tagBDSMThe New Secretary

The New Secretary


"Is that really the best answer you can come up with?"

The question was left hanging in the air as his hand dismissed the woman from his office.

Deb had been caught with her fingers in the till, not a huge sum, but it was theft all the same. She had offered profuse apologies and her reasons for doing what she did, none of which impressed Nigel much and her fate was sealed. He watched her turn on her heels, her eyes welling up with tears and her mouth opening as if to reply...she paused for a brief second as if to say something more, thought better of it and continued on her way out of his office and out of his employment

Nigel knew that his long term secretary would be very difficult to replace but his one golden rule for all his employees had been broken by Deb and that rule was Honesty.

He paid well and together with fringe benefits, rightly thought, that his staff were well taken care of. In this case not well enough it would seem.

He briefly let his mind wander to better times and wondered for a moment whether he was being too harsh on her. Quickly he decided he wasn't and got to work with the problems of finding a decent, honest secretary to replace Deb.

Deb was a mature, matronly, woman of about 55 who was about as sexy as a plank of wood but she could really do her job and do it well. She had been with the company for 8 years and in that time had turned the administration of the place into a work of art, it ran like a precision time piece. Where on earth would he find someone of the same calibre.....he didn't relish the task ahead.

He picked up the phone and dialled the sales department. Janice was in charge there and he asked her to come to his office.

Janice was completely different to Deb, younger, sexy and full of confidence. A little tiresome at times due to her bouncy nature but did a stirling job of keeping things in check in her dept. She also had a great sense of humour which often bought howls of laughter from all those around her, including Nigel.

She entered his office after a brief knock and without being asked to come in. he looked up from his papers as if surprised by her entrance and motioned her to sit in the leather bound chair facing him across the large oak desk.

Janice was in her early thirties and was far from the conservative spinster that Deb had been. She wore a respectable outfit although a little more adventurous than anything Deb would have dreamed of wearing. The skirt was a little shorter, the blouse a little tighter and the make up a little brighter. She had a nice figure under her work clothes and liked to show it off a little with one button too many undone on her blouse to give a nice hint of the cleavage held beneath.

Nigel quickly explained what had happened earlier and that he was now in need of a new secretary to replace Deb. As he explained the situation Janice sat in silence and jotted down a few notes on a pad she had bought with her. Nigel explained what sort of person he was looking for and what qualities that he required from her. He asked her to arrange the advertising for the job but to let him see a copy of the vacancy resume before she had it entered in the local press.

She asked him if there were any special qualities that she should ask for when putting the advert together and he jokingly said "the successful applicant must be under 35, wear short skirts, stockings, silky lingerie and be prepared for lots of overtime, oh yes, and she must be single!"

They both laughed at the innuendo and as Janice got up to leave she looked at him with a slightly wicked smile and lifted the hem of her skirt an inch or two, just enough to show she was wearing tights "shame about these," she said, "I fit the bill in all the other areas!" she gave him a cheeky wink and headed for the door.

He called after her and just to be on the safe side said "Just the standard sort of wording will be fine Janice, best leave out the other bits don't you think?"

"Sure Mr Parks, no problem." and disappeared from the office still wearing the grin.

The next day at about 10 am there was a knock on the door to his office and as before the door opened before he had a chance to ask the person to come in.

It was Janice but a slightly different Janice to the one who had sat across from him the day before.

Same cheeky smile but that was now accentuated by the richer shade of red on her lips, same tight fitting blouse but now with an extra button undone which now showed the cleavage that was only hinted at the day before and the same shorter skirt but now an inch shorter showing off slightly more of her thigh. As well as these changes he also noticed that her footwear had changed and she was wearing what he judged to be about 4" heels which really made her look quite stunning The whole ensemble in fact made her look quite sexy and he was pleasantly surprised to be able to smell her very subtle perfume which he knew she hadn't had on the day before.

She sat in the same chair as the day before and passed over the copy of the advert that she had produced for him as requested. He read it through and found nothing wrong in it and passed it back to her. She lent towards the desk to retrieve it which afforded him a glorious view down the front of her blouse. Not to the naval you understand but just enough for him to see the ivory coloured bra she was wearing and the swell of the top of her breasts. His gaze was fixed there for a moment until he was bought back to earth by Janice

"Is that acceptable Mr Parks?"

He was momentarily caught of guard by this and looked down at his paperwork on the desk. He answered her positively whilst rustling around in the papers feeling his own face start to redden. He didn't know whether or not she had seen him looking down her front but was embarrassed by the thought that maybe she did. When he eventually looked up and said "Yes Janice that will be perfect." he noticed with even more surprise that she had crossed her legs and her skirt had ridden another few inches up her nylon covered thigh. The surprising thing was that this time he could just make out the end of a suspender strap attached to her stocking and not a continuation of nylon like a pair of tights. She still wore her cheeky grin but her lips were slightly more pouting than before and he could swear that she poked the tip of her tongue out from between those red lips ever so slightly and ran it across the top of her bottom lip. He was also now sure that his face was scarlet.

Janice uncrossed her legs which gave him another brief glimpse of her thighs and beyond and he plainly saw the pale flesh above her stocking tops, he shifted uneasily in his chair. She rose and stood in front of him and asked if there was anything else he needed at the moment.......a few things came into his head, none of which he could request so he said no and she turned and again headed for the door. He watched her walk away safe in the knowledge that she could no longer see him staring at her and watched the thin outlines of her suspender straps move in unison with her perfect bottom under her skirt. He shifted on his chair again, trying to find a comfortable position for a growing problem!

Just as she reached for the door she turned again and said

"I was wondering if it would be ok for me to apply for the job with you? I think I fit the bill pretty well and I know the company so from a training point of view that would make your life a lot easier."

Nigel wasn't sure as to what to say, his mind however did and without hesitation he said

"Sure why not, but that would still leave me a member of staff short, just in another area."

"Yeah I know, I could do both jobs for a short while until you found a replacement for me in sales couldn't I?

"Maybe, Run the advert and let's see what happens, apply for the job as my secretary as you would for any other job and we will see where it leads, ok?

Her face lit up like a kid in a sweet shop "Thank you Mr Parks, I'll do just that!"

With that she opened the door and she, together with her new look was gone.

Nigel sat back in his chair and collected his thoughts; he had never really looked at any of his employees in a sexual way before today. Janice had changed that and now he was thinking about how much fun this new employee / employer relationship could really be.

On the other hand he was also thinking that it may cause some major complications and cause him to lose the respect of those he relied on to ensure his business ran smoothly. Whichever way he looked at it his mind kept projecting an image of Janice with her skirt hiked up around her waist sitting on the edge of his desk wearing those lovely stockings. He made a decision there and then. Janice would almost certainly be his new secretary but on his terms. If she didn't want to play by the rules he set then he would deal with that if and when the time came.

The Interviews.

Over the next couple of weeks Nigel received 11 applications for the vacancy, one of which was from Janice.

He went over each one in detail and discarded all but three of the applicants on grounds of experience, age or education. Obviously one of the applicants he didn't discard was Janice.

He called her and asked her to come to his office. Today she looked a little nervous but no less sexy than before. He asked her to sit in the chair in front of him and handed her the applications from the three short listed prospects. She briefly looked through the sheets of paper he had handed her and he watched as her nervous look disappeared to be replaced with the beaming smile which he preferred.

"please could you contact the people whose applications and C.V's you have there and arrange interviews with me here on Friday starting at 10am?"

"Yes of course Mr Parks, no problem at all."

"Good, thanks, make sure you give me at least an hour between interviews and please could you make your own the last of the day, I wouldn't want you to cloud my judgement on the other hopefuls would I?" he said with a cheeky smile of his own.

It was Janice's turn to look a little red faced but she quickly composed herself and almost leapt from the chair with her cheeky grin firmly reattached. Watching her taught behind through her skirt as she left the office he again felt the need to shift in his chair to rearrange things in a more comfortable position.

Friday quickly came and Nigel had asked Janice to act as his assistant in greeting the two applicants on there arrival and showing them into my office at the specified time.

At 10am sharp there was a light knock on his door

"Come in."

Janice opened the door and went through first swiftly followed by a young woman of about 25 to 30, 5'7", blonde hair and dressed in a business suit consisting of a white blouse with a dark blue pinstriped jacket and matching pencil skirt which ended just above the knee. She had a nice shape and from what Nigel could see of her decided that she had a decent sized chest under her outer garments.

Janice approached the desk and introduced Miss Court as his 10am interview.

"Thank you Janice, I will call if we need anything."

Janice headed back towards the door and Nigel couldn't help noticing that her skirt seemed even shorter than ever now and moulded itself to her like a second skin, the outline of her suspender straps was now even more evident and he felt his mouth going slightly dry imagining what may lie beneath.

Nigel leant across his desk and offered his hand to the young lady standing before him in his office. She in turn took his hand in a firm grip and smiled politely.

"Please take a seat Miss er....Court."

"Thank you," she said "If its ok with you please call me Angela."

After she had sat herself down and undone one of her jacket buttons and made herself comfortable he got down to the business of the interview.

"OK Angela, thank you for applying for this position. I am Nigel Parks, the owner of NP engineering and if you are successful in getting this job you will be working as my PA / Secretary."

He then went on to explain briefly the duties that the job would entail and give a short description of what the company did and its history.

Angela listened intently and added a few yes's and oh really's into the conversation at the appropriate times.

Nigel reached for her C.V. and asked her about her last employment, she had worked for a local haulier as a secretary and had recently left without a position to go to.

"I left because my boyfriend at the time decided it would be good fun to start seeing someone behind my back, unfortunately for him, and for me I suppose, that person was my immediate boss and she couldn't stop talking about her latest Toy Boy conquest. It didn't take me long to figure out that the new love in her life, Mark, was also the love of my life"

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that"

"It probably turned out for the best in the end anyway as Mark was talking about having children and settling down and to be honest that just isn't me at the moment."

She asked if she could remove her jacket as it was getting a little warm in the office.

Nigel stood from his chair and went round to the front of the desk

"Off course." He said and held out his hand to take it from her.

She stood and swiftly undid the remaining button and shed the jacket from her shoulders. He took it from her and hung it on the coat stand in the corner of the room.

As he returned to the other side of his desk he took a long look at her profile and was inwardly pleased to see that her chest was possibly around the 36D and her nipples were just about visible through the semi sheer fabric of her blouse.

She was definitely wearing a bra as he could make out a lacy border of material just where the top button of her blouse was fastened.

He asked her if she would like a cup of coffee or anything as he didn't really want the interview to end just yet and was starting to get into the role of being in control of this young ladies immediate destiny.

"Thank you, that would be nice, milk, no sugar please."

He picked up the phone and called Janice.

"Hi Janice could we have two coffees in the office please, one for me and one for Angela, Milk and no sugar, Thank you."

Whilst they were waiting Nigel asked Angela about her hobbies and interests outside work to which she gave stock answers, swimming, gym, socialising etc

There was then a knock on the door and before Nigel could utter a word it flew open to reveal Janice with a small tray with two cups on it.

Her smile from earlier had disappeared and she walked sternly towards the desk. Nigel furrowed his brow at the change in her demeanour and wondered what had happened in the last 25 minutes to bring this change about.

"Here is your Coffee Mr Parks and one for Angela!" The word Angela was said with such a barb that it would have caught a whale without to much problem and suddenly Nigel knew where the smile had gone. She felt threatened by this girl in his office, maybe even jealous, he inwardly smiled; he had a new card to play and added it to his memory for later use.

"Thank you Janice, that will be all for now." he said without any emotion which seemed to crush Janice even further and her self assured walk from earlier was replaced with a slightly dejected retreat back to the outer office. She closed the door quietly behind her.

It was at that point that Nigel decided that Angela would not be getting the job as his new secretary but wanted to make Janice squirm a little longer so picked up the conversation about the job again.

"As well as this position we also have a secretarial post vacant in our sales department. If you weren't successful in this post would you consider taking on that one?

"Oh yes Mr Parks as long as the salary wasn't to far from what is on offer for this one, in fact I would probably take it if there were a vast difference, two months without working is making a large hole in my savings account!"

She shifted slightly in her chair and crossed her legs which gave Nigel a perfect tunnel view up inside her tight fitting skirt. Hold ups! Wow! He was starting to wonder why he had kept on Deb for so long!

She definitely noticed where his gaze was going but did nothing to try and change her position to hide his view, instead she just smiled at him and asked what his hobbies and interests outside his working life were.

"My kids take up a lot of my free time, my ex wife is gracious enough to allow me pretty much free access to them so most of my weekends are spent with one or other of them or both. The time that is left is mostly spent riding my bike at high speeds around various tracks up and down the country."

"I love Bikes, big bikes that is. What bike do you ride Mr Parks?"

"Nigel please, I ride quite a few but my Fireblade is the favourite."

"You've lost me, a Fireblade?"

"Sorry it's a Honda, but we are getting sidetracked and our coffees are finished. Have you got any questions that you wish to ask about the job Angela?"

"Which one Nigel?"

Nigel let out a quiet laugh and said "Either?"

"No I don't think so but I just would like to let you know that I have found this place very welcoming and I believe that if I was offered a job here that I would be very happy and you certainly wouldn't be disappointed in what I could do for you."

The way she said "What I could do for you" Made Nigel think that she was flirting with him but decided that it was probably nothing but wishful thinking.

At that point he decided to end the interview, he thanked Angela for coming and told her he would let her know the decision in the next 7 days he got up from his chair and collected her jacket for her. He held it out for her and as she stood in front of him he had a great view down her blouse and could clearly see the cream satin material of her bra straining to hold those wonderful looking breasts under control.

She turned to face him and offered her hand as she said goodbye. He in turn opened the door for her and showed her out into the outer office where Janice quickly rose from the desk and looked into his eyes in a sort of searching but pleading way.

"Could you show Miss Court the way out please Janice then come to my office"

He returned to his desk and a few minutes later Janice knocked on the door, again she didn't just enter and he had to ask her to come in before she ventured past the threshold.

She still looked rather sorry for herself but she held her head up and still looked sexy even without the pouting smile he had got used to over the last few days.

"Would you clear away these empty cups and then show the other applicant through please Janice"

"Certainly Mr Parks, Unfortunately the other applicant, Mrs Lombard, Has phoned to say that she has already found another position and wont be attending the interview today"

"Oh, Ok then. Well clear these cups, make a couple of fresh ones and come back in for your own interview, Looks like we have some extra time to go over what's required of my new secretary so you'll obviously be in with a much better chance than anyone else wont you?" He said with a slight smile

Janice's face changed instantly, her lovely smile returned and her confident poise was once again in evidence.....She really does want to be working for me he thought, lets find out just how much!

About five minutes later Janice returned with two cups of coffee and some mail that had been delivered earlier.

She set my cup down on the desk and laid the envelopes in front of me on the blotter.

"Take a seat Janice and tell me why you want this job?"

She seemed a little taken aback by the question but started to give her answer.

"Well I want this job because I know the work, I know the people and hopefully I know you. I obviously would like a better salary than the one I am on at the moment but don't want to leave a place that I enjoy working at to get it."

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