tagLoving WivesThe New Client Ch. 02

The New Client Ch. 02


Part 2

The Fantasy

Like a lot of stories dealing with cuckoldry and wife infidelity this is a compilation of actual events and fantasies.

After leaving the party, I am still in a state of deep arousal as well as disbelief after watching my wife, Lynn suck another man's cock. As we get into our car, I lean over and give her a deep, passionate kiss. I can taste the sweetness of the wine on her lips as well as the salty residue of Andrew's cum on her tongue. While we kiss, I move my hand down to her lap to cup her mound. I can feel the heat and dampness right through her slacks.

"You are certainly hornier than usual tonight."

"I know, I was turned on before we left and watching you expose your breasts to other men has made me even hornier."

"I like the way you get excited when I show off, it turns me on a lot."

As I concentrate on driving, Lynn leans back into the seat and closes her eyes, reliving the experience of sucking off Andrew.

After arriving home and entering the house, I take my wife into a close embrace to feel the luscious of her body and the fullness of her breasts against my chest. I put my hand on the small of her back to press against her. She can feel my arousal.

"I love it when you are turned on like this. I will go upstairs and change into something sexy while you get us a glass of wine. "

"You are already in the sexiest outfit you have. Just leave it on and I will be right up."

I get us each a glass of wine and take them upstairs to our bedroom. Lynn has lit candles and is reclining on a loveseat in a sitting room off of our bedroom. The sitting room is where we like to have our fantasy adventures. Under the glow of the candles, her blonde hair contrasting with her black outfit, and her recent experience with another man, she is exuding heat and lust.

As I hand her a glass of wine, she bends forward to accept it, giving me the same view of her breasts and cleavage she gave Andrew earlier. I sit down beside her. As we sip our wine, I begin to lightly caress the tops of her breasts. I know she needs release, but I want to keep her at a high level of excitement.

"I liked the view when you bent over to accept your wine. I bet Andrew liked it also."

"I know he did. He told me he enjoyed the view and that you were a lucky man. I got turned on showing off like that to him. You're not jealous that another man admired my breasts do you? He kind of surprised me he was that forward"

"No, I was not jealous, in fact, watching you from across the room I started to get turned on. I began having one of my fantasies."

"Which fantasies?

"The fantasies I have about you fucking other men."

"I like those the best. I still do not know why you get turned on fantasying about me fucking other men, but the thought turns me on. I'm glad you do not get jealous or upset when I show off and flirt. Some husbands would barge over and make a big scene. Were you fantasying about other men at the party fucking me or just Andrew? "

"Just Andrew. I could tell you were getting turned on. "

We start to kiss passionately just like I watched her and Andrew earlier in the evening. I run my hand between her breasts down her cleavage; I unbutton her top, exposing her bra encased breasts. As I bend over and start kissing her breasts, she begins to moan, putting her hand on the back of my head to increase the pressure of my lips on her skin. I pull down one of her cups to expose her nipple. I move my mouth to swirl my tongue around her erect bud. She really starts to moan and squirm under my tongue ministrations.

"Let me see your tits."

She takes off her top and unfastens the front clasp of her bra. Now I have total access to her breasts. She leans back against the love seat as I alternate between her full breasts sucking on her nipples.

"How else did you flirt?"

After she has been flirting and putting herself on display, Lynn gets more aroused and gives me more explicit details.

"I really got turned on leaning forward to give him a good look at my tits. I even leaned into him and brushed his arm with one of them. I was looking at him while I did it. He could tell that I was letting him feel me on purpose. He looked back at me and leaned his arm into my tit to get a good feel. My nipple was hardening. Did you see me do it? I know it turned you on if you did."

She moved her hand to my lap and could feel my hard cock.

"Mmm..that did turn you on."

"I did think that was what you were doing. What did you want him to do?"

"I wanted him to reach out and feel my tits. You would really get turned on watching him put his hand in my bra wouldn't you? Would you like to see him take out one of my tits and suck my nipple? That is what I wanted him to do with you watching."

At this point I reached behind her to unzip her slacks. Lynn lifted her ass so I could remove her slacks and her panties. She was completely nude. I ran my hand from her breasts down to her pussy. She was soaked. Her pussy was so wet I went and got a towel to keep her from dripping her juices on the loveseat. I undressed and sat back down; kissing her neck and playing with her pussy.

"That's it my pussy feels so hot. Use three fingers. I want my cunt stretched. "

"I bet Andrew would like to see you spread out like this."

"Mmm. I know he would. Can I let Andrew play with my pussy the way you are doing? I would let you watch."

I move from the loveseat to position my self on my knees between her spread legs. Most of the time when I eat my wife out, I take my time teasing her with my tongue on the inside of her thighs. But this time I am so turned on, I bury my head in her snatch and started licking. She lifts her hips and grinds into my face spreading her juices from my nose to my chin.

"How else did you flirt?"

"I know you get turned on when I sit with one leg on the floor and the other on a sofa cushion so I am spread enough to stretch the fabric of my slacks over my cunt. I like men to sneak looks when they think I am not aware. I caught you looking a couple of times as well as the man you were talking to. When I noticed Andrew's glaze move from my breasts to my cunt, I slid down in the sofa a little to further stretch the fabric. I could feel the front of my slacks start to tighten into my lips. I wanted Andrew to see the outline of my cunt."

"I did notice him gazing at your pussy. I was really turned on watching you put your pussy on display. While you had yourself on display, were you checking him out?"

"Do you mean was I checking out his cock? Yes I was. I was curious if I could tell if he was well hung or not. How do you feel about your wife checking out another man's cock?"

"I saw you glancing down at his lap a couple of times. It is only right you should be able to look at his cock. What could you tell?"

"His pants material was thin enough I could see the outline of this cock and balls. He looked liked he has a big dick. Would that turn you on even more, seeing me stroke a nice big fat cock? I can tell by the way you are eating my pussy this is turning you on. While I was looking at the outline of his big cock I began having my own fantasy."

"What was it?"

"I was fantasying about sucking his cock. You wouldn't mind if I sucked off Andrew would you? Especially if you were watching me?"

"No, I wouldn't mind. What else? This is really turning me on. How would you suck him?"

"After helping him undress, I would start to lick him and then slide him into my mouth. I would want to get him get big and hard with my lips and tongue. While I suck him, I would cup his big balls until they got nice and tight. I would take as much of him as I could."

"Would you lick his balls?"

"Oh yes, I would take him out of my mouth and run my lips up and down his shaft all the way down to his balls and swirl my tongue all around them. I bet they would taste nice and salty. After giving his balls a few kisses, I would go back to sucking him. You wouldn't mind if I sucked him a long time would you?

"That would be hot and Andrew would like it. What would he be doing?"

"I would want him to reach down and squeeze my nipples. With the other hand he could caress the back of my neck. He would me moaning and telling me how good I was sucking him. I bet you would be turned on hearing Andrew tell me how good I was at sucking his cock."

Hearing her graphic description brought back the vivid images of my wife actually sucking Andrew. I reached down to lightly stroke my hard cock.

"Tell me more about sucking him."

"Since he is so big I would give my mouth a rest. I would take his cock in my hand and rub the head against my nipple and tits. Some of his cum would ooze out onto my tits. Would you like to suck my nipples and kiss my tits with Andrew's cum on them?"

"Mmm.. they would taste good. How would you bring him off?'

"I would suck him until he started to cum. I would take his cock a deep as I could to let him cum down my throat."

"If he has big balls, he probably would have a lot of cum. Could you take it all?"

"I would try, but some of it may dribble down my chin. After he came I would rub him against my lips giving them a good coating. Would you like to see his cum all over my lips? Would you like to kiss me?'

Her fantasy details along with actually watching her suck cock makes me go wild eating her pussy. I move my tongue faster and faster against her clit. She grabs my head and pulls me deeper into her snatch. She lets out a tremendous moan as she cums on my face. Her body slumps against the loveseat. I remain between her knees but bend upright.

"Oh honey that was wonderful. That was the best you have ever eaten me out. That really exhausted me. You must have liked my fantasy."

"That was the best ever. It was almost as if you were describing actually sucking him and not just a fantasy."

Lynn smiles and looks down at my still raging erection.

"I am glad you liked it. I am not too tired to take care of this as she reaches down to squeeze my cock. Let's move to the bed. I need a cock stretching my cunt."

We move over to the bed and Lynn opens her legs with the arms over her head. I slide my cock in her tight pussy with one motion. As I fuck her I could see the images of her sucking off Andrew and was wondering if she wanted his cock in her pussy. I do not try to make it last, but stroke her pussy faster and faster as she plays with my nipples. It doesn't take long for me to shoot my cum deep in her hot cunt. I collapse against her body. She has never felt so hot. I roll off of her in exhaustion. I lie next to her and slowly caress her thigh.

"That was great sweetie. We will have to do this again."

"I liked it too. After my flirting this evening and my fantasy, do you mind if I work with Andrew decorating his townhouse?"

"Sure. Why not? After all it is just a fantasy."

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