tagText With AudioThe Officer and The Naked Girl

The Officer and The Naked Girl


Hello all you naughty boys and girls of Literotica. Happy Nude Day everyone! This is my entry into the Nude Day Contest. I hope you like it. I tried something a little new with this audio and I'd love to hear what you think! Please vote, get your friends and lovers to vote. The accompanying text is not a transcript, it's just the introduction. I don't want you to have to read any of the juicy bits. I want you to be far too busy cumming along with me. Now...sit back, relax and let me take you into my fantasy.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (21.5 min/mp3)

* * * * *

I haven't been a cop long, but I'm no rookie. That's why I was a little confused when I was assigned to pull three shifts watching a local commune. But I figured I must have drawn the short straw. I didn't kick up a fuss about it, just followed orders. Sky Our Cover, or SOC for short, was so far out of town, it was almost out of our district. Someone had broken in and vandalized their kitchen and school buildings and they'd received threats of violence. We suspected it was just some disgruntled rednecks in the nearby community but when the SOC people started calling the vandalism a hate crime, we had to take it very seriously. So, the brass wanted a uniformed officer to be on the property at all times for a while, until the rednecks got the message and backed off.

I already knew what kind of commune SOC was, and I wasn't surprised at the jeers I got from my coworkers about going to guard a nudist community. I think I handled the teasing pretty well, laughing along and joking back. But really, it bothered me to know that I had to spend my next three shifts among a whole bunch of naked people. Their leader had told my Captain that I would be the only one on the property to be wearing clothes and offered to let me go "sky-clad" while I was there, so I wouldn't feel left out. My Captain knows me pretty well and made my excuses for me, saying that the uniform would be part of the deterrent to the troublemakers. I had no intention of running around in nothing but my gun belt with my badge super-glued to my tit. No thanks.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the leader, an older giant of a man who went by the name of Sasquatch. He introduced me to his equally naked wife, Apple Blossom. I shook their hands and kept my eyes fixed on theirs. They showed me the hateful things that had been spray painted inside and out of their kitchen and school. I felt sorry for them. They might be living a lifestyle I didn't choose for myself, but they didn't deserve to be harassed for it.

Sasquatch and Apple Blossom gave me a short tour of the property, showing me their gardens, the small orchard and the dorms. Each family got a small building to sleep in, but all shared the kitchen and bathhouse. We ended the tour at a huge oak tree in front of the common areas. In the shade of that tree sat six naked little kids of varying ages, with sketchpads and colored pencils, drawing away. In front of them was their teacher, who happened to be one of the most beautiful women I've seen in my entire life. Sasquatch introduced me to his daughter, Meadow.

She was the first policewoman I'd ever seen. I couldn't think of her as a policeMAN because she was far too beautiful. I could see her brilliant green eyes shining in the dappled sunlight coming through the leaves of our Teaching Tree. Her long red hair was slicked back in a ponytail, very professional. And her -- uniform. It molded to her body in a way that left little to the imagination. Being born into a nudist colony, growing up around natural human bodies all of my eighteen years, it was the uniform that intrigued me most. I'd been turned on by uniforms for as long as I could remember. Military uniforms, firefighter uniforms, nurses uniforms, and now, police uniforms.

"Hello Meadow. I'm Officer O'Reilly. Pleased to meet you." I stuck my hand out to shake hers.

All I could do was shake her hand. My mouth was so dry. Even her name was sexy. O'Reilly. Her hands were soft, but strong. I was close enough to see her freckles and smell her perfume.

I made myself stare at her face, no matter how badly I wanted to look at the rest of her. She was, indeed, gorgeous. Meadow had big brown eyes, with lots of gold flecks in them, long, thick eyelashes and wavy sandy brown hair down to the middle of her back. She looked at me like I was an alien. I wondered if wearing clothes made me ugly in her eyes. I had to push those thoughts out of my mind. I was there to do a job. Focus O'Reilly!

I thanked Sasquatch and Apple Blossom for the tour and hurried back to my squad car. I needed to log my activity and check in with the station. Mostly, I needed to get away from naked people and to stop thinking about Meadow.

I walked the perimeter every so often, hoping to discourage any further attacks on these people. I kind of enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. Being out here wouldn't be so bad as long as I could maintain some distance between myself and the people of SOC. At about noon, I got a call from the station telling me to take a lunch. I wouldn't have time to drive to town and grab food. I didn't want to leave SOC alone for that long anyway. I was pretty sure it would end up being lunch break minus the lunch, until I got a surprise.

Officer O'Reilly was sitting on the hood of her car. I had a feeling she didn't have anything to eat for lunch, so I took her two tomatoes, some strawberries, an apple, and a tall glass of cold lemonade. All the fruit, including the lemon, I'd picked just for her.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/07/15


(At the risk of offending) Holy-Cocksucking-Shit that was hot as the 9th circle of Danté's hell!

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by mainsjoseph712/19/14

Great story!

Your sexy voice turned me on as much as your groans and moans.

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by Anonymous10/25/14


Great store. I wish i was Jessie cause i would love to have Medows soft pink pussy in my mouth licking her sweet cum and playng with her small breasts. Would mind playing a round with sexy officer either.more...

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by Anonymous09/24/14


How about a series featuring Officer O'Reilly seducing young girls whilst trying to keep the streets safe?

Such a great character like this should be explored further in future audio stories.

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Oh my...

i had no idea a woman in uniform could be so erotic, so arousing, and oh so naughty... i didn't think i could cum that in life.... much naughty love ;)

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