tagFetishThe Long Weekend Ch. 02

The Long Weekend Ch. 02


... after a little nap together my baby woke me up and said she wanted to clean me up.

Grabbing hold of my soft cock she led me into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She led my body under the warm water and started cleaning me with her tongue.

She licked all over, spending some extra time tonguing my ass, sucking on my balls, making sure my cock was completely fresh. I was getting hard again and she moved behind me and ran her tongue from the base of my spine up to my strong shoulders, her hands reaching around and caressing my torso. She loved how I kept myself in shape.

Kissing at my neck with one hand massaging my cock and balls and grinding her luscious body against me from behind, she started thanking me again for her surprise.

"I can't believe you did that for me baby. It was so amazing. I can't believe you let me taste all those cocks. I can't believe you made them choke on my Master's glorious cock..."

"... You loved seeing me take control of those other men?"

"Yes Master. I fucking LOVED it!"

"You enjoyed seeing them rub their cocks against mine?"

"Oh fuck yeah, you let two other men rub their meat against yours baby. They were FUCKING you..."

She had gathered some lube onto her fingers (we always kept a bottle in the shower) and started pressing her fingers into my ass.

"... and they came for me..."


"All over your face!"

"And you loved it Master."

"Yes, my slave looks so good covered in cum."

"No, I mean you loved the feeling of cock in your hands. I saw it in your eyes. I know you could taste them on my lips, and you let them rub against your face while we kissed."

"They were rubbing against your face..."

she grinned "... and yours."

"I think it's hot that you were as into those cocks as I was baby. My beautiful fucking Master!"

I laughed, "No way was I as into as you were. You were the one with cum on your face."

"Mmmmm I was. Well..." She was knuckle deep with two fingers inside me now, "you enjoyed the taste as much as I did."

"My slave, the cumsoaked cockslut!"

"YOUR slave!"


She pulled her fingers out and started using a glass dildo to enter my ass. My cock was incredibly hard now.

I felt her press her face against my shoulder blade as she shuddered, penetrating my ass. "Even if this weekend came to an end now, after that one amazing gangbang, I would still be so happy."

"It's definitely not over." I told her.

She moved around, making sure her body remained crushed against mine so she could kiss me deeply as she thrust her dildo all the way into me. It was one of the most passionate kisses she had ever given me. As her lips had barely broken contact from mine, "May I strap up and fuck you in the arse Master?"

It was my turn to return the passionate kiss. I loved having my woman take me from behind. She quickly rushed out of the shower to grab her harness, without a word from me.

She returned to find me leaning against the wall, water spraying over my torso as my hips were thrust forward out of the stream. One leg lifted and resting against the wall as I had continued to fuck myself with her dildo while she was gone. She stood there watching as I continued to loosen myself up, my stiff, glistening prick pointing up so invitingly.

I saw her bite her lip and I knew she was trying not to drool. My slavegirl and her ability to drool at the sight of my cock. I loved this sexy little whore. One of her hands moved to rub and pinch her nipples, the other went down to jerk her strapon.

When she strapped up she had some sort of penis envy aura come over her. Like she really wanted that phallus between her legs to be real. She's the kind of girl that, had she been born with a cock, she would have played with herself all day, constantly eating her own cum. She had chosen a pretty thick strapon tonight as well.

I knew she wanted me to bend over for her but I just waited, teasing her with the sight of me fucking myself. Watching as my wet body enjoyed this masturbation.

"Please Master" I heard her whisper. Again she was her slave like trance. I pulled the toy out of my rectum and let it rest on a shower shelf. I kept my position and beckoned her forward so that she could do me while looking into my eyes.

She came forward and started rubbing her strapon against my hard cock, staring down at my crotch.

"This is what you did earlier with those men, right in front of my face."

I said nothing, enjoying the sexy sight of my woman. She thrust herself against me for awhile and then looked up into my eyes.

"Will you suck on my cock Master?"

I dropped my raised leg and held a stern gaze with her. We'd done this before. We had done everything before with our strapon play, but I knew this wasn't quite the same... and I knew I felt a tingle of excitement with where she was going with this.

"Please..." she whispered meekly.

I lightly brushed my lips against hers as I moved to her ear to whisper... "I know what you want baby."

"You do?"

I moved back to give her lower lip a quick bite-suck, then kissed my way down her body.

As I got down on my knees it dawned on me, the size of this dildo was about as large as the biggest cock in our earlier gangbang. The one that had been laying across her forehead as I kissed her.

I lifted her prick up and licked from the base to the tip. It tasted like her wet pussy. I always had her dip her strapon into herself before using it on me. I love knowing her juices are going into me. She caressed my head with one hand as she grabbed the base of her cock. I moved my hands to her lovely full ass. Squeezing, massaging.

She felt her slap her dick against my face lightly. "I want you to suck dick so bad Master."

I moved to take the head of her cock into my mouth, moving my head back and forth and letting it bob against my left cheek.

"You look so hot sucking me off baby."

I could feel light trimmers through the cock and I knew the pussy/butt plugs within her harness were enduring a light muscle clenching from the minor orgasm. I kept sucking as she stuttered, "I want... I want... Oh Baby I want... "

I pulled off her and finished her sentence ".. to see me enjoy the taste of another man's cock?"

"Oh yes!"

I returned to blowing her as she started thrusting her hips, "Oh yes baby, I want you to know what it feels like to have that hot piece of meat between your lips. To know that feeling of soft flesh and hard cock at the same time. I want..."

I pulled off her cock and stood up, grinding my dick against hers, my face so close to hers "... to have a nice hot load of cum explode into my mouth?"

"Oh fuck yes!" She grabbed my face and kissed me until I grabbed her by a fistful of hair and freed my lips. "Fuck me baby. I want my slave to fuck me nice and hard!"

I lifted my leg up again, leaning back against the wall and she wasted no time in guiding her cock into my loosened and well lubed arsehole. She thrust all the way in and held still for a moment, the head of my cock resting between her breasts.

"I want to see you make a man cum in your mouth baby. I want you to feel what I feel baby, I want it so bad."

"You want me to be a cock hungry slut like you!"

"YEEeeesssss... I want you to hunger for it..." she started moving her hips and I could feel that thick toy cock of hers working my g-pot. I grabbed her face and locked my lips back onto hers.

She broke right into a good hard thrusting. She was so turned on that she wanted to fuck me with all her being, and I loved it. It felt so good. I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her back, her cock slipping out of me.

I turned around and bent over for her, spreading my ass cheeks. She dipped in quickly and started fucking me even harder with a firm grip on my hips. She wasn't talking anymore, just grunting.

I reached down to stroke myself, I loved the sound of my woman as she fucked me in the arse.

As I started to come close to wanting to cum I felt her lean forward, her breasts against my back, one hand reaching down over my jerking grip and gave me a few strong strokes before moving down to grip my balls.

She hissed into my ear "Not now baby, I don't want that tasty goo of yours to go to waste down the drain."

And she was right, I had more planned for her and ever last drop of cum would count. I moved my hand down to hers to hold onto her tight grip of my balls.

That set her off, I felt her body lose control as she clung to me, trying to keep rhythm with her thrusting but failing as a powerful orgasm rocked her body.

Amongst her moans and groans she kept whimpering "I love fucking your ass baby. I love my arse fucked Master!"

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