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The Massage


We're away on a spa weekend and I've gone off for a run whilst you have a massage booked at the spa. You arrive in your robe and the lady at reception apologises, your female masseur has phoned in sick and they only have a male one available. You say that fine and the lady takes you through to your room.

He walks in a couple of minutes later. He's tall dark and handsome. Athletic looking. It's warm so he's wearing a polo shirt and shorts. You look at his toned legs and your mind starts to wander. He asks you what sort of massage you would like and you explain that you've been running a lot recently and your back and legs have felt sore. He tells you that he's going to step out of the room whilst you undress and lie on the bed covering yourself in a towel.

You lie on your front and cover your bottom with the towel. He asks if you're comfortable and you say yes and he comes back in. He begins to work on your back and shoulders. He hands a magical and his long smooth strokes are easing the sore muscles. He chats to you about your running and he tells you that he's a runner as well. The image of his legs and bottom in his shorts keeps you pre-occupied. He's working on the base of your back rubbing in little circles and as he moves onto longer strokes you notice him brushing the sides of your breasts. It feels quite nice and he repeats the stroke a few times. He starts working at the top of your buttocks before moving down to your feet. He moves up to your calves and then hamstrings. He notices that your hamstrings are a bit tight and he pays them some close attention. As he works up to the top of your hamstrings you notice the towel is in the way. You're feeling a little turned on by now and offer to remove the towel if it would help him. He appears a little flustered as he removes the towel revealing your amazing arse. He finishes that the top of your hamstrings and you explain that your bottom muscles have been a little sore. He marvels at your figure, he's not had anyone as attractive as you to massage in a long time.

He stands toward the foot end of the bed and you know that he's checking you out. He applies some more oil to his hands and begins to work on your bottom. You notice him making circles on your bottom, kneading them. You know this is deliberate. You notice as he cups your bottom that his finger tips are point inwards, gently brushing your most sensitive parts. At first you wonder whether or not it's accidental but it happens with each stroke and it feels as though it's becoming more purposeful. You're getting more and more turned on a feeling of electricity running through you. An involuntary moan of pleasure escapes your lips before you can stop it. Just as you mind begins to wander thinking what this athletic man must be like in bed he asks you to turn over. He offers you the towel and you wonder how far you can push it, you say that as long as he's fine your fine.

You roll over onto your back and as you roll you see a sizeable bulge in his shorts. Professionally he starts at your feet; you close your eyes but know that his eyes keep wandering upwards. You're glad you shaved yourself into a neat little triangle before you came. He moves up your thighs and turns your leg out a little, he works on your inner thigh and you can feel a heat radiating from you. In your head you're begging him to touch you. He brushes you lips and another moan escapes your mouth. He tells you that he's going to move onto your chest and stomach and you're a little disappointed as he moves up you think that you're going to have to press the issue yourself. He has a huge bulge now and as he makes circles around your breasts you slowly reach up and stroke his bulge. You're not met with any resistance; you can just see him staring at your body. His cock feels massive and you just want to see it. You tug at his shorts and they fall to the ground. You're delighted to see that he's circumcised and he is huge. You turn your head to the side and lick the tip of his cock before opening you mouth letting his cock slide past your lips. You cup his balls in one hand and tickle his perineum. Your head performing long drawn out strokes. He signs in pleasure as he begins to stroke your lower stomach. Your giving him your best work and he tells you what an amazing job your doing.

Finally he touches you and it's incredible, each gentle stroke of your lips feels amazing. He draws away from you and pulls you down the bed so your arse is barely on the couch. He lowers his head and goes down on you. You can tell he's an expert, he knows exactly what to do. Your breathing becomes shallower and after a couple of minutes you feel close to the edge. He lifts his head, removes his shirt and you look at his athletic body. He places the tip of his cock at your entrance and pushes gently. You push back against him marveling at his size. You're already teetering on the edge and as he grabs your hips and rides you hard you cum like never before. This pushes him over the edge and he comes deep inside you. You feel that amazing sense of post-orgasmic glow as you wander back up to your room flushed from one of your best experiences.

As you enter the room I've got back from my run and am in the shower. I ask you how your massage was and you tell me all about it. I step out of the shower and you can see how turned on I am. You lie me down onto the bed and sit on my cock. You ride me to heaven as you give me the last few details, both of us coming together.

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