The One Less Traveled By Ch. 07


Nicole joined me about a half an hour later and sat next to me on the couch. I lifted my arm and she leaned on my chest and we sat together, enjoying a romantic comedy. It was nice to sit and relax with Nicole. I looked over at her and smiled.

"Honey. I really enjoy just relaxing with you on the couch. It's nice." I squeezed her to me.

"I agree Nick. Sometimes it's just nice to relax and hold each other." She smiled up at me. "I will always love this kind of casual intimacy and I only have that with you Nick."

"That makes me really happy. Thank you baby. I need to hear things like that from you."

She snuggled against me and we both dozed on the couch until the end of the movie. Eventually, I managed to get up and start the laundry. The girls brought their clothes down and sorted them for me and I got the washing machine going. The dishes needed doing as well, so I started on them. I quickly found that keeping busy, helped distract me from the Chastity Belt. It also had the added benefit of helping Nicole around the house, which was always a good thing.

As the afternoon progressed, I was a man on a mission. The laundry was all set, the dishes were done, and I started on the upstairs bathroom and cleaned it in record time. The vacuum and I got together again and while we didn't exactly get along, we were able to clean the upstairs carpets. Nicole came upstairs while I was vacuuming and gave me a funny look. I stopped the vacuum.

"What's up babe?"

She smiled at me. "Oh nothing, I was just seeing what you were doing."

I shrugged. "Well, I thought I'd get started on some of the stuff that needs doing. I didn't want you to have to do it."

"You are an awesome husband." I got a big kiss and hug. "I'm going to take a shower and get ready for dinner."

"Ok sounds good baby." I checked the clock. "What time are we meeting Collin?"

"In about two hours."

I nodded to her. "Sounds good."

The vacuum started for me again and we tackled the carpet together. I was a little reluctant to admit it, but me and the vacuum were really starting to get along. Wonders never cease.

I finished with just enough time to grab a quick shower and get dressed. Truth be told, the shower wasn't all that quick, because I had to take time to clean the chastity belt. It was a lot more challenging than I anticipated and I'm glad we had a hand-held shower head. That really helped get the water inside the tube and afterwards I used Q-tips to dry and add a little baby oil inside the tube. All in all, I thought I did a pretty good job and I glanced up half-way through to see Nicole watching me with a little smile on her face.

We got the girls into the SUV and headed out to Joe's. It was a regular hangout for us and we enjoyed the atmosphere. We were a little early, so we got seated right away. My youngest headed right for the playground and was soon covered in sand and sweat. Her little pigtails had been so perfect when we arrived, but within 20 minutes her hair covered her face. Nicole and I smiled at each other. Kids could be so carefree and it was great to watch. My oldest sat quietly and sipped her drink. I think she enjoyed the time she had away from her kid sister. They got along really well, but she was at an age where she enjoyed older kids and her privacy.

"So, who's joining us for dinner again?"

Nicole looked over at my oldest daughter. "His name is Collin. He's a good friend of ours and he's new to the city."

"Cool. What does he do?"

"He's a financial advisor and he handles some pretty high-end clients."

"How did you guys meet?"

I wasn't sure if it was an interrogation or just a way to pass the time, but the questions were coming pretty fast and furious. I started to wonder if my daughter sensed something going on or not. I was pretty sure she didn't, because we had been extra careful, but kids are extremely perceptive. Nicole handled the majority of the conversation.

"We met him at restaurant, slash bar, slash dance club." Nicole answered coolly. "He was new in town at the time and he introduced himself. We got to know him pretty well and I even danced with him a bit."

I jumped in. "Yea, he really saved me from embarrassing myself and your mom. You know your dad isn't much of a dancer."

My daughter nodded and smiled. She understood that my lack of dancing skills would be embarrassing. She seemed to accept our answers and they were 99% true, so there was no reason she wouldn't accept them. Nicole and I shared a glance and studied our menus. The waiter came and we asked for some more time.

My youngest daughter came back, her face flushed and covered in sand. I laughed and Nicole rushed her off to the bathroom to clean up. Just as Nicole left, Collin entered the restaurant and I waved to him. He smiled and came over. He was wearing a snazzy t-shirt and jeans, which showed off his muscles like crazy.

"Collin. Hey, glad you could join us." We shook hands and shared a smile.

"Glad to be here Nick. Thank you for the invitation." He smiled at me and turned to my daughter. "Who is this young lady?"

"Collin, I'd like to introduce you to my oldest daughter Jasmine."

Jasmine looked up at Collin and I could tell she was intimidated. She held out her hand and Collin took it.

"It's very nice to meet you Jasmine. That's a very pretty name."

Jasmine blushed a bit, before replying. "Nice to meet you as well and thank you."

"Please have a seat Collin. Nicole took my youngest to the restroom to clean her up a bit." I rolled my eyes. "She loves the playground here."

Collin laughed. "I remember my son seemed to get extra dirty, just before dinner."

Jasmine jumped in the conversation. "You have a son? How old is he?"

"He's 22 now and he's a senior in college." Collin replied.

"Oh. What college does he go to?"

"Harvard." Collin said simply.

"Wow." Jasmine was impressed and so was I.

Collin gave her a wry smile. "Yes, he wanted to go to Florida State or UCLA for the football programs, but once he got accepted to Harvard, I put my foot down."

This was a side of Collin I hadn't seen before, so I thought I'd ask some more questions. Jasmine also seemed very interested and she was having a hard time taking her eyes off of Collin. He didn't seem to mind though and he talked to both of us equally.

"Does he play football at Harvard?"

Collin nodded. "He does, but Harvard doesn't really have a strong program. I told him that if he graduates Harvard, then I'll see if I can get him a tryout with a pro football team. That was our deal."

"Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me, Collin."

"Well, here's the issue. I don't mind if he pursues football and I sincerely hope he does very well. I just don't want him relying completely on football and neglecting his academic work. We've argued about this plenty and he knows that football is a dream and a Harvard degree is a reality. Hopefully his dream will come true, but if it doesn't, then I want him to have a solid reality to fall back on."

Jasmine and I nodded. It was sound thinking. Nicole came around the corner with our youngest daughter in tow. She was smiling and laughing with our daughter and her smile continued and even got a little bigger when she saw Collin. She picked up our daughter and walked up to Collin.

"Hi. It's good to see you Collin." Nicole held out her hand to Collin.

Collin stood up and shook her hand.

"Hi Nicole. It's nice to see you as well. Thank you for the invitation."

"You're welcome. We're happy to have you."

Collin nodded to her. "Who's this you have with you?"

Nicole looked at our daughter and smiled.

"This is our youngest daughter, April. Say hi April."

"Hi." That was it from April.

Collin and Nicole laughed and Nicole sat April down on her chair. We had a good-sized round table, so there was an extra seat. Collin sat in between Nicole and Jasmine. The waiter came by and took our drink orders and we all sat around talking.

I was surprised at how good Collin was with kids. He was able to converse easily with Jasmine, but also switch gears and make April laugh. While it was awkward at first, by the time our meal arrived, we were all laughing. Collin was a hit with the girls and that made everything a lot easier. Jasmine seemed to really like his company and laughed at all of his jokes. I thought I saw the barest hint of a crush forming, but didn't say anything. I would speak to Nicole about it later and if Collin noticed he didn't give any indication.

The crab was good, as it always is and the girls really liked cracking it open. They were pretty good with the little crackers and it was a fun dinner. We got dessert and Nicole shared with both Collin and I, while the girls shared their own dessert. Nicole actually fed Collin a piece of chocolate cake and while the girls didn't notice anything, I certainly did. The chastity belt pulled against my scrotum and I dug into my palm with my fingernails and studied the ceiling. Dinner finally ended and Nicole and I picked up the tab for Collin.

As we were leaving the restaurant, the girls suggested seeing a movie. Jasmine actually turned to Collin and asked him if he would come with us and see the movie. Nicole and I exchanged a quick glance and Nicole asked him to come with us as well. Collin agreed and we headed off.

It as a nice night and a movie was perfect. We picked the latest superhero film and filed into the theater. I sat next to the girls with Nicole and Collin sitting on the other side of me. The movie started and the girls were captivated and barely took their eyes off the screen. I glanced over at Collin and Nicole occasionally, but they were behaving themselves. Well, for the most part anyway, I did see Nicole squeeze his hand several times and whisper into his ear, but that was it.

The movie was pretty long and it was past 11 pm when it finally let out. The girls were pretty tired and I could tell my youngest was about to fall asleep. I loaded them in the SUV, while Nicole walked with Collin to his car.

I looked over at Jasmine. "Honey, I'll be right back, I'm just going to say good bye to Collin. I'm going to lock the door, so just don't get out or you'll set off the alarm."

Her eyes were closed, but she responded. "Sure thing dad."

I walked over to see Collin and Nicole kissing passionately. Collin had Nicole pinned against his Range Rover and I could barely see her because he was so big. Their lips were locked together and Collin's hand covered her breast. I could hear Nicole moaning softly into his mouth. I wanted to give them some space, but the girls needed to get home. I cleared my throat as I approached and they broke apart. Nicole looked at me, her face was very flushed and she gave me a shaky smile.

"Sorry baby. How are the girls?"

"No problem babe. The girls are tired and we need to get them home." I paused and looked at Collin.

"It was a pleasure having dinner with you tonight Collin. You were definitely a hit with the girls." I held out my hand and he shook it.

"Thanks Nick. I had a nice time tonight."

Nicole looked up at him and smiled. I knew she wanted to go back to Collin's hotel, but the kids came first and Collin seemed to understand that as well. He smiled back at Nicole.

"Go. I'll call you tomorrow."

Nicole put her arm in mine and we walked back to our SUV. She put her head on my shoulder as we walked. I was happy she didn't suggest staying with Collin. It was further proof that while Collin was her boyfriend, family would always come first with Nicole. I held the door open for her and helped her inside.

We got home in a few minutes and the girls shuffled off to bed. Nicole handled most of it, while I got undressed in our room. I lit a few candles, took the extra pillows off the bed and made it ready for us to sleep. I brushed my teeth and slid in between the sheets. I was naked except for the Chastity Belt and the sheets felt cool and soft against my skin. The chastity belt pulled strongly against my scrotum and I tried to focus on something else.

Nicole entered the room a few minutes later and gave me a brief smile before heading into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

"Collin was great tonight at dinner wasn't he?" Her voice carried to me from the bathroom.

"Yes, he was and the girls really seemed to like him. Dinner went a lot better than I anticipated."

I could hear the excitement in Nicole's voice. "I'm so happy."

"Me too baby."

The bathroom light clicked off and Nicole walked into our bedroom slowly. She was completely naked and she stood by the side of the bed. Her necklace gleamed dully in the candlelight and the chastity belt key hung down in the center of her chest. She flung the covers back and saw that I was completely naked wearing only the chastity belt. Slowly, carefully, Nicole slid onto the bed next to me.

"Why didn't you take your Chastity Belt off today Nick?" The smile that lit up her face was a little scary.

"I don't know." I shrugged. "I guess because it didn't hurt and I got used to it after a while."

"Is that so?" She ran her fingers over my thigh. "My little cucky likes wearing his chastity belt doesn't he?" Her voice was light and playful.

I nodded, because it was all I could manage. The chastity belt gripped my scrotum tightly, as my cock started to expand. I took several deep breaths, as Nicole watched me, her smile growing bigger across her face.

"I may take your key away, chastity boy." Her hand cupped my scrotum and the CB got even tighter. "I'll leave you in your little Chastity Belt for a loooonnng time."

"How does that sound?" I shook my head, but didn't speak.

Nicole gripped my balls and gave a sharp pull. "Answer me!"

"Ahhh. It sounds awful." I gasped and Nicole giggled.

"I don't think it sounds awful. I think it sounds fantastic." She paused and kissed my cheek. "You were such a good little cuck today. I noticed that you cleaned almost the whole house and even vacuumed."

She ran her fingers over my chest and kissed my cheek.

"I wonder how good you'll be after a few weeks in that chastity belt?" She paused. "I bet you would do anything I asked, wouldn't you?"

My body felt paralyzed and I just looked at Nicole. The chastity belt was uncomfortable now as my cock strained against the plastic and the ring around my scrotum pulled hard.

Nicole's eyes met mine and she kissed my cheek again. She sat up and moved upwards until she straddled my face.

"Nick, I don't need your cock tonight, but I do need your tongue."

Her pussy was right above my face and it looked so sexy. Her lips were wet with her juices and I could just barely smell her musky scent.

"If you do a good job of licking my pussy Nick, I'll let you out of the Chastity Belt." She paused and looked down at me.

Our eyes met and her voice was commanding. "Now clean Collin's pussy, baby!"

I'm not ashamed to admit, that I attacked her pussy. I couldn't help myself and focusing on licking her pussy, took my mind off my throbbing cock. There wasn't a part of Nicole's pussy that I didn't reach with my tongue. She came almost immediately after I started, but I grabbed her hips and held her steady above me. I continued to use my tongue to bring her to orgasm after orgasm. She shifted and jerked above me, through several orgasms and I loved bring her this much pleasure. Occasionally, I would glance up and see her gripping our headboard with her eyes closed.

Nicole finally grabbed my wrists and detached my hands from her hips. She sat back with her ass resting on my abdomen, her chest heaving and tried to catch her breath. I wiped my face and smiled up at her.

"I love doing that for you Nicole." I sighed and relaxed underneath her.

A tired smile crossed her face. "You are so good at it Nick. I can hardly move."

She half-fell, half-rolled onto her side, next to me and let out a tired, satisfied groan. My cock was still uncomfortably full inside the chastity belt, but I wanted quietly for her to recover. Her hand found my chest and she ran her fingers over my upper body. Several minutes passed, before I glanced over and saw that her eyes were closed, her breath even and steady. I rolled my eyes, I couldn't believe she fell asleep. Ahhhh, I thought to myself. I could let myself out of the CB, but I wanted her to do it. I wanted her to take it off and fuck my brains out or at least reward me with a blow job. I cursed under my breath and slid out of bed. Nicole was dead asleep, so I covered her with an extra blanket, slipped on some shorts and T-shirt and headed out to the living room.

A partially read paperback sat on the end table, I picked it up and headed into the kitchen. A few minutes later, I was armed with whiskey on the rocks, a good novel and some peanuts. Reading had always been a place of refuge for me and I definitely needed it now. The chastity belt could come off easily, I had the key; but I wanted Nicole present the first time I took it off. I can't explain why, it's just that she was there when I put it on and I wanted her to be there when it came off.

The paperback was an action/adventure with a tortured hero, who was exceptionally good at killing things. Perfect, I thought and picked up where I left off. A few minutes later, I was totally engrossed in the book. The author was good and the action sequences were crisp, with excellent background on each of the characters. Reading had always allowed me to block out the rest of the world and it happened again now. I jumped as a hand fell on my shoulder and looked up to see Nicole smiling at me.

"You left me?" She whispered.

"You." I paused. "Fell asleep on me, missy." I beckoned for her to sit next to me on the loveseat.

"I'm sorry Nick, really I am. It's just that it was a long day and you were really good tonight. I think I came at least four times, maybe five. I'm not sure because I stopped counting."

She smiled and leaned against me. Her hand rested in my lap for a second, before exploring my crotch further. Suddenly, she pulled back and looked at me.

"Nick. Why are you still wearing the Chastity Belt?"

"I don't know Nicole." I shrugged and looked down at the book in my hands. "I just thought that since you put it on me; I wanted you to take it off."

Her lips grazed my cheek and she hugged me tightly. She stood up, but reached down and grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet.

"Come on Nick. Let's go into the bedroom." Her lips found me and she grabbed my cheeks with both hands. "I want to satisfy my husband now." A big smile landed on my face and decided to stay. I let Nicole pull me into the bedroom and push me onto the bed.

Her t-shirt came off and her naked body looked amazing in the candle light. Her hands found the buttons of my shorts and she took those off as well as my underwear. I sat up, so she could remove my t-shirt and I laid back down again as Nicole kissed my chest and stomach. The soft touch her lips across my body, combined with the soft caresses of her hands; resulted in the Chastity Belt becoming uncomfortable again. I groaned aloud and felt her hands cup my balls carefully, as she started to remove the chastity belt.

At last, I thought as the pieces finally came off. It was a huge relief to feel the large ring come away from my scrotum. Cool air embraced my cock and ball and it felt absolutely terrific. Blood rushed to my cock and I was harder than I had been in very long time.

Nicole's lips wrapped around my cock and I felt her tongue gently probe the head of my dick. I couldn't hold back and a loud groan burst from me. A soft laugh echoed up from Nicole and I looked down at her.

"You like that don't baby?" She winked at me.

"Damn straight." I said. "God you are so fucking good at sucking cock."

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