tagHumor & SatireThe Old Doc & The Perfect Cunt

The Old Doc & The Perfect Cunt


"Good God what a ghastly gash!" the Old Doc belted out with a mouthful of spit, "If you want my full opinion lady, and my utmost professional one at that, then I just have to say that you've got clit rot, and I'd be surprised if anyone gives that sagging sliver of skin any licking whatsoever for the rest of your dying days!"

The Old Doc snapped his head around as the rich bitch that owned this piece of repulsion gasped.

"Nurse, get this cunt out of here and send in the next hole!"

The rich bitch ran out with her panties around her ankles pouring out buckets of tears as her clit slapped between her pale white and thunderous thighs.

In next came a young Asian lady with long black hair. Her eyes shone forth and made the Old Doc's cock shoot up quicker than he could blink.

"Nurse," the Old Doc shouted out, "cancel every fucking appointment I have today, this is going to take me some time."

The Asian lady was stunning and smiled at the Old Doc as her arse slowly swooshed towards the couch. She did so with an air of sensuality whilst pulling up her tiny Chinese dress to reveal a pair of cheeks one could revel in for millenniums. She climbed into the contraption and parted her tight tanned legs. The Old Doc dropped to his knees gasping for breath. The Asian lady simply smiled. The Old Doc looked up once again and stared deep down at what rested before him. His breath failed him once more as he quickly looked down at the floor to compose his thoughts.

"Sweet mother of Mary what a cunt!" Said he to himself.

His cock was almost bursting out of his trousers. The Asian lady looked down and could see its size through his trousers. She felt a pang to be fucked by a man who desired her flesh totally. A man who would do anything just to cop a feel of it and kill to merely taste it. She lifted up her small and dainty hand and motioned him to come closer with her index finger.

The Old Doc got a grip of his senses and stood up.

"Come, come look at me, you no can do so far away."

"How right you are my radiant goddess," the Old Doc countered.

He walked slowly up to it recollecting how he had seen its lips twitch a few strokes before and he knew she wanted to be pushed into the arms of an orgasm right then and there.

Everything about it looked perfect. He could smell the sweetness plume into his nostrils. He breathed in deeply savouring its magnificence.

"If only I could bottle such a sublime smell as you yourself exude," the Old Doc softly said from within a hazy cloud.

He looked into her eyes and saw, for the first time, that she was of mixed origin: two types of races intermingled to create a being so rare, so wonderful to behold. His eyes fell back to her twat.

"I see you no want to use no rubber gloves?"

"I see you read my thoughts," the Old Doc muttered from a place that seemed but a dream, he coughed before adding, "would you mind at all?"

"Do please.."

"Do please I shall. Now close your eyes and simply relax, I've dexterous fingers darling so you've no need to worry!"

His fingertips glided over it gently. Her vagina was velvet, pure and simple. The Old Doc felt an awe-inspiring shiver fall down through his body . . . Was this the perfect cunt?

"Magnificent," the Old Doc said aloud, "An absolutely magnificent specimen if ever I have laid my eyes on, and I see a lot vagina, a hell of a lot."

The Asian lady groaned subtly as the Old Doc parted her lips. His breath went again, it was like finding a rare pearl in the depths of the Indian Ocean. He brushed the pad of his thumb over it.

She groaned again.

"How do you do up there?"

"You inspect me deeper doctor!" She retorted.

The Old Doc could see she was getting wet. His pecker was gargantuan now. In slipped his middle finger. It was a velvet vagina all right, a one in a million mound, and it had the Old Doc hypnotised. His mouth was almost salivating as he circled her g-spot. She was squirming and panting and wet as a sodden woollen jumper in piss-sheets of rain.

"Ah, you feel if anything is wrong?"

"You are dripping! But this is only natural, so do not worry yourself."

"You tell me if I taste good."

The Old Doc felt his knees buckle and almost give way. His free hand quickly gripped the end of the table.

"You're telling me to taste it to see if it is... good?"

"You tell me if I taste good!"

The Old Doc dropped to his knees quicker than a well-trained whore. His tongue licked slowly upwards from the hole to the clit, where he sucked upon it hard.


The Old Doc sucked harder still and pushed his middle finger in again.


"What taste!" The Old Doc gasped.


The Old Doc's cock broke the zipper to his trousers.

"Sweet Lord!"

The Asian lady sat up after her gash gushed.

"You put that thing inside me!" The Asian lady told him, "You put inside me now!"

The Old Doc stood up as his cock hung firm before him.

The Asian lady pulled on her nipples and licked her lips, "so big," she said.

He rubbed his girth up and down her still dripping lips.

"Ah doctor!"

He pushed in the tip. His head fell backwards as his eyes rolled back into rapture.

"A one in a million mound, I have found the velvet vagina!" The Old Doc said to himself, as a smile wrapped itself around his face.

"Ah doctor, you fuck me, you fuck me now!"

The Old Doc slowly plunged it in to the hilt. It felt like wearing a celestial Goddess. He exhaled slowly. He exhaled with that same rush as the final hit of opium one takes before one transcends away from this garish world.

"Velvet!" Was the only thing that could surface upon his lips as his hips started pounding away. Each stroke pushed him further into the arms of ecstasy. Each stroke made this heavenly form he was deep inside gasp and shudder as her eyes were firmly closed and her cunt came again and again. Their bodies were now perfectly in sync with one another. An immense orgasm was building rapidly inside of both of them ready to erupt with volcanic power. "Ahhh!"







They both boomed out as they exploded simultaneously.

After they had put away their tackle the Goddess asked what the Old Doc's conclusion was.

"You have the most perfect cunt I have ever laid my eyes on, and certainly the greatest gash I have ever had the almighty privilege to feel around my prick! You fuck better than Cleopatra!"

She did not reply, but simply smiled before leaving the room.

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