he felt the past few months was gone now. He was more in love with her than he had ever been.

"Aisha," he whispered.

She turned in his direction and stared back at him speechless. Her hair was down and hundreds of loose curls blew wildly around her face in the wind.

He walked over and fell to his knees in front of her. "Aisha my love, look at you." He smiled and touched her belly softly.

Aisha wanted so badly to be angry. She wanted to tell him to stay out of her life and walk away from him. A tear rolled down her cheek as Dominic placed kisses all over her rounded belly.

She couldn't say or do anything. She was too happy to have him here touching her. Dominic ran his hands over her belly, amazed by the site of it. He put his arms around her waist and rested his head against her stomach. It took Aisha a few minutes to find the strength to speak.

"Dominic, what are you doing here?"

He stood up in front of her and rubbed the back of her neck, his thumbs caressed her cheeks. "I came to take you back home." He brought her face to his and kissed her passionately.

She put her hands up to push him away but it felt like she lost all the strength in them. He brought his hands down to massage her round butt. It felt like electricity was pulsing through her entire body. She didn't want this. She didn't want to give in so easily to the man who had put her out on the streets while she was pregnant.


"I've missed you so much Aisha." He kissed her again, his hands wandered all over her body.

"Dominic stop."

"I can not. I need to have you right now."

He started to pull down his pants as he trailed kisses down to her cleavage. Aisha's eyes focused on his cock and her juices lubricated the folds of her pussy as she stared at it. He ran his hands up her body and started to pull down her choli.

Aisha's head spun. She couldn't think straight, her need for him was clouding her judgment. She cried out as he took a hard nipple into her mouth and rolled it around his tongue. The sensation of his mouth on her nipple was driving her insane. She put her hands on his shoulders in one last attempt to push him away.

"Dominic no. Stop it." She yelled and broke away from him.

She covered her breasts and pulled her choli back up. She avoided his eyes.

"We can not do this Dominic. I am engaged to another man."

She looked at him when she didn't get a response. His blue eyes flashed and he took a step towards her.

"Another man has touched you?"

She backed up in fear and shook her head quickly.

"No we have not been together, but we are to be married by the end of this week."

Aisha could see his chest rising and falling and the vein in his temple throbbed. Dominic was livid. They were only apart a few months and already she had another man, he thought.

"Maybe you were supposed to be married but you are not anymore. You are coming home."

Aisha narrowed her eyes at him. She resented the way he spoke to her and the fact that he acted like he still had some authority over her.

"The palace is not my home anymore Dominic."

"Your home is with me."

"I belong to another man now, my home is with him. I am not going anywhere with you."

They stood apart from each other, their eyes challenging one another. Their time away from each other hadn't changed the way they interacted; they were exactly as they had always been. He stood dominant before her and she stared back insolently.

Dominic clutched his fist and took deep breaths. He was close to blowing up at her but he new better than anyone what happened when he tried that with Aisha. He clenched his jaw.

"Be reasonable woman. You are carrying my child. You can not expect me to leave you here."

"The child is fine right here. My fiancé has agreed to raise him as his own."

Hearing that caused Dominic's anger to flare and he backed Aisha up against a tree. He put his fists on either side of her and brought his face down to hers.

"I will not have another man raise MY child."

Aisha's anger erased her fear. How dare this man throw her away and then show up trying to control her life.

"You are not the one who will make that decision." She lifted her eyebrow arrogantly.

Dominic dropped his head. Every time he was with her it was a test of wills. He knew he could just pick her up and carry her home and no one would stop him. That was not what he wanted though. It never worked before and it wouldn't work now. He wanted her to be with him willingly.

"Who is he?"

Aisha was surprised by his question. " He is a stone mason from the next village."

Dominic shook his head. "A stone mason? Exactly the kind of man you always wanted huh?" He gave Aisha a look that made her heart ache; she hated having him look at her that way.

She hesitantly raised her hand and ran it through his hair, never taking her eyes off his.

"He is a good man Dominic. He will be a good husband and father and our child will be raised with dignity. This is best for us I promise you."

Dominic ignored her comments and pulled her arms around his neck. Her knees went weak as he kissed her again. She tried to push him away but he grabbed her hands, unwrapped her sari and stuck his hand into her panties.

"Does your pussy leak like this for your future husband?"

Aisha turned her head.

"Look at me Aisha. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't want me." He kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. "You are mine Aisha. You will always be mine. Look at how your body responds to me."

"Dominic stop it please. I can not be unfaithful to him."

"I am tired of hearing about him. I am here now and I want you to come home."

"Nothing has changed between us. I am still no more than a whore to you, and our baby is still illegitimate. I have a chance to give my child a real family and be with a man who wants me. If you love me so much then let me have that."

Aisha unknowingly repeated the words in the letter. Dominic let go of her and stepped back. "You are saying you won't come home?"

"I am saying I can't come home."

Dominic nodded. "I will not force you to go but that does not mean this is over. You may not wish to be with me but that is my child. You can not keep me from him."

Dominic turned and started back up the path angrily.

Aisha tried to get a grip on what just happened. There was so much she wanted to say to Dominic but it felt like when his eyes locked on hers she lost her ability to think. No matter what he did to her she was still affected by him. Why did she love a man so much who treated her so bad? How dare he show up thinking that he could just say he changed his mind and decide he wanted her back.

She would never let him make that decision. He hurt her more than he would ever realize when he threw her out and she was never going back with him.


Nadia ran down the stairs when she heard the doorman announced Dominic's arrival. He came through the doors and walked right past her. She was surprised to see Aisha was not with him and he did not look angry but preoccupied. She hoped that he hadn't found her or something happened to her.

"What happened?" She followed him down the hall. He walked towards the throne room looking for Amir.

"Dominic what happened?"

"I found Aisha."

Nadia's blood became cold. "Oh really? What did she say?"

Dominic was so consumed with what he was doing he didn't notice the fear in Nadia's voice. Before he had a chance to answer Amir rushed in. Dominic told him to summon his council to the throne room. He told Nadia he had private matters to discuss with them and kissed her before disappearing into the room. A part of her was relieved. He must not have found out about what she did or he would have said something.

Dominic was going to do whatever it took to get Aisha back in his life. He wasn't going to give up and he sure as hell was not going to let another man marry her. He did not even care about what happened before. She left him but she kept the baby and that was what mattered. All he cared about now was getting her to come back so they could be together with their child.

Amir and the members of the council arrived soon. Dominic grabbed Amir and pulled him to the side.

"I have a special task for you. I want you to go to the village just beside Ayn Razat. You will find Aisha there among the people. Follow her and keep a close eye on her until I can bring her back here."

Amir bowed and without asking any questions he set off toward Aisha's village.

"Your highness, we hope it is not bad news that you call us here for." The councilmen assumed there places in the throne room and waited for Dominic to explain his reasons for the abrupt meeting.

"No. I have asked you here to discuss matters of legislation. I plan to bring a new law into effect that would allow me to have concubines. I am seeking the support of my council first."

The councilmen looked around at each other. An elder councilman stepped forward and addressed Dominic alone.

"King Dhamin made the keeping of concubines illegal long before you ascended the throne. We are all in agreement that it was the best thing for the monarchy, you have agreed with this in the past."

"I have changed my mind. If my father can make that law as king then I can surely change it now that I am king."

"Your father made many mistakes with regards to his concubines. He allowed a concubine to give birth before his queen, he kept so many women that there were not enough positions to be held in our government by all of their children. You seem to have your father's appetite for women and I imagine the same problems will arise if you are allowed to keep extra wives."

"The heir to my throne is already born and I only wish to have a few concubines. Perhaps the law can state a maximum number of concubines that is allowed."

"You have a harem your highness. What would be the point of having extra wives?"

"You are not suggesting that a whore from my harem is equal to a wife?"

"You can not allow your lust to overcome you Dominic. You must think about the future of your country and not let some woman persuade you in your decisions."

"The men in my family successfully kept concubines for decades before it was outlawed..."

"The difference is one of status. Your father's concubines were all proud Omani women; as is your wife. The whores you keep are from foreign lands, with foreign religions and beliefs. Any wife you take must worship Allah alone."

"If that is your only problem then you have none. My concubines will worship as I ask them. Is that all?"

"Having wives of foreign ancestry is not something we want made a habit. Your mother was an exception. Her marriage to your father was necessary for our people and she was taught the ways of Omani culture young.

"My mother was taught just as any wife I take will be taught. Anyway the concubine I wish to take is already learned of Omani traditions."

"This council cannot in good conscience anoint a foreign whore as the king's second wife. If something should happen to Nadia and some foreign woman is made queen of Oman..."

"It would be none of your concern. My wives will be trained in Omani ways and be appropriate for the position. I can assure you all of that."

The councilman looked back at the others. "Gentlemen shall we take a vote of who is in agreement with this measure?"


Dominic crawled up Aisha's bed and lifted her sari up to her waist. Her pussy was soaking wet and she rubbed her fingers between the folds, moaning loudly. He knew she was thinking about him.

He moved her hand and stuck his tongue into her hole. Aisha moaned and pushed herself onto his face. She missed having his tongue in her. Her toes curled and she whimpered loudly as he took her clit into his mouth.

He alternated licking and sucking on her pussy with nibbles to her clit. She pulled at his hair and screamed as she came.

He looked up at her with those piercing blue eyes. "I love you Aisha."

"Aisha," Shahim yelled, shaking her awake.

Aisha looked around breathing hard. She had fallen asleep in Shahim's bed after cooking him dinner. She could still feel the wetness dripping down her thighs.

"Were you having a nightmare? You were screaming."

"Yes I was. I am sorry I fell asleep. I have just been so tired lately."

"Its fine, I like having you here. We should get used to sleeping together anyway." He tried to place a kiss on her lips but she turned giving him her cheek instead.

Dominic suddenly showing up did nothing to help Aisha's relationship with Shahim. She pulled away from him when he touched her and acted more cold and distant than when they first met. It was the day before the first part of their ceremony and Shahim was having doubts as it approached.

"I wish you would tell me what's going on with you. You have barely spoken a word to me these past couple of days. Something must have happened." Aisha blew and kept her head turned in the opposite direction.

"Our wedding begins tomorrow. How are we supposed to be married if you barely speak to me?"

"I already told you everything's fine."

Shahim glowered at her. He hopped off the bed and walked off into the back room. Aisha rubbed her head. She could not let what happened with Dominic ruin her relationship with Shahim.

Shahim was to be her husband but she didn't feel like she did when she was with Dominic. She was afraid she could never be with Shahim the way a wife should. There was only one way that she felt she could prove to herself that she was over Dominic.

Aisha followed Shahim to where he was bathing and kneeled down beside his tub. He was silent as she took his bathing sponge from him and ran it over his shoulders. She washed down his back and down his chest, pausing just above his cock.

Shahim moved her hand down and groaned as she squeezed his cock between her tiny hands. He humped lightly in the water and pulled her face down to his. He kissed all over her face while her hand continued messaging him.

"Aisha I want you so bad."

"Then have me Shahim. I am already practically yours."

Shahim stood up in front of her. It was the first time Aisha had seen him completely naked. He got out of the tub soaking wet and pulled Aisha to the bed. It was awkward as he tried different positions with her but her belly kept getting in the way. He finally had to roll her onto her side and get behind her.

He kissed her neck, stuck his hand between her thighs and clamped down on her clitoris. Aisha moaned and he squeezed her harder. He stuck two fingers inside of her and fucked her with them. Aisha reached behind her and pulled his cock towards her pussy. She turned her head towards him and kissed his lips softly.

"Please Shahim. Please take me."

Shahim looked down at her fondling her own breasts and staring up at him sweetly. It took every bit of willpower he had but he finally pulled her hand off of him and pushed his fingers into her faster. After a minute Aisha tensed up and started to cum on his fingers.

He pulled her close to him and touched her lips with his fingers. She licked her juices off her lips.

"Are you nervous?" About the wedding I mean? It seems like you are becoming more distant as we get closer to it."

"Everything is just moving so quickly. I am going to be a wife in a few days and a mother in a few months."

"You have nothing to worry about Aisha. I am going to take care of you."

Shahim kissed her, rolled over and drifted off to sleep beside her. Aisha was confused about what was going on between them. At times Shahim acted like he found her desirable but he never touched her-or at least he never had sex with her. He always stopped short of being inside of her and it frustrated Aisha. She did not want to push him to be with her though. With her stomach so huge it did not surprise her that a man was no longer attracted to her.

Shahim refusing to have sex with Aisha really had nothing to do with her figure. He thought she looked stunning pregnant and had the child she carried been his he would have taken her every night. But with the child of some man he did not know growing inside of her, he could not bring himself to touch her that way.

Aisha woke up a few hours later and started getting ready to leave.

"Going home?"


"I'll walk you."

Aisha was completely silent as they walked and Shahim talked about their wedding plans.

"Shahim I think we should move back the wedding date."

"Why would we do that?"

"I feel as though this is all happening too soon for my comfort."

Shahim laughed. "You are a European girl at heart Aisha! Most couples in Oman have known each other for a much shorter time than we have. Besides there is no reason to wait. I am tired of having you leave my bed every night. You are just nervous, it will pass." He smiled sweetly and kissed her cheek.

"I'm sure you're right."

When they arrived she kissed him quickly and rushed into her house, slamming the door behind her. Aisha sat at the table and stared blankly into space. Yenee gave her a curious look. Aisha was starting to doubt herself as her wedding drew near. She told her mother that Dominic decided not to take her back and she would not speak about it anymore. However, Yenee was not a stupid woman and noticed the change in Aisha since Dominic showed up.

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