The Platform


That night, after I bid my parents good night, Mom motioned me into the living room to give her a hug. As I approached, I could see she had been trying to attract Dad's attention again because the running suit jacket was unzipped to the bottom of her breasts and her bra was in plain view. As I leaned down for what turned out to be a long hug because Mom kept her arms curled around my neck, I was treated to a satisfying close-up of her breasts, tightly wrapped in the stretchy bra, poked up nipples clearly demarcated. I wondered if they were ever soft. That sight, and the memory of her butt, kept me busy for an hour after going to bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Don't forget your water," I yelled to Mom as I opened the door and ran outside the next day.

She was almost ready to leave and I wanted to dispel any worries that I would be looking for her to bring anything she had forgotten. I also wanted to run ahead and get positioned so I didn't have to risk making noise as I climbed to the top of the bluff.

I sat on the grass at the top of the cliff, waiting for Mom. I had made myself a lunch, including a couple of beers I had sneaked out of the fridge in the garage, and had laid binoculars ready-to-hand near the edge of the cliff. I paused every few seconds between bites from the first sandwich to listen for signs that Mom was coming and, hearing none, frequently peered over the edge to confirm that she hadn't already arrived. Where the hell was she? It had already been fifteen minutes.

I finished the sandwich and the first beer, checked my watch, and peered over the edge again. Shit! Where was she? After the second sandwich, and many more peeks, I resigned myself to the notion that Mom must sometimes run around the lake and didn't visit the platform every day. I opened the second beer and quickly brought the can to my mouth as it fizzed and overflowed. Taking a large swig and wiping my mouth, I leaned over for a casual glance, not expecting to see anything but ever hopeful.

I jerked my head back. Mom was standing on the platform, half twisted around and craning her neck up to look at the cliff, one hand shading her eyes. I'm sure if it hadn't been for the bright sun, she would have seen me. Cautiously, I set the can down and stretched out on the grass. I debated for several moments on whether it was safe to look over. Desire won over caution and I finally peeked over the edge.

Mom was sitting with her knees drawn up and her hands clasped around them like she had the day before as she gazed over the lake. I was pleased to see she had removed her running shoes because it meant she was going to stay for a while. Occasionally, she canted her head down as voices drifted by on the trail below. Ten or fifteen minutes passed during which I sipped the rest of the second can of beer and wished I had brought more.

When Mom stood up and stretched, excitement threaded through my solar plexus from my throat and down to my scrotum. It reverberated throughout my body as she unhurriedly pulled the thick beach towel from her backpack and spread it on the platform. My hand cupped my balls in anticipation of what was to come.

Mom removed her jacket and the running pants while she was still standing, letting them drop beside her pack. Carefully, she sat down and resumed her former position with her hands clasped around her now bare knees. It was only a few minutes before Mom stretched her feet out straight and laid back on the towel, her arms folding over her face.

I picked up the binoculars and sidled toward the small tree growing near the edge of the cliff so my head wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb should Mom suddenly uncover her eyes and focused the glasses on her body. The compact nine-power Nikon Mom had bought for my last birthday to support my bird-watching hobby were perfect for the task at hand: ogling Mom's hot body.

Slowly panning Mom from head to toe, my cock and balls swelled into the grass underneath. I could see every nook and cranny from her tanned feet to the light brown, "heathery" hair for which she had been named.

Mom wore a bikini today which was, if anything, skimpier than the panties she wore yesterday. However, the greater difference was in the construction. Whereas the triangle of the panties had ended in straps that swung up and over Mom's hips to link to the back end, the strings on this one met at Mom's hips and were tied together in bows. Not that I cared, it was just something I saw in passing, the way I typically noted fine details while bird watching.

On closer examination, the material was much silkier and flimsier on the bikini. It didn't look like it could be worn for swimming though I would have dearly loved to see Mom in it when it was wet. Even dry, I could discern a hint of the structure of Mom's privates underneath. They suddenly pulsed toward me as Mom stretched in the sun, elucidating a hidden rise. When Mom settled back onto the towel, a camel toe became clearly evident.

Mom lay quite still while her body soaked up the warmth of the sun. Though I eyed her intently, I was oddly aware of the birds singing and flitting about in the trees with greater activity. Eventually, I focused the glasses on the small patch of bikini covering Mom's pussy and, with the zoom, was able to clearly discern her mound. As I watched, I imagined myself blowing hot air on it until it throbbed, begging for more. Feeling kind, I mentally kissed it, aware that my lips actually pursed in support. I was startled when, in reality, Mom's bikini patch seemed to pulse up toward me just as the bird chirping became louder.

I pulled the glasses away and took a deep breath! Just in time, because Mom's arms unfolded from her face to reveal open eyes. It crossed my mind that we were strangely in tune with nature here. Had my mind had actually influenced Mom to push her pelvis up as if reading my mind? Had the movement startled her into awareness of my presence at some level, and had the birds warned me? I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I was thinking nonsense.

Mom tipped her head back and arched her back, reaching underneath herself with both hands. I was glad I had withdrawn the binoculars and nestled my head close to the tree trunk. A few seconds later, Mom's hands emerged holding the ties to the bikini top. One released its string while the other dragged its catch up and over to drop it onto the pack. Mom was now half naked.

The glasses were back in place as soon as Mom closed her eyes. Such perfect tits! I could definitely see her nipples now whereas yesterday I was mostly guessing. Her breasts didn't look as large today but I knew if she sat up they would sling forward with surprising force in an abrupt departure from her chest, it was just that she was lying down. I imagined holding them in such a position and feeling press of her nipples as they stabbed into my palms.

Just then, one of Mom's hands slid down from her face and brushed over her breast, the thumb, bringing up the rear, slowly dragging over the nipple. I quickly glanced up to confirm that her eyes were still closed. Dipping down, I caught the edge of Mom's hand as it finishing scraping past her nipple, just in time to see the latter snap back. It hadn't finished vibrating before Mom grasped her other tit and squeezed it, pushing the nipple up stiff and hard. I gleefully watched as she repeated this sequence half a dozen more times, each time grinding my cock hard into the grass. Fantastic!

I was disappointed when Mom's hand left her beast to slip lower on her body. It swirled around on her tummy, circling the navel, then slid down onto her thigh where it stopped, palms down and fingers stretched out along the ridge of her legs. Mom's other hand slid down her chest, over her tummy, and onto the other thigh.

She rested like that for some time before her pelvis lifted in another languid stretch. After several long seconds, Mom's hands returned to her tummy as she settled back onto the towel but her right hand soon crept down to rest on the little patch of material. It lay there for a moment doing nothing, or so I thought until I detected a slight movement. I had to do a double take to be sure of what I was seeing. Mom's longest finger was crooking in and stretching out, in, and out. She was tickling her pussy and it was rising to meet its tormenter!

I gripped the glasses hard as I watched Mom's finger gradually move more frequently but executing the same languid scratch over and over. My fingers must have been white, I was holding the glasses so hard. Scratch, scratch, scratch, over and over, for at least three minutes now.

I almost missed it when Mom pulled her hand back just as I lifted up to let my aching boner straighten out along the grass. Her hand moved back but this time she pushed all her fingers under the little patch of material. I groaned as I watched her knuckles press against the inside of the material while her fingertips pressed into... oh Jeez, another groan.

I humped the grass. Mom moved her left hand up to grab that tit, squeezing it hard and lifting it up. Her head twisted sideways and her pelvis lifted up to press against her hand. I held the glasses with one hand as I hurriedly pushed my shorts down with the other. Twisting sideways without missing a single tweak of Mom's fingers, I grasped my cock and started stroking it.

Mom stopped. She withdrew her hand from her pussy and released her tit. Pressing both hands flat on her tummy, fingers splaying out to encircle her navel, she slowly drew them away until her fingertips grazed the concave sides of her waist, then slid down until each was at the little bows that kept her bikini together. Her fingers fiddled and pulled away, drawing the strings of the bikini away from her body, then pushed them down toward her feet and dropped the strings by her thighs. The little triangular patch had been pulled away and now rested between Mom's thighs. Her pussy, now bare, was crowned by a small patch of heathery brown hair.

I fumbled the glasses but managed to catch them, then pressed them so hard into my face my eyes hurt. Mom's legs opened and the triangular patch dropped between them as her pelvis twitched several times. She was sunning herself, opening her legs to warm her pussy, shifting from side to side to enjoy the maximum benefit of the rays. Rising up and opening wider, a narrow pink slit appeared at the juncture of her yawning thighs. Mom held her ass up and the slit widened. I yanked my cock furiously, beating it hard.

Both of Mom's hands returned to her tits and squeezed them hard as her ass lifted even higher and her hips gyrated in small, irregular circles, her legs alternately opening and closing. The right hand released its tit and slipped down over Mom's tummy until it cupped her bucking pussy, clutching it hard since it seemed determined to throw her hand off.

Mom's leg muscles showed the strain as her pelvis flipped about. I released my cock and grabbed the glasses with both hands, jerking them around in a futile effort to keep Mom's pussy in focus. Yeah, oh man, her finger was pushing inside. I thought I'd been mistaken but now I could plainly see it shoving in and out. I imagined I could hear it sucking in and out. Fucking fantastic! I humped my cock into the grass, ignoring the pain as it chafed through to the dirt underneath. Go Mom, go!

Mom's wild writhing slowed down to long, intense jerks that held for a second or two, then lurched into another position, again and again. She was coming and so was I, spurting into the grass and dirt. A minute later, Mom had collapsed onto the thick towel and was lying still except for an occasional twitch. A few minutes later, she twisted around onto her tummy and curled her arms up to make a pillow.

After cleaning myself up, I got a beer out of my pack and sat with crossed legs, peering over the edge at Mom with the glasses held in one hand. Her legs were now tight together and her feet lifted every a couple of times a minute for a few seconds before settling back down, sometimes both feet together and others just the left or right.

I sipped my beer and enjoyed the sight of her sated, naked body. When Mom shifted her feet apart about a foot or two, I dropped the beer and used both hands to focus the glasses. With her feet apart Mom's cheeks took on individual definition, like two pears sitting side by side. When she lifted her feet, they bunched up as her muscles tensed to pull her calves up.

Something else caught my attention. Between Mom's cheeks, I could see a tuft of her light brown pubic hair sticking out. I strained to see but couldn't verify that it was wet though my imagination screamed, Of course it is!

Oh, to be lying between those legs, rubbing my cock between those heavenly cheeks and dipping it into her slit. I started stroking myself again. As I watched, Mom's ass twitched more frequently and my strokes, in tandem, became stronger and more frequent. Her twitches seemed to match my humps as if we were in tune with each other.

One of Mom's hands uncurled from under her head, crept under her tummy, and pushed lower. Her ass began lifting up and pressing down soon after. My hand regained the furious rate it had recently experienced, falling out of sync with Mom. I stood up and started wanking my cock hard, watching Mom's ass move up and down, humping her hand. My hand literally flew up and down my cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," I hoped that hadn't been out loud. My spunk flew through the air, one spurt after another, falling in slow motion, three blobs of cum, falling, down, down, silently, majestically, until it hit... I held my breath... the platform, about two feet above Mom's head.


I stumbled back from my dangerous perch at the edge of the cliff and bent over, squeezing the last drops of cum from my ravaged cock. Regaining enough breath to stand, I pulled my shorts up and grabbed another beer. Still breathing raggedly, I approached the edge of the cliff and knelt down, then peered over the edge.

Mom was sitting, knees drawn up and hands clasped around them, gazing over the lake. The sun was nearing the end of its afternoon arc. It would soon be time to go. I cracked the tab on the beer and started to lift it to my parched lips but froze mid-air when Mom's head turned slightly, cocked to listen. I held my breath and leaned back, afraid to shuffle away lest I make more noise but readied myself to do so if Mom turned more to look up. Thankfully, she turned back to look at the lake and I breathed a sigh of relief. I took a big swig and, satisfied, watched Mom gaze at the lake. She sat for quite a while. I guess she wanted to embed the scene in her memory well enough to last while she was away. Mom and Dad were leaving the next night on a red-eye.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had waited for fifteen minutes after Mom left to be sure she didn't hear me come down from the bluff. I was greeted with the noise of a small party emanating from the backyard when I entered the front door. Mom was in the kitchen, still wearing the running suit, preparing dinner. She didn't look at me when she spoke.

"I guess we're having a barbecue," she said, sounding none too pleased.

I looked outside. Dad was entertaining Cody and Sheila and they seemed to have already had a few drinks. Their teenagers were by at the pool: the son swimming and the daughter stretched out on one of the lounges. My eyes were drawn to a newcomer walking from the patio toward the kids because that's where Cody was looking while Dad did little to hide his appreciation of Sheila's body while she turned to see what her husband was looking at.

The nice young body stopped beside Cody's daughter and turned sideways to watch his son in the pool. It was a younger version of Sheila. This must be her sister, come to watch the kids while their parents and mine left on their trip. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, I thought.

I shook my head. Could this replace what I was enjoying with Mom in our forest retreat? No way! Had I thought 'our' forest retreat. Hmmmmm. Why couldn't this young woman go on the trip and leave Mom for me? My groin stirred at the thought. Thinking of the platform and Mom turned my thought into a suggestion. In the forest, it had felt like my desirous thoughts had influenced Mom to remove her clothes. Could I possibly suggest a substitution, implant the notion in this young woman's mind that she should go in Mom's stead?

"Nice, isn't she," Mom asked.

I blushed. Again, I was ashamed of my thoughts in Mom's presence. What a selfish, riduculous idea, depriving Mom of her holiday just to provide me with masturbation fantasies. Well, at least, she didn't know what I was thinking.

"Not bad," I answered. "Could be better," I added, truthfully.

"Not in Cody's eyes," Mom said, adding, "but your father might agree with you."

I looked at Dad whose eyes were glued on Sheila's ass as she twisted over in the lounge to refill her wine glass. Did he not think anyone could see him, or did he just not care?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," I stated, sagely.

I turned to Mom and gave her a big bear hug, holding her perhaps a bit too tight and for longer than necessary, and releasing her only when the thought sprang into my mind of her body writhing on the platform in the sun. I was definitely blushing now.

"I think you're the best looking woman in the house," I said.

Mom laughed. "Yeah, sure" she said.

I started to protest but Mom suggested I pour her and myself a drink. "We've got a lot of catching up to do," she said. "Why don't you keep me company while I make dinner?"

I watched Mom as she prepared the food for the barbecue. Neither of the other women came into offer her a hand and she refused my help. I was more than glad to just watch her and had ample opportunity, as Mom busied herself about the kitchen, to realize that she was naked under the running suit. When she was done, she sat down for a breather by the kitchen table.

"Bring me my wine, will you love?" she asked.

I brought Mom her wine, which she had ignored until now. She took it and immediately brought it to her lips for a long sip which was a treat because the running suit opened up as she tipped her head back. The zipper had come undone quite a ways while she had bustled about and I was treated to a close-up profile of Mom's naked breasts. I wasn't expecting her to lower the glass as quickly as she did.

"I guess I really do have an admirer, even if it is my son," she laughed.

Before I could protest, or even blush, Mom stood up.

"Well, let's go get this show on the road."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After everyone had been fed, the kids went home. Shannon—that was Sheila's sister's name—stayed behind to continue partying. She hadn't covered up after taking a swim and, with the drinks flowing faster, her body was appreciated even more intensely by her sister's husband, and periodically by my father as he seemed torn on where to settle his eyes: Shannon's body or Sheila's. Sheila seemed to be winning, especially after she stripped down to her bra and panties and went for a swim too. I think the swim was just an excuse to display her body. Both Sheila and Shannon were attention hounds and they were obviously immersed in a long-running competition.

It was as if Mom and I weren't even there. Mom kept her running suit on but the zipper strayed closer to her waist, not that either Dad or Cody noticed. But I sure did. It was probably the drinks, which Mom took her fair share of, but she didn't seem to mind when she looked my way and caught me peeking. Maybe she wasn't even aware of my stolen glances or even the fact that her tits were plainly visible when she leaned forward in her chair, which she did more and more as the evening wore on. She never refilled her glass, instead asking me to every time, which afforded me long close-up views of her tits. I almost hated to leave when I finally had to take a piss.

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