tagIncest/TabooThe New Man of the House

The New Man of the House


Jason stood next to the padre as people walked by him and expressed their condolences. There were two names on the stone; his mom's, who had died when he was born and now his dad's. Yet, it was still hard to believe.

Dad had come home that night just like he always did. After months of being sick the doctors had finally said he was healthy enough to return to work and he had delved into it like a starving man. They sat down to dinner and talked about the day's events before Kelly, dad's new wife, had gotten up and busied herself with other things in the kitchen. Nothing seemed strange or different; same old, same old. Just after the news they had all said good night and headed to bed, but a few moments later he had heard a loud crash in the bathroom and Kelly's scream. When he rushed in he found his dad lying on the floor, unconscious.

The Paramedics came quickly and seemed to have barely arrived before they took him away with their lights and sirens blaring. It was only then that he had noticed that Kelly was standing in the doorway between the master bedroom and the bathroom; wearing only a sheer black teddy and that she didn't appear to have any panties on.

Since his dad and Kelly had gotten married she had always worn loose clothes that hid her body, which only heightened his fantasies about what she looked like under them. But now she stood only a few steps from him and there was almost nothing left to his imagination as his body began to react to what he saw.

Looking up he saw Kelly looking back at him and a flood of guilt surged through him as he ran to his room to grab his wallet and jacket as he headed to the car. Kelly had taken a few moments longer and was dressed in her usual jeans and loose sweatshirt when she came out. Not a word was said about what had happened as they raced to the hospital.

Moments seemed like hours as they watched the doctors and nurses rush around in the Emergency Room trying to revive his dad. Then everything stopped, followed by an ominous silence. A doctor left the room and slowly walked up to them with the bad news. They later found out that his dad had suffered a massive stroke and was already dead when the Paramedics had got to the house.

The ride home was even quieter than the trip to the hospital. As they drove down their street they noticed that the lights were still on in their house but everything else in the neighborhood had taken on the serene, hushed quiet of the night. It was only when they walked into the house that the evidence of the night's events seemed to blare at them and they were surprised that the whole world wasn't aware of their loss. Almost as if by instinct they wrapped in each others arms and held on tight as they began to cry. Neither wanting let go of the other as their tears slowly subsided and they ended up sitting on the couch with Kelly's head resting on his shoulder as they fell asleep.

Jason wasn't sure how long he had slept but suddenly he was wide awake. The room was dark and he wasn't sure what had woken him until he felt Kelly move and whisper his father's name in his ears as her hand lightly stroked the front of his pants. Conflicting emotions surged through him. On one hand he knew he should feel guilty, after all this was his step-mom, but on the other hand this was what he'd fantasized about since she and his dad had gotten married.

Suddenly Kelly sat up, "What the fu..., " she said as she saw her hand lying in Jason's lap and the bulge that had begun to form before jumping up from the couch and rushing to her bedroom and slamming the door.

Jason sat there letting his erection shrink before finally getting up and heading to his bedroom, stopping only a moment when he heard Kelly crying behind the closed doors of the bedroom. For the briefest of moments he thought of knocking and asking if there was anything he could do for her but decided, all things considered, just to head to bed himself.

The next three days seemed to fly by as they made arrangements for his dad's funeral. Nothing was ever said about the first night's events but when Jason looked at Kelly he sensed a difference in the way she looked at him, like now. She was standing on the other side of the padre and every once in awhile he could feel her glancing over at him.

Things began to slowly fall into a routine until one night about two weeks after the funeral. "Jason, could you help me clean up your dad's things tomorrow? I know its Saturday but it feels really strange to have all of his stuff in the bedroom and closets."

Jason barely looked up from the TV he had been watching, "Ya, I don't have anything planned so I guess I could help. Isn't it a bit soon to do that kind of stuff though? I mean dad's only been gone a couple of weeks."

"I know, but having his stuff around is just making it all the harder to realize that he's gone."

"I guess you're right. Ok, I'll give you a hand but I get to keep anything that I want of his that I want. Agreed?"

"Agreed," she replied.

That night, Kelly headed to bed soon after they had cleaned up the kitchen, saying she didn't feel well.

Jason stayed up awhile longer before heading to bed himself. As he passed what was now Kelly's room her heard her sobbing in her sleep and didn't even think about what he was doing as he entered. She was lying in the bed with the covers pulled up to her chest, but her bare shoulders were clearly exposed in the light filtering in through the window and a bare leg stuck out all the way to the thigh. Moving quietly to the other side of the bed Jason slid onto it and spooned against Kelly while stretching his arm over her.

Instinctively, Kelly pressed herself back against Jason as she moved his hand under the covers and placed it to her breast. "Mmmmmmm, so nice," she whispered as she slipped into a deep sleep.

Jason lay there for several moments cupping Kelly's breast before he built up the courage to lightly squeeze it and pinch the nipple.

Even in her sleep she couldn't help but respond as she pressed back against him harder and began to move her hips against his growing erection.

Embarrassed, Jason quickly pulled away and waited for her to fall back to sleep before slipping from the bed and heading to his room as his emotions and desires overwhelmed him.

The gray, overcast weather the next morning seemed to set the mood for both of them as they began to slowly go through his dad's belongings. The top drawer took almost an hour by itself as they picked up an item and the memories of when and where they last saw his father with it flooded over them. Neither felt like eating so they continued throughout the day until only the closet was left. Looking at everything in it, Kelly said they should take a break for dinner and that they would finish afterwards.

Jason only nodded his head as he got up and headed for the kitchen. Dinner was quiet as it normally was and he headed back to the master bedroom as soon as he was done. Jason had decided that the best way to finish the job was to empty everything from the upper shelves and then move on. So when he entered the closet he reached for the very top shelf to pull down several boxes. As he pulled them out a manila envelope suddenly fell from under the bottom box spilling its contents onto the floor at his feet. Jason finished with the boxes and then returned to the closet where he got the surprise of his life.

There on the floor were almost a dozen pictures of his fantasy woman in the nude and participating in several forms of sex. Each of them more explicit until the last one showed her with someone's cock buried deep inside of her and a look of ecstasy on her face. Quickly looking back inside the envelope Jason also saw a picture of the same woman on the cover of a rather obscure adult magazine that specialized in women with large breasts. There was no doubt that the woman in the photos and the magazine were his step-mother, Kelly; the same blue-green eyes stared back at him as her sun-streaked auburn hair hung loosely over her shoulders ending just above her breasts and in the cleavage of her right breast was the small shamrock that he had seen when she wore a swimsuit. Her breasts were large and full, capped by nipples that were several shades darker than the surrounding skin and sticking out far enough to leave little doubt that she was excited by what she was doing. Looking further down the picture he saw that her stomach was flat and firm before descending to the junction between her legs. There was no sign of any pubic hair or a tan-line to indicate that she wore a bathing suit when out in the sun. The magazine said she was 27 years old when the photos were taken, three years before, and that her measurements were 34D, 25, 35 and that she was 5-foot 7-inches tall. "Damn. What a MILF!" he whispered.


Jason had been so engrossed by his find that he hadn't heard Kelly return and spun around dropping several of the pictures on the floor.

Instinctively, Kelly looked down and saw what he had.

"Oh my gawd," she said as she quickly leaned down to grab them but Jason was quicker.

"Jason, please give those to me. That was something between your father and I and I thought he had destroyed them."

"And what about this," Jason asked as he stood and held out the magazine.

Kelly's face flushed in embarrassment as she tried to grab it from Jason's hand, but once again Jason was quicker.

"Jason, give that stuff to me. That was a different time in my life. I hadn't met your father yet and I needed money so I did a stupid thing."

"LIAR!! I saw the date on the magazine!! You and my dad were already engaged and were planning your wedding when you did these pictures."

Kelly stood there and didn't say anything as Jason continued.

"And what about these?" he asked as he held out the photos. "You sure look like you're enjoying yourself. You've got your pussy spread wide open in this one, and in this one you're sucking on some guys cock ... and just look at this one ... just look at your face while you've got some guys cock stuck in you fucking pussy!!"

"JASON, ENOUGH!!" Kelly screamed as she slapped him across the face.

The sound seemed to echo throughout the house as everything went suddenly still.

Jason glared at her as the side of his face began to turn red. "I'm out of here. I'm not going to stay in the same house with a fucking whore. Just one question though before I leave. Did you ever love my dad or was he just a way to get away from the life you had in these pictures?" When she didn't respond right away, Jason stormed out of the room and out the front door.

For the next two days Jason stayed at a friend's house trying to figure things out, but every time he thought of Kelly he remembered the look in her face in the pictures and began to get turned on.

On the third day he came home no less confused then he had been the first night. He held the envelope in his hand as he walked to his bedroom and sat on the bed, noticing a note lying on his pillow.


I think we need to talk about what you found and what you think it means.


Suddenly he heard a noise outside his door and realized that he wasn't the only one in the house as he'd thought. Walking to the door he quietly opened it and noticed sun-light reflecting against the wall from Kelly's room. He was sure the door had been closed when he came in which could only mean that Kelly was home and had been waiting for him.

Softly he heard her voice, "Jason? Jason, I know it's you. Could you please come in here?"

Jason headed towards Kelly's room unaware of how his life was about to change forever. As he entered the room he came to a stop as if he had run into a wall. There in the middle of the bed was Kelly totally nude, looking even more beautiful and desirable than she had in the pictures he had found. She was laying back and supporting herself on her elbows while her legs, which were slightly spread, hung over the edge of the bed. The only thing she was wearing was a pair of black high-heels that looked vaguely like the ones in the photos.

"WHAT THE FUCK???!!!!" he explaimed.

"SSSHHhhhhhhhh," Kelly started. "I want to tell you a story and then maybe you'll understand what's going on. Ok?"

Unsure of what to do Jason simply shook his head.

"When I was just a bit older than you I had sex for the very first time. It wasn't all that great, in fact, it sucked. The guy thought he knew everything and it was my first time so before you know it he was slamming away at me and I hurt like hell. Neither of us knew anything about foreplay and so we just went at it in the basement of his parent's house. Anyway to make a long story short, here he was slamming away at me and suddenly he bottomed out and hit my cervix. It was as if a bomb had gone off inside of my and I suddenly started to cum. Now I don't mean a little one; I mean a split our gut open, screaming orgasm.

Anyway, I barely remember his parents running down the stairs to find out what had happened and then being thrown out when the guy said I had seduced him ... not that I really cared. I had just experienced one of the greatest events of my life and all I could think about was how to get that feeling again. So I started fucking every guy I could get my hands on. I don't mean I became a whore and got paid for fucking but I was, and still am, a major slut. I fucked them in their cars, in the woods, behind buildings, anywhere at all, but after awhile, I realized that I seemed to get the most turned on when I got it on with a guy in his parent's bed. Of course, it didn't hurt that the guys always seemed to get deeper inside of me and hit my cervix when we fucked on a bed and sometimes when they couldn't seem to get deep enough I'd flip us over and I'd pound myself down on them until their cock hit bottom and triggered my orgasm.

Anyway, I quickly realized it wasn't the guy I cared about, I just love sex. I loved the feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of me and pounding deep inside of me until I came. I didn't care who it was just as long as I could get fucked. In fact, one guy even called me a 'sex addict' because I loved it so much.

Then I met your dad. I was working as a waitress at a men's club when he came in with some friends of his from work. He was pretty quiet but I could tell from the look in his eyes and the bulge that was growing in his pants that he was the guy for me that night. What I didn't expect was for him to be such a fantastic lover. GAWD, just thinking about that first night gets me wet. See," she said as she spread her legs.

Jason's attention was instantly drawn to the opening between her legs. The lips were a deep red and swollen with passion while her inner thighs were coated with juices that he could see drip from the bottom of the crevice.

"So you see I just can't seem to help myself. When I see a man I want I get so horny and wet that nothing else matters except getting his cock inside of me. Your dad and I went after each other like a couple of animals. I had never met a man that could keep up with me but in his case he not only kept up but surpassed me several times during that first weekend together. We fucked everywhere; in the living room, on the kitchen table and counter, in the bathroom, on the stairs, in this room on the bed and ... if you look real close you'll notice that the carpeting on those pictures you have are from your room. In fact, your dad fucked me doggy-style on your bed and I came so hard my juices were running down my legs and onto your covers. I though for sure you'd smell us when you came home at the end of the weekend."

Jason thought back and remembered the first time his Dad had introduced Kelly and that he's had some really great sex dreams for the next couple of days after that. He never knew why but now it was beginning to make sense. "So that's my dad you're sucking and fucking in these pictures?"

"That's right. After that first night with your dad I stopped running around. I knew I had met the best man for me and wasn't about to risk losing him by continuing to fuck other guys. If you remember it was only about a month after you and I me that I moved in with you and your dad. That was when he started teaching me to be perfect woman."

"A perfect woman?"

"Ya, that's what he called it. Basically he taught me to behave, dress, and act like a perfect lady out of bed, while still keeping me a perfect slut in bed."

Jason suddenly felt his legs weaken and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

Kelly sat up and gently wrapped her arms around him as she pulled him closer to her.

Her touch sent charges through Jason's body that ended in his groin causing him to begin to harden. "So that's you and my dad in those pictures?"


"Since we're being open about this, you seem like you were enjoying it pretty much."

"Oh, I was. Like I said I had never had a lover like your dad before. Just thinking about him would get me wet and horny."

"Is that why you're so wet right now? Were you thinking about my dad when I came home?"

"Not really. You see, after your dad got sick things came to a stop almost right away. By that time I was totally in love with him and would never have thought of cheating on him or leaving him so I either held it in or used my fingers to get myself off. His medications never let him do the things he had before but if it was a good day he'd use his fingers and tongue to get me off. But he knew ... he knew all about my needs and so one day he told me to start fantasizing about a new lover if it helped me get off ... that's when ... ... ..."

"Ya, what happened?"

Kelly sat next to Jason a few moments before answering in a whispered voice, "... I called out your name while I was having an orgasm."


"Just as I was cumming I called out your name. Your dad understood what was happening and helped me get off even more when he started licking me and calling me 'mommy". I thought I was going to flood him with all the juices that flowed from me. After that we had a long talk and shared what was going on between us. We agreed on two things. Number one was that we'd get married. We both loved each other so it seemed kind of natural it also guaranteed me financial security from his estate so I'd never have to worry about going back to my old life as a waitress again. And number two was that while he was still alive I'd remain faithful to him, but he insisted that after he was gone I find a new lover."

Slowly it dawned on Jason exactly what Kelly was saying and offering. "You mean ...?"

"Yes. I've thought of you for months now. I've even peeked into your room while you were sleeping or while you were in the shower hoping to see your cock. When things started happening the night of your dad's funeral I was really mixed up. I loved the feel of your cock swelling when I had my hand in your lap, but suddenly the whole thing seemed wrong. I mean, we had just put your dad in his grave and here I was getting ready to fuck my step-son."

Unexpectedly, Jason caught the heady aroma of Kelly's arousal and turned to her; her tits sliding across his arm and resting against the front of his shirt. "And what about now?"

A smile slowly formed in Kelly's lips. She knew that Jason understood what she needed and was offering. "Well, we have two choices and it's up to you and I to decide what we want to do. We can continue to live in this house together and be frustrated as hell ... or ... we can do what I think we both want to do and fuck each other's brains out any time we want."

Jason sat there looking at Kelly, seeing a new person. As his step-mother she had always acted the part of the perfect lady by dressing conservatively and she'd never used the type of words she was using tonight. But now he was seeing the other side of 'the perfect woman' that his father had helped mold; 'the perfect slut.' "I think you already know the answer to that."

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