tagLoving WivesThe New Client Ch. 01

The New Client Ch. 01


One of my favorite fantasy scenarios takes place with my wife, Lynn, at a party in a large house in an upscale neighborhood. She is dressed in a very classy two piece black outfit that contrasts with her blonde hair. The outfit consists of dress slacks with a matching low cut button up top that shows to a maximum her luscious mounds. She is wearing a new bra that reveals deep cleavage of her 36C breasts. I comment on how good she looks as we leave for the party and she tells me she is showing off for me. During the ride over, I keep glancing at her exposed tops of her breasts and fantasize what will take place later that evening when we return back home. She catches my voyeurism and playfully tells me I am going to have to wait.

As we enter the house and greet our hosts, I watch with satisfaction other men scoping out Lynn's display of her breasts. After making small talk with some of her friends she sits down on a couch in our hosts' large living room. I take a chair close by. She has one of her legs resting on the floor and the other on the cushion which has the effect of stretching the fabric of her slacks taut across her pussy. The effect is to make her mound clearly visible. Another man joins us, and my wife introduces him as Andrew, an acquaintance she met through her decorating business. Andrew is around six feet tall and obviously keeps him self in shape. He is wearing dress slacks with a Polo button down shirt. He sits down on the couch next to my wife and they begin to talk about some decorating ideas she has for his townhouse. The conversation turns flirtatious even though I am sitting in a chair close by. After a few minutes I move across the room to talk to other people, while keeping an eye on my wife and the man flirting with her. I see him get up to get her another glass of wine. As she accepts the glass, my wife leans forward and gives him a good view of her swelling breasts. I am across the room and cannot hear the conversation but they seem to be getting more intimate. She leans into him as they talk and it even looks like she is brushing his arm with one of her breasts. I notice him taking glances at the exposed tops of her breasts and valley of her cleavage. His eyes leave her breasts, moving down to her pussy. Through her posture it appears as though my wife is putting her pussy on display for him. At one point he lightly rests his hand on her mid-thigh. As he places his hand on her thigh my wife opens her legs a little wider, heightening the effect of framing her pussy for his view.

I go outside on the patio to mingle with some of the other guests. When I return my wife and Andrew are no longer in the living room. It is getting late and the crowd has thinned out. I decide to go downstairs and explore some of the rest of the house. As I move through the downstairs rooms I hear the unmistakable sounds of passion coming from a small alcove. The light is dim and it takes me a few seconds to realize that it is my wife and her acquaintance, Andrew. Since I have had fantasies about my wife cuckolding me, I do not let them know I am there but enjoy the sights and sounds. They are entwined on a love seat and I enjoy a good view without revealing I am watching. They are dressed which adds to the eroticism of the scene. Lynn is kissing Andrew passionately; he is lightly caressing the tops of her breasts. She has unbuttoned his shirt and is stroking one of his nipples. As their passion increases he begins to forcefully squeeze one of her breasts. She lets out a low moan. I instinctively look behind me to see if anyone else can hear her obvious pleasure. I watch in fascination as my wife moves her hand from inside Andrew's shirt to his lap where she can feel his cock. Even in the dim light I can see his erection through his slacks. She unbuckles his belt and unzips him to give her access to his semi-erect cock. She now has her hand in his trousers stroking him. As I watch, my wife strokes him until his cock is very erect and very thick. As he unfastens the top two buttons on her top, I watch as he slides his hand in her bra to fondle her breast and massage her nipple. They stop kissing and she looks down at his cock with a lustful look on her face. She is stroking him with her left hand. I can see light glinting from the diamond on her engagement and wedding rings as she tells him his cock is bigger than Louise told her it was. So this is not the spontaneous act I first though it was. He pushes one of the cups of her bra down and releases the fullness of her breast into his palm. He cups her and lightly pinches her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He moves his hand down her front to cup and squeeze the mound of her pussy; leaving her breast exposed. As I watch my wife give herself to another man, I feel the twin emotions of jealousy and extreme arousal many cuckolds experience. He tells her he has been waiting for this and that he has to fuck her. She just says, "not here. I want to suck your cock."

Then she bends over and takes his cock in her mouth. He just leans back against the back of the loveseat and lets my slutty wife work his cock with her mouth. She has the base in her left hand and slides as much of his cock in her mouth as she can. As she sucks, she slides her hand down and fondles his balls. He rests his hand lightly on her back and caresses the nape of her neck. With his other hand he continues to caress her exposed nipple. After several strokes she takes the shaft out of her mouth and runs her tongue around his swollen head. Even in the dim light I can see his cock glistening from her saliva. She runs her tongue and lips up and down his shaft as he tells her she is even better than he thought she was going to be. She continues to suck and is telling him how she loves the feel of his cock in her mouth. I watch mesmerized as Lynn slowly takes his cock deep in her mouth. While watching his cock slide in and out of her luscious full lips, I instinctively move my hand and stroke my cock through my pants. I resist the urge to unzip and pull out my now hardening cock. Lynn slides his cock out of her mouth and rubs the head against her exposed nipple and breast. She squeezes some of his cum out of his cock and coats her nipple. Lynn puts his cock back in her mouth and starts sucking him rapidly. I can tell he is about to cum. His body tenses as he releases his cum into my wife's mouth. She has his cock deep in her mouth and I can tell his cum is shooting right down her throat. He is putting more pressure on the back of her neck, keeping his cock deep in her mouth. She continues to pump him with her mouth until he gives a sigh and relaxes his body. She keeps him in her mouth as his erection goes slack. As she releases his cock from her mouth my wife gives the head a few light kisses and licks some more cum easing from his slit. Even limp his cock is still thick. She sits back up but continues to lightly caress him. He continues to stroke her exposed breast and tells her what a fantastic cocksucker she is. She has a dreamy expression on her face and her lips are moist from his cum. She takes one of her fingers and scoops up a small stream of his cum on her chin that escaped from her mouth. He leans over and gives her another passionate kiss as he moves his hand caressing her pussy again.

"That was the best blow job I have ever had."

"I glad you liked it. It really was a turn on."

"But what about you?"

"My husband will take care of me when we get home. He was horny before we even got here."

"Speaking of your husband, we better go back to the party before he misses us. He may start looking for you."

He zips back up and my wife slips her breast back in her bra and buttons up her top.

I go back upstairs so they do not catch me watching. I am still breathing hard from the excitement of watching Lynn suck another man's cock. Andrew returns to the living room and my wife follows a few minutes later. As we are about to leave, before saying good night to our hosts, Andrew says, "I am glad you decided to decorate my townhouse. I look forward to getting started next Thursday."

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