tagRomanceThe King's Harem Ch. 07

The King's Harem Ch. 07


Aisha should have dropped dead from the looks the girls gave her as they carried their things out of the palace. Their eyes burned into her with an intensity and hatred that made Aisha shiver. She felt sorry for them but she did not feel responsible. This was Dominic's decision and she had no prior knowledge of it, nor did she ask him to do it as many assumed. One day he just said that he had no use for so many women in his harem and dismissed them. He said it was wasted time to have them there when he no longer took them to bed.

The women didn't realize they would all have been gone were it not for Aisha's insistence that the ones with children be allowed to stay. Lizeth in particular was unable to accept the fact that she was leaving. When she found out she threw herself at Dominic's feet, begging and pleading with him to let her stay. Dominic flat out refused until he had to have guards come in and remove her.

Yenee stood with Aisha and Nadia as they watched the women leave. The day of their wedding Dominic had surprised Aisha by having Yenee come live with them. Nadia stared over at Aisha the same way the other women did. Nadia's jealousy toward Aisha grew stronger every day. In the few short months that Aisha had been back she accomplished what Nadia could not in 7 years; she convinced Dominic to get rid of the harem.

Even though Dominic denied that it was Aisha's doing everyone in the palace believed it was. It was no secret to anyone who Dominic's favorite wife was or that he would do anything for her. He was with Aisha more often than Nadia and he clearly enjoyed her company more.

Aisha tried her hardest to stay away from Nadia but still there were times when the two of them had to be together. Nadia did everything she could to make it clear to Aisha that her presence there was not wanted. She scowled and snipped at her when she was around; Aisha was quickly losing patience with her. She did not want to step on Nadia's toes because in her mind Nadia was still Dominic's true wife and she felt like an intruder.

But there seemed to be nothing she could do to make Nadia happy. She constantly felt the need to outdo Aisha. If Aisha was adorned in gold, Nadia had to be adorned in diamonds. She found ways of getting Dominic's attention if she thought Aisha was getting too much from him. She insulted Aisha in front of everyone and threw fits when Aisha slept in his chamber.

Aisha wouldn't tell Dominic everything Nadia did but he saw the tension between them. He told Aisha that it would take Nadia some time to get past her jealousy but eventually she would accept her. Aisha wasn't so sure.


Aisha walked into the throne room as she often did without knocking or having herself announced. Dominic was surrounded by papers and hard at work. He knew it was her before he raised his head; no one else dared disturb him while he worked.

Amir rushed in behind her. "I am sorry your highness, she refuses to let me announce her."

Aisha crossed her arms and looked at Dominic.

Dominic shook his head. "It is fine Amir. Leave us please." He raised his eyebrows at Aisha questionably. "What is so important that you come barging in here while I am working?"

"I want to know what they are doing here?" Aisha pointed to two young girls following meekly behind her.

"I told you I was bringing in handmaids to help you out with the baby."

"And I told you that I did not want any other woman taking care of my child. Anyway Iba is my handmaid."

"Iba has two children of her own and can not provide the help I think you need. All women of status have someone to help take care of their children Aisha. It is just custom."

"It is not my custom. I keep telling the two of them to leave me yet they continue to follow me around like abandoned puppies."

"They were told that as your handmaids they should stay with you at all times. You will need their help Aisha."

"I do nothing but lie around here as it is. I doubt I will ever be so busy that I cannot take care of my own child. Tell them to go away."

Dominic smiled and waved the two girls away. "Come here Aisha." Aisha walked over to his desk and sat down. He stood up and got in between her legs. " I thought I told you to take it easy. Why are you up causing trouble?"

"I do not need to take it easy. I am pregnant not ill."

"You certainly are in a foul disposition today."

"I think I am just ready for this baby to be out. I am bored and all I do is languish. I can not even go to the harem's quarters anymore to see the other children."

"I do not want you spending all of your time there. Iba, Yenee and the handmaids should be keeping you company during the day now." Aisha rolled her eyes and Dominic kissed her softly. "You will be able to come and go as you please after the baby is born."

"Hopefully I will be able to sleep again at night once the baby is born. My stomach makes it so uncomfortable."

Dominic rubbed her belly. "Yes, I hear you walking the halls at night. I am also restless at night from worrying about you. I think I would prefer to have you sleeping with me."

"Dominic, we have already discussed this."

"I do not care what Nadia thinks about it. I would sleep better knowing that you are beside me-at least while you are pregnant."

Aisha wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed down hers. "I don't want to do anything to anger her. She has been really upset since our wedding."

"She will have to get past that. You are my wife now, if I wish to have you sleep in my chamber then you will." Dominic grabbed her butt and pulled her into his crotch. He reached up and massaged her breast through her gown.

"Control yourself Dominic," she said playfully. "This is not what I came here for!"

"I know but you look so great in this new gown I bought you." He continued to kiss her and knead her breasts.

Aisha laughed. "First you tell me to rest because of the baby and then you tire me out serving you in your bed."

"I do not think showing me a little attention will hurt the baby. Besides you show up here teasing me and expect me not to touch you?"

Dominic kissed down her chest.

"Teasing you," Aisha laughed! "I am big and round with child and I can barely walk. I am hardly in the condition to seduce a man."

"Everything you do seduces me. Even heavy with my child you drive me mad." He pulled her gown off one shoulder and pulled out her large swollen breast. Aisha jumped as his tongue grazed across her sensitive nipple. She held his head as he suckled from it.

"Oh I'm sorry. I did not realize you were busy." Nadia said from the doorway.

They both blew and Aisha pulled her strap up. They hadn't realized that the door was left cracked.

"What is it Nadia?" Dominic asked not looking away from Aisha.

"Dhameer is asking for you."

"Well tell him I am busy right now."

"Dominic his game is soon and he needs you to practice with him now."

Dominic looked up at Aisha. "Go to your chamber and rest please. I'll come see you later this evening." He helped Aisha off the desk and kissed her.

"Dominic? What about those girls?"

"I don't want you to do everything on your own. Can we compromise that you will at least keep one of them?"

Aisha wrinkled her nose. "Very well."

Dominic smiled at her and walked out of the room. He didn't acknowledge Nadia as he left.

Nadia rested her weight against the frame of the door and looked at Aisha disapprovingly as she fixed her clothing.

"You know Aisha, I never allowed my husband to have me in that way while I was pregnant. It is something only the lowliest of women do."

"I agree my lady but Dominic just seems to be unable to keep his hands off of me. I do what I must to keep my husband happy." Aisha smiled pompously.

Nadia glared at her and walked out of the room.

Aisha stuck her tongue out at her as she disappeared around the corner.


Shahim stirred at the sound of the prison door being opened. He turned over and saw a woman walk through the door. The doorman announced her as the queen. She was wearing a gown that displayed her curvy body. Her breasts sat high at the top. She smiled politely at him as she entered.

Shahim bowed.

"You look as though you have had a hard night. Is there anything I can do to make your stay here more pleasant?"

"I am fine, thank you my lady."

"I am amazed that you stay such a strong man in the mist of something that must hurt you immensely."

"I do not understand my lady."

"The woman who was to be your wife. She is in bed with my husband as we speak." Nadia turned her back to him and pretended to sob. "Does it hurt you as it hurts me?"

"I have been trying not to think of it. Aisha came to me and explained."

"Is that it then? She explained to you why she has so readily given herself to another man so soon after her engagement to you and you leave it at that?"

"She tells me she loves the king and how can I fight with that? She was not yet mine."

"But she has been with you the way a woman is with her husband and then with him immediately afterwards. I am sorry, I just do not understand how a woman can do that."

"I do not feel comfortable speaking with her highness about it. I think it is best kept between Aisha and myself."

"Well I feel terrible about what will happen to you because of it."

"May I ask your highness-what is to be my fate?"

"I can not say. My husband believes you may have forced yourself upon Aisha and for that you may very well die."

"Forced myself? Aisha and I were never even together that way."

"You can not expect him to believe that. You were with her for many months."

"Never my lady. It was Aisha that wished to but I would not have it before we were married. I swear it."

"That would make you a decent man indeed Shahim. I do not wish to see such a good man be sent to death. I will do whatever I can to see to it that my husband goes easy on you."

Nadia turned to leave, smiling once her back was turned to him. She had hoped he would tell her something that she could use against Aisha. Even now though she had very little to help her since the two of them had not had sex.

Aisha and her handmaids saw Nadia coming up the stairs from the direction of the prison. She wondered what business Nadia had there.

"We have been summoned to the throne room my lady."

"Fine." She gave Aisha a large smile knowing that she was afraid of what she was doing at the prison. Aisha raised an eyebrow but followed behind her without asking anything.


"Why can't you just release him?"

"He is in prison for assaulting me. If I let him go it will look as though my will is weak."

"But you hit him first. He was defending himself."

"My people are not interested in details, they are interested in knowing that their king rules with an iron fist. That I can not be walked over. A man has assaulted me and he has to be punished."

Aisha pursed her lips together and gave him an unhappy look.

"Do not look at me that way Aisha. There is nothing I can do. I will make sure his sentence is very light."

"How light?"

Dominic shrugged in frustration. "I will send him to work out his sentence in a nobleman's home."

"No Dominic. You know workers who are paying for crimes are treated horribly."

"Aisha what would you have me do?"

Aisha thought about it. "Sentence him to work here."

Dominic narrowed his eyes. "Oh you are walking on dangerous ground to even suggest such a thing."

"Why, because you do not trust me?"

"It is him I do not trust."

"You know he will be treated well working here for you. There is no telling how he will be abused elsewhere. In another man's household they may do whatever they wish to him."

"Only an idiot would let his wife's ex-fiancé live in his home and be around her all day."

"You know very well this palace is so large I may never even see him. Besides your outside servants do not live in the house they have their own quarters in the back."

"I don't know why you waste your breath. It is out of the question."

Aisha searched his eyes for any sign that he would break. "Fine then. You are king and this decision is yours. I just want you to know I will not be happy to be married to a man who throws innocent men in prison and who still thinks of me as a whore."

"You are twisting my words again Aisha. I am not calling you a whore."

"You do not trust me around Shahim. That is as good as calling me a whore."

Dominic covered his eyes as Aisha rambled on.

"Never in my life has anyone given me a headache the way you do."

Aisha sweetened her expression. "I am your wife now Dominic. Can't you just do this one favor for me?"

"You have always gotten exactly what you want from me anyway Aisha."

She looked at the floor trying to conceal her smile. Dominic got up from his desk and walked over to her.

"Fine, I will do as you ask. Whatever sentence he is given will be served out here as my mason."

"Thank you Dominic."

Dominic pulled her to him quickly and looked down into her brown eyes. "Aisha you are mine now in the eyes of Allah and my country-I can not handle you having affection for another man. If I feel as though you have sexual feelings for him..."

"You would be blind to think that I am attracted to any other man." Aisha kissed him.

He pulled her to him tighter. "You will have to work to make me believe that," Dominic smirked.

Aisha unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his chest. "What can I do to prove it to you my lord," she asked seductively?

She trailed kisses down his body until she reached his pants. Her belly made it difficult for her to move but she got to her knees and began to undo his pants. She pulled them down slowly letting his hardness spring free. She kissed and licked down his shaft and massaged his balls. Dominic held onto her hair as she took his shaft into her throat.

Dominic groaned as she moved her mouth quickly up and down his aching cock. He loved her willingness to satisfy him. Her desire hadn't changed because she was pregnant or because she was his wife. She devoured his cock like the hungry harem girl she had been when she came to him.

Aisha gagged a little as she took him deeper into her mouth. He reached down and rolled her hard nipples between his fingers, making her moan onto his cock. He released her nipples and pulled his cock away from her. She looked up at him wantonly.

Dominic walked over to his bed. "I want you on your hands and knees."

Aisha stood up and undressed herself. She crawled onto his bed and got on all fours. Her breasts and stomach hung heavily underneath her. Dominic got behind her and rubbed his fingers along her slit. Her pussy juices dripped down to her clit and onto his fingers. He removed his fingers and plunged his cock into her.

Aisha grabbed the sheets beneath her and screamed as his cock sawed quickly in and out of her. Her tits swung back and forth every time he slammed into her. The room filled with the sounds of their grunts and his thighs smacking against her ass.

"Harder Dominic. Do it harder."

Dominic repositioned himself and pulled Aisha harder onto his cock. He leaned over her back and ran his hands over her belly and tits. He squeezed her tits and shoved himself into her as hard as he could. Aisha threw her head back and screamed his name as she felt an orgasm shooting through her body. Dominic continued to slide in and out of her through her spasms. He squeezed her tits harder and picked up his pace as he erupted inside of her. He pulled out of her and two more spurts shot out onto her wet lips. He turned her over onto her back and stared at her.

She was beautiful lying before him. A contented look on her face, her hand on her pregnant belly and his cum leaking from her. He kissed her belly and then her full lips.

"I love you so much Aisha."

"I love you too," she said through a sleepy yawn.


"I am getting sick of this. All I do is lie about all day. I have to leave this bed and this palace or I am going to lose my mind."

Aisha was on her back with her head hanging off her bed. Iba smiled as she played with Radhi and Rayhan on the floor.

"You are different now Aisha. You are the wife of a king. You and Nadia must be treated delicately." Iba made a snooty face.

Aisha laughed. "I am sure nothing good can come from Nadia and I being around each other all day. It only causes more tension between us."

"If I did not know you better I would think that you are intimidated by Nadia."

"I am intimidated by no one." Aisha said firmly.

"No usually you are not but Nadia seems to scare you. Around her you are like a pussycat. It has been that way since you arrived. "

Aisha sat up and gave Iba a playful frown. "I am certainly not scared of her. I just do not feel the need to antagonize her."

"She certainly tries to antagonize you. She is short and impatient with you. You are his wife just like she is-you do not have to take that from her."

"Nadia is a sad woman. She loves her husband and he does not love her back. I was a whore to her husband and she has every right to be angry with me. I may not ever get past the fact that I slept with another woman's husband."

"We have all slept with her husband." Iba laughed.

"Somehow that fact does not seem to bother you the way it does me," Aisha smirked.

Radhi ran up to her and she picked him up and spun him around.

"It did at first but that is not something I can worry about. I knew I wasn't the first woman other than his wife he had taken to his bed and I would not be the last. Besides she was so nasty to me I stopped caring."

"Well in England the men have only one wife; any other women are mistresses. I would hate any woman who slept with my husband. Do you really not understand her desire to have him to herself?" Radhi laughed as Aisha continued to spin him around in circles.

"I suppose I do but I do not believe her hatred of you is because you slept with Dominic. She hates you because he is in love with you and not in love with her. I must admit even I was envious of you for capturing his heart so quickly. But no one is to blame for that-people cannot help who they fall in love with."

Aisha put Radhi down on the floor and grabbed her stomach.

"Aisha are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Anyway I still want to stay out of her way so my life can be peaceful. Getting on her bad side did nothing for me before. I just want to enjoy my marriage and have my baby."

Iba smiled widely as Aisha said that. "You may get your wish very soon."

"What," Aisha said confused?

"Your water just broke Aisha!"


Dominic was working on papers with his minister of defense when he heard the loud screams. They tried to ignore it but the noise grew until it became unbearable.

Dominic ripped the doors open. "Amir," he boomed. "Who on earth is that? It sounds as if someone is being murdered."

"One of the ladies sire. I do not know what is wrong."

"Well go find out for heavens sake."

"Right away sire." Amir hurried away and Dominic sat back down at the table angrily.

"As I was saying my lord, if any country makes plans to attack our army is prepared..." The minister looked at Dominic. "Your highness?"

Dominic was staring off and listening to the screams closely. "Aisha," he yelled and ran out of the room without an explanation.

He entered Aisha's room to see her surrounded by women. Her last few screams pierced his ears as he walked towards them. She fell back on her pillow exhausted and covered in sweat, as her screams were replaced by small cries. Yenee wiped her forehead as she struggled for breath.

"You have another son." Maajida smiled and handed the crying baby to Dominic.

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