tagInterracial LoveThe One Less Traveled By Ch. 10

The One Less Traveled By Ch. 10


I want to thank everyone who has read this series. I especially want to thank those of you who have emailed me or provided feedback. I really do appreciate it.

This story includes real life situations and experiences and I hope you enjoy it. Fair warning! This story is an interracial cuckold story; that involves a loving hotwife, a dominant boyfriend and a husband who is becoming more and more comfortable being a cuckold husband.

This chapter brings the series up to the present time and it covers topics that some readers may find objectionable such as; creampies, dom/sub situations, pregnancy risk and a significant amount of really naughty, messy sex.

Troll Alert: If you haven't liked the previous chapters, you won't like this one. Save your energy and your ugly comments for another story.


Big hugs greeted me when I walked through the door and I joined the girls on the couch to finish watching a teen-age superhero vanquish the evil villains from outer space. Does anyone seriously believe teenagers can vanquish anything, except junk food, clean clothes, text messages or good manners? The teenagers I knew were too busy fighting acne and playing video games, to worry about outer space villains. The movie finally ended with two high-schoolers pledging their love for one another (at the ripe age of 18) until the end of time or at least until the next sequel.

The 25 year old Scotch that Collin gave me was singing to me like siren, so I filled a glass with ice and helped myself to an ample pour. Since I was alone tonight, I also grabbed a cigar and ambled out to our back patio to enjoy the evening. The Scotch tasted great and I knew the alcohol content had to be over 100 proof, so I was glad I wasn't driving anywhere tonight.

The combination of great scotch and fine cigar was a great way to cap off the week for me. Tension slowly bled its way out of my muscles and I let the Scotch further loosen my muscles and my thoughts. The conflict between Nicole and me this week was tough, no question about it, but I also felt it necessary, and we both felt our relationship was stronger because of it. Privately, I felt that Nicole and Collins relationship had been picking up steam in a way that was unhealthy for our marriage and I was glad we'd had a chance to slow down and pick a safer direction.

Despite spending the night alone, I felt Nicole and I were closer now than before we started this relationship with Collin. In a strange way, maybe this relationship with Collin reinforced for both of us, just what we had together and that it was worth fighting to keep. I shrugged my shoulders and puffed on the cigar, I could keep hypothesizing all night, but the bottom line was that Nicole and I were on solid footing now and I didn't mind her spending the night with Collin.

Right on cue, my imagination started its engine and I couldn't help but think of Collin taking Nicole, hard and fast, with an urgency that only comes from separation. Nicole shedding her clothes slowly for her boyfriend and lover, enticing him to full hardness and surrendering completely as he took her, reclaimed her pussy, her body, as his possession. The movie theater in my mind played a quick video of Collin on top of Nicole, pushing hard and fast, his muscular ass contracting with each thrust as Nicole held him tightly with her arms and legs. The moans coming from Nicole were filled with lust, passion and a greedy desire for more of Collin's cock. My cock was unashamedly hard and throbbing in my jeans and I took a large swallow of Scotch, the burning sensation rolling down my throat, helping me stay in control.

I fumbled in my pocket until I found my cell phone, almost dropped it as I was pulling it out and found my picture gallery. Nicole filled the screen and I felt myself sink into her beauty, grace and overwhelming sexuality, in the picture she allowed Collin to take of her. In the future, I would talk with Collin about taking pictures of Nicole, but for right now, I was very glad that he took this one. Unconsciously, I started to rub my cock through my jeans, closing my eyes as pleasure welled up from my groin and quickened my heartbeat even further.

Abruptly I stood up and walked slowly around our swimming pool, puffing on my cigar and sipping more scotch along the way. Relax, I scolded myself. Who was the one making fun of teenagers? Keep this up and you'll be Cumming in your pants, just like a teenager vanquishing an orgasm! Real mature Nick. A few more laps around the pool and my cigar was done, as well as the Scotch and I went to bed and completely crashed, unconscious as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sunlight streamed into the window and a slight headache, courtesy of the Scotch last night, and a full bladder served as my wake-up call. My arm reached over and found Nicole's sleeping body and my heart almost burst with happiness. The last week had been so fantastic, but privately I worried that she'd lose herself again, once Collin was back in town. The fact that she kept her promise and came home, despite the late hour, just reinforced that our relationship was on solid footing. I stumbled into the bathroom and had to bend almost completely over to pee, because getting up was the second hardest thing in my life this morning.

I slid back into bed and snuggled up against Nicole's warm body, letting my hands slowly move over her warm skin, as the light scent of vanilla filled my nose. My fingers lightly brushed over her skin, moving down past her navel to her waist and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was sleeping naked. My cock was ready to explode, just from touching her, smelling her and I desperately wanted to wake her up and take her.

She must have sensed my touch or the desire that was emanating from my body, because she let out a little purr and ran her hand over my hips. I started to press myself against her, when her hand moved from just caressing to pushing back, stopping me.

"No way Mister. I am completely sore and worn out." She lifted her head and glanced at the clock. "I got home 3 hours ago and you have a tee time with Collin in an hour. I need my sleep and you need to get ready....go, go away!" Her head flopped back down on her pillow, her hair a tangle, sexy mess.

I couldn't help but laugh a little, because I could hear the sleepiness in her voice and she moved away from me and promptly fell back to sleep. Shaking my head with a smile, I pulled myself out of bed and into the shower, almost boiling myself before I got out and got ready. The Mustang begged for a little exercise, so I started it up and headed off to the golf course. I was going to be early, but the membership paperwork indicated they'd need to get me an ID card and a few other things, so I hoped I'd be finished with all that in time to tee off with Collin. The last time I was a guest, now I was a member and honestly, it felt pretty freakin' good.

The same gorgeous lady was there to help me and we got the paperwork started and finalized, just in time for Collin to walk up. Of course, as soon as the lady saw Collin, I became a wall flower but that was normal and it didn't bother me. The course was calling, so I headed in that direction and secured us a golf cart. It was early enough that the course was fairly empty and we tee'd off on a different course this time.

"Nick. I just want you to know that I will be kicking your ass today." He smiled over at me as he drove the cart.

"Collin, Collin. You really shouldn't start drinking this early in the day. It seriously impairs your thinking."

We shared a laugh and the mood between us was light and friendly. The two week break had done wonders to relieve the tension we were all feeling in the relationship and I looked at Collin as more of a friend now, rather than an adversary.

We finished the first hole tied and tee'd off on the second. As we were driving down the fairway, Collin looked over at me.

"Hey bud. I'd really like to talk to you about how things are going between all of us. You mind?"

"Not at all." I smiled over at him. "Where do you want to start?"

"How about I start with a 'Thank You'."

"A Thank You? For what?"

"Last night. I know you probably wanted to come over to the hotel last night, but you let Nicole and I have some private time and I appreciate that Nick. I really do."

"You're welcome. I got the sense that you two needed to catch up and I didn't mind spending some time with the girls. That's one nice thing about this relationship, is that I get to spend a lot of quality time with my girls."

"Cool." He stopped the cart and we hit our balls a second time, still on the fairway but closer to the green. We were neck and neck, with Collin still out-driving me, but I was more accurate on 2nd and 3rd shots.

Collin gave me a funny look as we took off again. "Y'know Nick, I respect you."

I couldn't help laughing. "Uhhh. Ok, I'm glad to hear that Collin." I shook my head in confusion.

"What I mean is that you don't fit the profile of a cuckold husband, well at least not the profile I expected I guess." He motioned absently with his hands. "I mentioned before that I know some guys who've been in this type of relationship before and they gave me some guidance."

"Really?" I laughed. "I've got to hear this, what is the profile of a cuckold husband?"

"Well, in almost every case they told me about, the husband was so submissive, he basically handed his wife over to my friends. I mean they could do anything together and the husband just accepted it."

He smiled, stopped the cart and we fished our next club out of the bag. I was next to hit and my ball landed almost perfectly on the green. Collin shook his head and gave me a sour look, before he took his swing. His shot was good, but well away from the hole and it looked like I would go up a stroke.

"Anyway." He slammed his club back into his bag and dropped into the driver's seat. "My friends told me that Cuck husbands are very submissive and some of them are even." He paused. "How do I say this? Well let's just say that some of them are very in touch with their feminine side."

"I see." Where the hell are you going with this Collin, I thought. Feminine side?

He waved his hand dismissively. "Anyway. What I wanted to say is that you're nothing like those husbands and I guess that makes me respect you more."

"Ahh. Now I understand. It's hard to respect a push-over right?"

"Yep! That's it."

"Yea well, when it comes to the wife and the family, I'm never a push-over."

He nodded with me. "I agree. The solution you found to the wedding rings was pretty slick, if you ask me." He gave me a fist bump. "You should also know that Nicole never takes that ring off; she absolutely loves it."

"Cool. I really glad to hear that."

We got to the green and I finished the hole with a single putt, while Collin took two puts to finish. He picked his ball out of the cup and gave me a mock-scowl and growled at me. I raised my hands and made a cross with my fingers and we both laughed.

We started down the path to the next hole, with Collin driving again and he looked over at me.

"I guess my point is, I think you and I should discuss where the relationship goes from here."

"Ok. What were you thinking?"

"Well, I'd like to continue with the boundaries we established before, which is Nicole and I have the freedom to see each other....." He looked over at me and saw my objection rising to the surface. "Within reason, of course Nick." I nodded.

"Yes. Within reason." I stressed back to Collin with a serious expression and he nodded.

"Of course." He gave me a tight smile. "I don't want to create any issues Nick."

"Great, because we just got back to a really good spot."

"I agree." Another fist bump came my way and we blew this one up!

"What else Collin? I get the sense there is something else on your mind."

He stopped the cart and we tee'd off again. This was a Par 3 hole and I got on the green with first stroke. Collin was just off the green, in the rough and he cursed under his breath, which meant that I had to give him a hard time.

"Didn't someone mention an ass-kicking earlier?"

He shook his head. "It's coming, just be patient."

"If you say so. Good thing, 'patience' is my middle name."

We drove around the little lake and parked next to the green. I sunk my put on the first stroke and Collin two putted again, so I was up two strokes now. We tee'd off again on the next hole and Collin hit a great drive and ended up really positioned well for his next shot. I hit next and while I was in the fairway, I was well behind him and not nearly positioned so well. I got a light punch on the shoulder and we took off again.

"So what's up Collin?"

He sighed and looked over at me. "Nick. I sincerely don't want to piss you off, so if this conversation starts to upset you, we'll stop and just golf." I nodded back to him.

"Sounds fine Collin. Shoot."

"Ok. Nick I want more out of this relationship."

He drove up to our balls on the fairway, stopped the cart, but didn't get out. I checked behind us, but we were basically alone on the course today.

"What do you mean Collin?" I was a little apprehensive, but I felt more comfortable toward Collin now and I was willing to hear him out with an open mind.

"Nick, dating and having sex with Nicole is fantastic and I absolutely want that to continue." I nodded cautiously now and Collin looked over at me steadily. "But Nick, I want more." He looked down. "No, that's not right, I need more out of this relationship."

I took a deep breath and my heart approached the starting line, ready to start racing.

"What exactly do you need Collin?"

"I need more input, more influence, more authority in this relationship." He patted the steering wheel lightly, before turning to face me. "Nick, I'm used to having my way in almost everything and this relationship is no different for me. I'm a more dominant personality; it's part of why I've been so successful, and I haven't been able to express that part of my personality so far." He shrugged. "It's frustrating for me."

"Well, I'm not pissed off or upset so far Collin. So why don't you tell me more."

He looked over at me and our eyes met for a while. It wasn't a staring contest and there wasn't any animosity between us. We were simply measuring each other and I could tell he was trying to get a read on my emotions. I kept my face neutral, despite the fact that my heart was racing, and I was suddenly very interested in hearing more.

Collin finally broke eye contact, leaned over the steering wheel and looked out at the manicured golf course. My eyes followed his and I couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of the course and the morning was perfect for golf. The scents of the Texas Hill Country filled my nose as I took a slow deep breath and waited for Collin.

"Do you know what a submissive is Nick?"

Mentally, I heard a starter's gun go off and my heart bolted off the starting line and it was beating fast, heavy and I focused on maintaining an even pace of breathing.

"I think so, but why don't you explain."

He nodded and kept his eyes on the course.

"You remember the first night I was with Nicole? In my hotel room?"

"Definitely. I can't forget it." I smiled at him. "I don't think I slept a wink that night. Why?"

"Do you remember folding our clothes, mine and Nicole's?"

"Yes, I do."

"Why did you do that Nick?"

I took a deep breath and looked down at my hands, idly playing with my golf glove as I pondered how to respond to Collin question. I glanced over and saw him looking at me steadily, patiently, no recrimination or disdain in his face. He simply wanted an honest answer.

"I'm not sure Collin." I answered finally. "It just seemed the right thing to do and I thought you and Nicole might appreciate it."

"I see." He paused. "How did it feel to wear the chastity belt?"

I laughed at this question and immediately regretted it, because Collin wasn't laughing or even smiling.

"It was unusual Collin. That's for sure." I thought back to that day. "I had to focus on other things to keep my mind occupied. It wasn't painful, just..." I searched for the right word. "restricting, I guess."

Collin nodded again and looked over at me.

"Nicole said you wore it for almost 24 hours, despite having the key and the ability to take it off yourself."

"That's right."

"She told me, you wanted her to take it off, is that right?"

"Yes." I looked over and our eyes met. "Where are you going with this Collin? Are you suggesting I'm a submissive? Some sort of slave?"

"Whoa. Hold on." He raised his hand, palm out and smiled at me. "Easy there Nick. I'm not suggesting your any kind of slave or a formal submissive."

"Ok. Well, what are you saying then, because I'm confused?"

"Nick, I'm simply suggesting that you may feel comfortable with a dominant personality in our relationship." He paused. "It may seem like a stretch, but it's possible you'll enjoy being in a relationship with a Dom and it could help you develop further as a cuckold husband."

I didn't know how to answer Collin, because he was right and I wasn't sure I was prepared for what would obviously come next. How would Nicole deal with Collin as the dominant personality in this relationship and how would that affect my family. Ugh! I couldn't begin to answer these questions or determine how it would affect my life in the future.

"Hey." Collin got my attention. "Why don't we play some golf and you can think about it?"

I nodded, got out of the cart and grabbed a club, a few deep breaths later and I was ready to continue playing golf. I hit first and fortunately our conversation hadn't affected my golf game at all, my shot ended up just short of the green. All I needed was a short pitch and I would be in a good position to end the hole at par. Collin hit a great second show and ended up on the green and it looked like he was going to finish with a birdie (that's good for you non-golfers).

We finished the hole and Collin did birdie and was only one stroke behind me now. The next few holes went quickly and I maintained my 1 stroke lead on Collin. Our conversation switched to trivial topics and I told him more about my account, because now that I'd won it, I could share more information. We ended the first nine holes and moved over to start the back half of the course. We were still pretty alone, with only a few golfers several holes behind us and the morning continued to reward us with great weather.

"Ok Collin." He looked over at me from the tee box and continued to waggle his club. "For the sake of discussion, let's just say I think you're right." A hint of a smile appeared on his face and he leaned on his club and let me finish. "What would that mean? What changes would take place? I mean you just got finished saying I'm not a push-over, but now you're saying that I am or I will be in the future." I shook my head a little. "I guess my biggest concern is that I don't know what comes next and that makes me very nervous."

"I understand completely Nick and I know this has to be challenging for you. Y'know being a cuckold husband doesn't mean you're a push-over on everything. In our situation, it simply means you're willing to let me take a leadership role with your wife, primarily sexually, but in other ways as well."

He took a few more practice swings before stepping up to tee off.

"Let's tee off first and then we'll talk more, otherwise we'll be out here all day."

"Sounds good."

Collin let go with another booming drive and I watched it sail down the fairway, a little jealous at the distance he got off the tee. A petty little surge of satisfaction welled up in me though, as I watched his ball roll off the fairway and into the rough. A little bit more finesse and Collin could probably lower his scores by several strokes. I wasn't going to tell him though, because I'm not stupid, and I still wanted to beat him when we golfed together.

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